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  2. Bolt on tube light mount w/ 9" LED lights and grill covers for 2015-2019 Silverado HD trucks. 100% bolt on to factory locations and adjustable for your setup. Billet grill covers and customized bumper grill to fit the light mount. Includes four of the higher diode count 225w 9" LED lights with flood light diffusers covers and wiring pigtail. Four of these lights turn night into day. Unless local thinking $500 shipped (conus) for the whole package.
  3. Currently, 75.17% of members here prefer the Sierra 2020 HD over the Silverado at 24.83% That is a huge margin on paper but we all know GMC trucks are higher priced. This will factor into the actual buying decision, no doubt....
  4. Well done! Mistakes happen and your understanding was recognized!
  5. Thank you, it looks like that
  6. Unless you are in the media and need GM to trust you in the future, Zane already posted some from the event. Post all you want. If the trucks were in a public space that was viewable by just the naked eye (no telephoto lens, etc.) you have full right to take and post the photos, just like street photography. Then they can only ask you not to post them.
  7. Iv looked in both fuse panels I can not find the cargo light fuse can anyone help me it a 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 sle crew cab 5.3
  8. Going In Blind

    Outside?,so it's pulling thru the old inside pump?can you take a line off output of pump and try,this way you can use a bucket to capture fuel,and pressure test there also,I can see a volume problem
  9. Inside the tank? The fuel pump has obviously been replaced because it's outside the tank. Bad gas is a serious likelihood though so it should be pretty easy to drain. Or I can take off the line to the engine and see if it sprays fuel everywhere? Thanks for the replies guys
  10. Trail Boss Demand = HIGH

    Personally I think they would have great success with a fully outfitted “Raptor” Colorado; fiberglass fenders, AT LEAST 33” (with room for 35” to fit), 5.3 if it will fit, supercharged 3.6 if not, 10 speed. That’s it. Let buyers outfit it from there. The Full size can’t go certain places, while this smaller package could go thru most trails. This combo would sell out. I just don’t know what market the current ZR2 is competitive in with the release of the Gladiator. It has solid axles, higher row rating, bigger tires (35” fit easily), if optioned right a substantially higher payload.
  11. My 17 Camry after just two road trips looked like it had the measles down low in the front. Dealer was like sh$t happens. I’m usually pretty tolerant, it was very noticeable. I finally made a cardboard template. Bought matching rattle can paint made it look new. Three additional trips later still looks good. The sides seemed to be holding up. It’s amazing how bad paint has gotten. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I had the same issue ('16 Sierra 6.2l). Just got it back from the flush/replace.
  13. Get in the habit of checking things over when you have work done on your vehicles before leaving. I recently had rear axle seals replaced on my truck because I didn't want to do the job and the price was fair. I checked it over before leaving. Looked at the diff. cover for leaks and rear brake backing plates for leaks of the brake system. Drove it around town running errands to see if any issues came up before heading home being it's 30 miles from home. A few days after having the axle seals replaced I checked their work out myself. No big deal to me. Time is a not an issue being retired. I also wanted to readjust the rear shoes because they were to loose to me. I found the rear shoes weren't adjusted the same. One side was looser. I can be OCD or anal fits to. Been called both.
  14. Anyone own a boat?

    Just thought I would post that AMSOIL is running a special if you are a Preferred Customer. Here are the details. Offer runs June 19th 2019 to July 2nd 2019. "Preferred Customers will receive a new, limited-time promotional offer on Wednesday, June 19. P.C.s who order $75 in AMSOIL products receive a free Marine Gear Lube easy-pack. This offer is available online only, and is effective from 9 a.m. Central on Wednesday, June 19 to 11:59 p.m. Central on Tuesday, July 2. All P.C.s with an active membership and a valid email address on file will receive the promotion code for this offer."
  15. Gas pedal clicking

    HOLY COW! I guess I believed you..... but it's like I am driving a brand new truck! It's amazing not to feel that crap any more. I will say that the the rubber that pops under the mount must be to reduce vibration. I feel a little more road and noise vibration in the pedal than before but I'll take that!
  16. Today
  17. Looks good man! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. The kit is P/N 15690. It's the tuner version of 1569, aka no tune included. It will work on a GenV 5.3, just the boost will be a bit higher, more like 8-9 psi with the bigger pulley. You can also buy the pulley that came on the 5.3 kit to get back down to 6 psi if desired. This kit will not work on any gen III/IV LS motor like your 2012 as the intake ports are different and this doesn't have provision for the fuel injectors for port injection
  19. It makes sense that people in this generation need their vehicles to tell them everything. And they seem to be willing to pay for it. They can’t even make their own coffee in the morning. When I go to Home Depot to buy lawn products ( yes I mow my own lawn) the Starbucks next door is full. So bending over with a flashlight to look in between the spokes at the brakes would be a non starter. I’m older so I take my newer vehicles to the dealership. They give me a print out of my wear items. Yes I do check up on them every so often. I use to buy loaded models. I don’t as much to eliminate as much electronics as possible. If there’s something I want I add it after market. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Winter Returned

    Well no snow but rain and hail yesterday. I'll take the moisture. Best fire prevention on the planet. 39 degrees this morning. We have had a few days in the 40's in the morning. Summer is taking it's time this year.
  21. Here you go.
  22. In my opinion the u bolts are one other the most important under looked part. On the lowering kits many people just keep running the used stock one. And many dontorque it down properly. I like the coated hardened replacement u bolts. They dont seem to twist under clamping down and are reusable. The factory are not supposedly. I would just buy the hardened one and call it a day. I agree the kit should be right, but your time and truck just get it done right. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  23. 2019 AT4, tomorrow

    I agree. I've owned Fords for the past 18 yrs. Their interiors are OK, but have their problems too. The seat comfort SUCKS, multiple complaints about the dash warping, and older models had a bad problem with reflection of the dash off the windshield. Whats wrong with the colors on the AT4. Tan and black look great together. Look at the RAM Rebel interior if you want to see a bad color choice. The AT4 interior feels much roomier than the F150 and doesn't bother me at all. Only complaint is that I wish the pedals were adjustable.
  24. WOW we go from brake wear to deciding who belongs on a forum. Tom you must be having a bad day, take a pill, and honestly think how productive your last post was to the forum. people like diyer add posts to try and educate other people basic preventive maintenance and common sense. i have been a mechanic for 40 years and have seen and been asked the dumbest things know to man or women. instead of spouting off at people , i just try to explain. some times it takes older people to explain common sense
  25. I'm pretty sure tow mode cancels Auto Start/Stop. If you don't have the Tech Package, you only get Sport/Tow on the dial and a choice of 4X4 drive modes on buttons.
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