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  2. Hey All, New owner here (just purchased last night) 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. 5.3L V8. Driving home from the dealer I noticed no issues. Manly side roads with no high speed driving. This morning driving to word on the highway I noticed between 50-60 mph there was a slight vibration. No sounds but just a vibration coming from the vehicle. Shaking my water bottle and my self. Nothing too severe but not too comfortable. Is this something that anyone has had before?
  3. Given that the interior is very similar to the K2s, have people been complaining about their interiors for the last 5 years?
  4. As other has stated, Rexing is the way to go. I have one in my truck mounted on the windshield behind the review mirror. Hardly noticeable and works like a charm. I have it hardwired in and love it. Their customer support is good too. I have the V1 but would like to upgrade to the newer model with review connections at some point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. It isn't penny punching, it is proper servicing. As these get more and more complicated they are more finicky to the amount of fluid, type and change procedure. Some have lifetime fluids, others have different ways to have it changed per the transmission manufacturer with specific temperatures and operations. It wasn't GM saying, oh, we can save $1.89 per truck by removing the dip stick, it was because they probably had to fight some numb nuts who screwed up the service thinking they knew better and messed it up and tried to warranty it. On top of the intricacies with modern transmissions. Am I happy about it? No. This will probably be one of the last vehicles I can comfortably change everything on fluid wise (I have a K2). Either way, your rant is geared at the wrong crowd... Tyler
  6. Meh, I disagree. Take, for example, the fact that it took GM until 2019 to finally get to where Ford was on rear seat legroom & air vents. The K2 seats were basically the same as the GMT-900's. The front end styling on the 2014/2015 was a total yawner, too. Every truck produced these days is very evolutionary. Even the all-new Ram is. Because the technological advancement curve has flattened in the past few years. This is why anyone who has a negative perspective on the T1 almost always starts their lists with very minor complaints, as the OP did here.
  7. That motor on your 2007 was just breaking in. Those LS motors run into the high 200-300K all the time. I hope the new ones are the same but there are more things to go wrong on the new ones.
  8. I have been using NAPA Full Synthetic (DEXOs approved) and an ACDelco filter. I am not picky with oil as long as its a full syn and dexos approved....I just shop by price and stock up when I find a good deal.
  9. Has anyone every tried getting a 2014 truck updated with a 2018 truck tune? I have a 2014 and often rent 2018/2019 trucks for work. They sure seem to be a little snappier and get better mileage than mine. I assume the 2014 tune is very conservative. I don't really want to do an aftermarket tune. I have done programmers, mail order, and custom tunes in the past with mixed results. Most aftermarket tunes don't work well in -40 weather.
  10. What gets damaged? It is a frame... You could drop off a ledge on to it and it would be fine, a lift isn't going to damage it. A little rubbed off coating won't cause any problems either, the wax creates a film on the metal when rubbed off is still there. Tyler
  11. Hey guys I’m curious if putting the truck in L8 and sport mode disables cylinder deactivation. I can’t tell since there’s no light to tell you, but try driving around in those modes together and see if it sounds like it’s running on all 8 cylinders and that might keep me and others from buying a chip or something that disables it. Thanks guys!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I’m just screwing around for the sake of arguing, seemed like an entertaining thread
  13. 1. The leather will shrink. All new leather is slightly loose. 2. It is smaller in diameter and it took about 3 days to get used to 3. Same thing. Took about 3 days to get used to. Biggest charge was the wheel on the right side 4. Tow/haul was moved because other models have multiple modes. I have an AT4 and it has Touring, sport, tow/hail, and off road. They needed more than a gear shift button 5. The dash is literally the same faux leather padded plastic from the previous generation. The dash trim isn't as nice but that's minor... 6. I've never once thought this truck seemed light weight. I did however feel like this truck was huge when I first started driving it compared to my 14 SLT. 7. Start/stop is annoying. I turn it off as soon as I get in the truck. I like the interior much better than my 14 even though I think there are areas they missed the boat or could've improved more. However, no vehicle is perfect. Bottom line is there's absolutely no comparison between the 14 and the 19. The 19 is hands down a better truck. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. Understand what you are saying. I'm not a young kid or use it to haul as I have a tow pig for that. If you would have read a little I state the truck had never been out in winter and only caught out in 2 rain storms. As for the towing you could look at the hitch and see nothing has ever been inserted in there. Thank you for your input.
  15. I did and I haven't heard back yet. I'd also like to get some views from people who have bought the product vs only the people selling it.
  16. I have a high country with 18k miles since October and my seats are still great. This truck is more comfortable than any other truck I have ever road in. My wife has a 2015 Tahoe and we drive mine everywhere because it rides, drives, and sits better with more room inside the cab.
  17. It seems the consensus is on this forum is that if you say anything negative about the new trucks you are crazy, irrational and out of your mind. Nothing is perfect, and pretending something is is just ignorant. For what it's worth, when I was driving a 19 for a weekend, that was being bought back, besides the bad looks (a chrome grilled and bumpered LT) I didn't like the roller control on the steering wheel, my palm kept bumping it and changing what ever when I turned sharp. And, for what it's worth, I'm not vein enough to not buy a truck because of how it looks. A current Trail Boss or RST and maybe a High Country (money permitting) wouldn't be a bad truck.
  18. 100,000 Mile Under Hood Twice a year this area is detailed using the Chris Fix method (YouTube). It doesn't take long as the compartment is well sealed and there are zero leaks and few spills. None that are not taken care of immediately. Sorry for the poor morning lighting.
  19. Thank you very good points. Yes I have all documentation from lingenfelter.
  20. My complaints about the T1x interiors: 1. Lack of color options for the AT4/Denali. 2. I strongly dislike the 4WD controls being buttons. 3. The gauge cluster is terrible - looks very cheap. Even on the Denalis, I like the K2 graphics much better. I drove a 2019 Ram Rebel for a week. Loved the interior minus the red accents (created some glare). When I go to buy another 1/2 ton, I'd buy the Ram simply for the interior if they're all the same in price. The current Ford interior is better in layout and looks than the T1x interior. GM really missed the mark here. And I still like the interior (truck one) in my GMT-900. It's a little basic, but looks good and is functional.
  21. My name is Wayne, AKA WA2YNE. I'm an 80 yr old Ham radio operator, hence the vanity call sign. I was born in WA, back in 1938, and wound up moving east during WW II. Was raised mostly in NY state, but also a bit in WA, D.C., VA, Texas and Germany. Germany was as a dependant, as y dad was in the army for 20 years. First was in Texas in 1952-53, and we lived on base at Ft Bliss. Was also in Texas two other times in the 1950's. Moved here for good about 14 years ago. Live in a small rural community called Imperial, in Pecos County. My truck is an extended cab 1997 Silverado RWD. Bought, with donations, to replace an 83 Ram250 that burned up April 3rd. Will post more about it as time goes by.
  22. Did you check your door drains? Do you still have factory speakers in the door? I put some different speakers in the doors of my '01 Silverado and the idiot cut the door up and I ended up having to put a sheet of plastic to guide the water to the drains to stop my leak. I have a friend who does auto glass for a living...we checked all over the place till we took a water hose on low and ran the water at the base of the window with the door open...that's how we narrowed it down.
  23. Sorry for all the question and request for help. We are very, very new at trying to fix anything on a Truck! This just seems to weird not to attempt to figure out when it was not even started. We have tried all the above solutions. 1) Disconnected Battery - Cleaned Connection - Connected the end together waited 25 minutes. Reconnected and restarted LIGHT STILL ON. 2) Disconnected Battery - Checked connection under both front and back seats. The appear tight with no loose wires. Reconnected and restarted LIGHT STILL ON. 3) Not clear on the abs have yet to locate the power ground connector? 4) The bcm if we are looking at the correct item. Driver Side Door - Under truck - silver box - all seem to appear clean. 5) One video said some truck need to be driven a set amount of miles before error lights will reset and go off. Is this true? If so how do you know if it is fixed if you have to drive a x amount of miles? 6) Called another repair shop - due to no code - they said plan on $600 - $700 to diagnose! That seems crazy! 7) Everything is back in place. Truck will not start! Heading out with battery to check voltage, perhaps battery is not charging? Did we miss anything? PLEASE ADVISE.
  24. You can only get messages when plugged into the USB, using the phone's own messaging app via Car Play/Android Auto. At least this is how Apple Car Play works. I assume Android Auto works the same way(?).
  25. I never disagree with you Grumpy! I sometimes have a different opinion.... My '56 Austin (teen project car) still had provisions to hand crank the engine. If the electric starter quit, the last thing I'd have considered (even back in the '60's) was to hand crank my car. This for me is comparable to a transmission dipstick. It may be useful to some in rare circumstances, but has long outlasted its usefulness to most vehicle owners.
  26. Man, so sorry that happened. I figured they would be more gracious on that error.
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