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  2. Besides it's more fun to have all your ponies on tap at a moment's notice
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  4. Good start, though the mileage is a bit high. Shockingly price isn't too out of line based on what I've messed with on KBB, especially if it's in sound condition. 'Pick your preferred options, color, etc, name a top price you're willing to pay, and let the games begin!
  5. Oh yeah. Gingerly peeled the barcode off the unscathed bottom, hermetically sealed that biohazard in two grocery bags, and hucked it in the dumpster out back.
  6. That's weird. I was really worried about that because I love my TuneSelect (got the max number of saves allowed) so I used a saver cord and hooked up my DieHard out of my Cadillac. Worked like a charm.
  7. It’s a pain but it will go back and yes you need to trim to where you placed everything. I even had to grind the seat back mounts to fit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The wind can be insane. I live in Casper, WY, and the wind can get atrocious. Back in October of 16 we had 70 mph gusts out of the SW. WY 220 heads southwest out of town, so I drove that for 50 miles, stopped, and returned. On the way out I got 15.4 MPG, and on the way back I got 36.4 MPG.
  9. GM did a re programming after the battery change - they said lots of functions may fail if not reprogrammed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Make sure you have a good cord. Sounds dumb.. but when I have a cheap Walmart cord the connection is bad and won’t connect sometimes or if it does just tapping the tip will make it disconnect, but if I use an apple cord I don’t have issues with it. The Bluetooth is just responding to the CarPlay being plugged in. When you plug in it disconnects Bluetooth, so I would assume a small amount of data is being transferred to tell the truck that it’s plugged in, disconnecting the Bluetooth, but not showing up as CarPlay.. and if it’s constantly plugging in/out it’s just in limbo trying to connect.
  11. Can't wait to see the detailed write-up and night photos.
  12. Maybe it is for the 2500? Is your truck a Silverado or Sierra? I’m assuming Silverado... Post a link of what you ordered if you can.
  13. is there power on both side of the LT fuse (there are little posts on the fuse where you can put the tester leads)? or, if all the left side turn lights flash when you turn on the hazards (as well as all the right side ones), then I would consider the turn signal switch or the wiring harness to the turn signal switch has failed (ie, the problem is between the lever on the steering column and the BCM). Oh yeah, I would suggest testing before throwing parts at it. For something like this, something like the Autel PowerScan PS100 circuit tester would work well for finding where the problem is... Well, and also having the wiring diagram for the truck so you know what wires go where...
  14. read codes from the truck? you might be able to use "the paperclip trick" to read codes from the truck (you short two pins together on the odb connector and a light on the dash flashes to indicate the code) [i'm not sure if your truck supports that, or if it needs a proper code reader]. is the fluid level high enough (as it, it reachs the cold level with the engine running)? past that, I don't know. when I rebuilt my 4l80e, it worked right afterwards
  15. Wait... These trucks came with aluminum lower control arms??? I just checked and mine are steel. What option box did you have to tick to get aluminum control arms?
  16. that could possibly be from the a/c drain tube, depending on where it's located and what it drains onto...
  17. for my '04 sierra, the end pieces that the rod goes into have a plastic piece that acts as both a bushing (it covers the inside of the hole that the rod goes through), as well as acts as the retaining clip (it has a plastic piece that snaps onto the rod). Maybe the plastic piece is either missing or broken/damaged, as on my truck, there is no chance of them coming off. You just put the rod through the hole, then rotate the plastic piece so the clip snaps onto the rod and done.
  18. I was also told I was a peasant for expressing my experiences so don’t feel bad. Local dealers in Western Kentucky have repeatedly shown my wife, FIL, and I that they don’t want our business. Lackluster offers and higher prices than we can get elsewhere. I’ll drive 10 hours round trip to save $8,000. They just figure we’ll stay local rather than drive so far. Jokes on them.
  19. I went to a local upfitter/electrical guy and he found the fuse for the door locks which is on P/S of the dashboard by the A Pillar. He wired a relayed interrupt circuit with a switch under my dash so I can turn them off whenever I want. Now when I go through drivethru's in sketchy neighborhoods, I can put the truck in park without the doors unlocking. Find a command start installer you trust and for a $100 or so he'll be able to rig you up, very easy to install actually... FYI the 2019 models have the option to turn that shit off in the radio screen so that service manager is feeding you lies... I agree it's super annoying to hear the locks clicking everytime you put the truck in park. I know a few guys who've done what I have to their trucks they drive on construction sites with lots of idle time and driving around site, no need to have the locks actuating 100s of times a day.
  20. look on rockauto and compare part numbers.
  21. LOL I have read that Aluminum driveshafts fail, but mine is steel. Thanks for the safety concern, im sure that will come to me with age
  22. Just fyi, my '04 full-service manual has: 177 ft/lbs for the hub nut (your big axle nut) 58 ft/lbs for inboard flange bolts (cv flange to front diff stub axle) lugs 140 ft/lbs 15 ft/lbs front shock upper nut (tennon nut) 18 ft/lbs shock to lca 2wd 59 ft/lbs shock to lca 4wd 70 ft/lbs rear shock nuts so your numbers are pretty much in the ballpark, the cv to axle stubs are a bit light...
  23. Did you confirm pressure with manual gauge, when installed did you rotate crank a full 360 degrees to center pump, did you prime the pump, did you put on a green or blue Oring. Red would be replaced with green. Did you drop the pan or try installing tube into pump the hard way?
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