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  2. If you look careful you can see the issue in the first picture. Good luck. [emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. In the LTZ, do you have to get the wireless charger in order to get the Bose stereo? If so, is the wireless charger tray removable? It’s in a dumb spot I think. Behind and below drinks don’t seem like the best spot
  4. Does anyone have the issue with their antenna hitting the top of their garage door opening when pulling in and pulling out? After many months or years pulling in and out, is there a concern this antenna mount might become damaged or need replacing? I have also seen a potential aftermarket antenna that is half the height but don't know if reception would be effected.
  5. Glad to hear that I'm not crazy about the pedal feel. I just got off the phone with the dealership a little while ago (their service manager this time since they didn't like the survey I filled out ). My truck has to go back because while replacing the USB C port, they forgot to reconnect the duct leading to one of the vents and now doesn't blow air (2nd time they've done this, 1st time is when they replaced the infotainment unit). I complained a little bit about their solution of just disabling the feature. I explained about the pedal feel difference. He wasn't too sure about how it worked but he said they'd reset it for me. Not sure if I like how quickly he agreed. Just seemed to want to make me happy. I would rather understand the system and it's potential failures then them just blindly reset it again. I'm all about technology advancements but software getting in the way of a safety feature is a little scary to me.
  6. any updates you like to share with this set up? still happy with it?
  7. Me, too. It would be very futuristic of GM to have us only stand while driving. Or just sit on the floor.
  8. Just curious, did you buy a Speedo Gauge cluster from a new model LT trim and compare that to your Custom Trim speedo cluster, harness? So far, the steering wheel harness connectors are the same.
  9. I went with Revolution Gears. They have a 2 year warranty... and believe they actually make the ones for Yukon... not sure , but the revolutions were about $275. Cheaper ...
  10. I stand by my position; You haven't done this job, so you are not in a position to debate how the process actually works in the real world. I really don't care what you 'think' you know. I know what actually works, you don't. Spouting off theories doesn't change that. Smarter people than you actually designed the fluid replacement process, the people that actually designed the transmissions. But yet you still somehow know better......? Good lord... You don't even know what a trans filter looks like or what it's capabilities are, yet you're expounding about what you (wrongly) 'think' their capabilities are. You got the NASA analogy wrong, (as expected). They've blown up & lost a lot of stuff over the years & continue to do so. All that stuff was designed by 'book smart' engineers and middle management drones - who thought they knew more than they did. Relatives of yours? .......... But at least they (hopefully) learned by trying and doing. I'm not crawfishing or guessing anything- that is what you're doing. I said what actually works for the process at hand. You are unable to do so. You may fool a lot of people on here by cluttering up your posts with lots of technobabble, convoluted 1/2 facts and nonsense etc., but you don't fool me. You've posted a lot of blatant falsehoods on various threads over the years & you're doing it here. I usually keep quiet about it, but I think you've overplayed your hand this time. For all those on here that are trying to learn, you can do it the Grumpy Bear way, who has never actually done it, or get sound usable advice from those who have actually done it. Your choice. Grumpy - it's clear that your ego is going to force you to have to have the last word. It's a powerful urge in you that you won't be able to deny. So here ya go, the floor is yours. Pile it high, pile it deep, pile it wide, spread it around. Whatever makes ya happy...... I'm out. PS - (2nd sentence in your post) the correct word is personal, not personnel.........
  11. new here. just throwing this out there to see if anyone has info on how hard it is to convert the front bumper on a 2006 Silverado 2500HD to a 2018 Silverado 2500HD or what needs to be done to get it done. heres a picture i found on Facebook of it done. just need more info.
  12. If I was speaking to you I would have quoted you . I was posting to the "Topic" i.e. @bmartinez2086. "I have 2019 Silverado 1500LD stock to the bone. If install a cat back exhaust just a simple street 40 series flowmaster or a super10 flowmaster. Will it hurt my MPG? IF so do yall know by how much? I've never owned a truck I've only owned Camaros and Corvettes so this Pickup Ownership is new to me. "
  13. From everything I’ve seen lately, if you’ve got the dollars, this is your best choice.
  14. So I have a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Premium All Terrain. I have a noise in my dash that is driving me insane. I took pillars down and also cover for speakers and can’t find anything loose. It seems to be deeper than the panel after the speaker panel. It’s rattler noise kinda like when u flick a door stopper and it bounces up and down. Anyone with help towards me fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated. It’s has a 8” lift with 22s on 35s and rides great. Nothing wrong with the truck other than this. Please help
  15. 100% agree. If I’m towing 10K or above routinely, I don’t think I would feel comfortable in a 1500. Once in a while, maybe. Once or twice a year, no prob. But you can really feel that much weight fighting with the 1500s when you pull it around.
  16. I have to go to the dealer to special order the rear view mirror wire cover for the auto dim one I put in and when I’m there, I’ll ask if it’s possible to buy and have that third camera installed. Would be neat!
  17. ford,dodge, and chevy/gmc all of them have water issues with the rear window right now
  18. You're right about the shutters being a PITA. I spent a fair few hours measuring, test fitting, and fabbing brackets for my lights. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  19. Just got myself a mint used 7x19 inline Legend trailer mainly for hauling my snowmobile in the winter! Looking forward to not having a dirty salty sled when we go on trips. The old trailer was an open 2 place.
  20. Today
  21. Fits perfect in my 18, factory Chevy liner, and factory GM rubber mat. The mats are intentionally smaller than the bed, so you should have no problem.
  22. I have the factory spray in liner, and the Chevy bed mat, and there's still about 1/2" play in the mat. It's not like it roles up the side because it's to big.
  23. Look in the bottom of the box for a set of red carpet-grabbers. I didn't see them initially and was extremely annoyed by the sliding around but after googling a little I pulled the box out of the trash and found them. Add them and the carpets will stay put.
  24. Did you have the Chevytec spray-on bedliner as well? I am looking on their site, but not sure if the spray would interfere with the fit. Thanks
  25. Thanks for the info and pic. Looks good! Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
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