Inside the amazing General Motors Heritage Center [HD]

Inside the amazing General Motors Heritage Center [HD]

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General Motors has been around for over 100 years.  During that time the company has produced many different varieties of cars, trucks, concepts, and one of a kind modes of transportation.  Along the way, the company made sure to set aside the rarest, most unique, and most popular of it’s vehicles to preserve for generations to come.  These vehicles, over 400 total, sit inside a rather nondescript warehouse just outside of Detroit.  It’s called the GM Heritage Center and it’s probably the coolest place you’ll never get to visit.

Because of the collections value and rarity, GM does not let the general public into the Center. However, I had a rare chance just a few days ago to go inside as part of my work for  I made sure to bring along my GoPro HERO Cam so I could share with you a sneak peek at the worlds greatest car collection.

Inside the Heritage Center you’ll see so many mind-blowing cars, it really would take multiple visits to full absorb.  The original SSR concept sits next to the final production SSR. The Cadillac Sixteen Concept sits next to the Imaj concept. You’ll see a massive turbine blade from GM’s first full-size wind tunnel. The Oldsmobile Aerotech concept car only a short walk away from the Corvette Indy concept.  How about lines of antique cars from the turn of the 20th century? I could go on for paragraphs about all the cool stuff you’d see but lets just get to the video.

Some quick notes:
-I intentionally did not over-dub any music, so you can get the full effect of just walking around the place.
-Only 140 cars are on display at any given time.
-Don’t forget to select 720p.

So without further wait, check out my visit to the GM Heritage Center.

About the GM Heritage Center

The GM Heritage Center serves as a showplace for the vehicles of the GM Heritage Collection, and as the home of the Heritage and Media Archive. Located in an 81,000 square foot facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan, the Center has approximately 200 vehicles on display, while the Archive houses 15,000 linear feet of shelving containing significant documents, manuals, brochures, and artifacts documenting GM’s rich history of innovation.

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