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  2. I'm not sure you can install it yourself manually, I believe it is pushed via OTA from gm, and if you read the post right above yours, it looks like your Blazer most likely did not come with the app since they're not making it available anymore.
  3. Ok so I have everything up and running since my last post, but I have a minor problem. I have the amp installed with no remote power. The amp has an auto sensing option for powering on. Ive used this just fine on other amps in other vehicles. Some time but not always when I come up to a red light and the engine shuts down the amp turns off too then right back on when the engine fires back up. Any suggestions on where I can easily run my remote power wire to.
  4. Very happy with it! Honestly no complaints, no drone, it just sounds great.
  5. How hard or what technique did you use to get the plug out? I hate to pull on the wires but there's not much real estate to pull on otherwise. It looks like everyone has broken part of plug trying to get it out. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Suggestion- Beef up your rear spring pack a little and add a set of traction bars. It will perform like a different vehicle. I added one full length leaf to the pack and a set of Rough Country traction bars. There are other quality brands as well. Traction bars make a very noticeable difference to handling and rear wheel traction. My DSC hardly ever activates post install.
  7. Are you hitting the frame or the door itself. Mine was just touching the door by about 1/2 and I was able make the door travel a little farther up (installer adjusted it). Note, stock tires and suspension.
  8. thanks all for the assistance - placed truck in 4wd hi and lo and drift shaft engaged - in 2wd the driveshaft spins freely - replaced actuator but did not take the step to confirm 12V at plug - - but tried to climb a rock - still not spinning - so actuator not engaging ? next step..is check 12v at actuator and then - what? thanks in advance
  9. Yeah, get rid of that ugly, unnecessary, lame whip antenna. It's laughable that GM (or any major truck-maker) still makes trucks with these things on them.
  10. As others pointed, the Custom TB has the AFM and 6 speed. The LT and higher trucks are 8 or 10 speed with DFM. DFM is, simply, AFM on all 8 cylinders. It can run on any combination from 1 up to all 8 cylinders, in 17 different configurations. AFM is a specific set of 4 cylinders that can deactivate. DFM also rids of the VLOM control and goes for direct solenoids to each cylinder. DFM is much less noticeable than AFM, although AFM is smoother on the new trucks due to the pendulum vibration absorber on the torque converter.
  11. Guys at lowes did that to my gate when loading something in my bed. Wrecked by bed liner too. My body shop quoted $5,000 to fix the damage lmao. Went through my insurance because i didn't want the run around. It has been over a year and they are still pursuing lowes. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. I have a wifi back/up camera on the travel trailer right now, but it is not as reliable as I like, so I'm looking for something that would plug right into the chevy's trailer camera connection. GM offers the camera package, but that's more than what I'm looking, I'm just looking for a single camera that will play nice with the chevy's connection. For reference i'm talking about the two camera connections right above of the trailer's hookup connection on the rear bumper.
  13. Daubert Nox Rust 121-B is the factory wax but sprayable. I'd get a couple cans of that and touch up any spots you see before winter. Fluid Film will take the wax on the frame off. Ziebart will interfere with the wax as well, and Ziebart will do nothing but trap moisture under it and rot the truck that way. For the rest of the underside minus the frame, I'd go with Boeshield, Fluid Film or Krown. Boeshield would be my first pick as that stuff sprays on and sticks. You have to scrub it off the underside to remove it. Just a hose won't touch it, a pressure washer might, but regular hose won't.
  14. A ton of people here have replaced the factory one with a shorter unit without any loss of reception at all. If you invest in a decent quality one, it’s fine. $10 autozone one? Maybe not.
  15. Just a nuisance, it won't hurt anything. Most of us bought smaller antennas
  16. Yes, they come in the same package together. And yes, the rubber just pulls right out for cleaning. It’s actually a pretty good spot I’d say. Better than behind you like on the K2s.
  17. 2016 Canyon (diesel, but not relevant to this problem), started with not being able to lock with remote, one quick low battery light that didn't come back on. Drove to and from San Diego the next day and the remote couldn't lock the truck, but that was it. Stopped truck and tried to restart to adjust parallel parking, screen was black and remote can't lock windows TRUCK BASICALLY DISABLED. Next morning planned to call a tow, but it started, part way there Steering Assist Disabled warning, Drive with Caution light came on and off. Drove it to Allen GMC (never go there if you have a choice!!) kept it running while the service rep told me there would be 2 separate diagnostic fees and if there was a problem covered by my warranty, I wouldn't have to pay one of them. They would not test my battery, but that was included in one of the diagnostics and the LABOR for installing a new battery would be deducted from the fee and I would have to pay the rest. I drove it straight to my Big O in Costa Mesa where they diagnosed it for free (no problems showed). I bought a new truck battery and changed both remote batteries. Last night, 3 weeks later...same problem, black screen, can't turn key, truck disabled. I had it towed to the Costa Mesa GMC and Ubered home with groceries and stuff I had from errands (not relevant, but you can imagine the frustration). It is now almost 11 am and my service rep was going straight to my truck an hour and a half ago....
  18. Haha ok now help me out please tell me I don’t have to do all this lol
  19. If you look careful you can see the issue in the first picture. Good luck. [emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  20. In the LTZ, do you have to get the wireless charger in order to get the Bose stereo? If so, is the wireless charger tray removable? It’s in a dumb spot I think. Behind and below drinks don’t seem like the best spot
  21. Does anyone have the issue with their antenna hitting the top of their garage door opening when pulling in and pulling out? After many months or years pulling in and out, is there a concern this antenna mount might become damaged or need replacing? I have also seen a potential aftermarket antenna that is half the height but don't know if reception would be effected.
  22. Glad to hear that I'm not crazy about the pedal feel. I just got off the phone with the dealership a little while ago (their service manager this time since they didn't like the survey I filled out ). My truck has to go back because while replacing the USB C port, they forgot to reconnect the duct leading to one of the vents and now doesn't blow air (2nd time they've done this, 1st time is when they replaced the infotainment unit). I complained a little bit about their solution of just disabling the feature. I explained about the pedal feel difference. He wasn't too sure about how it worked but he said they'd reset it for me. Not sure if I like how quickly he agreed. Just seemed to want to make me happy. I would rather understand the system and it's potential failures then them just blindly reset it again. I'm all about technology advancements but software getting in the way of a safety feature is a little scary to me.
  23. any updates you like to share with this set up? still happy with it?
  24. Me, too. It would be very futuristic of GM to have us only stand while driving. Or just sit on the floor.
  25. Just curious, did you buy a Speedo Gauge cluster from a new model LT trim and compare that to your Custom Trim speedo cluster, harness? So far, the steering wheel harness connectors are the same.
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