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  2. I looked at Sumosprings for my 2500HD truck but then found that they only have a 2-year warranty. I went with SuperSprings instead that will outlast the truck. Best way I have found to improve the ride with an empty bed is to add a rear sway bar. After I added a Big Wig to my truck the wheel hop was reduced by more than 90% and this used to be a big deal when hitting a dip or bump while making a turn. The negative attribute of a sway bar where it transfers shocks from one wheel to the opposite one is a positive when one wheel on a solid axle vehicle hits a bump.
  3. I have 285/70/18 toyo muds on zero offset aftermarket wheels right now. I'm leveled and they only rub at full turn sometimes. I installed them on my factory +44 offset wheels when I first got them. I did level the front, but they wouldn't have rubbed if I left the front end stock. I'm almost positive. I have a 2015 2500.
  4. Diesel in my area sells for $1.25 more per gallon than regular gasoline at the pumps. I gain in driving range on a full tank of diesel with my 2500HD truck's 36 gallon fuel tank but by no stretch of the imagination do I save money any way you look at it. I have the 2500HD LML truck and I am fully aware of the much higher maintenance and service and repair costs for a diesel engine. A big problem with the GM 1500 trucks is that they are the only ones where one gets a very small 23 or 26 gallon fuel tank and there are no options for a larger gas tank from the factory or later from Titan or other aftermarket fuel tank manufacturers. Titan stopped making replacement gas tanks but does continue to offer replacement diesel fuel tanks. Ford F-150 option for 36 gal tank, Ram has a 33-gal tank option, and Toyota provides a 38-gallon on all their trucks. A diesel engine on a Ram 1500 with their optional 33-gallon fuel tank is currently the best truck. Ram also provides an option for an electronic locking rear differential but with GM and Toyota all one can get is the "anti-spin" rear differential which is really not LSD but rather "traction control" as has been found on cars for decades. The Ram Laramie with their off-road package or the Rebel are both available with the diesel engine but it is a $5,000 option. Paying an extra $5,000 for the diesel engine and twice as much for batteries and fuel filters and motor oil changes and 50% more for fuel at the pumps does not make this a rational choice when compared to getting the V-6 or one of the V-8 engines. For the Ram 1500 with the V-6 gas engine the max towing load is 7,460 lbs (with 3.92 gears), and for the V-6 diesel engine it goes up to 9,860 lbs, and with the V-8 the max is 11,410 lbs., and so the best engine for towing with a 1500 truck is the V-8 gas engine. The diesel V-6 engine is a win win for the manufactureres as they make more money on each truck they sell and they get greatly improved CAFE numbers. The customers pay for the much more expensive engines and the higher costs of maintaining the trucks and dealers make much more money servicing and repairing diesel pickups. Diesel only makes sense if one is getting a V-8 with a 2500 truck and going to be towing more than 10,000 lbs on a regular basis and actually needs the greater torque provided. Otherwise it is a purely emotional decision which is fine if you are honest with yourself about it and not trying to find a logical reason for getting the diesel V-6. Not unusual considering all the 4WD and lifted trucks on the road whose owners will never take them off the pavement but think they look cool.
  5. Sorry about that!! But you posted the pic which is really what I was also looking to post. Thanks!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Great tips! I guess I hit it lucky but will be sure to use the cardboard catcher next time! I am sure GM could come up with a much more user friendly design.
  7. Correct. Cargo lights won’t turn on but the camera does come on whilst driving. (In my 2018, but only when using a wire instead of a diode.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sometimes i have to open my phone, hit play on the phone and then it immediately recognizes it. No idea why. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Don’t know about the bolt in notches but when I did a welded in notch in my old S10, it was much stronger. Basically I change it from C-channel frame to full boxed frame just smaller. If you are unsure about the strength of the frame after the notch then don’t do it. Your safety is far more important than what the insurance will say. If you are pushing it back up with shackles or bags, you may not need it. He had a full flip kit at 6”.
  10. I have a 2018 GMC HD Denali with a Duramax. Great truck, except that I continue to have break controller issues. Now I’m out of warranty and it just went for the 4th time. The dealer back home in Canada has been replacing a module aboveboard spare tire. It also went on me while ion Florida and the dealership repaired although I’m not sure how. Just went today. Not while towing but within 30 minutes of having as carwash. The 30amp fuse under the dash is fine. How can I tell if its the module Or if it is the relay I hear so much about?
  11. Interesting find. Part of RGE is standard on LT. They do updates to the order guide almost weekly. I'd bet the unavailable items will become available.
  12. Ditto needs good cord and IMHO a good holder for phone so card does not wiggle while using. Never an issue with good cord and phone in cradle.
  13. Trying to help a buddy out by doing this to an F150. If anyone can help please let me know.
  14. I thought I’d be the one to use one! I have an ancient iPod using Bluetooth to connect to the truck. I just keep it charged and working well. I have not tried the cable connection.
  15. I would switch to LPS 3. Fluid Film is hard on rubber in my experience too.
  16. Today
  17. I mean this forum used to be great i swear its just a bunch of trolls that want to be jerks to people for no reason
  18. Looks like I fell victim to this too, are there any write-ups on removing the blower motor to clean it out?
  19. Well good for you no one cares dude. If i spent a ****** ton of money on a brand new truck excuse me for expecting it to be functional. I was referencing my old 2015. But the 2020 is my issue.
  20. Doubt many owners on this 2019-2020 Silverado forum much give a crap about a monitor in a '15.....and I doubt anyone would give a crap about a true safety concern the vacuum operated windshield wipers in my '53 Bel-Air which would cut out whenever the vehicle accelerated......safety hazard no because it was the best available, most affordable and safest at the time........just like any resolution and brightness shortcomings in a '15 monitor. If you really don't need a backup camera simply unplug it and problem solved, or post on the K2 forum.
  21. I've owned 3 6.0s, an '03, '06, '11, now in a '20 Duramax. I still have my '11 6.0 and it has literally never been in the shop for anything other than scheduled maintenance. The Duramax is a power MONSTER. I love it pulling. But I will not own it for more than 3-5 years because modern diesels have not proven to be good long term vehicles. They're extremely delicate, unreliable, and expensive. If you want to keep it, go gas. If you want to trade off regularly, the diesel has a LOT more power.
  22. Good news! Thanks so much. I had asked the salesman via email a couple of weeks ago - so far nothing, and it wasn’t real clear on posts on the internet. I appreciate you taking time to respond!
  23. Ah that makes sense, end result is still the same though. I saw that but I meant I hope there will be a way for the current 2020’s to have it, not 2021 [emoji6]
  24. Is there a shock sensor add on for factory alarms? My brother-in laws truck was stolen at an HEB and the surveillance cameras showed that the first thing they did was to rap on the back of the truck when approaching it
  25. you should data log the trans while exhibiting this condition.
  26. I upgraded my front end to match the 2012 -13 LTZ style like yours except mine is all white. I have an LT. I have the Range which disables the AFM system and leaves it in V8 mode all the time. You didn't say what engine you have in it, I have the 5.3L and I don't lose any mileage with the Range either. Mine is the 2009 and I don't have any dash cracking issues with it yet. I hope you don't either. Looks like a nice truck. Drive safe.
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