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Center Console removal instructions

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As I posed in another thread, the dealer broke the center console in my wife's Envoy when replacing the radio. I'd like to know the proper procedures, where the clips are, etc, for how to do this, in case I ever need to. I didn't see an article posted on this site for it. Anyone know?



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Nobody knows? Darn.





From an '02 GM Service Manual


1. Block the wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving.


2. Remove the rubber ash tray inserts and rubber mat from the console.


3. Remove the floor shift control knob.


4. Remove the console storage compartment


5. Remove the center console retaining screws.


6. Adjust the parking brake to the full-up, or fully engaged positon.


7. Slide the console rearward and raise the rear of the console in order to expose the electrical connectors.


8. Disconnect the electrical connectors as necessary.


9. Adjust the parking brake to approximately the halfway position.


10.Remove the center console from the vehicle.


Reverse procedure to reinstall



Hope this helps.

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