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Gmc Truck Dead Battery

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Well, after reading that thread about proprietary GM information, TSB, VIN Numbers, etc. I'm now concerned about stating anything.


2008 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 Long Bed with Plow Prep Package. (no plow).


Battery went dead 3 times after sitting for a week or more. Two trips to Mr. Goodwrench.


Today was 2nd visit to selling GMC dealer service department. I must state that this GMC dealer is excellent. Always professional and courteous in buying and service.


It appears I can't use the term T something Bulletin. But just let me state that there is a document that describes my issue.


It's quite simple. But since my 'check engine' light came on the dealer did check out my vehicle.


It appears I have my switches and toggles and buttons mixed up. The one on the overhead console(with Snow Plow Prep Package) is for the lights on the snow plow (which I do not have - the plow that is). I mistakenly thought it was for the rear cab bed light. And I mistakenly thought that the A.R.E. cap dealer had screwed things up. He did not.


I had mistakenly left this toggle ON. There is a small light on toggle but hard to see from drivers seat. Leaving this toggle switch on will DRAIN the battery over time.


The "Document" in question states this. Apparently others are just as dumb as myself.


Vehicles equipped with RPO VYU or TRW has this toggle/switch.


Well, all is well here in hill and mountain country - at least with my 2008 GMC Sierra.


Time for a new picture too as the snow is finally gone.



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unit...Boy I feel so bad,I know exactly what TSB your talking about,but never gave it any thought that,that was the reason your battery kept going dead.

I forgot you ordered the "VYU" snow plow prep package on your truck,and that you may have inadvertently left the toggle switch on,it is easy to do so,and it is very hard to see the little LED light.

That switch is "HOT" at all times,even with the key/ignition off.


I did post that TSB on here at one time,You might be able to search for it.

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COOL! It's a good thing because it wasn't anything "wrong" that needed fixin'. Glad you got it solved.

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Does anyone have a picture of what these switches look like? They sound like a neat option to have, and Id like to order a truck next year.

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Its the center button on the overhead console. It has a little light symbol on it.


Funny tho. thats its powered up from the factory as the GMT-800s 03 and up

you needed to put a fuse in the underhood fuse center in Stud #2 to power it up.


Also to mention the button was on the dash on the 99-07 GMT-800s and you

needed to either take down the headliner or fish around to dig out the beacon



With the GMT-900s you just remove the overhead light bulb cover and the wires

are tied to the side of the light support post.


For full info. and pics on where and how to find these wires and relay in both the

800 and 900 series:


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