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  2. 2015 Silverado 1500 z71 Exterior Recommendations

    Damn. Just noticed you said exterior only. Lol And start w YouTube to see what exhaust sounds you like. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Where are you located? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. Haven't had the vibration issues, but I still have very hard shifting and laggy shifts between 1-2 and 2-3. If I'm not punching the throttle, the transmission is downright unpleasant to drive, and I have to brace my body for when it shifts because of the jolt. I have 2 years left on the powertrain warranty. I am in between constantly going back to the dealer for troubleshooting to no avail, or just getting a custom tune done. I would like to know though, if a tune will fix everything, or if it just fixes how it drives, and it will still leave me with the hard shifts that typically only happen on cold starts. Once the truck is warmed up, its like the transmission "double clutches" and takes longer to shift between gears instead of just shifting. I want to love my truck. I like most things about it. Hearing that 6.2L scream with my Borla Atak is wonderful. I get so many compliments on it. Best sounding truck exhaust I've ever heard, and I'm not even being biased. Some people say the Corsa's sound better, but the Corsa to me sounds more like a muscle car, whereas the Borla Atak sounds more like a truck exhaust. I want to keep modding it, but not at the expense of all the other issues I've had with it, but most notably has been the transmission sloppy shifting and clunking.
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    Does anyone know if the Hellwig front sway bar would be compatible if I got the Bilstein 5100s and set them to the top level? Is there anyone here who has added a 0.5" spacer in addition to putting on the Bilsteins? If so, which level did you set them at, and is this advisable or will it cause issues with angles?
  6. I'd look at the tensioner for starters
  7. Keys and noise

    Yes we agree with you.
  8. Keys and noise

    They should bring this back. Worked awesome in my Dad’s 95.
  9. I tried that last night. Still happened but haven’t seen it happen since like 10pm last night so I got a good 14 hours of not seeing it and the battery was fully charged when I left for work this morning which I was worried about. My next step was to take the headlights fuse out for the night but think I’m ok right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Prices paid

    It used to be an old trick to get you in the door. It’s probably too late now, ifs there’s a vin number in the ad and you find it, it yours. They’ll probably hide that truck for a while and say it’s sold. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. 2500 to 1500?

    I've had some loads in the HD that the 1500 would of probably struggled with.....for instance, I loaded less than half of the bed in the 1500 with Pavers.....the HD would of done better job......plus all the process and sand for doing a walkway / patio just as one example
  12. i place mine against the front wall and then block them off with my totes. If I am only transporting tanks, so to get them filled, I use a rack made from pool noodles and rope near the gate.
  13. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 6-25-2018 A new study by our friends at iSeeCars looks at which vehicles had the largest decline in retained value after three years. In the crossover category, the SRX is the top vehicle in this regard with a 47% reduction in value from its new car MSRP. The second best deal on a three-year-old crossover the study found was the three-year-old Buick Enclave which sells for just under 46% of its price new. iSeeCars.com analyzed more than 4.1 million car sales to identify which models had the greatest loss in value after three years. The BMW 5 Series was the top vehicle with an incredible 53% loss in valuation. Commenting on why the SRX and Enclave found their way to this list, iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly said, “The Cadillac SRX and the Buick Enclave, make the otherwise car-dominated list in the ninth and tenth spots making them attractive options for people interested in this booming vehicle segment. Trucks and truck-based SUVs are known for having the highest value retention, which explains why these vehicle types are absent from the top 10 list. Trucks as a vehicle category depreciate 23.3 percent in three years, which is two-thirds of the 35 percent average across all vehicle segments.” The SRX was replaced by the XT5 in Cadillac’s lineup. The name change may be helping push down the vehicle’s value. “Discontinued cars typically have lower resale values than cars still in production,” explained Ly.
  14. Not sure I want to sell the CAI separate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Today
  16. Child seats in Sierra CC

    Thanks for the pics. This helps a bunch. Looks like plenty of room.
  17. I know I’m talking about another manufacturer, but my wife’s Honda Odyssey is US made, and we’ve had all kinds of build quality issues with panels not aligning. I don’t think this is necessarily an American worker issue, but Honda slipping in general over the past 5-10 years. As for work ethic issues, I am amazed at how much kids are different even from when I was a kid. That’s another issue though, so sorry for bringing that up.
  18. Final week!!! Lets get our orders in!!
  19. Prices paid

    I called when they opened. They said it was a typo. They were asking $45,256. Idk how you mess it up that bad.
  20. 2019 Sierra and Silverado Motor Oil Weight Change ???

    I got 4 free oil changes at the dealer as part of the package when I bought my truck last June. I've used them all up and typically check the oil thru each cycle. I haven't noticed any significant loss of oil between changes & I usually go 12500km or so between changes. The dealer uses a synthetic blend 0w20.
  21. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    I meant if you were a park ranger. All your pics are always so outdoorsy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hey all - new to the GM truck forum, but not entirely new to cars. Recently picked up a 2006 Chevrolet W/T with the 4.3 in it. Needed something basic for a home depot runner and lite towing. We recently took a trip across the state that was about 6 hours of highway driving. In the Georgia heat, AC was required. I noticed on the ride out there while running 70-80 the whole truck would shudder randomly and for about 10-15 seconds. I could hold the same speed and it wouldn't do it again. On the ride back it was a little cooler in the morning so we rode with the windows down, no AC. No shudder. As the morning went on we eventually rolled up the windows and kicked the air on. Instant shudder when it was engaged. We also noticed on the return trip that when the AC compressor kicked on (pretty sure it was that) there was a loud snap or click coming from the engine bay. I don't know if these compressors do that normally, or if its a sign that maybe the bearings are seizing up? I'm in the middle of a full ball joint replacement (these lower ball joint rivets are not fun), and the truck is 'down' for parts but am curious while I have the time if anyone knows of anything that could cause this shudder to occur? Thanks!
  23. Order guide for Sierra available 6/23/18

    They showed off a crew with a 6.2, that has to be a misprint. They also say the elevation is double cab only. That may be true, but we have seen crew/6.5' bed trucks with that combo. It's a slow dribble of info.
  24. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Nope. My actual job is just 4kms from home.
  25. Center console swap?

    Not sure why that part # isn't working, but that is the driver side trim for the console. I would get ahold of Corbin @ gmpartsnow.com he can get everything that you will need. As far as the 10% discount I had everything add to my cart trying to decide to buy or not for a few days. After a few days I received an email with a 10% off. Hope this helps
  26. Order guide for Sierra available 6/23/18

    AT4 with 6.2 only available in double cab?! Am I reading that right? Guess I'll be passing on the AT4 and be getting a SLT crew cab instead. Must have a 6.2 under the hood.
  27. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Is Camping your job? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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