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    2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2L 4.5" Zone 22x10 American Force Grips 33x12.5 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Instagram @wildchevys
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    Go to Chevy.com Then go to Silverado page Then compare the two Custom is a level of truck (like W/T, LTZ, etc. it’s between the LS and LT) Texas edition is a “package” (like Z71, NHT, convenience, etc.) This way you can make an informed decision and find what your looking for instead of intruenet guesstimates and salesdudes without clues... What will really blow your mind is you can get a Custom with the TexASS package (it’s a $950 upcharge on a Custom btw) I often wonder why TexASS and Alaska are sooo special? Come on GM how about a Iowegian edition badged either IH red with white lettering or JD green with yellow lettering. I mean even Furd had the MVP edition in KC Royals blue and they did it because a customer suggested it!
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    I would be more worried about mexico than the brakes
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    Does anyone think GM will offer the RST package for the Silverado like they do for the Tahoe and Suburban? I know the 2019 Silverado will offer the RST package but it doesn’t look like the Silverado will have the 22” wheels, Brembo brakes or the 6.2 and 10 spd like the Tahoe and Suburban has. The Silverado out sells the Tahoe and Suburban combined by a big margin. I just don’t get it. This is the truck I want Chevrolet and I just don’t understand why they won’t build it?!?! If your going to make an RST package make it worthy by adding the 6.2 as an option. This is essentially a street package so 22” wheels and the 6.2 should be available. Sorry for the rant but seems like this would be what a lot of customers would want, much more than a Tahoe or the Suburban
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    John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-3-2018 5-9-18 UPDATE: Check out this new story link for more details. The beard is not a requirement: Chevy is looking for regular folks to be in TV commercials. The qualifications are: - You must have a beard. - You must have a Silverado - Being a Canadian is helpful Chevy will want you to tell them a bit about yourself, submit some images of yourself and hear your cool story about how owning a Silverado helps you to give back to the community. If you are interested, contact the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission at 250-377-8673 or email [email protected] When you contact the agency, tell them you heard about it from GM-Trucks.com and Kamloopsthisweek.com . If your commercial is made, be aware that Mahk may make fun of you.
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    John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 5-4-2018 2007 to 2018 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab and GMC Sierra Crew Cab owners, heads up; This may be a product you’ll be interested in. Tuffy Security Products has a new high-security lockbox specially designed to fit under the rear bench seat of your pickup. The Model 340 fits under the driver's side and middle rear seats of the pickup, which still leaves some space available under the rear passenger side seat. The box offers 2,100 cubic inches of storage and Items 35 inches and shorter fit inside. The 340 lockbox is built from powder-coated 16-gauge welded steel and features chamfered corners to allow easy access and better concealment. Tuffy adds their Pry-Guard locking system with a 10-tumbler double-bitted lock which can be opened from either side of the vehicle. Tuffy says that installation is simple and there is no drilling. The lockbox fastens to the OEM seat bolts using the included mounting system comprised of two 16-gauge steel brackets which affix to the back of the box and extend to the rear of the vehicle under the seat. Removal is also easy. Simply unlock and open the box and undo the wing knob nuts from the inside. For more details and pricing, check out www.tuffyproducts.com or visit Tuffy on Facebook.
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    is it normal for the oil pressure guage to jump from 40 psi to 45 psi while normal driving?
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    Added the Auto Ventshade 322123 Aeroskin today and replaced the front bumper camera from Intellihaul which was defective after having it a week.
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    They replaced and refunded some money for the bigger to smaller move (diff in tire price). Good company.
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    Still have to put my viking coilovers in but I love how my truck sits
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    Yes, if you look for the sticker on the hitch itself, it should look like this: No separate ratings for WDH or without. But as you note the owner's manual does state one is required over 800 lbs tongue/7000 lbs trailer per their ratings for the truck, but the hitch isn't the limiting factor. As for these trucks towing more than the previous generation, a lot of that is simply due to making the trucks better and/or standardizing what used to be really "heavy duty" options across the board. The hitch above is an example, they all get a very strong hitch, all V8 models get 4 wheel disks, 9.5" or bigger rear axle, transmission cooler, etc. There are a lot of 1500s from the prior generation out there with drum brakes, 8.6" axle, no transmission cooler and a hitch that would not handle your trailer safely.
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    this is why they almost never put these in cars anymore. people see the needle move and freak out.
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    This is from a 2017 chevy silverado 1500 lt Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Use my VIN I gave you for the pedal sensor, that's the LTZ/HC/SLT/Denali lid.
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    I can't blame you. I've thought that's the route I should have gone instead of the black HC covers. I love the piping on the HC but the Denali pattern and stitching is niecer IMO.
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    Yes, but all my “Custom” work has to be OEM [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I like the double stitching of the seats and don’t need your entire covers lot. Lol Since the Denali headrests are single stitched, I’ll look at getting the silverado headrests since there are no differences in its stitching. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @pgamboa There is an upholstery place I know of in GP that does custom work ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I feel you. If it drives you crazy enough, take my leather seat covers off my hands!
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    @pgamboa i wonder if your truck will ever be 100% put back together, never has been when I swing by, lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Phil, I believe the Denali seats are the only ones with double stitching. LTZ/HC are single.
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    It’s a 2018 LTZ with 2LZ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have heated and cooled seats it’s a LTZ I have single stitching on seats console and head rests. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    An update, for all of you chasing this problem, think it's safe to say nobody has spent more time/money on trying to fix this. Attempts to fix: Aftermarket drive shaft Yukon axels Yukon lsd New ring and pinions (3 sets) 4 different shocks (stock, belltech, mcgaughys, qa1 adjustables) 3 sets of wheels and tires (two factory, one forged aftermarket) Every set were balanced at least three times Leaf spring clamps Brake rotors on all four corners, twice in the rear Full conversion to 4 link rear suspension Solution: none of this worked Problem still exists in the 65-70 range, I haven't put the EVA back on it since I did the four link but before the frequency on the vibration indicated that the vibration was a wheel speed vibration so potential culprits had to be wheels, tires, axles, carrier, spindles, brakes, anything that rotates at wheel speed. For that reason I didn't expect the four link to resolve the issue, other than maybe the added crossmember might alleviate any frame beaming, which isn't actually an issue based on the vibration frequency. Since the rear conversion I'm now going to spend some more time focusing on the front, make sure nothing is out of round up there. Still convinced there is a silver bullet that will put this to rest, dammed if I won't find it. Good luck everyone!
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    I just replaced my factory 5” Bose subwoofer with a JL AUDIO Stealthbox 10” subwoofer. The factory Bose system sounded good but low end bass was severely lacking especially at mid (1/2) to high volume (3/4) I left the 4 door and 2 dash speakers Bose and the stock 175 watt Bose amp. Adding the 10” JL sub and 300 watt at 2 ohms JL amp, system sounds perfect now. IMHO. I like how this stealthbox fit under center console so I didn’t have to sacrifice under rear seat space.
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    That's good info. A set of airbags will minimize/eliminate that hitch bounce.
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    As long as the brakes don't get any Mexican water on them you should be okay.
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    I had my brake gain on 5 with a loaded trailer and only 2.5 empty or it would lock the trailer brakes. I was surprised to see that the transmission never got over 195 even pulling the long mountain grades. The engine temp would creep up about 20 degrees on a long pull. The only complaints were from my wife about the hitch bounce.
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    I tow a lot, and run Class 8 Kenworth's moving up to 45ton class excavators. Never let a computer do the thinking if you have the choice. There is a reason heavy haul is still all manual. Because the driver knows better than the machine. You can foresee things that cruise control driver aids can not (pre-emptive downshifts, sharp turns, idiots cutting you off). Sure put it in cruise in the flats, but when lives are on the line in the hills or in the twisties, please do not use cruise control. By the time something happens and you notice or react, it's probably too late. Put in in M5 and leave it, but use your foot to drive when attention is required, feel the load in your hands and ass. I firmly believe anyone pulling a load grossing 5,000kg + should have a commercial license. You see a lot of new retirees graduate from a Smart FourTwo or Toyota Corolla to a CC Duramax dually with a 40 footer trailer grossing 12,000kg and have zero experience, then have people say just put it in cruise and go! Dangerous, as most have no idea how to control a towed vehicle. That is a good load for that truck so make sure you set up your hitch properly, and drive with caution.
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    My 15 Silverado (non Diesel) looks great with this hood. I went non chrome grill
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    Can’t beat some free Craigslist’s finds! I just happened to finish my fire pit the same day. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sad that it went downhill. I loved that show Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    If his accountant is like my accountant, she ain’t gonna like his new polygamous wheeling.
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    Grab you a bite to eat and something cold to drink, sit down and read for a while http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/127812-is-your-gmt-900-truck-or-suv-using-oil/
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    Here is my truck after the dealer installed a 2.25” level. Put some 285/70/17 Mickey Thompson P3’s on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    there was no trimming need to clear the 35s at all i just seamed to have lucked out with my truck
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    Thanks brother! Motofab 2.5" level, rear is stock. BORA 1.25" wheel spacers. Toyo R/Ts 33x12.5.
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    And therefore rub more on your fenders Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quick detail after picking up from GMC body shop. Roof damaged from transportation was fixed and covered under GMC.
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    Have the Griot's 6 inch with the longer cord option. Has worked like a charm on the 3 vehicles it has been used on.
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    I agree 100%! The parts in bold are the first things I noticed, and the first thing I discussed with my buddy/Chevy salesman. That's my biggest complaint about the Silverado. I really wish they would have brought that body line all the way down the side, kind of like the 2018 Tahoe and Traverse. With the new, round wheel wells, a straight body line like that (and traditional mirrors) would have given them a similar look to the old 1968-1972 trucks.....which would have been a good thing, in my opinion.
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    she ain't protecting much~ (Scout).... but now my cat Sawyer!... .he's the real protector~
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    2 stage oil pump. Just wait till it pegs out at 80 when you really put your foot in it.
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    I figured out how to post a pic with the help from Krusty, the truck handles it great barely squats it down at all.
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    I have a 2016 GMC SLT Max Tow with the 6.2 and I pull a jayco HT eagel 29ft it weights 9999lbs. I'm under all my weights but one, I'm over the cargo capacity by 150lbs. I don't travel all over its mostly parked at a park but I do tow it two or three times a year and it handles it great, barely sqwates the truck. I have upgraded the tires to an LT 8ply. It pulls the fifth a lot nicer then my old 30 foot travel trailer and it was 7900lbs. I also pull a 5000lbs snowmobile trailer and you don't even know it's there.
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    if you shake it more than twice, your playing with it.
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