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Today, 09:06 AM

Daryl that wedding invite you sent me is clearly not your handwriting, it's way too nice [emoji23] [emoji23]

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She wrote it out. Mine is pretty neat, but not that neat lol!

In Topic: Special Ops LED Grill Lights

Yesterday, 10:46 PM

Looks good, I like it!

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Yesterday, 04:38 PM


In Topic: Chit chat

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

My dad recently got four (slightly used) T/A KO' s that came mounted on GMT900 Z71 wheels, not a bad looking set up.

Although the tire is relatively loud and heavy as hell, it is the E rated version. This for a truck that's driven on pavement 95% of the time and has the 4.8L V8...


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Probably my favorite GM wheel.

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Yesterday, 11:39 AM

Installed the new shifter and rubber boot yesterday, the old boot was torn.