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  2. Possible. Did ya swap computers too?
  3. 2013-14 models. Hey I owned one of those. Limp home mode was common! That was a pile of sh... that’s when I bought the first Raptor. You did not mention the vibration issue of the last generation of GM trucks. Tell both sides! The truth is, all brands have had issues. Never again will I buy a new model year. I did it in 2013 and again in 19. Both were total failures and both are junk.
  4. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    It’s not hard at all. Only that bottom trim piece under the switches. Gotta pull it HARD.
  5. I wear a 14 wide and have plenty of room
  6. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    I highly recommend quick connect air line in the hard plastic and as I said you really need to hit Ebay and buy the better springs. 8lb or 10lb for the wastegate and the -21 for the BOV. Also listen to your BOV bigger springs will get rid of the surge. Makest a world of difference on the shifts. Only maintenance is cleaning the bov. No problem that tune is in 8 truck I know of now. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  7. If you have the tech package, unfortunately you don’t get the jacks for the trailer cameras. You can only order the tech package OR the trailer camera package. If you have the trailer camera package it gives you the side mirror cameras and will show the image from your trailer camera in the middle of the screen. The transparent trailer view is for the 2020s.
  8. Ok cool thx. I'm seeing several configurations varying from models.
  9. Came of my 2017 with 5,000 miles on them, like new. GM OEM Asking $400 make offers. In CT
  10. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    Hopefully someone will do a video of taking the console apart and post it to YouTube. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  11. It’s standard on LTZ no matter what, that’s why it’s not listed in the Z71 package like it is in other trims.
  12. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    Travis already responded to my e-mail. Mine was shipped on the 13th and the update was already applied. Lucked out. Don't have to take the dash apart again.
  13. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    Correct. It worked as advertised until about a week ago then I turned auto stop on because I was seeing how much I could get out of a tank. Auto stop never functioned. After a few days like that I unhooked the battery for like 5 minutes. Bam- autostop worked again with the switch on. Next time I started the truck no autostop. I bet the device has been draining the battery over time.
  14. Mounting a 42" and 14" Quake lightbar in my grille and definitly looking into the homelink option as a switch for each light bar individually. The bars come with a 3way toggle for red, white and off and I'd like to use homelink for all three options. Possibly homelink 1 for the on/off of the 14", homelink 2 for the 42" and homelink 3 for alternating between red and white. Where sometimes I'll run white and other times red, both lights will be on a matching setting. Occasionally running only the 14" alone. Anyone have any experience running a similar set up? How did you go about it?
  15. 1SLOW1500's Turbo truck build

    All it needed was a tune! my truck is running great but my tuner was only able to get me at 6 pounds because the manual Boost controller was not regulating anything! but at 6 pounds wow its alot of fun! thanks for your help! ill try to post some pics soon.
  16. I did although they did have AMSOIL available in their pro shop, just not any ATF. I had 2 cases of qts and they used 18 to do the job. Did not change filter, only had about 10,000 miles on the new truck when it was changed out. PS - I used the Signature Series (ATL) fluid which is a 100% Synthetic.
  17. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    So you installed the Auto stop eliminator then then you think your battery was low so your autostop wouldn't work even when you enabled it? Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  18. Hey Ma!! The meatloaf! We want it now!
  19. out to 500 yards? you want a 4.5 x 25 the Viper PST would be a great choice for the money. I have one on my 308 and it bright and clear. Get a 1911 rail for both and you will not need different mounts. Also can get a quick detach throw lever for the mount or rings
  20. out to 500 yards? you want a 4.5 x 25 the Viper PST would be a great choice for the money. I have one on my 308 and it bright and clear. Get a 1911 rail for both and you will not need different mounts. Also can get a quick detach throw lever for the mount or rings
  21. Auto-Stop Eliminator Recall

    I think that’s why my auto stop stopped working altogether. One of the conditions that will cause auto stop to not function is a low battery. My truck will not auto stop now even if the switch is on. I unhooked the battery a few minutes and the ASE worked perfectly again until I restarted. Hopefully that’s the issue. The email was very apologetic and kudos to them for making it right! Shit happens.
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  23. I too am wondering how you are able to see thru the trailer. My truck has the Tech package and my travel trailer has a camera on the back of it. 🤷‍♂️
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