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  2. Do you happen to have the GM document that describes the extension to the 2019 models for those with the 'Sticker'? Like yours and mine. Special Coverage Adjustment 17336 Air Conditioning Condenser (Combi-Cooler) Refrigerant Leak is only specific to 2015 - 2017 GM models and not to specific time builds which is why my Tahoe is not covered under that Special Adjustment.
  3. That sucks. Sure sounds like it was driven in the winter (still not acceptable). My truck had less miles and most were from it being transferred between dealerships.
  4. Anyone have a phone holder for this truck that they like? I used to use one on my last vehicle that went into the cigarette lighter, but that doesn't work here.
  5. The quick and dirty is my truck was towed to a repair shop that is self-proclaimed very familiar with the GM lifter failure issue. That was the suspected issue with my truck. They drove the truck into the shop did the normal checks, compression etc. During that they found the #1 cylinder to only have 5lbs of compression. After that they decided that was enough diagnosis for the day and they started it up and proceeded to back it out of the shop. As they were backing it out something very bad happened and parts/pieces of lifter (suspected not confirmed) fell into the crankcase, began rattling around and cracked the oil pan very badly and most likely ruined the crank and put metal in the motor. Now, my question is; after diagnosis and me telling them multiple times that it had all the symptoms of a failed lifter, would every shop just continue to drive the truck around under it's own power to "get it out of the way"?
  6. Think he might have been yelling at you, really driving his point home
  7. For mostly highway driving and occasional off road (light stuff) the Michelin defender LT is a great option.Way better then the OEM tires. Quite tire
  8. After looking at some you tube videos, I suspect the problem may potentially be the oil pick up tube o-ring? If air were getting past the deteriorated o-ring, then that might explain the unusual fluctuation on the oil pressure gauge. I hope something else is not damaged inside the engine with the few seconds that it was shuttering then tapping like it was out of oil. I have not heard the tick/tap/shutter again.
  9. I got a little over $12K off mine (RST CC 4X4 as well) so I'd say shoot for at least $45K
  10. Mine was dealer installed, but they left me the rubber tray, which was on top of the knob. I actually cut a nice knob hole and it now lies flat. The nice part is that it keeps items from sliding and rattling on to of the metal safe
  11. I assume that you have stock 20" wheels. If so, Michelin - X LT A/S from Costco (Sam's club may carry them as well) have been great tires. I switched the goodyears off at around 35000 miles and replaced with these Michelins. I'm up to 77000 miles and still a good bit of tread left. They are quieter and better traction too.
  12. It was raining so hard I couldn't see. + I continued driving anyway. + I jacked my truck up. = GM trucks have bad build quality and the fuel mileage sucks.
  13. Consider yourself lucky! At 270 miles, mine went in for leak, and they replaced the torque converter seal...few days later, it was brought back because it was still leaking! And now, my truck has been at the dealership for 63 DAYS AND COUNTING! They say they are waiting for a transmission pump. Service manager has requested a new transmission, but nothing from GM. GM has approved a buyback or replacement due to CA Lemon Law, but finding a similar truck (and getting a far away dealer to actually dealer-trade it to my dealer) has been impossible.
  14. The original question was meant to be objective. Sorry if I worded it wrong.
  15. I couldn't be happier with my BFG TA KO2s, but they are expensive and always sound like your driving on a wet street (to me anyway) But traction is excellent. Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks for the responses guys, I'll check out the Range AFM disabler. Glad that it sounds like MPG is not effected much if at all. As much as I would like decent MPG, this is a truck and long term reliability is way more important to me. Yes she has the 5.3. This truck has the 20inch rim option. The rims look really nice but I wasn't stuck on having such large rims. I'd like some more sidewall because I do use my trucks as a truck. Does any one know how tall of tire I can put these on these rims without any modification? I believe its a stock P275/55R20 tire now, can I go to 275/60 or 65? Thanks.
  17. yup , the spring or lift the dash pad and remove the sensor and cheat it to always daytime
  18. Today
  19. I have a 2019 Suburban with less than 50k miles that I've owned for 2 weeks...started it up one day, instrument panel not working. AC blows, bluetooth works, radio works, no gauges working Currently at the dealer and they cant figure out what's wrong with it. Has a warranty. Not the computer, not the installed Kahu crap...nothing on the diagnostic tests Any one had this issue? Suggestions?
  20. I’m finally to the point where I need new tires for my 2018 Sierra. This is my first time buying truck tires (only SUVs up til this point) and I was looking for recommendations. I’ve been pretty happy with the Goodyear Wrangler SR-As that came on it, but I know there’s better options out there, maybe something a little quieter. Most of my driving is highway, with occasional off-roading at job sites, and driving on the beach 3 or 4 times a year. Also, I’d like something decent in snow, as my part time job I’m required to work no matter the conditions. So, what are my best options?
  22. Just wondering, what's with the poem format?
  23. Regular production trucks today are just a few tenths slower than limited production trucks you mentioned that anyone can buy. Verses limited and expensive trucks that were limited to a few people who could get access to. Some of those you mentioned were actually slower than today’s production trucks. With just a few mods you could easily have a fully functional mass produced truck that can do every day functions. That would blow the doors off those specialized trucks you mentioned. Some thing I did much cheaper those specialty trucks cost. I too had many factory hot rods since the 70s. Comparing them today’s vehicles is comical. Especially since they are many specialty vehicles even trucks you can dealer purchase today. The list is endless. It’s harder to find a slow vehicle than a fast one today.
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