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  2. F150 electric

    I agree with the diesel comment, truly believe we will follow suite with Europe and more and more vehicles will be sold them. Much better economy, torque monsters and run forever.
  3. 2020HD Wish List

    Wish list..... quick detach removable rear seat from both extended and crew call models.
  4. Thanks bud, I will consider my options here. Definitely get back with you on something. Like I said, while I don’t wanna spend $1200 on a set of towing mirrors, I think I could possibly swallow that pill of $7-800 as long as it retained full functionality that my DL3 mirrors have, which I could probably resell anyways. You don’t by chance know the going rate for a set of gently used DL3s do ya? Hahah Thanks again Phil, it really speaks volumes about your personal character that you take so much of your time to help complete strangers out when it comes to this matter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Anyone ever used the Rough Country HD2 boards? I personally like the looks and what they say with the powder coated steel construction. I just want a running board that looks like it is hugging the underside of the cab. I just don’t like the ones that are drop down lower than the cab as much. For this reason I am also now looking at go rhino d6 I guess that I saw in previous posts.
  6. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I just got two Borla Pro XS mufflers 3” in/out to quiet down my true dual exhaust and long tubes from speed engineering. The speed engineering is all polished 304 stainless with very clean TIG welds. Looks top notch. The Borla is brushed 304 stainless with MIG welds, splatter and unmatched seams between the two “identical” mufflers I purchased. I’m not thrilled and was quite surprised at the lack of attention to detail from Borla. The sound of the speed-engineering long tubes and true dual exhaust, axle dump and no cats is just awesome. Loud, aggressive and deeper than my microphones can pic up. I added the Borla’s (spliced in between the engine and the SE mufflers) to help quiet things down, particularly at cold start. Well, the Borla’s certainly sound good too, but the exhaust is far from quiet (kind of expected that). There might be a 5-10% volume reduction during cold start. Idle is deeper. Low RPM range sounds like a deep thump each time a cylinder fires. The truck sounds like it has an aftermarket cam. Awesome. The downside, as most already know about axle dumps, the drone inside the cab is substantial. Ironically, the Borla’s made the exterior exhaust note deeper but the drone pitch seems to be higher compared to just the speed engineering mufflers. I’m making my daughter wear ear muffs (yeah, it’s that bad anywhere above 1800rpm). For anyone who doesn’t understand drone vs an awesome sounding exterior exhaust note, drone is the vibration of your truck’s body and frame in response the the exhaust sound waves. It creates a unique, and unpleasant, sound inside the cab (similar to the sound inside the fuselage of an airliner when flying). The additional deep bass also wakes up anything that is capable of buzzing inside the cab. Reminds me of when my friends had big subwoofers and things would buzz when the bass hit. The sound outside the truck is completely different than inside the truck. I could listen to the outside sound all day long. Inside the cab, however, is something I need to address. The next step for me is going to be sound deadening the interior of the cab and chasing down the rouge buzzers. This will also help reduce road noise from my tires. All in all, it’s totally worth it to me. The truck sounds fantastic! Videos simply can’t do it justice. It’s not obnoxious to my ear. No rasp. No hollow tin sound. Just pure deep cylinder thumping.
  7. I keep having it rebuilt and I keep shredding it. I have high hp/torque motor/trans. I have two friends both running over 1200hp.(drag race in both 4hi/awd and rwd) Their trucks came with the stock NP8 and neither have had any issues. Everyone I've talked to basically says that they're(the NP8) pretty much bullet proof. So... I'd also like to retain the push button functionality of the autotrac 2wd, awd, 4hi and 4low feature. Thanks in advance for any help/recommendations
  8. The detailed information certainly helps. Based on the symptoms, this is a classic case mirror where they did indeed tied the running light and turn signals together. This is why the front lights exhibited the behavior. By tying these two circuits together, what is happening is that voltage was being backfed and introduced into the running light/park light circuit and Vice versa. Park lights come on, turn signals in the glass would come. Or some similar symptom. The cargo light wouldn’t have worked since you didn’t swap out the door harnesses. The running light on the mirror was tied to your old puddle lamp (white downward shining light on your DL3 Mirror). So that amber light on your tow mirror would have come on at night, only when unlocking your truck. When I started this thread 3 years ago, I kept a running list of “mirrors to stay away from”. If I recall, DEDC was one of them. The list got WAY to long that I stopped gathering data and now only offer suggestions to what works. GM Factory Mirrors, 1A Auto/AM Auto, Syppo. The aftermarket space for tow mirrors is so flooded right now that it’s hard to tell who’s what. Many of them sourcing the mirrors from the same China vendor (or wherever they are coming from) as the symptoms are always the same. If you want to retain your SLT features, a good aftermarket alternative are mirrors from 1A Auto or AM Auto. They range from $450 - $650 depending on cap options, and if you need diesel exhaust brake support. Here is a set to look at. https://www.am-autoparts.com/products/side-view-mirrors/AM-2558332961.html The harness build for these mirrors are $310. I refund $100 if you send me your factory harnesses. Hope this helps. It’ll be all Plug and Play. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Range device or Tune??

    For those of you considering a CAI (cold air intake)? 400-500+$ maybe 1-5 hp gain with possibilities of losing hp versus SuperChips 20hp+ for 350$ in addition so much more added features. I have been looking at them, Edlebrock EForce. I do a Supercharger it’ll definitely be needing the tune but through the performance shop installing it along with dyno. Not doing it anytime soon, I think I’ve floored it twice in over a year. Sent from above
  10. I may be jinxing myself, but so far my 18 8 speed has been tremendously better than my 16 was. But, one thing is for sure, if it were advertised as, 8-speed Auto Transmission is a Stumbling Drunk, I am buying that truck just because.....
  11. Does it make a difference with a performance engine to get rid of this oem muffler?
  12. Undercover Swing Case

    They catalog one for 2019's. My guess the box itself will be the same (it is across most models) with a different bracket. I just wrecked my '18 and that was my last addition, so I'm going to call and see if they'll sell me brackets for a '19.
  13. what are my exhausts?

    ADDED new pics today
  14. Range device or Tune??

    That is apples to oranges comparison. Tune always unlock the potential of the combo. You can add a supercharger or turbo but it will not even work till the tune goes in. Then 200hp+ increase. Can tunes are not available for 8speed on the new trucks. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. F150 electric

    In the past I was very stubborn when it came to all the new technology. But, as open minded as I'm trying to be, I've changed my mind. (I still think that the 12" screen in a RAM looks out of place the more I look at it) Anyway, electric power is available to us in massive amounts. We just need to learn how to harvest the power. so long j-ten-ner
  16. GM Builds Silverado Entirely From Legos

    Nice. I would really be impressed if it towed something.
  17. Today
  18. I realize this is an old thread but I’m doing this conversion on my 04 and I’ve got an 06 donor vehicle. Am I able to just take the PCM out of the 06 and put it in the 04 Instead of getting it reprogrammed?
  19. F150 electric

    LOL most of you have no idea. The fuel you burn, the food you eat, comes from fossil fuel. (look up urea). There is no other concentration of energy, of btu's, other than fossil fuels. Unless you'd prefer splitting atoms into radioactive isotopes. But then, your collective disagreements have these glow-in-the-dark residuals just stored in lead-lined cellars rather than deep in the Earth. Oh heck, I have to say it ... if you think electric cars are the answer, you're Very Stupid. You must wipe your ass with cellophane or your left hand.
  20. engine stop start

    Start-stop technology is not a bad idea. I think that the days are gone, when an engine used an excessive amount of fuel at start-up. Thanks to direct injection and/or other technologies. Back in the days they used to say that you only save fuel when the engine is off for more than 15 seconds. The only thing what keeps me hesitant is the use of an old style starter system. Due to my job, I'm starting my truck at least 15 times a day and I feel bad about the starter, so that at times I just leave the truck running. If I knew that my (or a potential new) truck has a non mechanical starting system, like a starter/alternator-flywheel-kinda-thing w/o mechanical parts involved, I wouldn't think twice about it. so long j-ten-ner
  21. F150 electric

  22. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Truck still looks great! Where at this time? Still thinking about the level and smaller wheels?
  23. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Great shots of the truck, beautiful country!!!
  24. F150 electric

    I'm sure the next (human) generation will continue down this path. The only electric I'd ever have is a hunting cart; much quieter in the woods that my Honda 4WD. And I can also see that perhaps someday I'll be buying an older model, re-built truck. I'll have big V-8's until I leave this world.
  25. My '72 K10 RC Crawler

    That thing is BEAST! How did you get the 72 Chevy style for it?
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