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    Finally got decent enough weather to finish dipping. Installed my new carbon fiber mirror caps.
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    Both wires were crimped together, separated wires soldered and all functions on both mirrors are working perfectly.
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    I’ve actually thought about this. IMO, i’d stick with a bare bones base model rcsb but do you need to do research on whether upgrading to the 5.3 is worth it. You’ll have a more valuable motor to sell, and it may come with a beefier drivetrain to handle the 6.2, especialy the 5.3 with tow package. Ideally you’d have a bare bones truck with a 5.3 and an 8 speed so you could use the trans. The 6 speed is fine too if you’re not making too much power. As for the motor, you could probably use an lt1 or l86. But I believe you can actually buy a fully assembled 416 forged shortblock and just find some heads and build you own motor for not much more. I know texas speed sells 416 shortblock. Also I’d search for one with auto4wd transfer case. They can handle a ton of power and they will completely make the truck a rocket on the street. Without slicks a high horsepower 2wd rcsb is worthless.
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    yes, its easy to tell the 16+ with the LED lighting on the front. But from the sides and rear, I can't tell the difference either (unless the new tail-lights are lit up). The small changes to the lights and grill don't affect the drive-ability, hence they are nearly the same from a mechanical standpoint. If the OP wants the latest gadgets, he should definitely buy new then. and I wouldn't know a wireless charging pad or carplay icon if I saw one.
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    Dude, you can't be posting photos of that beautiful diesel in the 1500s section. It was hard enough not buying one on the lot, now you're here teasing it? What are you trying to do to me?
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    If the younger people are smart. In my part of Canada we have the young dumbass millennials for electing both a left wing Federal Govt. and a left wing Provincial govt. But I guess they are going to be paying for the debts that are racking up so good on them!
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    It's a carbon fiber hydro dip.
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    Always love the "mine is perfect... blah blah blah..." It is great that you have a "perfect" one, or more likely just don't notice it because you listen to the radio or are deaf, or just aren't in tune with what your vehicle is doing. I have ridden in great trucks, but I have also ridden in service loaners that are brand new trucks similar to mine that also exhibit the same behaviors mine does. Was curious if there was any new news on the 6 speeds, seems like the 8 speeds have gotten all the attention. Chiming in with the "mine is perfect" crap doesn't help. To be more specific, I get a clunky, audible downshift from 3->2 and 2->1 at least once every time I drive my vehicle. It doesn't happen often when it is cold, usually when the temp of the trans is 120 degrees and above. As the transmission temp increases, the viscosity of the transmission fluid will change which lead me to hypothesize if changing the transmission fluid to a different type might help, because my truck never clunks right when I start it and get up to below 120 degrees
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    Finally got my 2017 all set up. Went with 20"x9" Fuel Mavericks gloss black w/ 33" Atturo trail blade MT's, 2.5 Motofab level kit. No rubbing at all.
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    2015 Sierra SLT 4x4 Crew cab, Motofab 3” front/ 2” rear lift/ leveling kit, stock tires for now...
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    Mine won't go off of improved roads unless absolutely necessary. 4WD mode is only used in my truck for adverse weather conditions. I have no need nor desire for AT tires. Sent from my SM-T817V using Tapatalk
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    You will definitely not get hit as bad as you think with depreciation. To my knowledge, nobody has done a 6.2 swap in an rcsb, and everybody wants one. If you do the install well, and keep it as factory looking as possible, it will be worth a lot in the used market.
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    I cannot spend that till the Z28 is paid off.... and I am not sure I want to. $90,000 is a ton of money for a pickup. I asking around looking for other ideas. there truck gives me a base price to see what I can spend building one vs buying theres. I have no idea what theres will be worth in 5 years.
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    Nice Jay flight there too! I have the 38FDDS!
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    Just upgrade to Ryzen. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Quick check would be to check continuity between pin # 1 and pin #4 on mirror connector, if there is then that means blue wires are connected inside mirror harness. Them mirror needs to be taken apart to cut that out and connect them separately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For those of you who are suggesting to super charge a 5.3.... Your assuming I want to leave the 7.0 or 6.2 alone. I don't in any way expect to leave it alone. There is a huge difference in driving a 7.0 with a cam and heads vs driving a blown 5.7. I have a Z28 with the 7.0 and I sold a C5 with a super charged 5.3. I will take the 7.0 any day. Its just different. I don't want a blown 5.3 like everyone else. The power and reliability is effected by the starting point. A 7.0 with 7 pounds of boost will destroy a 5.3 with 13 pounds and live a hell of a lot longer doing it. There is at least one place building these. You can get the yenko with a 6.4 in it. I am talking to them... I just don't like the $98,000 price tag. I would take one this week for $70,000
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    Yes but the other 29,996 parts are similar or identical. Some features must overlap as I have wifi in my '15. I'm just playing as I do appreciate there are some differences between years.
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    Best bet is to hop up and supercharge a Flex Fuel RCSB 5.3 as opposed to performing major surgery to put in a 6.2, 7.0, or other engine. No one will be able to pull the strings at GM for a 1 truck special build for someone.
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    Can't help you on what kind it is but I was in Idaho last summer and all of the highway patrol guys had 1500's with a very similar looking brush guard. I've got a buddy who works for the the US Fish and Wildlife, I'll shoot him an email with the link and see if his truck has the same one.
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    Yeah that outlet will struggle to power anything but a cellphone charger or small laptop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    On my old Tahoe, I had put down strips of grip tape on the running boards and had no issues. Might be something to look at and would be cheaper than new ones.
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    I have had my truck since June of 2016 and I have been waiting on the day someone hits it. Well it happened last Friday. I was went out to lunch with my sister and the we stopped by Lowes to pick up a few things. So it happed one of the two places, but of course whoever it was did not find it necessary to leave a note. Anyway they hit the rear bumper and pushed it in and over but fortunately there was not paint damage. I took to a local body shop that my dealer recommended. They were able to realign the bumper and only charged me $142.00. although I can think of several other ways I could have spent that money. This morning I gave her a bath and parked her back in the garage where hopefully she is safe from other drivers. I did not take any pictures because it is not something I want to remember.
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    Fortunately in Wyoming the weather tends to keep nearly everybody out So them damn greenies and reverse migrators from CA are few and far between
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    What is the normal front/rear ratio for a sedan? I drove my truck over a scale this winter, unloaded, normal amount of gear, and only myself in the cab. I do not recall the amount of fuel i had. Crew cab, short bed: Front axle: 3400 lb, 57.4% Rear axle: 2520 lb, 42.6% Total: 5960 lb ( i know this doesn't add up to the same total as the sum of the first two, but its what the scale said.)
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    checking with wams will let you know
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    Wedged my 2005 Silverado with Trac Rac in the entrance of the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi late one night. We made it through the clearance bars fine but when we started up the ramp to the second level there was sickening grinding sound...long wheelbase and the slope lowered the roof on us !! Fortunately I was able to back up a bit and disassemble part of the rack with tools I had in the truck. Lots of unhappy folks behind me had to wait while I got clear.
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    I learned this lesson many years ago with my '64 Econoline. A couple of buddies bouncing on my back bumper while I backed out was my solution. The good news is you'll probably never make this mistake again! (I haven't!)
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    "The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain" "
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    Having just read the entire thread this seems to be a all terrain tire issue. My factory Bridgestone all seasons grip very well in the rain. Braking is great in the rain as well. Just tossing this out there. How many 4X4's actually see off road work and how many fit AT tires just for looks even thought they never (rarely) leave the pavement. Then ask which is more important. Safety? Looks? BTW, you can't see them from the cab but if you sit in a lawn chair with a beer and just look at your truck all day then I suppose safety isn't a big deal.
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    I got my truck back after 2 weeks if it being in the shop. Some little car decided to nose out in front of me at a traffic light. It just feels good to have my own wheels under my ass. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Probably alignment issue. See attached TSB - removes 2017 from the bulletin. PIT5501F.pdf
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    So what worked for what, 60 + years and in print in manufactures writings is no longer acceptable because someone found a way to monetize something else at a larger margin? There's an idea not worth having. Moving on isn't moving forward or even toward something better. My grandparents used baking soda for toothpaste until they died with a full head of pearly whites. What was Crest going to do soda didn't? Actually plain water and a toothbrush with floss does about what can be done. K.I.S.S. "Teeth don't rot from food between your teeth; they rot from food ROTTING between your teeth". Quoting my dentist there. You say 'backyard' as if it's a swear word and yet consider yourself among (us)? Tell a little secret. I still lap warped alloy heads for small engines on the garage's cement floor and finish them on a glass plate. The manufacture would have you buy a new head or invest in a milling machine. It's good business. Well, perhaps not "good' but you get the idea. They don't do what's right, they do what's profitable. What we do in the backyard use to be a right of passage for a young man. It's takes a college education these days to learn what dad taught you under an oak tree. You know what's different between 1950 and 2018? A few generations have come and gone. Marketing isn't selling to those that know and have done. Their selling to ignorance and fear and doing well at it. It's how change is effected sir. You don't have to convince anyone. You just have give society enough time to forget. Or make a law that forces the situation. NOW they will ban the sale of Kerosene.
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    On the transfer case problem, Make sure the wires to the transfer case are not rubbing on the Front drive shaft. I have seen that multiple times. If it is just repair the wiring. If not you will need a encoder motor range sensor which is very easy to replace. Sensor. - http://amzn.to/2FYekmp
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    First check your O2 sensor fuses. Then check G103 which is located at the back of the passenger side head. Here is a Schematic to help you further. Also If the fuse is blown, check all the O2 Sensors for damage.
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    Lifter and possibly a camshaft. When the noise goes away the bearing is riding on the smooth part. When it comes back it has found the pits again. If you remove the valve covers then crank the vehicle and have it running, you can pinpoint the noise then remove the rocker arms and see if the noise goes away. That will tell you if it is a lifter for sure. Be careful when doing that though. There are moving parts. You don't want to lose a finger. They actually have a inexpensive kit for replacing these on Amazon. Camshaft and lifter kit. - http://amzn.to/2DFA58x
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    Finished full interior and exterior detail of all three vehicles. (well, I sealed the Honda a few weeks ago) I have absorbed way too much aerospace 303 and meguairs interior detailer. Washed all three. Already stripped the camaro last week, nanoskin on mazda, sealed it (Soul Red is such a great color) and the trim. Sealed camaro. Cleaned leather in all cars, "conditioned" leather in all three cars, and aerospace on everything in all three cars. Tire shine on all three cars. Oops, Need to clean the windows before I forget. Made a TRU run with the kids, got a bunch of Mario toys for them. They said the clearance starts this weekend. Hey Ryan, read the "finish care" section in your manual. Page 326~
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    Had mine out for its first drive put on 6 miles Ryan B.
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    My Old Truck .....2012 Silverado
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    I wonder when we start to see the horrible commercials for the 2019s? "Herp De derp, today we gonna see what happened when you drop a turbo v6 into a carbon fiber bed versus an aluminum bed using a forklift on two wheels, then see the reaction from real kindergarteners. Don't mind all the "It's lasted the first 90 days" awards taking up the background"
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    I'll stick with a standard tried and true old style tail gate.
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    2" BDS level. 285/60R20 Duratrac tires
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    As soon as I hit a pothole I was like “worth it” there’s more value to the 5100’s then just leveling the truck
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    I’m 62, my thoughts aren’t much different than my 20s. It may take me a little longer to complete some tasks. As far as younger people accepting older people, that’s comical. Most older people don’t want to be bothered with the nonsense of younger people and want to hang out with their peers. Smart younger people seek out older people to guide them down the road they already traveled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice truck man tire and wheel setup look good where did you get your headlights at ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here's mine, 285/65/18 Nitto Trail Grapplers
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