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  2. Elite Engineering Catch Can

    You sound like a guy that orders a steak, eats half of it then tries to send it back because it wasn't cooked to your liking. I have a feeling that whoever posts in this thread that owns an EE catch can isn't going to echo your issues. EE makes a great can. Like the other posters, mine came as described and took me all of maybe 20 minutes to install. Everything fit like a condom as it should. Anybody reading this.....EE makes a great product and will stand behind it 100%. You shouldn't have a 2nd thought if purchasing from EE. I got a feeling OP is just trolling
  3. Do they still have tires and factory TPMS? If so, what tires and how many miles?
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    It would be 1/2" spacer. I want to be over 2" lift but under 2.5" lift. Sounds like some guys claim 2" lift from bilsteins. Wonder if I should do like a 1/4" spacer? I'm sure every truck lifts a little differently. Just would hate to have to tear everything apart twice if I do it wrong the first time lol. Rather would go slightly higher I guess. That gives an excuse to raise the rear sightly :-) if needed.
  5. None adjust very easily for height, but they're not that difficult if you have the right tools. I have a set-up from Eaz-lift and the two bolts for height adjustment are torqued to 240 ft/lbs. Some go 280-320 ft/lbs. It takes a bit to adjust the head, but once it's set up, it's a done deal.
  6. Adding spacers to current lift

    most/all of those 3.5" kits are garbage and net horrible front suspension angles, to then add another 1/2" spacer on top of that is like playing russian roulette with your suspension with 5 rounds instead of 1.
  7. Definitely more firm and supportive. More comfy is kind of subjective, but i would say so yes.
  8. I had bought the punch off of CuzznVinny. It worked great and no mess from the dremel. The holes still had to be cleaned up a little, but it was quick and easy. I was still very nervous punching that first hole.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    how big of a top spacer do you want to add to the bilsteins? the top setting is 1.85" so i wouldn't add more than a 1/2" spacer
  10. I did the full conversion except the air filter housing (already had a cold air intake). So the hood and the entire air duct/insulator. The duct pushes the outside air right on top of the CAI.
  11. Chrome Delete

    It’s about 1/2 inch narrower, I think If I was parked beside another one, you probably couldn’t even tell.
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    So pairing the 5100s at top setting with a top spacer is ok to do? I got a ProComp 2.25" kit for my birthday back in Feb without really weighing the option of Bilsteins. Now that I'm finally about ready to get tires and do this leveling kit, all of a sudden I'm thinking I should consider these Bilsteins and sell the leveling kit.
  13. did a 500 mile plus drive on various roads in the NE down to PA and back. Vibration is still there, so much for the break in of the rear tires. Glad Discount tire already sent a new set to swap out the rears.
  14. Hey guys I need help I have 2018 Silverado custom and I don’t see my HMi module in the glove boss I want know if my truck have please can help me
  15. Mylink Software Update

    My Sierra manual just says got to gmc.com. I do have an "Update Software" option in the setting menu of the infotainment system...I pushed it and it says that I already have the latest version. BTW, going to gmc.com is worthless...
  16. Last week my info screen went black on my 2019 Silverado, <800 mls. It happened twice. Took it to the dealer and it actually failed for them. The service manager told me that they were under the assumption that everything was new and redesigned. They discovered that mine was not up to date. Firmware/O-S what ever you want to call it, so they updated it. I also mentioned about the backup screen being overly bright, he said that the upgrade might help. Sad to say it did not. However it got me wondering, I noticed that the leds for the license plate were directly below the camera and sensor. So this morning, I put a piece of duct tape over each led and low and behold, the screen wasn't as blinding as before. Now all I have to do is figure out some way to fashion a 'hood' to illuminate the license plate without shining directly on the camera. Happy trails.
  17. Muffler and tailpipe size

    Interesting, I was not aware that the factory Muffler was only a 3 in
  18. sticking fuel pressure regulator you would need to hook up a pressure gauge and start it to see what the pressure is. then shut it off and wait and see it it bleeds off quickly. or when you try to restart see if it builds up proper pressure
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  20. New Sierra ~ Make it Trailready

    Yes, you need to make sure the front coilovers are the correct weight for the 6.2. I can personally tell you that any set with 650 lbs will not be enough. You will want at less 700 lbs springs. If you want to put a bumper and winch you may want them heavier. If you can I would get the weight of the truck unloaded and then figure out your loaded weight. This will allow you to figure out what spring rates you will need. If you can get the corner eights of the truck that would be best, but front weight and back weight would work. I haven’t put a lift on my truck, but cst doesn’t widen your track width. I used accutune suspension for my tuned shocks. Some have used downsouth for theirs. I can’t vouched for them, but I would call both and see who you feel comfortable with. If your overlanding you will want reservoir shocks. More fluid equals less fade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Blackout badges

    I had a few beers while doing this! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  22. Door Fitment

    Between the 2 doors you will have everything you need. On some models depending on options you made need to swap the door harnesses.
  23. OK, just did about a 400 mile short road trip this weekend and it did change my view on the DFM. It’s hard to do a direct comparison with/without because on the highway the L9 seems to modify shift points in a way that matters and is most likely hurting things. But once I noticed that I just stayed in D and let it do its thing and got an average of 19.5MPG on a trip involving a combo of hilly interstates going mostly 75+, 2 lane (hilly) roads, and a little in town stuff here and there. On the way home I pushed it pretty hard too, climbing some long grades at 80-85mph and generally just not thinking about economy at all, and even in those 25 mile windows on the DIC the average stayed over 18mpg. I’m definitely impressed. I’d love to go do the same trip with DFM disabled and see how it does. And maybe I will buy a Range to do some testing with when they’re all sorted, but for now I’m not worried about it.
  24. A $0.02 review of my 2019 RST

    It definitely can be a little skittish at times. I’ve been playing with dropping the rear tire pressures a bit when driving around empty lightly loaded. The factory spec of 35 all the way around has to be a compromise to make sure you’re ready to throw on max payload at any time without overloading a tire. The weight balance empty is about 60/40 F/R, and with them all at 35psi and the bed empty, you can see the fronts are really squatted and the rears stand very tall. I’m not making huge adjustments but trying a psi or two out of the rears. It’s hard to tell if it’s making a big difference but I think it might be helping a bit.
  25. Elite Engineering Catch Can

    I had zero issues with install on my 17. weird
  26. Door Fitment

    So can I get all the parts needed off my old door? noting else to modify? Thanks for this info.
  27. Door Fitment

    Thank you for this info. wish the salvage yard was closer. Have to drive over an hour each way.
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