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  2. Ditto needs good cord and IMHO a good holder for phone so card does not wiggle while using. Never an issue with good cord and phone in cradle.
  3. Trying to help a buddy out by doing this to an F150. If anyone can help please let me know.
  4. I thought I’d be the one to use one! I have an ancient iPod using Bluetooth to connect to the truck. I just keep it charged and working well. I have not tried the cable connection.
  5. I would switch to LPS 3. Fluid Film is hard on rubber in my experience too.
  6. I mean this forum used to be great i swear its just a bunch of trolls that want to be jerks to people for no reason
  7. Looks like I fell victim to this too, are there any write-ups on removing the blower motor to clean it out?
  8. Well good for you no one cares dude. If i spent a ****** ton of money on a brand new truck excuse me for expecting it to be functional. I was referencing my old 2015. But the 2020 is my issue.
  9. Doubt many owners on this 2019-2020 Silverado forum much give a crap about a monitor in a '15.....and I doubt anyone would give a crap about a true safety concern the vacuum operated windshield wipers in my '53 Bel-Air which would cut out whenever the vehicle accelerated......safety hazard no because it was the best available, most affordable and safest at the time........just like any resolution and brightness shortcomings in a '15 monitor. If you really don't need a backup camera simply unplug it and problem solved, or post on the K2 forum.
  10. I've owned 3 6.0s, an '03, '06, '11, now in a '20 Duramax. I still have my '11 6.0 and it has literally never been in the shop for anything other than scheduled maintenance. The Duramax is a power MONSTER. I love it pulling. But I will not own it for more than 3-5 years because modern diesels have not proven to be good long term vehicles. They're extremely delicate, unreliable, and expensive. If you want to keep it, go gas. If you want to trade off regularly, the diesel has a LOT more power.
  11. Good news! Thanks so much. I had asked the salesman via email a couple of weeks ago - so far nothing, and it wasn’t real clear on posts on the internet. I appreciate you taking time to respond!
  12. Ah that makes sense, end result is still the same though. I saw that but I meant I hope there will be a way for the current 2020’s to have it, not 2021 [emoji6]
  13. Is there a shock sensor add on for factory alarms? My brother-in laws truck was stolen at an HEB and the surveillance cameras showed that the first thing they did was to rap on the back of the truck when approaching it
  14. you should data log the trans while exhibiting this condition.
  15. I upgraded my front end to match the 2012 -13 LTZ style like yours except mine is all white. I have an LT. I have the Range which disables the AFM system and leaves it in V8 mode all the time. You didn't say what engine you have in it, I have the 5.3L and I don't lose any mileage with the Range either. Mine is the 2009 and I don't have any dash cracking issues with it yet. I hope you don't either. Looks like a nice truck. Drive safe.
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  17. Any possibility the rotors sat for a while and rusted up? I could see the system error out if you applied the brakes but the sensors didn’t read properly due to corrosion.
  18. Actually it has the 4 speed with overdrive and the rear end is the 3.73. I also have the Range installed where it stays in V8 mode all the time, and I had the A/C on. I know if I did not have the towing rear end in it, I would be getting better gas mileage all the time.
  19. Believe they monitor the ground return current. If going through the frame and ball hitch it will show issues. I’ve got to test my dual axle enclosed trailer for the first time tomorrow. Hoping I don’t have any troubles.
  20. Is the truck still under warranty? Blend doors can be tough to diagnose especially if reinstalling them you hang the linkage incorrectly. I had a ford that I put new blend doors into and didn’t fix it. Ended up blend motor was working but linkage was hung up.
  21. l like your white high country. My second favorite color. I just debadged my high country, except the 6.2L's on hood. Love it, don't have to try and touch up wax and water spots around all the letters anymore.
  22. 20" oem polished aluminum wheels with Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner 275/60r20. These were brand new takeoffs from a 2019 that I picked up for $1400 with lugs & TPMS included.
  23. According to the guides, the retail Silverado LT trim is the ONLY way you can not get Safety Essentials or Safety Package 2 (PDJ) with forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. It's listed as available if you buy a fleet Silverado LT, and on every other retail or fleet trim for both Silverado and Sierra. Would love to know why GM is specifically leaving that one trim level out... Ford and Ram have made forward collision warning and automatic braking available across the board on their HD pickup lines, and Chevy/GMC appear to be following suit for 2021, but with this one exception.
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