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Kelsey Hayes Abs And Rear Brake Bleeding




I have a 1996 Tahoe 4wd with the Kelsey Hayes (I think it's an EBC 310) ABS unit. I recently replaced almost everything involving the brakes (except the ABS unit). I've vacuum bled the front and rear brakes. My problem is, I cannot get any significant amount of fluid to the rear when vacuum bleeding - and almost no fluid when bleeding with the pump pump method. The fronts are bleeding fine. I'm sick of reading the "HOW-TO's" of bleeding brakes - I know how to do this!


Is there something wrong with the ABS unit? I have no complaints of ABS or brake lights on the instrument panel. I'm sure I'm getting rear brake line fluid INTO the ABS unit (I bleed it there with no problem) but almost no fluid is coming out of the OUTLET! Is this an issue where if the ABS unit is not bled properly, no fluid will come out of it? I dont think that's possible...


Thanks for any help


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Sorry about the multiple posts, the website kept giving me a submission error but apparently they were all going through!


Is this a new feature of GM Trucks for all the new guys? Lately it's been happening to the guys who just join.

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