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  2. What choice do you have? GM refuses to fix it. So, .......
  3. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=catch+can+froze There you go, now do some reading. Lame excuse by people such as myself? Why exactly am I making excuses up? that really doesn't make any sense Surely if GM produced a million of these trucks with catch cans, and 1% of them froze up in extreme cold, that would be a gigantic problem. Also maybe you can tell me why no single manufacturer installs catch cans. There are tons of DI vehicles out there and a lot of them need media blasting after 50-100k miles. Why on earth have none of these manufacturers resorted to a little can that they could manufacturer at high volumes for likely less than $25.
  4. Question

    Im curious if the gator tri fold would work the same as I prefer tri fold
  5. Onstar Basic

    The 1 month should have been the top tier, had that as well, never used it. Basic was nice. Id reach out to OnStar first about the 10 years of Connected(used to be called Basic) plan and then Chevy customer service if needed. 10 years of connected should apply to that purchase, if it was bought new. This was the last update to policy from my understanding and speaking with onstar last month. I have to pay 14.99 now for the app and diagnostics email after my 5 years basic expired. Both were pretty nice to haves. http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/general-motors-technology/onstar/onstar-plans-pricing/onstar-basic-plan-info-price/

    Nice... going vinyl too, after removing the chrome badges... just need it to stop raining to install...
  7. Added this UnderCover Swing Case box. Move all my straps and little things into here. So I have room under the back seat for something else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    I have a DI engine in a car that’s a 2011 with 96K miles on it. The manufacturer has addressed the carbon issue without a can. Nothing has been done to it other than more frequent oil changes and top tier gas. Runs perfect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Do you think it is the frame or just the box?the wheels in the rear should be screwed up.in the rear shackle brackets moved. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah i figured it was something crazy. Ive seen this one twice now and they are always flying 90+ on the hwy. Id be afraid the frame would give. Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
  11. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Its funny to me that people will spend tons of money on pointless things for their trucks, mud tires when you never go offroad, over priced tonneau covers, led lighting, bumpers, lifts/levels, etc etc but they absolutely refuse to drop $150 on a part that has all benefits and no negatives and can provide longer engine life and consistent performance over that engine lifespan. It just baffles me
  12. Yes you are very correct Dan. I've ran 22's on my 2007-2016 trucks (had many) and yes, the Bridgestone 285/45/22 was a little harsher than the stock 275/55/20's naturally because of more sidewall. I won't dispute that. On my T1, I went with a 275/50/22 which is the recommended 22" tire size for '19. I was expecting a little harsher ride like my previous trucks with these being a 265/65/18 and because of a 4" difference in wheel size . I went with the Michelins, had them road force balanced and couldn't believe the ride. As crazy as it sounds, it actually rides a little better than the 18's. I understand there is more sidewall on the new size 22" but for it to ride as good or better than stock 18's?? Doesn't make sense but it is what it is and I know this for a fact. Here's the kicker; the 275/50/22 has more sidewall than the previous years 285/45/22 but still not as much sidewall as my 265/65/18. So how do you explain an equal or better ride with less sidewall??? I guess it's a combo of new T1 22" tire size, suspension and tire brand? IDK. I cannot attest the ride on a Bridgestone new size 275/50/22 but can on a Michelin. I can also attest the ride on the previous size Bridgestone 285/45/22 which is a little harsher than the OEM 275/55/20's. Don't know what else to say.
  13. 2019 Camper Shell Cap Pictures

    2019 RST with an ARE Z2 cap
  14. IO3 and backup camera

    My dealer also did not warn of the possibility of bricking the radio. And it was clear they hadn't done it before, because the technician gladly accepted my printout of the upfitter's guide. Did you have a chance to mention (or provide them with) the upfitter's guide (referenced in my earlier post)? Their assigning the risk to you implies that any upfitter following their instructions faces the same risk. Something doesn't sound right.
  15. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    First off that's a myth that you read on another forum. There is not one example anywhere of that causing the issue in question. Its now become a lame excuse by people such as yourself as to why they don't get installed from the factory
  16. I agree that it seems high, but I will note that there are HUGE discounts on 1500's that simply don't exist in the HD realm.
  17. They have a few of my truck on the lot but 2018 models (Sierra Denali Ultimate Package). I will check one of those to verify whether or not it has cloth on the side. Thank you for the response.
  18. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    Thanks! I did notice the rectangular bracket. I have a piece of that laying around in the garage. I am a hoarder lol I had read before on people use exhaust tape to cover the mesh screens and that was going to be my original go to...but I was too lazy to stop by an auto parts. This method however has me motivated especially with the results you achieved. I had previously tried clamping only the flapper valve and noticed no difference but with the screens covered I am looking forward to the new rumble.
  19. Maybe a semi or cement truck. Pickup was hit high - and it has a decent lift. Looks like it was pushed down. Something very heavy had to do that.
  20. ARE Z2 cap...finally

    The ARE cap "side gap" is quite regular front to back, less than 3/8 of an inch, you can't stick your fingers in anywhere along it.
  21. Towing MPG

    I hauled my car in an enclosed car trailer, trailer weighs 3750, and the car weights around 4000. From PA to Just north of Detroit MIcand back to PA
  22. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    You could use beer cans probably but I just grabbed a piece of galvanized sheet metal from the HVAC ductwork section at home Depot. It was maybe 2ft x 3 ft cost $7. It was the smallest piece they had that was flat. I don't remember what size clamps I used for the flapper as I had a few of those on hand. Just measure the diameter of the round knob on the flapper and add a half inch to get the clamp size. I got a flat galvanized rectangular bracket from the hardware section to go between the two clamps on the flapper. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  23. Badass Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Please open a case with the Customer Assistance Center and demand that they replace the harness! The more of us who are demanding this the better for all. I was told that apparently they were created too short which causes them to rub as the engine torques under load. When yours left you stranded, did it also blow the 400A main fuse? Last I heard from a contact at the dealer, GM had 30+ cases of them doing that and did not know why (not sure if this is 2.7 specific). GM knows this is an issue. When the field engineer looked at my truck, according to my dealer he pulled the wheel/fender liner and knew exactly where to open the harness and found the second spot where it rubbed without searching.
  25. Today
  26. Hellwig 7735

    I have the Hellwig Front and Rear bars, and they are worth every dollar they charge. For what it it the truck actually handles decently. Highly recommended
  27. Great pics thank you. Few things no quick pad removal on brembo. And happy to see the rotor the same size as wilwood. I never liked the exposed line on the caliper that you see on the ctsv unit. Anyone have replacement cost or just part numbers for pads and rotors on the brembo? I know wilwood isn't cheap but if I get 50k miles out I don't care it they are $1000 a set. Stock brakes don't last at all with the way we drive. 2 years max. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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