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  2. I'm interested to know how many deals fell through.
  3. There is always a spot. Add a isolator and buy a frame mount and then get a sealed battery. Wire it all and never even know you have it till you need it. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. If I read correctly, the hoses have never been changed in 17 years. I would change all of them them. The rubber used in hoses and belts (EPDM) today don't show external deterioration as in hoses from days gone by. Plus I'd change the rear diff locker or not
  5. I'm looking to add an additional battery to my truck for accessories. There is almost no where to put on under the hood that I can see. Anyone added a second battery yet? I dont believe there was a factory installed second battery option so I'm curious as to where people are putting them... if its been done yet. Thank in advance. I've got a 2019 GMC 1500 Denali 4x4 6.2.
  6. Wow, I'm in California and I pay only $70 a month for mine but I drive about 250 miles a month. I am mostly using the car for now but will be buying a new truck to replace it.
  7. Hey guys, I want to change up my exhaust a bit and get some better performance. My plan is to cut the exhaust after each of the cats. Run 2 - 2.5 inch pipes from each cat to 2 flex pipes into an X pipe then into 2 single in single out Flowmaster cans (Series 40, Super 44, or Super 40's... havent decided yet) then cut the second Y in the back and bring the 2 single pipes to the last bit of pipes that exit out the tips. Wont be a true dual with the X pipe in there. Anyone know of any problems that I may run into? I did hear that someone did a muffler delete and removed 1 of the 2 flapper valves and his Auto Stop no longer functions.... interesting but I can see how they would use this to determine if the engine should shut off. I'm going to dyno before and after to see results. If anyone wants to know the details of the stock exhaust system they are below... So from the cats, its 2.5 on the left bank, 2.25 or 2.5 on the right bank into a Y that goes to 3 inch into a flex pipe then into the muffler. Then 3 inch out to a Y then dual 2.5s out the back
  8. I’m torn between 285/65/20 and 35/11.50/20 in the ridge grapplers
  9. I put the truck in neutral, like you should, i bring the truck to a stop, and i push the 4lo button. It flashes for about 5-10 secs but then goes right back to 2hi, I've tried rolling about 2-3mph and it still won't even engage. Its a 2002 chevy avalanche z71, with the 5.3L V8. Sometimes when i press it, it engages no problem, but other times, it just flashes and goes right back to 2hi. When i press 4hi, it goes right in, but 4lo is giving me some problems.
  10. Hmmm... thought i tried that but maybe not. Ill give that a try tmrw!! Thanks!
  11. Sorry, that is all I have for ideas. He is a good looking puppy, here are my 4 monsters,
  12. Not to hijack this thread but it won’t physically fit. If it did fit, it would be PnP since you already have factory LED. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The CAI comes with a voucher to get it done at the dealership. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. Does any one think SiriusXm will give the 2019 user the new look for the dispaly. It is a sofware thing not a hardware thing.
  15. Has anyone tried to swap led tail lights? I have a 2016 silverado Ltd, factory led tail lights... I would like to simply swap and put GMC Sierra Denali led tail lights, wondering if this would be plug and play?
  16. So i have a 2019 Sierra Slt crew cab. Saturday i went to the dealership to look at the 2020 just to see if anything has changed on them. Got inside the truck first thing i notice when i cut the 2020 truck on is that the radio display is different for the SiriusXm. Did some research and it is called SiriusXm 360L. So i asked the saleman he said nothing has changed on any hardware he even said that they had GM reps there and they said the samething. He said that will be a SiriusXm update not Gm. So just asking and wondering if any one heard anything about it. The new look is nice and fresh for it. I would be very disappointed if they do not update the radio since it is the same one.
  17. I just signed up for GMfullsize.com it sucks compared to this site and everyone one there seem to be a a$$4013
  18. I feel like you would do far better to wire in a cell booster into the truck and use your cell package. Up here in Canada Onstar charges crack money for their “hotspot” feature. I didn’t use it once during the free trial and can’t justify it going forward.
  19. That is really awesome, I do appreciate the help.... thank you thank you! I've been following the threads on this retrofit, so cool to see everyone help everyone!
  20. He usually pretty good at gettin back to everyone might take him alil while as he does have tons of emails per day
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