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1999 Tahoe 4x4

Q: 1999 Tahoe OEM Bilstein Suspension???

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I do have a stock 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4dr 4x4 with Comfort & Security Package. I just love the way the truck did ride until now. :gmc:

After 72'Miles new shock are getting due soon. I decided that I do like to go with the original setting that I have used until now:


Q: On their website Bilstein offers two different sets of shocks for my truck. Series C and HD


Series C: front: BE5-2412-HO rear: BE5-2413-HO

Series HD: front: B46-2040-HO rear: B46-2179-HO


Which one is the one that is originally installed now on my truck by GM?

The problem is that as far as part numbers on the shock, I could only find these numbers on the front shock


15 15 29 44

98359 2412W000


which of course do not correspond with the partnumbers on Bilsteins website.


I called Bilstein and they just told me to go with the C setting if I want comfort.


Great. :banghead:


Yes, of course I want comfort IF that's the way the truck is set up right now. Most importantly I do like the same settings that right now.


Any ideas?

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I'd love to know as well...would have guessed the HD (heavy Dutys) but the "C"s sound like they might be good as well...they ARE Bilstein after all...:nopity:


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I went with the Heavy Dutys today...I don't find them very much stiffer than the comforts I suspect came from the factory...or at least, the GM spec'd (as I had read elsewhere) Bilstein's


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