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So I pretty much subconsciously always steer with my hand at the 1oclock position in the wheel. I’ve tried to adjust it and I can’t.


I’m getting some wear at that point.


Anything I can do to take care of the steering wheel leather so I don’t have it completely worn down by 100k?


What about a steering wheel cover? Do they actually make nice ones that won’t look or feel cheap?


That’s all,


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Subscribing. The wheel on my last truck starting to get a little worn when I sold it. I'd like to keep this one nice and soft like it is now.

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I used one of these on my civic, takes a little while to install but performed well. Only con to these is they wrap over your existing wheel so where you have the 4 connections that connect to outer wheel hoop to the inner, you basically have unattached leather and it looks odd.

On the plus side thicker steering wheels are the preference these days and you can get any number of color combinations.

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