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  2. Timbrens?

    Timbrens work well when fully loaded, but the ride sucks when riding empty or half-loaded. I tried them for 1 winter and took them off the rear end and install Hellwig helper springs instead. I only put about 200# of sand bags in the back for ballast. Now I only run timbrens on the front for plowing. I would recommend getting sumo springs or something that you can adjust the air pressure in so it is always in contact, thus eliminating the bang/bounce of hitting the stops when your bed is empty.
  3. Pedal Commander - revs noticeably quicker than when it is off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 2” front lift to level trailboss

    I went with the 1" motofab to be on the safe side and I didnt want my truck completely level. Instead of a 2" rake I have about 3/4" rake which looks great. As for mileage, I lost 1mpg with the bigger tires. I was getting about 17.2, now around 16.2. The lift is temporary (I hope) until someone comes out with a cost effective official lift.
  5. GM Stepping Up on Brake Issue

    Just noticed the same thing last weekend when I backed a Parker down a ramp. Put my foot on the brakes and didn't slow down. I thought the truck was getting launched at the same time. How pathetic is it that you cannot stop a boat rated just over 60% of the max trailering weight?
  6. I like to shake the tree sometimes to see what comes out. I would have a problem mixing different classes of oils, but I’m not a chemist. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Seat covers?

    I've always gone with Coverking, but you will exceed that $350 max for front and rear. You do get what you pay for and need to consider how long you planning on keeping the truck and covers. Coverking have lasted 5+ years for me and still looked like new. -Paul
  8. Rear window leak

    They will have to order a new headliner which means they will have to remove the front windshield to get it out and the new one in Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  9. You wouldn’t happen to have these still would you?
  10. Won't be taking delivery of this. Dealer might not be too happy, but I'm sure it will sell. Maybe.
  11. Bad injectors

    Just drove 400 miles with no issues yesterday on my 2015 Silverado 1500 with 70k miles. Turned it on today and engine light was on. Took it by AutoZone to have it read, and it showed 3 error codes dealing with fuel injectors. Running some cleaner through it, along with 93 octane to see if it’ll help. Will call GM and see how much it would be to change them all out. If it’s ridiculous, I’ll do it myself and keep y’all updated with costs, parts, time, steps, etc.
  12. 2014-2018 GM/Borla L86 6.2L Exhaust - DC/CC

    if your willing to lower your asking price, this person would buy it......
  13. I do my oil more often then necessary i'm sure. But I also take into account what oil analysis says. But definitely a Mobil 1 fan. Only thing I run for the most part. But mixing the additive packages like the OP said, won't do anything unless you run that oil down to nothing.
  14. If you're thinking that Pennzoil 0W20 has an different additive package than their 15W40....your thinking is wrong. Same add package, same additive levels. Auto motor oil VIS improvers, no matter what the base stock is EPDM. Antifoam is Silicon suspension. Gas X . EP additive is ZZDP. Acid package is Calcium or Magnesium and usually both. TUMMS/Rolaids. I know for a fact that one manufacture has both a 20W50 Auto oil and a 20W50 Motorcycle oil whose ONLY difference is one uses calcium and the other magnesium for acid control and the only reason for that is legal requirements for marketing wording. I'm not saying what's best. I'm saying what is possible. The OP isn't going to have a problem and no need to keep him up nights over some marketers lies. I've known people to go 100K plus with nothing but makeup oil from any source. He'd even use 85W gear oil at times if it was handy. Never ever changed his filter. Would I do that? Yea....that's a hard NO.
  15. I must be poor. When Bambi ran out and totaled my 2004, I bought a 2-year old LT All Star. Am loving not having to pay new truck payments as my monthly payment probably dropped $200 bucks. I'll never buy a new truck again.... unless the Mrs. hits Power Ball.
  16. In the same boat. Love the reg cab trail boss and would have that or an AT4 reg cab in ky driveway if i could.
  17. Rear window leak

    The only stain I see is from the one the other day. This is what it looks like now.. I had the truck in the garage with a large fan blowing on it all night.
  18. Silverado wasn't listed and is the "bulk" of GM truck's sales.
  19. Today
  20. 2019 RST Z71 Rear Gear Ratio

    To help increase MPG. CAFE rules are forcing Automakers to squeeze every ounce of fuel out of trucks. You will notice the gearing difference most when towing on the highway especially on hilly terrain. The 3.42 can hold the engine more in check where as a 3.23 will downshift to gain power. Ride quality will be subjective to opinion. 6.2 would be a better choice for more regular towing but I do not think it is available in the RST package. 5.3 is good enough for once in a while towing and every day commuting.
  21. What's the condition?....got pics?
  22. Mines perfect and I have the sport. Hardly any sound increase in the cab when cruising. WOT is an amazing sound. It doesn’t make sense to me when someone wants longtubes but is worried about sound. If you don’t like a loud truck then the long tubes aren’t for that person :/
  23. Rear window leak

    Lol. Awesome Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  24. Ceramic Pro

    Did the truck have wax that wasn’t removed from the paint first? That will make it much more difficult for the pad to remove the imperfections. Polishing is really the final step. If you had decent clear coat scratches it needs compounded first with a more aggressive abrasive. Also chances are a $200 DA polisher lacked the power to really make a difference on your paint.
  25. Ceramic Pro

    Bugs me when people say buff the paint. You wet sand/compound/polish to remove or decrease defects. As far as ceramic coating goes I would not do it. I think it’s just a fad (an expensive one). You take a new vehicle and compound/polish just to put on the ceramic coating to make it a little easier to wash and protect your paint? Never mind that each time you compound/polish you remove a small amount of clear coat which guess what? REDUCES YOUR PAINT PROTECTION. The top of the clear coat has your UV inhibitors. Once that’s gone your paint will go much faster. Compounding and polishing should be done as a last resort on cars with servere swirl marks, clear coat scratches, or to help bring back shine to older paint. Wash your truck often, and use a good wax and sealer to help protect the paint. Way cheaper than what these guys are charging for ceramic coating. I’m sure that after 5 years your paint will look just as good if you take care of it properly.
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