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    Have some pics of mine in the axles section but here are a couple for this thread 18x9 MotoMetal wheels with zero offset and 276/65/r18 Durotracs. Factory step bars and mudflaps. There are some really nice looking trucks in here
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    its your own personal choice but i would remove the Heartbeat off the bed asap... its not 88' anymore
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    Great news, Craig! You'll have your hot little hands on the 6.2 Max Tow soon!
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    Yes, I noticed that too. Wonder why they designed it that way?
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    These trucks are not widespread defective...and even if they were, how is everybody supposed to know that they are defective?
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    Starting issue, there is a bulletin for it, known issue. They replace the starter. Scratch: Have them fix it and I doubt you'll notice. If you do, have them fix it again. If that's all you have, feel good about it, others have it a lot worse off, enjoy our new truck.
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    Easy fellas! I can understand where MTB's coming from. I like the new LED lights and they're are great at illuminating what's directly in front of you. That said, they're not as effective over the center console area as the GMT-900's were. So what may seem trivial to one person, might be a noticeable disadvantage to another who was used to the previous models design. Let's try to respect each other's opinions and keep things constructive.
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    Yea Brent, I just found this thread. Yes, I did meet with my local Xpel guy yesterday. As a matter of fact we met at a fancy building housing a local Doctor's private collection of mostly classic automobiles. He had two Ferraris in there that had clear bras on them. One was a 3m bra that had been there for a few years and the other was the Xpel ultimate my guy had installed a couple months ago. You could see the line on the 3m but I swear I had to look and inspect the Xpel for a long time before I could tell where the line was, and then only by looking at a certain angle. I was overly impressed. He has to order the kits I want, but hopefully he will have it in time to install by Friday, if not, Monday of next week. I am getting the entire bumper, the leading edge of the hood, the A pillars, and the leading edge of the roof covered. Total cost $750, and worth every penny to me. Lee I have four chips on my bumber, two of which are about the size of a dime. I posted the entire story in a previous thread. My dealer's body shop did the same thing for me, touched them up, but I made four trips to the body shop before they got it built up enough to sand, buff, and polish. You should see them now. I was sick when I first saw them, but I'm good now. I will let you guys know how it works out when he gets it done. Good luck with yours Lee. By the way, thanks again Brent for your advice and counsel, I appreciate it more than you know.
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    You know your Canadian when you type the word "eh" lol Sent while drinkin' a cold one...
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    Don t argue and get annoyed with a dealer that won t or can t help you. There are several # s, one of them is 1-800-222-1020. I ve never had the dealer be so nice as after I called GM and told them I was unhappy with the product. I didn t bad mouth the dealer to GM , just gave them the facts on warrenty work that the dealer didn t seem too excited about doing. (This was my painted molding post from Jan/08). GM gave me a case # and called me twice a week until I was happy.
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    Sitting at the lot After the 3.5 inch rough country and windows tinted Bowties done Wheels and tires 285/65 18 with a -12 offset wheel
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    My oil pressure recently dropped & the indicator came on that says "low oil pressure, turn engine off". Of course this got me very nervous and I shut the engine off & checked my oil level, which was fine. Brought it to my mechanic & he hooked it up to check the pressure and everything was fine. He replaced the Oil pressure switch but that didnt help. Hes thinking it might be an electrical issue. Also, the oil gauge resets each start-up & the pressure drops after the engine has been running for about 10mins. Also had the pleasure of seeing the "service stabiltrack, tracking control needs serviced" after all this oil pressure issues......ANY IDEAS? THANKS
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    I just bought an 09 silverado z71 2wd, but just discovered the weather strip had rust on it. Is it covered under the rust warranty?
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    Just got a call from my salesman, my truck was released by the VDC. He said that means it is ready to load on a truck or is already loaded. He said it can take a day or two for them to get a full load on the truck but once it is released it is really soon thereafter. I am headed over there tomorrow to give them my trade and sign the paperwork. Hopefully the truck won't be too far behind. Bad part is my buddy the salesman is headed out for a long weekend in the U.P. Thursday morning. He is going to think about who owes him a favor to deliver the truck should it come in after he heads out. He said it seems like 6 months since we put this thing in motion and he wants to get the truck into my hands ASAP. Craig
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    Are trying to make me blind? Your font is impossible small.
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    I just called and to their understanding my replacement was from Michigan and it came as one whole piece with all led's working. If they only replaced your radio lights and not the HVAC lights that's odd.. It may be two completely different things but in this case of fixing the light problem it's all one unit. He also said the number will do no good as they are all different depending on the case. Sorry for saying I could figure it out but I guess it's GM's way of not giving any hints or knowledge to anyone else with the problem.. The whole visit only took 25 minutes and it was done and over. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WE need counseling? Ok, now I'm convinced you are a troll. Should've known better than to get sucked in...you win.
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    I did some looking around on other forums and I don't see why it wouldn't fit. If it's to close from what I've seen you can add a small strut spacer to Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
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    Well you either did a lot of fixing up, or you got a really nice deal for $700! Or maybe both!
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    1987 Ford F-150 I bought myself when I was 15 for $700, spent a year fixing it up with my dad, this is how it looked one month before my 16th birthday
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    Just picked up a set of Anthem Off-Road rims! Unbelievably excited to get them, I am one of the very first ever to buy a set of their rims because they are a brand new business coming up from the Chicagoland area this past November. Anybody who reads this post should definitely go check them out at www.anthemwheels.com. their first shipment will be coming out in mid April so that's when I'll be able to show them off as for now, here's a picture for you to enjoy! 18x9" gloss black with chrome inserts. (Can choose black or red as well, or go all matte black)
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    I'm still trying to figure out why you accepted delivery on a truck that has a 3" scratch in the door and didn't when you signed all the papers. My vehicles would still be sitting in the garage and that truck would be going straight back to where it came from. I hope this works out for you but you may be stuck with it, you accepted delivery knowing of the damage. Now when it comes to the issues with remote start and the ignition the dealer needs to step up and fix it for you. The problem is they very well may be telling you the truth and couldn't duplicate the issue you were talking about. Regardless they should be on your side and attempting to help you out in this process.
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    Well add me to the list of people who are frustrated with this rediculous problem. I have brought my truck in 4 times now, I have the same GY's that it came with and enough lead weight to band ducks for the next 1,000 years. I was told yesterday(after they had it for a week) that they are replacing the driveshaft. Somehow I am not convinced this will work but oh well. At least they have offered to by it back already. I will miss her. R.I.P.
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    I'm kind of curious to hear the rest of your elusive story. So far we have a 3-inch scratch and the car won't start. Not to minimize your disappointment (I can certainly understand that), but let's keep things in perspective: they can fix the scratch and they can probably figure out what's wrong with the starter. Given the fact, by your own admission, that you have had 20 GM products over 27 years and this is your worst experience, I'd say GM has been pretty damn amazing over the years... PS: You will wake up from this.
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    Why? Have I offended you in any shape form or manner? I can see that some may consider this to be a minor issue. It has no impact on drive quality, or safety. However minor to you it may seem, to me it is an issue. One that my wife will remind me of every time she sits in the vehicle. So I posted here in hopes of finding a solution. Not to complain, not to whine, just asking for help from fellow chevy owners. How is your statement bringing any help to this conversation?
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    Dave, you are bout to get as many different stories as you get responses. In my case, I ordered my Denali, 6.2L, CC on Sept. 19th, the frist day GM accepted Denali and 6.2 orders. I got a TPW the following week. The truck was actually built on Oct. 18th, and shipped on Oct.25th. It arrived at the VPC (rail kyard) on Nov. 4th and finally arrived at my dealer at 6:30am on Nov.7th. I drove it off the lot at 3:00PM that afternoon. AS mentioned in a previous post, the GM Connect site did not work last fall. This is how I kept up with my truck pretty much on a daily basis. First my dealer was very good at feeding me info from the system. I was dealing directly with the New Car Delivery Manager at my dealer. In my case, that was 100% better than dealing with a salesman. In addition to his input, I was also getting weekly updates from Jennifer, the GM Customer Rep. here on the forum. She was great at WEEKLY updates, however once it was shippped, I needed more current info. I went on the GMC.Com site and clicked on the "Chat" flag on the right hand side, and began a chat with the rep. If you provide them your order number, they can tell you exactly where it is at. I did this about every other day and started plotting it on a map. I litterally tracked mine all the way from Mexico to Birmingham, Alabama, the VPC at the railyard. I found the best time to intiate a chat with GMC. Com, was in the late afternoon. They always seemed to have more time and would give you more comprehensive information. Bear in mind, I am fully retired, so I do have more time to dedicate to something like that, than you guys who are still working for a living. It was kinda fun, and became almost like a game to me. It helped to make those last couple weeks go by faster. That.s my story, and I'm glad it's behind me...I never was a very patient man. Although I have ordered a few vehicles in my life, most I have bought off the lot, I doubt if I ever order another one. I'm getting too old to deal with the stress of waiting and wondering what's happening with my order. Good luck with yours, and to quote an old cliche', "Good things come to those who wait." I know... easy for me to say.
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    I did 2 strips down the sides Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That seems like a decent deal to me too! Jump on it
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    Good luck! You gonna be able to survive not being at the dunes all the time though?
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    Man that is a beauty! What engine and trans does it have? How many miles? Looks really clean for up north! I'm guessing that's an only summer and nice weather truck. Keep it running forever! I love old trucks!
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    Installed these the other day, only thing I don't like is the side that gets splashed by the wheels looks like it can trap lots of crap because of the design. Otherwise they look good and will probably do the trick. Kind of a PITA to install (drilling and crap) but they fit nice and look nice with how they match the plastic fender trim.
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    I got another update from Chevrolet chat today. Apparently my truck passed through Louisville KY and is headed to the VDC in New Boston MI. Where it is scheduled to arrive Wednesday 2/5/14 The VDC is about an hour away hopefully it doesn't sit there too long. Funny thing is supposedly it was in IL last week now it's further south? Who knows, but this is the first time I got an ETA
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    There are boobs on this forum, but I've never seen them in any ads.
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    Just picked up my truck, they did the rear window recall and held onto it for a few days when i told them the fire recall screwed up my mileage a few weeks back. They couldnt find anything wrong and said the truck is running normal. As a precaution they told me they completely reflashed the whole truck, re-did every flash (3 in total) since the truck was built (throttle body, transmission, and then fire recall flashes) and said they all went in perfectly (fire recall flash was weird they said because their internet went down in the middle of the flash?). But overall he said the truck is running "happy" now (whatever the hell that means). The technician said it will run weird for a bit though because it needs to relearn my driving habits and boy was he not kidding. The 30 mile highway trip home was funky, shifts were wacky and engine was all over the place for the first half and then evened out, I will note it was in V4 A LOT and the drone was really noticeable compared to before even with my stock exhaust. Hopefully when everything gets back to learning my grandpa habits it will be near the 16-18 mpg i was originally receiving. I will update you guys after a few tanks of gas.
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    Post me the last 8 digits of your VIN and I can look it up!
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    No AFM on the 2013 6.2's
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    New clean pic. Tapatalk via Moto X
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    I prefer the lower hood height of the '13. Really like the '14 headlights and definition in the bumper and valance.
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    '56 Chevy wagon.265 v8,three on the tree with manual overdrive,paid $275.00 for it.Beat the hell out of it then sat in the back yard.My dad junked it while I was in 'Nam.
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    It isnt like a recall, the repair will not be covered if it is out of warranty.
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    Afm should be thrown straight in the bush
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    I better get a recall notice, if not I'm finding a lawyer. First the LEDs now this!
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    The new Ford F-150s will be out next year. I hear they will be perfect with no problems Guaranteed.
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    Never changed one in a full size.... couple s-10s and they were quite easy. Or you could just enjoy not having to change the drl bulbs.... Jbo I used this procedure that I found on another forum. Works great , otherwise you have to take the dash apart to change that stupid sensor. I like controlling my lights manually much better. ;-) To disable the auto headlights you need a 1.5K ohm resistor 1/2 watt(Radio Shack) and 2 Scotchlok Tap Connectors (Walmart). First locate the Body Control Module (BCM) which is under the dash, below the steering column. Laying on the floor, this should be visible without removing any dash panels. You should find a purple connector (C3). Unplug it. Locate the white and gray wires (A4 and A6). I don't remember if white is A4 and gray is A6 or vice versa. It doesn't matter anyway. BTW - there are two gray wires in the connector. The one you want is the one farthest away from the white wire. A4 is the gray wire. Tap the gray wire from the plug (C3) to one end of the resistor and the white wire to the other end. You don't need to cut the wires. Make sure you tape up all wires to prevent a short. You should now have a gray wire coming from C3 tapped to one lead of the resistor and the white wire from C3 tapped to the other resistor lead *. Plug C3 back into the BCM. Start the truck and make sure the lights are off. Throw a dark towel or something over the light sensor on the dash and verify the lights stay off. Try your light switch that has probably never been used and that's it! Takes about 5 minutes. *You can add a switch here if you want. Just connect one end of the resistor to one of the wires in the connector (doesn't matter which one) and the other end of the resistor to one side of the switch. Then connect a wire from the other side of the switch to the other wire in the connector. This will allow you to turn Twilight Mode on and off, however there will be some delay because the bcm only checks the sensor every 30 seconds
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    I'd buy a 5.3 from a recent wreck, or even a new crate motor... and disable AFM, since it concerns you.
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    It's an aero device. No problems taking it off. I have seen posts in here that say they lost a mile per gallon doing it, but I'd bet the difference is way less than that.
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    Nice Writeup Ryan I look forward to your final pics
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