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In Topic: Dash backlighting issue

Today, 01:51 PM

There's 9 bulbs for backlighting and they wouldn't all burn at the same time. But it does have a separate ground from the rest of the cluster. Let me find the connector end view pin out for you.




''A11'' is the positive feed and either ''A12 or B12'' is the the ground.



In Topic: What did you do with your truck/shop today

Yesterday, 06:49 AM

You just need to buff your headlights now. lol


I'm still doing clusters, repaired 2 Mazda 3 key FOBs yesterday, that was different for a change also did a Cadillac DTS 2008 and a 2003 Jaguar which I forget the number. Also did a FOB for a black on black 2008 Mustang GT California Edition with 22000Kms. ( What a nice car to look at )

In Topic: Check Engine Light Code P0449

Yesterday, 06:39 AM

P0449 Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit Malfunction.


This should not affect fuel mileage, maybe other conditions caused your fuel economy to drop. This is a cheap and easy fix though just replace the solenoid.

In Topic: Adding security cameras to the house

22 February 2017 - 06:00 PM

You can barely see the LEDS with your naked eyes because it is in the lower spectrum of infra red but if you aim a camera these jump out.


In Topic: Adding security cameras to the house

22 February 2017 - 05:13 PM

I'll take a screenshot later tonight and post it! 

As far as power cord you can always use and extension cord.  It's not perfect but it serves my purpose. Once the low lifes know you have camera surveillance they kind of shy away, even though I had somebody sleep in my car the other night but he didn't steal anything not even my policeband radio. He was just cold I guess and needed shelter for a few hours. It was storming that night and really miserable. He only stayed for about 4 hours, glad my Cobalt helped him through an other homeless night.


This is at dusk, you start by losing colour and as the gain increases it gets grainier. You can already see the LEDs are on by the reflection of the driveway marker.




Full darkness...