2022 GMC HUMMER EV Crabwalk
2022 GMC HUMMER EV Crabwalk

With under two days until the public release of the GMC HUMMER EV and few official details released, GM-Trucks.com has an exclusive and unauthorized early look at the all new electric HUMMER’s four-wheel steering and Crab Mode.

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Make no mistake, GMC probably isn’t going to like that we’re telling you this days ahead of the public release. We didn’t break any embargo. Actually, quite the opposite.

Over the last six months GM-Trucks.com has regularly and persistently asked to be included on any pre-release information the company could provide for the GMC HUMMER EV. We offered to sign any non-disclosure required. GMC declined.

So, with nothing holding us back we can share what we know with you, guilt and legal obligation free.

How Does The Four Wheel Steering On The 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Work

Remember quadrasteer? Back in the early 2000’s, GMC and Chevrolet sold a Sierra and Silverado that had four wheel steering. Check out this commercial for some serious nostalgia.

One of the vehicles that GM-Trucks.com reviewed back in 2004 was a Quadrasteer Silverado. The basic premise of the system was that it worked in one of two ways.

How GMC HUMMER EV Four Wheel Steering Works
GM’s previous Quadrasteer system reduced turning radius significantly

At slower speeds the rear wheels turned opposite of the fronts. The end result was a truck that could make a U-Turn tighter than any other pick up on the road. At higher speeds the system reversed, turning the same direction as the front wheels. On the highway a lane change became an effortless glide sideways.

The HUMMER EV’s four wheel steering will work exactly the same way. The only difference is instead of being powered by a big V8 gasoline engine the HUMMER EV will be an electric truck.

How GMC HUMMER EV Four Wheel Steering Works
The Quadrasteer rear axle from the early 2000’s fullsize trucks

The GMC HUMMER EV’s rear wheels will be able to pivot up to 10 degrees in either direction. That’s a small range reduction from the previous generation quadrasteer which could pivot the rear wheels up to 12 degrees.

The previous Quadrasteer system offered a turning radius of about 37-feet. The current 2021 Silverado is rated at a turning radius of around 49 feet. With a slightly less articulated rear wheel steer, it’s possible the new HUMMER EV could have a turning radius of approximately 40 feet.

The big difference between the two systems (from a customer perspective) is the introduction of “Crab Mode” to the mix. This is a way for owners to activate the “high speed” direction of the four wheel steering system at low speeds and in a controlled manner.

Unlike Quadrasteer owners, HUMMER EV owners will have a toggle switch to control the four wheel steering system. Quadrasteer operated in the background with no direct user control.

However, HUMMER EV owners will be able to choose between “On/Auto” and “Off”. Pressing and holding the same toggle button will active Crab Mode.

Imagining how the HUMMER’s four wheel steering could be a game changer on an off-road is easy. A full size vehicle with the maneuverability of a small car on a narrow trail? Sign me up! The cumbersomeness of a pickup on a deep woods path is exactly why I off-road in a Polaris General- instead of our Chevy Silverado. The HUMMER EV could very well change this.

We’ll find out more details surrounding the HUMMER EV later this week from GMC. The brand will unveil the electric truck Tuesday night to the public, following up with a detailed media brief Wednesday morning.

However…since we’re not under any embargo, we recommend you check back in with us tomorrow morning for more exclusive and unauthorized details on the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV.

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