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  2. I have said this before but I will recommend it again. Just because you have the extended warranty don't be afraid to get a second opinion. In my mind there is damage somewhere internal. If they can scope it on get it in compression test inwould push for new motor but for peace of mind and time. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. I repeat this on just about every post on this topic. Dexron VI is a fluids PHSICAL SPECIFICATION and not its fluid TYPE. Just like 30W is a specification and not a type. Marketing has misused the words until the English speaking world no longer understands the meaning of words in general. The specifications for D6 fluids can be met with several different fluid TYPES and that stuff in the drum is at the bottom of the materials performance list. Meeting a GM specification for the fluid means it meets the BASIC SAE fluid specification requirements. Does NOT tell you what its made from. What it's made from is its TYPE. BTW, not ALL 6L80E transmissions in all vehicles have dipsticks. Okay, not counting the one behind the wheel.
  4. When they replaced the lifters and cam it had a knock but nothing since then
  5. About this time last year my children and I crossed a stream in a swamp in the Yukon XL. We stopped and had a look, kids said they saw their rocks hit the bottom and that it wasn't deep. We entered the water and about a truck length in the nose dives under water with water splashing the windshield. I panic, threw it into park instead of reverse! Panicked again and threw it into drive instead of reverse and gunned it and instantly felt a sinking feeling and my wallet being emptied of hundred dollar bills for the mess I was creating. But no, her tires dug into the muck and the truck powered through the trough and up a steep bank without a hiccup. Then all the warning lights went off for a few seconds, the motor stumbled for a second or two and then resumed purring. Not a drop got into the interior, not a drop inside the lights, none in the differentials either and by God's grace, none ingested into the motor. A few months later my daughter and I came to a submerged portion of a trail with some cows bathing in it? How bad can it be if cows are standing up in there? We shooed them out the way and plop, the right side fell off and the passenger side window was almost in the water! Once again I panicked and gunned the engine and we got out of their right quick. Only damage done was to my pride and my youngest daughter chastising me for not listening to her, again! LOL Amazing trucks! This was right before we sunk ours the first time:
  6. just get a hybrid i know they have their issues but they keep AFM to 80MPH which will net about 32-34mpg in Floridaland at exactly 69mph with CC Off assuming you don't use mud tires lol with CC it keeps going into V8 which will kill it down to 24-26 or so The XFE will only get about ½ MPG more then the normal one I got 23.9 today a bit less then before but I was going faster 78mph or so to keep AFM .. a new battery will help a lot as well as using 93 octane (timing can be advanced alot by 42 degrees peak i have seen with a live data reader )
  7. What shocks did you go with? I assume the shocks were just stock length since the lift appears to use spacers and blocks with new UCA"s? Thanks
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  9. Looking to purchase a center console. Needs to fit 2014 Silverado. It Doesn’t have to be in perfect condition. But not in pieces either. Shoot me a PM or email if you need to contact. Email: [email protected] Thanks
  10. Quite a thought provoking question! I suspect if you maintain it properly, the odds are good that a' '20 Sierra will reach this kind of mileage without significantly major repairs. Even if you do face a major repair or two, the cost of ownership will be less than buying a new truck every few years. My problem would be having to drive an out dated, high mileage truck as my daily driver. I would love an old truck for the fun factor but I want a current, fresh truck for my everyday use. The confidence and safety I derive from owning a low mileage, newer vehicle is worth the cost of admission, imo.
  11. Hey fellas, I've never used a forum before so I'm giving it a shot. I'm rebuilding the entire front end of a '96 gmt400 chevy k1500 5.7l and I've run into what I now know is THE snag of the rebuild. I cant get the lower control arms anywhere. So I hope to salvage some good ones and replace bushings. The problem I have; When I look up the bushings they have different sizes all in the 40-45mm range. Is there an efficient way to find what size i need? Is the size difference compensated for by compression of the various materials? The truck was in an accident last winter. They may not 'need' to be replaced... but I want to for my sanity sake because every other part will be new. Any and all help is appreciated. I'm an engineer at heart but this is my first major vehicle repair.
  12. Maybe someone has a better idea. Something in my head is saying damaged valve or valve seat. Would cause a combustion issue I would if the knock sensor is picking anything up? White smoke is oil but where and how? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. I dont know if it is due to the dod since i installed my lift and new tires the truck doesn't activate the 4cyl mode any more unless im doing like 30 or below. I would love a new motor but everything is going through my extended warranty which only has 11,000 left on it
  14. This is not a good deal. Definitely not one so good you can’t pass it up.....
  15. So misfire and smoke? I would lock out dod and data log a scan. But any reason the harness wasn't metered out and the coil packs switched or replaced? I would do a cylinder compression test. And find out about the smoke. Sounds like oil. But after those quick checks I would just get a over ride code and get a new engine installed. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  16. My 14 Silverado is throwing a cylinder 6 misfire code. This is now the 3 time with in a 1.5 month span it has been into the dealership to be repaired. They have replace all of the lifters and the cam, 4 fuel injectors and i replaced all if the plugs in it two days before it went to the dealer the first time and when you start it up after it has been sitting for a peroid of time it throws white smoke every where like it did when it smoked the cam. Everything has been covered under my warranty thankfully but even the dealer seemes to be stumped now. They have been communicating and running test with gm for the past week. Any ideas? Thanks in Advance
  17. Let me know when your old truck hits copart so I can buy it
  18. Well I got the rear 5100s installed. They work. I’m happier with the ride. Can’t wait for the fronts to get delivered. My OE suspension was not nearly worn out but it was obvious it doesn’t compare to the 5100. Worth the $375.
  19. Ditto with low gears and big tires being a big towing problem, but 4,400lbs will be nothing. Lifting trucks/levelling/increasing tire size all affect factory tow specs negatively. Its possible your max tow limit went from 6400 to 5000 or even worse On the highway I like to just tow in 3rd gear with my 4l60e. Too much gear hunting in Drive, even with tow haul mode on. Also be prepared to fuel up often! very very helpful are weight distribution hitches with sway control like equalizer. They are tremendously helpful spreading that weight on all the axles and keeping you from having trailer swing on those big box trailers.
  20. The CAI doesn't require anything special to be done, that's why it doesn't ask you anything about it. Your 6.2 has an 8 speed auto, there is no way to calibrate the transmission settings without an unlocked TCM. You'd need a completely differnet tuner to do that as HP Tuners is the only place that offers that type of unlock service. Your hypertech is just going to be a canned tune for the engine computer. That's about all I can say because I don't know that product very well. But I can say good luck getting fuel mileage back, you've done too much to ruin that with the lift/tires/unchanged gearing and aero reduction.
  21. Sorry should explain. The chrome shocket is the same as the one gm later sold. It slides on and just extends the 5/8 past the headers the spark plug goes through the end. So you can do anything socket or box or open wrench. 2nd photo is a 5/8 triple swivel in impact. Snap on guy said it was a must. I bought and thought I was had but on trans swaps it is worth it. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  22. I just lay on the engine/core support and stick my normal spark plug socket on the plug first and snake my ratchet down there. It's a pretty snug fit but once I crack the plug loose, that's all I need.
  23. Your best bet if you don't see the update is to uninstall the app and then go into the store and reinstall it. It should show the newest one available for download.
  24. The update is the same if you added nav or not. MOST likely the person that did the programming for you DID not do the USB file transfer after adding nav. I did that after I added my nav and then the next update showed up fine. Best bet is to go to the dealer and let them do the usb file transfer to update it to get you up to the current version. The latest is available to download. I had downloaded it prior to the OTA I was just waiting fo rate OTA to do its thing. Once you add nav the truck is register as having nav in every way that GM says it. So its not an issue of they don't know or are not sending the correct updates out.
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