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Center Console 7" Widescreen LCD

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My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.


I posted questions asking about putting a DVD system and/or a LCD into the center console a while back... and I ended up getting two systems cuz I'm too dang picky ;)


I ended up getting a Boss DVD head unit, 4 channel amp, mono sub amp, and various other things. Also ended up buying this:




The seller is very bad about answering e-mails about returns, doubt he'll take it back anyway... so I'm looking to sell it. It's a month used now, looks good installed.


It has a strange bit of factory good on the front bottom left, you can't really see it when it's installed tho. It also has one single dead pixel that I don't really notice unless I'm looking for it.


It hooked up fine, looks good down there. You can see it from front and back seats in the Tahoe. Very bright during daylight, no problems with haze or weird angles making it look bad. Also has the remote to change settings.


The back of it, as someone else said, is very cheesy. It's black plastic, obviously from a handmade mold. The LCD casing was removed at the factory and siliconed into the bezel. The back has a RCA in, 12v, ground, and a power lead so it will turn on when the head unit is on.


Anyway, I'm looking to sell the LCD and possibly the head unit (if my friend doesn't want it), as I've upgraded (ALREADY!) to a Pioneer flip up screen unit. Anyone wanting it, I'm looking for around $200 for it, shipped. Figure I'd offer to you guys first since you all would be more apt to wanting this than the generic ebay crowd!




- Bobby (bzb)

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you got me thinkin


got any pics showing the dead pixel?


also does it have video inputs and outputs?

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I have pics on my work computer of the install, I'll try to post them later today.


It has one RCA input... I've never heard of an LCD screen having an output though.


The Boss unit has both input and outputs, but my friend has ended up wanting the unit for his Durango :lol:

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