2007 - 2013 "Second Generation Silverado (GMT 900)"– The all-new Silverado features an advanced front frame design utilizing hydroform technology that provides immense frame strength and durability. Other advancements include a new coil-over-shock front suspension, rack-and-pinon steering and hydraulic engine mounts.

The 2013 Silverado is named a best used truck under $20K by iSeeCars.com.

The folks at iSeeCars conduct research related to vehicle transactions to see what they can derive from big data. A recent project had the team there looking at the best vehicle buys in certain used vehicle categories. The Silverado emerged as one of the three best pickups under $20K.

iSeeCars analyzed over 6.1 million cars and trucks from model years 2011 and newer to determine the used vehicles that demonstrated long-term reliability and have an average safety rating of at least 4 stars out of 5 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Because a good used truck can be found across all budgets, iSeeCars further examined which were the smartest buys across multiple price points.

“Reliable pickup trucks and SUVs are more expensive than passenger cars and sedans, so we broke down how shoppers can get the best vehicles in each segment at the lowest possible price,” said Phong Ly, CEO of iSeeCars.com.

The three chosen in the under $20K Pickup category were the 2012 Toyota Tacoma, the 2011 Toyota Tundra, and the 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500. “For consumers who want a reliable pickup truck, a budget of $20,000 or more can get them a reliable model that can last many more years,” said Ly. “Because of the durability of pickup trucks and the fact that owners likely perform necessary repairs and maintenance on them because they are used for work, a later model version of these vehicles can be a wise purchase.”

Ly commented on the comparison between the top picks, saying, “The Tundra is a capable hauler with a powerful engine and strong towing capability. Those with a $20,000 budget can buy the slightly newer 2013 Chevrolet Silverado, which is known for its pleasant ride and powerful engine.”

You can view the full iSeeCars.com used vehicle study right here.