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Overdrive Transmission For 1974 C-10 350?

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Hi all:


I'm back again with another question. Same truck as before: 1974 Chevy 2WD C-10 shortbed stepside with a 350 and a floor shift saginaw 4-speed. Originally it was a "three on the tree" column shifter saginaw. (The guy who switched it out threw away the linkage so there is no way for me to go back to stock.)


It has 3.73 rears and above 35 or 40 mph, the rpms are high. I would like to avoid going through the trouble and expense of switching to an automatic like a 700R4, so I am looking for an manual transmission with an overdrive. This way, the rpms and fuel consumption will be reduced. Something that would bolt up to the back of the 350 with a minimum of trouble would be ideal. I did think of changing the rear-end ratio but have decided that I would prefer an OD transmission so as to keep the stump-pulling option. (And yes, I have used the truck to pull stumps, just not real big ones...)


Thanks in advance for your comments. I really appreciate them.


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