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  2. Yes mkward72, I agree with you. I knew it was out of warranty but just the fact that these items should last way longer than 36 months made me frustrated so I contacted them. I currently have other GMC's, one 8 years old, a 10 year old one and even a 28 year old van that the door lock actuators and heated seats on the two equipped with them still work. I am pointing out that they need to install decent parts to begin with that will hold up to keep customers coming back and buying their vehicles and I for one probably won't be after this. Especially for what they are charging for their new trucks. Should be long lasting, top of the line components installed from the factory. Sierra Dan, sounds like you got taken care of as you should have. they did the right thing by you. Colossus, your right. it appears loyalty means nothing. 18 GM vehicles bought by me in the last 40 years. Everything from 2 Corvette's to pickups, passenger cars etc. They did give a little on this. I thank them for that, but, not enough to make me a future buyer again. They will end up losing way more money off me down the road then they saved this time. Just saying. Tnchevy, putting inadequate parts that fail prematurely is a GM issue. They know this or wouldn't have covered anything. Grumpy Bear, from what i have read the door lock actuators and heat cushion elements are an issue. Be prepared. As far as the responsible for all of it. Tell me how I broke broke heater elements and door lock actuator right after warranty ran out? No, I am not. it's cheap build parts from the factory. Yes, new manufacture on my next buy plus word of mouth hurts any manufacturer on down the road.
  3. My Sierra has the adjustable pedals, but I have not tested how far they go back into the firewall. If you can get me a baseline measurement for non adjustable pedals, I will fully retract them and measure to compare them.
  4. I have a '17 and understand the console does not charge my Iphone 8 or my wifes Samsung 9+. There is a fix for this?? Please school me and tell me it's easy!
  5. I just looked up fords ecoboost towing specs.. low and behold, they have a listed GCWR on their website 17,100.. My truck is rated higher by 600lbs than the ford. makes sense as their max towing is also rated 300lbs less then mine. This is the correct way to address this, GM did not make this forthcoming at all.
  6. Wife has a 2015 Terrain. Bought used with attached factory warranty. Had a 3 year 30,000 mile corrosion (defects in materials and workmanship) warranty and 6 year 60,000 mile rust through. Truck has 50,000 + on it and this spring paint blisters on the lift gate. It's inside 3 years but over 30K for the first part and yet will not rust though before 60K. GM says it's out of warranty. Simple as that and it is. I shell out $630 to have the gate painted and inspected for 'cause' as I don't want a repeat. The body shop I use is part of a dealer network that included GM products. Body man says the defect was indeed in the 'workmanship', poor initial surface prep. Corrosion was indeed from under the paint. Interior panel was removed (zinc coat in tact and not interior issues) and inspected and all seals and joints inspected as well (peace of mine $$$ spent). Submits to GM...GM says...out of warranty. and it's out of warranty. Am I pleased about that? No! But here's the thing. Limits are limits and part of life. Maybe it was a Monday truck but it's our Monday truck now and up to us to care for it. Got a free total detail out of the deal. Cool! Great body shop and service people. If this were a regular occurrence with a manufacture I'd find a new brand but it is the first in a long list of family owned GM products with this type of defect. If the claim would have been rejected after being pushed off past the warranty (have had that happen with brand X) I'd be looking for a new manufacture. Nothing like that happened and I (we) agreed to the terms of the warranty when we bough it. Is what it is. You're not responsible for 60% of the problem. You're responsible for all of it.
  7. Which is perfectly normal. This is how towing specs are always listed.
  8. I agree with your sentiment about not making these numbers more accessible. I went out and looked at my truck and there is Jack Schidt on the sticker that is helpful for towing info. If they can't tell me the max ratings and leave it to me to subtract the cargo and passenger weight, then I'll just have to guess. (sarcasm) On the flip side, I kept my brochure from the dealer, so I do have the all the weight and towing ratings in there, but you would think they would put a sticker on the truck like they used to.
  9. I will agree its our responsibility to know what we are doing. I have and am continuing to do so. what I am doing to today is telling others what the GCWR for the 6.2 NHT package is.. 17,700lbs that is the only piece that GM did not give us, and it is quite low for a 7600lb GVWR.
  10. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-25-2018 General Motors announced Wednesday that all four of its brands — Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac — will extend their military discount to members who have been discharged as recently as three years ago. “Supporting service members and their families is truly part of our fabric at GM,” said Steve Hill, vice president, U.S. Sales, Service and Marketing. “Extending the discount to three years post-service allows military families to settle back into civilian life and take the time they need before purchasing a new vehicle.” The overall program remains the same: Soldiers and sailors, as well as members of their immediate families, qualify for a special discount on new vehicles at participating dealers. GM employs more than 6,000 veterans — To find details on all the newly extended military discount please visit the GM site here.
  11. It's your job to figure that out. They give you the base line and you need to fill in the blanks. GM has not a clue how many people, or how much stuff is going to be in the truck. They can only tell you what it can safely haul. As far as liability, that's also on you, if you can't figure this stuff out then maybe you shouldn't be towing. It's all common sense and fairly easy to calculate...
  12. amxguy, I am calm but the info for GCVW is not easily accessible. matter of fact, I could not find it anywhere (especially on door sticker where it SHOULD be) I am only concerened about liability, not about capacity. the only things that matter are the GCWR, GVWR, GAWR rear, and GAWR front. You can not exceed any of those or you overloaded your combination vehicle and set yourself up to undue liability.
  13. this is great advice for others. I have done this with CAT scales in the past there is no other way to figure out what you are towing as far as legally looking at the load on all components. I sold the big trailer in my picture, but to tow it I needed an equalizer hitch to split the 1100lb load over the two axles. I used the cat scales to set the equalizer as well
  14. Calm down, they didn't lie. First off both the GCWR and GVWR are easy to find, both are listed on the GMC site under capabilities. Second max towing for any of the manufacturers isn't listed with a fully loaded truck and trailer, it is a single person, no other payload or gear (150lb person is assumed from what I read). You start adding people, supplies, payload and trailer you take away from the max trailering capacity. So it can tow as they advertise 11,100 lbs, but that is just you in it depending on how much you weigh. Don't forget the trailer tongue weight is considered part of the GVWR/payload. You put the family and gear in and the towing capacity gets diminished. Might want to do some homework next time, they all advertise the same and that is the standard for calculation across the board. Tyler
  15. Glad you got it fixed. I would never have even seen that issue. I've never put it in neutral on the highway.
  16. If you asking if my truck can tow what is listed? yes it can. Would my truck be more capable than the ford ecoboost? not sure but my engine is awesome and tows like a dream. All my post is stating is the rated towing capacity would only be possible with a completely unloaded truck per the GCWR.
  17. I think your logic is off on this one if I understand you correctly. The GCVWR is inclusive of the GVWR. What you add to your tow vehicle is deducted from the weight you are able to tow.
  18. Today
  19. Scales weigh your axle groups, not the whole load. As long as they are under, you wont be over your GCWR. Unless you have a 20,000lb load on a gooseneck tridem trailer and a pusher axle lol. This is why the HD claims are hilarious "Tows 30,000lbs." Well, sure it will, but you wont be able to spec a trailer that will legally accept that weight. Take your truck and trailer to your scale and ask them to make you a GAWR slip for your truck and trailer combo. Towing capacities are a guesstimate, it will change with each trailer.
  20. Allout Offroad, there are a few around the city.... 4wheel parts has a "Purchase An AMP Powerstep And Get It Installed For Free When You Select "Pick Up In Store" At Checkout"
  21. mookdoc, I dont understand what your post is supposed to mean at all. Mike GMC, my maximum vehicle weight of my truck is 7600lbs the sticker weight shows a curb weight of 5753. the trailer in my profile was 9,900 lbs in camping mode. my truck was about 7,200lbs loaded and holding the hitch weight. The rear axle was about 200lbs from rear GAWR (limited by the stock tires, but the sticker weight can not be changed by adding e rated tires)
  22. I'd be curious to find out. The mileage was the only indicator that I was worried about GM being able to tell, I'm sure someone has tried this or investigated this before?
  23. No I still have roughly a 1” rake. Here’s measurements from level ground to bottom of fender lip. I need to take another measurement with my new tires. Before 3/2 level RF 35 3/8 LF 35 3/8 LR 38 3/8 RR 38 3/8 After 3/2 level RF 39 1/8 LF 38 3/8 LR 40 RR 40 1/8 Delivered via my cellular device using a mobile chat forum thingy.
  24. I have one of those LTZ trucks with memory seats but no adjustable pedals. I'd actually rather have pedals vs seats
  25. Nice choice! Sidesteps and floormats are easy options to shop for and are practical. I would save buying any other options/modifications until you own your truck for awhile. 90% of the enjoyment for me is the shopping. By the time I come close to making a purchase, I see something I like better! Also, I find that a clean,stock truck catches my attention just as well as the heavily modified versions. Don't try to compete with others on the internet...you won't win!
  26. Lol, You can pull 13,200 with a FERD ecoboost or 36,000LBS with a 250? Lol....I wouldn't attempt either go talk to FERD about towing specs before GM
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