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You just gotta love white trucks!


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  2. Funny, my wife and kids call my truck Storm trooper as well! Go to Amazon and pick up one of those Storm trooper peaking out from cover sticker and place it on tailgate. We did and people laugh and point to it all the time!
  3. Here it is with the 3" lift in front only. Fitted with new rims and bigger AT 33" tires! This makes it Almost 40" from the top of wheel wells down to the ground.
  4. 18x9 +1 Fuel Assaults with 275/70/18's on order.
  5. Some pics of our truck
  6. Thanks for the compliment! I am just about to add a 3" lift and 33" tires to it so will post more when we get it finished! Also got a new "bull.bar " for the front bumper to mount up a super bright light bar.
  7. That is a sharp looking HD with a purpose I see in the background, nice! Welcome to the club!
  8. Welcome! Nice Z, love the black accents on the white!
  9. Welcome! Those look good. Wonder how they would look in black?
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