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Problem With Spare Tire Retainer On '06 - Secondary Latch?

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Hi everybody. Long story short, I had to replace my spare tire and wheel after some time without one. When I try to lower the mount underneath the rear bumper to put the new spare on, the cable drops normally but the tire/wheel retainer stays put. The owner's manual mentions a secondary latch release which I tried but this didn't accomplish anything. I can't get the spare on without getting the retainer to go down with the cable. Any ideas?


For extra detail, I followed the procedure described in the owner's manual for releasing the secondary latch - this involves jacking up the mount from the ground up. The procedure described in the manual pertains specifically to situations where the spare is still actually on the mount and the object is to lower the tire. Since no tire is currently mounted there in my case, I wonder if there is some kind of extra step or something involved.


Thanks in advance.

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sounds like it was up there so tight that it is sticking against the bottom of truck.. i know mine was sort of stuck when i dropped it.. the rubber bonds to the hot steel on bottom like glue... try persuading it

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