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Difference between C1500 and K1500 suspension

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What are the components one might need to swap over to a K1500 suspension from the C1500 suspension.


I'd like to lift my truck a little but since I don't have 4WD I don't really want to go too high. The stock K1500 suspension should be enough for me so I would like to know what all is involved?


Is it just the front suspension or is it both front and rear? Any other things besides the front springs and rear leafs I'd need (spindles etc)?

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On the older trucks 89-9?? the front suspension on the C1500 uses coil springs and the K1500 uses torsion bars. I dont know if you can swap the set up over. You might want to look for a lift kit for the C1500.


Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in.



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