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350 out of wrecked '95

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I have a chance to pick up a wrecked '95 Z71 with a 350 with very low miles. The truck was rolled and I was wondering if by landing upside down could have done anything to the engine. Will the engine shut off if the truck is rolled? I have heard that there is a safety switch that will shut down fuel if rolled. Entire drive train appears to be in fantastic shape. The rest of the truck as far as body parts is toast.


There was a small amount of oil in the breather and the engine has not been turned over since it was flipped. The guy pulled the plugs and was going to turn it over to make sure none of the cylinders were full of oil. Electrical system severed somewhere in the carnage so that didn't happen.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :ughdance:

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Depends what you want to do with the drive train.


Depending how long it was on it's lid, there may be oil in the cylinders. My dad rolled a dodge pickup and it started and ran fine, it smoked a while to burn out that old oil then he replaced the plugs and sold the heap for $500.00 to an old rancher who wanted a 4WD to run around his ranch (The windshield was busted and "light" roll over damage. He drifted off of the road and ended up in a ditch tried to get out of it and the weight shifted and it rolled on it's top. He was more mad than hurt. I think it was a mid 60's Power Wagon. Great truck.




I would find out where the electrical is broken and how much it would take to fix it.


If it were me, and the price is right......I would buy it and transplant my '64 Chevy C-10 2WD body right on top of that puppy. Especially with the low mileage. I wish I could find a wrecked Duramax and do the same. It would be an insane project but a Duramax on a sleeper '64 blowing doors off of a Powerstroke would be AWESOME.


Have fun.



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Another thing, if you're trying to put it into your 98... The 98 and 95 engines are completely different. The 98 is a vortec engine, the 95 is a TBI engine. So if you are trying to swap the two, much converting will be required. If yer trying to replace the engine in your 98 z71, I'd look for a vortec 350 from a 96-98 truck. 99 old body styles, tahoes and burbans will have them too. If you are trying to put this in a 88-95 truck, then it should go right in with no problems. Regardless, I'd wanna see and hear it run before purchasing it. Just my 2 cents.

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