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  2. Stop! You are wasting your money. I had the old 4.3 Vortec and I never *needed* more power, your truck is a rocket compared to my old one. If you want a faster truck, buy a truck with a bigger engine. You aren't saving any money buying a 4.3 truck and then putting money in it to mod it, and you sure as heck aren't saving money if you do an engine swap. If you've just got to mess with something, buy an old square body or earlier truck and mess with it. Keep the hood closed on your new truck and that way you'll always have something that will start and get you where you need to go.
  3. I have driven a stock k2 with a 5.3 and 6 speed 3.42s, no tune. You guys are suggesting spending 2k to regear, requiring a tune which will void your warranty if you will have a problem. Wow How about they just offer 3.42s. The logic here makes me just sigh and shake my head. The only possible explanation is you guys work for GM and insist of telling people what they need and not caring what they want. All to save a couple bucks, meanwhile losing sales.
  4. I can't thank PGAMBOA enough for the detail he's show in these threads. I had a 2016 2500 (Diesel) LTZ that I spent a bit of money upgrading to OEM towing mirrors, and recently traded it in. I did remove the tow mirrors prior to selling it, and re-installed the original ones. I was doubting they would work on my 2017 LTZ (gas) 1500 and figured I'd sell them at a loss to get another set for the newer truck. Thank goodness I read all through his initial post, and realized they'd work. An hour later, and I'm back in business! Now, if I had only remembered to re-connect the inside door handle on the passenger's side, my wife wouldn't be quite as annoyed... Considering leaving it like that, lol.
  5. Thats just not right! Big Smile... When I'm paying 70k for my high country... Are there going to be any changes to the 2019 3500? If not I might be better to buy a 2018 when the 19's come out. DS
  6. Its lazy so its american?
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Got a new windshield put on today, finally got tired of looking through what seemed like a split window with 2 spiders on it, and on the drivers side. Only paid $50 through my insurance.
  8. Little update for anyone else that may encounter this issue. Took both of my old fobs to advanced auto today. Figured I’d check them again. Both old fobs are transmitting as well as the new one. Pulled the RKE receiver again and just checked all the wiring and connections. All checked out good. Even holding the fobs up against the housing of the RKE the fobs still work speratically. My only guess is that the new fob I ordered just isn’t matched for my truck and will not program and the two old fobs are just worn out. Just to be sure I got two new cases with the button inserts for the old fobs and still no dice. Advanced is the only place around me that has a available brand new fob in a box. Might go pick it up and try to program it. If that doesn’t work then I may just be screwed because I’ve searched for another RKE receiver and cannot fine one.... more to come I’m sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I would agree about the cold air intake and exhaust mods about not really adding power. However a tune is worth its weight in gold. I had a 2015 Silverado Double Cab 4x4 4.3 and with a e85 tune it went from the stock 285hp and 305tq to 320hp and 350tq to the crank with just an e85 tune. Stock it ran 16.19 in the 1/4 mile and with that tune alone it ran a 15.14. Those 4.3s run amazing with a tune. I'll link my 15.19 time slip below. Message Klug Performance on Facebook and he can get you more information about a tune. http://www.dragtimes.com/Chevrolet-CK1500-Truck-Timeslip-27884.html
  10. My truck is very similar to yours and it is not lacking in power. If it isn't going fast enough, I press further down on the right pedal. I pull a smaller travel trailer with my V6 and am impressed with the minimal impact it has has on acceleration and highway cruising speed. The power of these engines is similar or greater than larger V8's of the past. I do understand the enjoyment many people find with a larger engine but the 4.3 can earn you a speeding ticket just as easily. Enjoy your new truck!
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check it out. Both the actuator and the reset seem like reasonable things to check. The battery did not go dead while it was sitting for the 17 days. The last two days, the A/C has been working fine so maybe it had just somehow gotten confused and through cycling through off-on several times, it straightened itself out. I just wanted to have a direction to take if it does it again, especially if I am on a several hundred miles trip in 90+ temps. Appreciate the rapid response!
  12. Procharger? Would have to be a custom setup, but that might be a way to go. E85 is the cheapest mod for the 4.3 as that adds some HP. And the 4.3 comes flex fuel equipped. If it can be tuned and optimized for E85 that would get some good gains.
  13. Hello again,

         The OEM P/N of the mirror: 8422884 (right). Just let me know what else you need to select the proper harness for shipment. My cell for any text messaging is 248-508-7430

    Mirror PN.JPG

    Mirror photo.JPG

  14. Thanks again, i just ordered everything.. i'll take some pics on how it turns out..
  15. I put in LED back up lights from this company. They are really bright and really expensive!...http://www.vleds.com/.
  16. Baja Kits UCA's

    These work on all 2007+ GM 1500's with steel suspension
  17. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    Bilstein 5100 set at max, factory 18” wheels with 33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. 2016 Denali Cluster for Sale

    PM you!
  19. Thanks for the offer and help but I'm trying to get this done as cheap as possible (just bought my daughter a Camaro!). Since it doesn't require programming I may try to find one local and buy just the screen. My radio works just fine and I can control it with the buttons but would like to be able to use the screen again.
  20. Today
  21. GM will be warranting the paint.
  22. Deep transmission pan

    i have thought about doing the external trans cooler. I wonder how much that setup would run?
  23. Disable Ignition

    I guess you could remove the oil pressure sending unit, and pipe in a "Y" connection. Then hook the oil sender into one fitting, and hook the other fitting to a check valve, and then to an electric oil pump, and then to an oil filter, and then into a fitting threaded into the oil pan drain plug hole. That way, you could flip a switch on the dash to bring up the oil pressure for 10 seconds. Then flip the switch off and fire it up. I suppose you could leave the pump on all the time, I don't see it hurting anything. Might actually boost up your oil pressure a bit if it was just wired into the ignition. Then you would turn the key on, wait 10 seconds, then crank it over. If the electric pump failed, you would have the mechanical as a backup, and vice versa, to some degree.
  24. I would definitely suggest test driving a Chevy/GMC with the 6.2. I've had a 02 LB7 GMC and a 05 LLY Chevy (LLY was junk) I know the LBZ was a awesome motor! I was in the same boat you are in that I no longer needed a 3/4 ton diesel. I had 2014 Chevy with the 5.3 and currently have a 2014 Chevy with the 6.2 and love it. I test drove a Ford with the Eco boost and wasn't impressed, and never been a fan of the gas Dodges.
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