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  2. I added my truck to my ATT wireless plan ($10 per month) so it can share minutes and data with my other cell phones. I don't carry a smart phone. I then connect a Trac phone I never registered (my guinea pig) to the trucks wifi and can use Android Auto. So its going cell tower to truck over cellular, truck to cell phone over wifi, then cell phone back to the truck using ???. Not sure if its wifi, or maybe bluetooth. Probably wifi. I use it mostly for google maps. Works pretty good unless I lose the cell tower signal. But there is a way to download google maps for off line use when that happens. What I would really like to do is remote the display from a Garmin Oregon to the trucks display so I can look at detailed topographic maps. That would be way cool.

    I'll be heading to the cape in a few weeks. I'll keep an eye out for your truck. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk

    Ha ha, that had me fooled for a minute.. almost checked Google to see if there was a Cape Cod edition!
  5. It would have to be hit really hard to accomplish that.. but bumper looks almost fine and isn't under the truck. The tailgate isn't that bad. I would estimate the impact at 20 mph by looking at the damage. There is no way the frame could get bent. No damage on the right side, I presume? I think there would be...
  6. Just remember the motor is designed to have back pressure and if you remove something that affects that, it'll mess up the stock tune. Think of a 2 stroke with an expansion chamber--you change the chamber size, it affects the power and you have to tune it accordingly.
  7. IO3 and backup camera

    Yes, I provided the upfitters document from above. And they accepted it without question from the beginning. It wasn't until after the original radio module was fried that they came back to me and said there is a risk of permanent damage to the module. I had words with the Service Manager and said if there was any concern about the software they should have brought it up from the beginning. He told me that the software was not compatible with the radio and that must have been what fried it. Which I knew was BS, because the GM tech link software person told the dealership tech that the software WAS compatible. Otherwise the GM tech link software person would not have authorized the dealership to upload the software. What makes me even more mad is once they got the new radio module, they would have to program that module with the new software again. Now after the original radio was fried, I was prepared to abandon the rear vision camera quest, and just put the truck back to stock. I told the service manager I wanted the truck to stock with the original radio programming. But since the GM tech link had already authorized the new software (with rear vision enabled) for my trucks VIN, they would have to use the new program. In order to go back to the stock program (without rear vision enabled) they would have to call back to GM tech link, get the original software put back to my VIN. Which was going to cost another $105 dollars. After going round and round with the service manager he finally agreed that they would program the new radio module with the new software (with rear vision enabled). And if for some reason, this new software bricked the new module, they would cover the cost of a new radio module, but I would still be responsible for the cost to reprogram back to stock. Whatever, I said go ahead and do it. I need the truck back. At this point it had been at the dealership for over a week, and I need this truck for work. After it was all said and done, the new module programmed fine, and the rear vision camera now works. Funny....because the service manager told me that the new software was not compatible with this radio (after they fried my original one). But it somehow worked flawlessly on the new radio module. I think the Chevy tech doing the programming did something wrong with the first download that fried the original module. Yet, they told me the cost of replacing the module was my responsibility. That was my biggest beef with this whole deal. They bricked the module. NOT me. And they did not warm me of any risks from the beginning, only after the fact. After I picked the truck up yesterday I got a follow up call from the dealership customer satisfaction team, I explained the whole story and gave them a 1/10 on satisfaction. I told the agent, If I could give 0/10 I would. Granted the rear vision camera works as I originally set out to do, but at the tune of nearly $600 because of incompetence and miscommunication on their part.
  8. Onstar Basic

    The connected services is free because what does it do? It sends you a diag report. And I'll place a large wager, you aren't the only one that gets that report.
  9. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    There's a reason they put a 210 thermostat in the truck. It gets hot enough to burn up the moisture and oil residue. The stuff the catch can catches is mostly water vapor that is burned up and a bit of oil mist which is common, natural, and not a negative. Now if you drive very short trips (1 mile or less), and never let motor come up to temp, you're likely to have more issues, and a "catch can" could theoretically help. For those who warm the motors up entirely during the drive (5-10 miles) regularly, should see no problem. The catch can is a marketing ploy. "Look at the vapor that could have gone in your intake! It's BAD BAD BAD." Run the motor until it's hot, don't do short trips, and you'll be fine. If million dollar engineers felt this was important, they would have designed it into the system. Cars have been using GDI for some time and there are more issues with other things than valves coking and failing. You're more likely to have bad piston rings, failing injectors, or seal failures than any issues with valvetrain. Forums often think they know better than engineers who developed the machine in question because someone who had a product to sell them told them to think otherwise. Catch can = anti-vaxer.
  10. WTB 16-18 Silverado Front Bumper!

    Yes still looking
  11. Fan of the '70s C/10? Check This Out

    I have a 72 K10 with a 396, I love it! They didn't make 4x4's with a factory big block, I had to clearance the firewall channel to get the distributor in and out, but other than that it fits pretty good.
  12. You are very welcome. Report back what you find, kind of curious now on the grades of leather.
  13. I am looking to sell my front and rear bumper. Both are in perfect condition and will come off my 15 Silverado 1500 LT. Front is chrome with black upper cover and fog lights intact. Rear is chrome with out sensors. Ebay I saw roughly $500+ for rear bumpers and nothing for fronts. The ones I did see were like $1500 for compete front. So my question is what's a fair price to ask for these? I want to buy aftermarket and sell these to make some money back.
  14. I am looking to sell my front and rear bumper. Both are in perfect condition and will come off my 15 Silverado 1500 LT. Front is chrome with black upper cover and fog lights intact. Rear is chrome with out sensors. Ebay I saw roughly $500+ for rear bumpers and nothing for fronts. The ones I did see were like $1500 for compete front. So my question is what's a fair price to ask for these? I want to buy aftermarket and sell these to make some money back.
  15. WTB 16-18 Silverado Front Bumper!

    Still looking for this? I'm thinking about going black or after market
  16. Question

    I have the BAKFlip G2 on my HC, Power up and down work fine, never once had a problem with it failing.
  17. Black DL3 stock mirrors

    I have a set of black OEM DL3 mirrors off my 2015 Silverado 1500 LT. manual fold, power glass. Looking to get $200 + shipping Or pick up in st louis
  18. I thought the bodies, including hood and tailgate, were all steel on the 2020 HD's. Andre get that wrong?
  19. The way it looks I figured fram was bent. Ive seen it sway a pinch to the side a couple times ,but that coulda just been cell phone usuage. Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
  20. I don’t even think that’s an option anymore unless your grandfathered in
  21. I keep the $15 2G hotspot data; streaming a movie or doing work on a trip to FL is nice.
  22. Onstar Basic

    Connected services doesn't include the remote functions in the app. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  23. Today
  24. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    What do you have in the rear? I really want the 6112's but it's hard to justify 3x the price.
  25. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Those posts are over 5yrs old and again no proof the catch can was the culprit We won’t install something because it could freeze and cause problems. THATS AN EXCUSE BRO. Look up the definition of excuse and as I said before.... they’re not installed from the factory because they’re a maintenance part. It’s hard enough getting people to change their oil, now you’re gonna tell them there is little can in there somewhere that has to be periodically drained and possibly even more frequently in colder climates. Sorry but that makes way more sense then your EXCUSE that they may freeze
  26. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Dang, I just broke 39,000 on my 2015! Barely had 11k when I got in Aug 2017. Heck my 99 only had like 190k when I sold it in 2017. Maybe I need to get out more!
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