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  2. I am actually liking mine so far. Its smooth and fast
  3. BDS vs FabTech

    If you go by manufacturer websites, both lifts will need new wheels if you want to go larger with your tires. Even the bracket type lifts, which some will state can use factory wheels, recommend aftermarket if you want to move to larger /wider tires (maintain stock uca position relative to the wheel, you'll hit the suspension and/or sway bar with wider tires). BDS indicates 5.75" max back spacing for 35x12.5. Fabtech indicates 5" max back spacing (with trimming) needed for 295/55/20 using 20x9 wheels.
  4. Which Paradigm?

    Very controversial topic.
  5. These are the wires like suggested above. Rear sliding window, Bose system, ETC. Its easier to build and install a wiring harness for everything and just not use the leads when not needed. That way there is no need for several different wiring harnesses for the trucks and if the wrong one gets selected or installed on the assembly line they won't have to go back and correct it.
  6. T1 Exhaust

    Any new updates? I am still not sure what to do to my truck as far as exhaust system or CAI. Any new videos or how have the borlas have settled in.
  7. The 8 speed got a new torque converter design for the 2019's and up I believe. Perhaps the new torque converter can be used for the previous 8 speed? I also haven't really heard of people complaining of the 8 speeds in the Canyon/Colorado, though I don't see why it would be exempt from the same shifting characteristics. 10 speed is all new for GM and Ford, I haven't really heard anything negative on it as of yet (except from haters of one brand to the others involvement). The one truck I drove with it was really smooth and would downshift instantly when I wanted the power, unlike my 6l80.
  8. Break in period towing

    These engine are set up to be almost fool proof these days. Drive it around for a little while without full throttle for long periods if you can help it for like 1000 miles. After that the rings will be good to go. Do a couple decent highway trips and your engine will be fine. If you don’t bang on it every time you get it should be good it go!
  9. Thanks for the info. Yeah that makes sense. Unfortunately I had to drive home so I went 65 to 70 mph on the way home. When it had less than 500 miles. I don't think I going to need to go shy faster than 55mph - 20miles towing trip is all
  10. Oil Change - Dealership vs DIY

    I take mine to the local dealer. They have a quick lube separate from the service lanes. I never leave the drivers seat even during tire rotations. I used to change my own oil. It's just a lot easier, cleaner and faster when I take it in now.
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  12. 14-15 were removable. The 16,17,18s were like the pictures above. This was a big complaint with the 16s redesign. It's built in to not be removable but, you can take it out like the OP did. People were also ordering the 2nd cup holders out of the 14-15 to go into their trucks. It will fit in there but there is no dedicated space or tabs to keep it there.
  13. 6” BDS 20X12 Hostile Sprockets 35X12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  14. license plate fee

    I got a warning for my post above. 4 points from Moderator.
  15. Drive the MFer like you stole it. Just the good ole boys never meaning no harm. Anyway you get my drift. Ain’t no break in. I was redline on my way home.
  16. Towing Pics

    Does anyone run the Timbren SES when towing?
  17. 8 speed is gone for 2020

    In another post it explained that the 8-speed for the new T1 trucks has a new RPO code, meaning it's not the same one used in the K2s. Same for the 10-speed if memory serves. Different enough anyway. Long live the 6L80/6L90 though!
  18. Break in period towing

    Pages 246 and 294 in the online 2019 Chevrolet Silverado owner's manual: https://my.chevrolet.com/content/dam/gmownercenter/gmna/dynamic/manuals/2019/Chevrolet/silverado-1500ld/2019-chevrolet-silverado-1500-ld-2500-3500-owners-manual.pdf 500 mile break in period. Historically this is done to seat the piston rings and break in the transmission clutches and brakes on new vehicles or new engines. After 500 miles it says you can tow, BUT for the first 500 miles of towing it says not to drive over 50 mph and do not make full power starts. Again, these precautions are to ensure the clutches in the transmission and piston rings in the engine get a good set for long life.
  19. Per the GM Letter mailed out this month by GM acknowledging the vacuum pump failures, says to keep driving your truck because even without Power Brakes you still have hydraulic brakes that meets NHTSA Federal Requirements. Hard to believe no power brakes required on Federal Highways. If you live in a State that requires power brakes...that piece of paper is Gold in your hands. Go see your State Attorney General. Lemon Law it. What States require power brakes? Does anyone know?
  20. Hey guys, The dealer I bought the truck from recommended break in period of 1000 miles of going under 70 and no highway speed or cruise control - will that didn't happen because we had a 400 miles drive home from the dealership so I drove it around about 100 miles then headed home. The other interesting bit was the 5000 miles before doing any towing. But it might take me 5 months to get there and would like to tow our bobcat (8000lbs) total with trailer. Wondering if the 5000 miles even a real thing because I can't seem to find any thing in the manual about break in period all together.
  21. OK so update on the truck. They found a rodent nest under the fuse box on the driver side front wheel housing. They had chewed on the wiring going to the fuse panel and the chewed up wires where touching each other. The fuse panel was shorted out from rodent pee. New fuse panel and a bunch of replaced wiring and all is good.
  22. These are factory spec'd at 34.5" tall and I have plenty of room to clear them. They are probably more narrow that I would like but there is absolutely no rubbing or clearance issues. I do not have a leveling kit on it. It is bone stock except for the tires. Hope this helps because I was a bit nervous after I ordered them that they wouldn't fit. By the way, I got them from tirebuyer.com and I got an absolute deal on them. I recommend it. You would be hard-pressed to beat their prices.
  23. What setup are you running?
  24. Wheels for Pac Blue AT4

    Leaning towards these as my current fav, in the gunmetal finish. They are currently backordered, so I've got some time to see if I can find something I like better. Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  25. I have a 2015 Z71 with the OEM Rancho shocks still. Still have them not because I love them, but simply because I see no need to replace them, yet. The ride is great when I compare it to my 2005 Silverado with Z85 suspension and Bilstein 4600 Shocks. When I bought my truck I drove several other trucks including an LTZ (Not a Z71) which rode much smoother on road but had a lot worse rebound on bumps. I am trying to compare my experience between my '05 and my '15 but there are a large number of variables that color the results. Tires, truck length, weight, height. All these factors will affect "ride". I put that in quotes because I think there is a difference in terms being used here. To me "ride" means the overall feel of the on-road/off-road experience. "Control" is an entirely different thing. The video posted many pages back shows nothing but a lack of "control" on vehicle driven way to fast for the conditions. You can not expect a truck with OEM suspension to handle conditions like that at those speeds nearly as well as a truck with a suspension designed for those conditions like a Trophy Truck for example. In my experience "ride" vs "control" is a compromise. You tend to give up control for "ride" and give up comfort for "control". There are some exceptions to this but those usually involve doing more than just a Strut/Shock replacement. Also "ride" is very subjective. Person A might find a soft cushy ride unacceptable while Person B is looking for that quality. The other thing to remember is ride is not solely affected by your shocks. Tires play a large part of it, but this is not about tires. I personally will be getting rid of the OEM Rancho shocks when they are at life's end. I will be replacing them with either Bilstein 5100's or Fox 2.0 IFP's. Reason 1 is cost. The OEM replacement Ranchos are very expensive for what they are, and 2 I am looking for better control.
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