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  2. Agreements Screen comes on weekly

    Mine did that on my RST the first week. Then it stopped. Odd. Now, however, it cycles thru all sorts of screens when I turn it on. Often it has the display where “Driver 1 is detected”. Other times it just comes on and connects right away to my phone. Other times, it displays a screen like it just started up for the first time. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Front end "chain rattling" sound

    Front pumpkin mounts?or motor mounts,look for anything offset in it's position
  4. Front end "chain rattling" sound

    Nah, nothing running. I only noticed because I had the windows down consistently once the weather got nice enough here in TX to do so a few weeks back. It's not loud enough to hear otherwise. No telling how long it's really been going on, [emoji1787] I'll give the sway bars a look, though, for sure. Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  5. Just a little Easter gift to myself! A coat of wax and some blackout badges! Happy Easter all!! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. What do you think about stock air box modifications ?
  7. Front end "chain rattling" sound

    Sway bar end links?also is the defrost on during this, just trying to rule out, serpentine belt issue
  8. What size wheels and tires are on that? Do you have a lift on it? If you do what's the lift? Got anymore pictures? Nice looking truck
  9. I had my ac go out on me on my ‘14, I paid 50% of the cost, which ended up being about $330. So it was $660 at the dealer.
  10. 2019 T1 8 speed Shifting

    I have 1500 on mine and the only time I notice the 1-2 clunk is when the trans isnt warmed up. I'm thinking hard shifts are a characteristic of the 8 speeds. I traded in a 16 with the 8 spd and the 19 is noticeably smoother and the weird whistling sound the 16 had is not present in the 19? Idk
  11. Picked it up yesterday. With a giant scratch on my tail gate!! They said in the end, they could not do it like they thought. Went from $175 to $300 to nothing. I’ll be adding resistors I guess.
  12. BG Products

    Amsoil Signature Series all the way! I was a solid Mobil1 annual protection guy until I found out that “Full Synthetic IS NOT 100% Synthetic, it’s a misleading BS marketing ploy to get you to buy their products. Amsoil is 100% Synthetic and that’s why it’s been rated to X4 surpass the highest protection “Annual Protection” Mobil1. Mobil1 oil filters may filter out 99% of the dirt in oils but only 30 Microns where as Napa Platinum oil filters filter out 20 Microns. So much lying with misleading marketing and this is why I recommend everyone to take the time to look into just how much bang they’re getting out of their dollar. I’ve recently replaced front and rear Diff fluids and transfer case with Amsoil Signature Series, Yesterday, I was set 85 mph on a road trip, 86 degrees outside and transmission temperature read 175 which is at least 10 degrees lower than before I did the fluid change. You get what you pay for. Sent from above
  13. FS: Lower Sierra Denali Grill 07-13

    Bump.. Willing to negotiate the price. Make me a reasonable offer. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. My HC doesn't have noise canceling, you can check your headliner to be sure.
  15. Manual to power seats

    I'm following this as I am wondering what all would be involved in this day of bcm's, seat control modules, door modules, cans, etc. My thinking is you would need a complete 03-06 pickup and switch over everything and a scan tool to match vin. Or go old school and find power seats from an older gm luxery car before the modern era of computer control modules that has the switches built into the seat itself. I'm in no way an expert so take my comments as a grain of salt, just thinking out loud and here to learn.
  16. So I just ordered the T-harness from LLJ Customs for my AT4 with Bose, and I meant to go back and see if we had noise cancelling like I circled in the pic and accidentally left it on no. I think we have noise cancelling not sure, and does anyone know what will this affect. Not work at all, work the same etc... Thanks for any info.
  17. Today
  18. Cab marker lights install, part 1

    Does anyone have a picture of the location where this harness plugs in and also which pin is pin 3? I have found where i believe the harness plugs in and have checked all the tabs (pins?) inside of that location with my test light and 3 of them (6 total if i remember correctly) have power and the rest do not (this is the same with the key on or out of ignition, and lights on or off) I just want to be sure my plan of action is correct before going forward and a picture would be very helpfull. Thanks guys
  19. How much will prices drop?

    100% agree, What would happen if we went back to the early vehicles where there were no power pedals, power windows, cruise control, electric locks, power seats, AC was a option, there were 2 speed transmissions sealed beam headlights bias tires were standard radial tires were a option and a AM radio, FM radio was a upgrade and the list goes on. People cry and complain about missing options that most of the time are never used or needed.
  20. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Gas prices here have surpassed $1.70 per litre ($6.63 US Gallon) in my area. Saving, "a mpg or two here and there" is noticeable at these prices. I learned during the volatile gas crisis years of the 70's just how unnecessary it was to have a V8. (Getting the most miles out of a limited supply of gas was more significant than the cost.) My preference has long been the 6 cylinder in my pickups and wouldn't hesitate to move to the 4 cylinder. I appreciate the history of the V8 and respect the reasons for choosing this option but (IMO) I believe a replacement for displacement was found many years ago.
  21. Alright...apologies in advance if this is a redundant post. I tried going through forums and doing some homework before I pulled a repeater on here, but my issue seems a bit different. Anytime hitting a bump(primarily small ones oddly enough, but also not every time), my truck(2009 Silverado 1500, 5.3 OHV with 92k miles) makes what I can only describe as this... imagine you are holding a handful of small chains and gently shaking them for a second or two. It sounds exactly like that. I've tried looking for obvious signs on the suspension, but nothing yet and nothing in depth. I imagine next I'll need to have the front end up and let the front wheels hang and do some checks there for the joints, but otherwise....? Again, I'm sorry if that has been discussed, but anytime I found a similar post, their noise was stated as more a "clunking" or rattle that was more a loud tapping as that of a heat shield. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G965U1 using Tapatalk
  22. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    anyone who tints their front windows so dark you cant see them, are Dbags. oh and young guys who drive dodge Charger/Challengers' they all drive like cunts. lol how about Cops who don't enforce the laws...everyone driving while looking down at thier phone is a D-bag I even see cops doing this shit!
  23. You forgot to add that most everything has been worked out being the last year model too. I LOVE my 18! Sent from above
  24. New member here, I’m looking at buying a 2005 GMC 1500 Ext. Cab with the 5.3 and the Quadrasteer option. It has 199k and the Quadrasteer doesn’t work anymore (big surprise). I was wondering if any of you on the forum have under gone swapping the QS axle for a regular 10 bolt straight axle. Any feedback is appreciated.
  25. How much will prices drop?

    Why buy a 2018 when my 2014 is identical? Count me out of the T1 generation, just another lost sale to GM. My 2014 Sierra is superior in every way to the T1.
  26. Which brand owners are DBAGS?

    I’ve seen A’Hole drivers in every make, I was raised conservative, someone tails you just scoot over and let them go, most likely they’ll get a ticket. I don’t police anyone as I’m driving. I think it’s more of an age group that you’ll find breaking the law more often and definitely education has a lot to do with it. I’ve also seen more junkers trying to prove something which to me is ignorance taking over especially junkers with a donut wheel on racing through traffic, Houston Tx has a lot of them especially on I45. Economics has a lot to do with A’Hole drivers and not saying that if you shop at Walmart you’ll be a bad driver. Not one brand fits all, ignorant people are a menace to all of us in America especially the mentally ill. There are definitely people on the road with a chip on their shoulder especially if you’ve got something nice and well taken care of and for that reason you’ll be messed with, sorta like in these forums too. Sent from above
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