Locating and replacing all 11 grease zerks

Locating and replacing all 11 grease zerks

Posted on 22. Jan, 2009 by in How To

This article was submitted by Tom Fraley aka MountaineerTom. Thanks Tom!

On the new body style Silverado/Sierra 4×4’s, there are 11 grease fittings, or zerks, that need to be lubed. I top mine off every time I do an oil change, and they usually only need a pump or two.

Before doing the chassis lube, pump a little grease out of the gun to clean out any dirt that may have gotten into it. Also clean off any dirt/grease on each zerk before attaching the grease gun fitting, so you don’t pump it into the joints. For the upper and lower ball joints and tie-rod ends, pump enough grease into them until the boots are firm to the touch. Be careful not the pump too much in them and possibly bust the boot. For other suspension and steering components, continue pumping until grease oozes out the joint between the two components.

If you have a drive shaft with a zerk on the u-joint, be sure to grease it too.

Grease Zerks 1-3

1 – Drivers side, Upper ball joint

2 – Drivers side, Outer tie-rod end

3 – Drivers side, Lower ball joint

Grease Zerks 4-5

4 – Drivers side, Inner tie-rod end

5 – Drivers side, Pitman arm (at relay rod)

Grease Zerks 6-7

6 – Passengers side, Idler arm (at relay rod)

7 – Passengers side, Upper end of idler arm mount

Close up view of the 90 degree, 6mm, zerk that I replaced on the end of the idler arm, where it connects to the relay rod. With the factory straight zerk, it’s next to impossible to get a grease gun fitting on it because of the AC compressor/mount that is above it.

Grease Zerks 6-8

6 – Passengers side, Idler arm (at relay rod) (Different view. Same as #6 above)

8 – Passengers side, Inner tie-rod end

Grease Zerks 9-10

9 – Passengers side, Lower ball joint

10 – Passengers side, Outer tie-rod end

11 – Passengers side, Upper ball joint

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11 Responses to “Locating and replacing all 11 grease zerks”

  1. Dave Hare

    19. Jun, 2010

    I own a 2007 Silverado 2500HD new body style. I did the lube job just like you pointed out in this article. Very easy to do. I did how ever removed the front wheels on mine and the front protection shield. That makes it a bit easier to get to all the zerks. I used brake cleen and paper towel to cleen the zerk fittings before I inject the greese.

  2. Justin

    11. Aug, 2010

    I have an ’02 GMC Sierra 1500. The zerk (#7) on the upper idler arm is a royal pain to grease. I ended up getting a 16″ hose for my grease gun in order to get at it. You have to snake it around several hoses if you’re going at it from the top, or weave it up past the skid plate and hoses from the bottom. Gotta love the engineers that design these things. Do they think things last forever, and never need fixing?

  3. Don

    13. Aug, 2011

    I have a 2005 Blazer 4×4 2dr. Found 9 zerks. 3 on each wheel, 1 on the idler arm, 2 on the tie rods. Did I miss 2?

    Bought a Right Angled grease fitting for the gun.

  4. John

    14. Apr, 2012

    Hi all,
    Where can I buy a good gun greaser online. I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me a good brand and a direct URL. Thanks.

  5. Polo

    28. Feb, 2013

    Great article and I really appreciate the time you took to post the photos! I have a 2005 Z-71 Silverado and was able to easily get to all all of them except #6. I’m going to take your advice this weekend and replace the factory Zerk with a 90 degree one to make it easier to get at. I think that sounds a lot easier and a better long-term solution than swapping out a 90 degree fitting on the grease gun. John, to answer your question, I bought my first grease gun from Amazon just to tackle this job. I bought the Lumax LX-1152 and paid just over $21 for it. The thing feels very solid and handled the job perfectly.

  6. John

    10. Oct, 2013

    Ditto, #6, no way that I could figure out. Thanks for the article, I would never have found them otherwise.

  7. Jeff

    16. Oct, 2013

    # 6 wasn’t bad…it was # 7 that was the killer for me on my ’07 2500…I think I got it…hit it twice…


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