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    Finally got decent enough weather to finish dipping. Installed my new carbon fiber mirror caps.
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    Both wires were crimped together, separated wires soldered and all functions on both mirrors are working perfectly.
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    I’ve actually thought about this. IMO, i’d stick with a bare bones base model rcsb but do you need to do research on whether upgrading to the 5.3 is worth it. You’ll have a more valuable motor to sell, and it may come with a beefier drivetrain to handle the 6.2, especialy the 5.3 with tow package. Ideally you’d have a bare bones truck with a 5.3 and an 8 speed so you could use the trans. The 6 speed is fine too if you’re not making too much power. As for the motor, you could probably use an lt1 or l86. But I believe you can actually buy a fully assembled 416 forged shortblock and just find some heads and build you own motor for not much more. I know texas speed sells 416 shortblock. Also I’d search for one with auto4wd transfer case. They can handle a ton of power and they will completely make the truck a rocket on the street. Without slicks a high horsepower 2wd rcsb is worthless.
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    yes, its easy to tell the 16+ with the LED lighting on the front. But from the sides and rear, I can't tell the difference either (unless the new tail-lights are lit up). The small changes to the lights and grill don't affect the drive-ability, hence they are nearly the same from a mechanical standpoint. If the OP wants the latest gadgets, he should definitely buy new then. and I wouldn't know a wireless charging pad or carplay icon if I saw one.
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    Dude, you can't be posting photos of that beautiful diesel in the 1500s section. It was hard enough not buying one on the lot, now you're here teasing it? What are you trying to do to me?
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    If the younger people are smart. In my part of Canada we have the young dumbass millennials for electing both a left wing Federal Govt. and a left wing Provincial govt. But I guess they are going to be paying for the debts that are racking up so good on them!
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    I want a truck that isn't made and I am looking for ideas on how to get one. I want a Short Bed Regular Cab and I want the 6.2 in it or something bigger. Does anyone know of a dealership that can pull strings to special order something? Im pretty sure GM wont give me what I want so I am thinking about ordering a 2500HD long bed Regular cab with the 6.2 and cutting the frame down and then ordering a bed for it. Or Im thinking about ordering a 1500 V6 and pulling then engine and tranny and putting a new GM create 7.0 in it. Both of these options is a giant waste of money to do something GM is doing in the extended caps. Its stupid they wont offer the big engine in the darn regular cabs. Yes I have seen the yenko truck. I would get one of those if it were possible. They are only making 25 of them and I dont have the power to be one of the 25.
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    I like it. From the interior pics, it can be had with the ventilated seats, unlike the current AT. Also has the digital gauges like the Denali. Sure looks better without all that chrome. I wonder what will be exclusive to the Denali now? Just the magnetic ride, power step rails and “real wood trim”?
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    Looks like hardly any front valance.
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    They will migrate up from Colorado and will migrate east from Jackson. They are already there. Be careful.
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    The easy solution for me was to clamp the valve in full open position. No more rattle noise and no v4 drone either. I used a portable scope to run through the exhaust ( removed clamp near flex coupling) to verify the full open position of the adaptive valve. See pics. Full open, normal (mostly closed) and full ccw.
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    You will definitely not get hit as bad as you think with depreciation. To my knowledge, nobody has done a 6.2 swap in an rcsb, and everybody wants one. If you do the install well, and keep it as factory looking as possible, it will be worth a lot in the used market.
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    I cannot spend that till the Z28 is paid off.... and I am not sure I want to. $90,000 is a ton of money for a pickup. I asking around looking for other ideas. there truck gives me a base price to see what I can spend building one vs buying theres. I have no idea what theres will be worth in 5 years.
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    I agree. Any of you who say 5.3. Look me up when you get it done. I will eat your lunch with my ZO6! HAHAHAHA
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    Removed the not as advertised Icons and installed my Accutune Fox shocks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, bought the rims. Story is what I expected, guy owns a tire shop, truck buyer purchases new truck at dealer down the block and drives down for new wheels and tires. He sold the tires and centers, but wheels are like new other than for dust and handling marks. He said it was likely the wheels don't have 25 miles on them... 2012 2500hd 6.0l CCSB 4wd
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    Best bet is to hop up and supercharge a Flex Fuel RCSB 5.3 as opposed to performing major surgery to put in a 6.2, 7.0, or other engine. No one will be able to pull the strings at GM for a 1 truck special build for someone.
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    Not sure how I missed this thread but it is some good reading.
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    Can't help you on what kind it is but I was in Idaho last summer and all of the highway patrol guys had 1500's with a very similar looking brush guard. I've got a buddy who works for the the US Fish and Wildlife, I'll shoot him an email with the link and see if his truck has the same one.
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    I would have a far easier time listing the similarities than the differences between '14-'18 "SLT Denali trims". I bet the average truck buyer would also need help to spot the differences! I am a GMC truck fan yet I rely heavily on the window sticker to confirm the year!
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    Most of the gearing attributes are accomplished with the new 8L90e and it's 8 transmission gears. With more forward gears, there is less emphasis on the final drive ratio. You would never notice the 3.23 compared to a 3.43 except when loaded to Max GVW. The 3.42 might net you a tenth or two in the 1/4 if your a sport truck guy.
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    I drive a cc 4wd std bed with a 4.3 V6 and a 3.42. Strong winds and occasional towing aren't a problem. I imagine a 6.2 with a 3.23 would have significantly more power at the rear wheels than my truck so you'll be fine with either combination. It is a case of how much unused power you want in reserve.
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    Welcome to this forum! Good luck with your search! Why restrict your search to a '16? If you're looking for used then '14 - '18 are all similar. If you are hoping for a near new in good condition, then I'd recommend buying new. There are usually great incentives which put the price of new very close to used!
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    Here's the deal with the 6.2: the 3.23 gears are for the NON max-tow trucks and 3.42's are only available on the max-tow. I have a 15 max-tow with the 6.2 and 3.42's and they're just fine with me. You also get the added benefit of the tow mirrors and a bigger radiator--well worth it in my opinion.
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    Don't feel too bad haha, how did you make it in though? I use my antenna as a guide to see if i'm in any danger.
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    It's because they keep trying to make things fool proof. What they don't understand is that someone always comes up with a bigger fool.
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    I like the motofab. Top mount spacer but a pain in the dick to install as the upper ball joints would not pop... I do not have rear blocks but need them. Any weight put in the box squats it.
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    Having just read the entire thread this seems to be a all terrain tire issue. My factory Bridgestone all seasons grip very well in the rain. Braking is great in the rain as well. Just tossing this out there. How many 4X4's actually see off road work and how many fit AT tires just for looks even thought they never (rarely) leave the pavement. Then ask which is more important. Safety? Looks? BTW, you can't see them from the cab but if you sit in a lawn chair with a beer and just look at your truck all day then I suppose safety isn't a big deal.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The flat blocks may solve your problem with the airbags, I've never used them so I can't comment on likelihood of pinion angle issues. You can fix the airbag issue with the angled blocks. You can install tapered shims underneath the bottom plate of the airbag mount. I assume you're using spacers of some sort? You can also modify some spacers to put in the angle--for example, with the Firestone spacers (which I'm using with Airlift bags & Daystar Cradles) larger than 2" you can grind off the welds, remove the bottom plate, slice the body of the spacer at an angle and re-weld the plate to the spacer.
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    What’s up with the OEM wheels? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also maybe a pin size hole in the heater core behind the glove box. Daniel
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    First check your O2 sensor fuses. Then check G103 which is located at the back of the passenger side head. Here is a Schematic to help you further. Also If the fuse is blown, check all the O2 Sensors for damage.
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    Had mine out for its first drive put on 6 miles Ryan B.
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    About time! But you held your phone the wrong way. Back on Camaro topic I just finished sealing it with Ultimate Liquid Wax. Went ahead and did the wheels too. (purposely held phone wrong way :lol:)
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    Now the wait....Sunday is "can detail it now" day, when they xpel should be dry. Got the sidemarkers and tint on, so that is the subject of today's picture
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    Paid the 4.5% tax on it This state is turning to crap. Republicans that spend like democrats. It's the worst of both worlds. Every time they raise taxes for "something", that "something" gets worse.
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    AFM was introduced on the previous model trucks and carried over to this generation. In the last gen it has been proven that they caused excessive oil consumption for some owners supposedly in 011/013 GM fixed this. Some owners still claimed oil consumption on trucks after. IMO the verdict is still out on 14+ Trucks as to oil consumption and or valve train failures but there has been reports of both. Either way the number of trucks effective seems to be a rather small amount. I bought my 15 new and the AFM has been disabled since 500 miles so I can’t comment on this one. Second one is the shake/vibrator problem. This seems to be one of the most discussed things on here with all kinds of “fixes” again seems to be a small % of Trucks again I can’t comment as mine don’t do it. If I was shopping for a used 14+ Chevy part of my extended test drives would be a 90mph run on the interstate with a mile or so at every mph between 50-80. Out of all the fixes on this (as I have read it some for fun) the driveshaft balance and or replacements seem the most logical to me. The third and I don’t think there’s a sticky on this one is a lot of new owners comment on the way the transmission shifts with the 014+ 6 and 8 speed trannys. IMO most of this is the way GM programs/tunes them for what I believe is max mpg and prolong transmission life. Again I can’t really comment on this as my truck was tuned at 3k miles mostly because I disliked how it shifted and couldn’t stand the torque management built into these trucks. The “fixes” for this range from people telling you “to get a tune” to full blown transmissions being replaced under warranty. If you don’t notice it on a extended test drive of a used truck I’d say it don’t exist and/or don’t worry about it. Again seems to be a small percentage of trucks. Fourth would be electrical gremlins. Everything reported from buzzing in the speakers when opening the door to electronic steering failure at low speed. There was even one guy his truck would lock him out and randomly start and run in his garage, come to find out somebody set up an On-Star account for another truck with his vin and apparently the other guy was to dense to stop trying to start his truck that never starts. Again all kinds of fixes and I believe there is a GM fix for the steering problem but some owners still seem to have it. I can comment on this one as my 15 the radio volume, seat belt chime, and turn signal click will not activate on start up once in a blue moon. My fix shut the truck off and restart. My factory battery has been stone cold dead 3 times for no reason. Radio screen has gone black couple times. Again seems to be a small percentage of trucks. Fifth would be the “I thought this thing has x horsepower” or “I hit the gas and nothing happens” or “ this thing is slow” or “the Ram is so much faster than this” This is IMO because of the toque management system I can’t really explain how this works (I’m not a electrical engineer and I think those are the only people who truly understand this system) and partly rear end and transmission gearing. These trucks make great horsepower and torque compared to previous generations but IMO the TMS kills the feel of power (if that makes sense) and the gearing is there to help optimize MPGs (maybe I’m dumb but it seems to me the more gears in the tranny the rear gear would stay the same or get steeper than previous gens). TMS seems to be there because GM wants to protect us from ourselves and to possibly prolong tranny life. I own my 15 and a 01 2500HD 6.0, 4 speed auto, 4.10 gear. That thing smoked the 15 off the line but top end the 15 hauls. So when I bought my 15 I said why is this lacking down low so much as both truck had roughly the same HP and TQ? I’ll tell you this with a tune my 15 drives and feels like I would expect now. No I don’t race it, no I don’t think it’s a Vette, but I do like to go when I hit the gas to pass. There is all kinds of “fixes” for this from sticking paint sticks behind the gas pedal to adding blowers and changing gears. Sixth would be the Direct Injection system and catch cans. “The ticking noise you hear when you open the hood is the drive for the fuel injection”. This is what it should read on the drivers side visor and under the hood of all 14+ GMs with DI. There is a lot of talk with ALL MAKES currently using DI about carbon build up on the valve train and possible long term effects of it (relatively new technology). Lots of ideas and “fixes” floating around from using injection cleaners to pulling the intake and scrubbing the valves by hand. Same with the catch can thing, the PCV system takes the pressure inside the motor and sucks some of it back though the intake (this is not new been around since carburetors) The idea of the catch can is to collect that pressure and whatever else (ie. oil vapor) is in it to keep it out of the engine. Do they work? Yep as long as you get a good one there’s some real junk out there in this market. Are they necessary? Nope otherwise they would have been installed on the assembly line. Either way with both these there at least at this time seem to be minimal to no failures of engines. Other notable things about 014+ trucks to look at Some owners report shortened battery life from factory batteries (location is to blame) Most owners agree factory Goodyear SRAs are NOT an All Terrain Tire and wet traction is lacking Some owners report leaks from XM/OnStar antenna, sunroof, pass side fire wall, or 3rd brake light Some owners report wind noise from door gaskets and/or mirrors Some owners report excessive gas in oil do to DI check dipstick (at least monthly after purchase) Some owners report shortened life out of AC condensers Some owners report early GMC Sierras had poor lighting from headlights even after GM update Starting with the 014+ trucks dealers can no longer program added options (ie adding electrical things to the truck that didn’t come with the truck) there are some “work arounds” to this for some options but your better off IMO buying a truck with the options you want to start with. 014 & 015 truck have 5year/100k powertrain but 016+ is 5year/60k
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    I have a 2500 gmc on order, BUT, if you want a smooth riding half ton truck go test drive a ram. The truck I'm getting rid of is a 1500 ram and it's the closest ride to a car, out of a truck that I have seen. In the 3/4 ton trucks the rams ride terrible and thats why i have a gmc ordered. On the chevy's, I have a neighbor that has a 14 and a 16 both 1500's. He loves the 14 and hates the 16 with the engine and tranny changes. On your current truck breaking..... they all break. That's why all of the dealers have repair shops. I'm not brand loyal, I have had them all. Best overall trouble free truck I have had was a ford. It is more what fits what I need a the time and who has the best fit. That's why when you said 1500 and smooth ride, I say ram.
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    Ahhh. So much better. The black and yellow goes together better than I hoped, the decklid blackout really ties it together
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    Generally I don't leave the hitch in. Put it in when I need it and take it out when I'm done. If you have ever hit your shins on one, you'll get that habit in a hurry.
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    Garbage feature for hipsters to play Nintendo Switch on and tailgate at college football games Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lots of All Terrains in here. I really like it in Burgundy, they couldn't find one with a 6.2L so I went black again. Now I spend my life keeping it clean.
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    2.5" Level with 305/55/20 Cooper STT Pros
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    Thank you so much. I’m really happy with the way it came out. What would you like to see? Its a 2017 Denali ultimate 3M Dragon Fire Red wrap Grill was professionally painted satin black Lower bumper thing is just plasti dip Roof and B pillar are wrapped black Tailgate has an embossed american flag ZONE 2” level Method Roost 18x9 -12 wheels Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/65/18 tires Custom back rack with tie downs and tool box pretection UWS gull wing tool box Thats about all that I can think of visually Uploading many pics is a PITA because I can only do one per post. This is a good shot that really shows off that red color. My vette is stock BTW.
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    I vote 4.5 inch. I have the 4.5 in my truck and love it. Lots high. I am running 35x12.5x20s with no rubbing or trimming. Here is a few pics to give you an idea.
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