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    Finally got hood swap done, really glad I did it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I disagree. All brands do have their issues, but to say that is kind of false equivalency. I think the term "whataboutism" is in vogue right now, and it would apply here. GM (as a company; ignoring individual dealers) has been notoriously dismissive (and even if a couple cases, legally negligent) towards their customers in support of their products. People have literally died because of GM's dismissive attitude and tendency to band-aid serious issues. I don't know that I can say that of any other vehicle company in the last three decades. Go to the most heavily trafficked Ford, Toyota, or even Chrysler forums and try to find a single issue on current vehicle design with a 800 page thread and 4 years of history....and yet still no concrete solution. There are a number of issues with this design of truck that GM has just sat on and offered no permanent solution. GM has completely crapped the bed with this model of truck, and customers deserve the right to call them out on it. It also may be the GM truck enthusiast forum, but its the troubleshooting section. And since the shake is an issue that GM can't (or won't) seem to be able to troubleshoot, I feel people have a right to complain and consider other brands.
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    I owned a regular cab and absolutely love and constantly getting thumbs up and verbal compliments ... I also own a crew cab for those occasions when more space is needed... regular cabs are the way trucks were made ! When my kids were young ofcourse a single cab would have never been feasible ...
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    I’ll be adding the factory TBS to mine. Once I have the time. Lol. I’ve got the modules ready to go (to get programming done) along with my cluster. There are 2-3 modules, programming, and wiring. The cost Factor along with the amount of work needed makes it the least desirable method. But I’m gonna give the good ol college try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1% ?? Oh, it's FAAAR more than that. Anyone who gave you that number must work in GM's PR department ...
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    You must be new to the internet. I chalk it up to insecurities. Some people make the brands they buy as a part of their core identity, so an attack on that brand is an attack on them personally. Some of it is sunken cost fallacy too. People spend a lot of money on these trucks, so it takes a lot of humility to acknowledge you may have made a mistake on how you spent that money. Its almost like admitting you got conned. Not an easy thing to do publicly. Whatever causes it, brand loyalty is rampant here. All you can do is ignore it. That being said, its logical to expect some disapproval coming into a GM forum and announcing you just bought a Toyota. Sometimes the best solution is just to jump ship and not look back.
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    Drove it to work today. All city driving to work. On the way home I took the highway. Ran it up to 81. No vibration. Just feels like I'm running E-load tires now. The in my but rear-end shake is gone so far. I want to drive it around in different conditions before I open my bottle of champagne. Between the brakes and axle work I went from a paint shaker to a smooth riding vehicle for sure. The real test will be on the highway in broad daylight in the heat of the day. That seemed to of been the worst. Running 77-80 on the hot FL highways at 3pm. So far so good though. Today's drive home was promising if it holds. Something tells me there will be a "Like new OEM axle shafts" for sale in the classifieds of this forum in the very near future. Hey, I'm not lying... it vibrated the day I bought it, that's like new. Maybe for grins I'll ship the crap OEM axle shafts to GM with a note. "Dear GM. I've spent hundreds of hours in the FL heat trying to fix your product fault. Please accept these axle shafts from my truck as a gift, from me, to you." And just think. If I went to the dealer I'd still be arguing with them about how a axle leak is not a leak and the truck doesn't shake. I truly hope this is the end of this saga for me.
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    Everything new is the next best thing since sliced bread....until it isn't. How long does that take? Yea...like minutes.
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    No adaptive cruise, no magnetorheliological suspension, and a face that looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper in white. I had the first two in a GMC Denali and grew to like those features. No reason Chevy can't do the same. I'll bet it's some kind of corporate decision. I'd like to hear Bob Lutz expound on this. Other than that, the 10-speed and less weight would be nice but not enough to tempt me away from my current ride.
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    Congrats Shawn. I find it stunning that someone who gets screwed by a corporation after being a loyal customer, then rightfully decides to move on and do what's right for himself and buy a different brand, would then have his new higher quality vehicle insulted. I drop in to the Forum occasionally and I find it amazing that so many people after five years of swapping tires, driveshafts, shocks, and a myriad of other parts, repeatedly, over and over and over and spending countless hours and unknown sums and still ending up with a Shakerado, would not have also moved along. I guess it's like the battered wife syndrome. It took me about three trips to the dealer and getting nowhere on the problems I had on my 2014 Silverado for me to move on and I've been extremely happy with my Ram. I intend to get the new style Ram in a year. So, again, congrats on your Tundra and smooth trails to you.
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    Decided to give my exhaust tip a makeover. I bought an MBRP Installer series exhaust for my 17 Silverado about a month ago. After a month of use and a weekend driving on the beach in salty water, the tip started rusting and looking like crap. I know its a cheap exhaust but I expected a little more life out of the components. Anyways powder coating is one of my many hobbies so I figured why not. Turned out pretty good and should continue to look good for the life of the exhaust. Prior to prep Sandblasted down to bare metal Sprayed and into the oven Final product
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    Everything else is the same. I actually used his video when I did my dash swap and needed a refresher to remove the airbag. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @pgamboa Ok, I will check that out and let you know. Also , do you know if these mirrrors have to be the GM mirrors for your kit?
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    My family boats every weekend and I am constantly amazed at the number of tire burners on the ramp trying to pull their boat out in 2WD when they're in a 4WD. Mine is in 4 low every time, in and out. I'd prefer to have a bit of annoyance shifting back and forth than the bit of annoyance the owner of that white truck had.
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    Just widened the holes in skid plate to get the bolts to line up. Threaded nuts are built into cross members / frame. The kit just comes with bolts.
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    Yup it's right in the paperwork you sign which there's a bit of it lol but they'll explain everything to you and will specifically show you the buyout price at the end at least mine did and I've dealt with 2 dealerships so far Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    This is exactly what I was referring to in my post above. Take an everyday 5.3. or 6.2 with 100K miles on it, pull the intake manifold and take a picture of the intake ports. Then do the same thing on another motor with the exact specs as the first one that has had a catch can on it it's whole life and put the pictures side by side. Not rocket science. I saw a picture of two Harley motors side by side with the heads taken off at 8K miles. One piston head was covered with carbon and the other one perfectly clean. The clean one had it's crankcase breather venting to the atmosphere and the dirty one was stock, venting into the intake. The problem with that was that the company that made the external breathers are the ones that did the comparison. I have the Elite2 Catch Can and as I said, I believe in them but I'd like to see proof too....accurate unbiased proof.
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    You can always use the extra space so crew is best
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    My dad bought the front and back premuim mats for his crew cab I liked them so I bought a pair of front mats for my regular cab. Only negative thing I would say about them is that the have a opening under the gas pedal and if you live where it snows the carpet will get wet, I live in California so no snow and hardly any rain so I'm ok with the cut out. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    They're running at The Bonneville Salt Flats.....
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    This is a good website to see what fits on your truck. Almost every option is on the website... https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery
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    Like mentioned above, you have plenty of spare capacity in the trailer weight so load it not the truck and it should be good. This is why I went with the max tow package. I was planning on a travel trailer and the 1300-1500 payloads were really close on the standard 1500s. I have 1900lbs payload but still have the 1500 for my daily driver. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I have the same trailer and pull with '10 silverado. My only issue is power. Handeling and stopping is fine after i re did the wt hitch, dealer didnt do it right. I am mindful with what i put in the truck bed when loaded. Probably near the max payload with 2 adults and 3 small kids, minimum stuff in bed. We went from twin cities to black hills last summer, only real issue was headwinds and older 5.3l. Engine temp would spike on longer hills. I will be getting a different truck next yr, sticking with 1500. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Yeah the mufflers are different. Don't ask me how their different though. Corsa tunes their exhaust to a specific engine. 6.2 sport muffler is different then the 5.3 sport muffler. They don't recommend you use a muffler that wasn't tuned for your vehicle.
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    I bought these for my 18 Mineral/Dune Denali and love them. I bought Husky Liners as well, but returned them in favor of the OEM. The GMC Chromed logo are a nice touch. Front: 2015-2017 GMC Yukon Cocoa W/ Chrome Logo Front Premium All-Weather Floor Liners https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XQQRWFT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_pUICBb9GSPKNH For the rear I went with the full coverage husky liner: Husky Liners 2nd Seat Floor Liner Fits 14-18 Silverado/Sierra 1500 Crew Cab https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072B6H3G3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_08ICBbZX11XQD Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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    I did vinyl inserts in my H3 back in the day. Really jumped out at you and got a lot of looks everywhere I went. I had custom two tone leather seats as well. I loved it. I added a two tone wheel wrap as well. Smiling, just remember it was the 2006 time frame, so not so sure it is in style today.. I really like what you did with the lighting in general. Very cool modifications on your part.
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    New guy here, bought a 2018 Silverado Custom (traded my 2011 Camaro SS) after deciding to start my own detailing business (part time for now)... anyways, can't leave my cars stock for too long, so I have been doing several mods within the last 6 weeks since I bought it. I lowered 3/5" with a MaxTrac kit, added some Black Rhino Katavi wheels with Nitto 420S, Bak Revolver4 tonneau cover, Speed Engineering LT headers, and my own custom exhaust. Added both front and rear Hellwig sway bars, and deciding what traction bar to get. Truck has a full tune by Henderson Performance Technologies. Changed the door handles for OEM black ones, and I am painting a "paint ready" tailgate handle soon a long with the lower front bumper valance. Still a lot to go, planning on de-badging the truck soon, doing full paint correction (possibly sanding from 1500 - up, but uncertain as this paint is one of the thinnest I have seen in a while for a brand new America car/truck) and installing Opti-Coat Pro+. And I would love to swap the rear bumper cover for the one without the climb assist holes in it. A 2 piece aluminum driveshaft is coming very soon, as we found out the single piece like to go kaboom at high speeds, we tuned in 2nd gear, averaging 300RWH, and in a quick shot at 4th gear stopping around 120 the truck hit around 330rwhp, not bad for an auto 305, when my 04 GTO M6 with headers did only 321. Once the cost of performance parts start to go down for the LT platform I will be fabricating twin turbo (we are hoping in about 3 years if not sooner).
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    Nice review. I agree with you on the price, there will be incentives on these trucks though - it will only be a matter of time. My interest is piqued on the 10-speed, especially if they are going to pair it to the diesel, that could make a great combination! Wish it was offered on the 5.3L though. Was there any mention of adaptive cruise control? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please.....You want the flash in the pan? Get the FERD...the pan will not be around in 10+yrs. Fiat, Chrysler, Daimler what is it now RAM? There is a reason they cost few thousand less than a CHEVY! GO get you one and find out? These trucks are ROCK!
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    The DFM engine will have less vibration than an AFM engine but is twice as likely to have a lifter issue than an AFM engine. Apparently GM feels the AFM system in the 2014+ Gen V engines is reliable enough that they are willing to double the number of collapsible lifters.
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    Hey Rick, I'm leftovers. There are a variety of radio modules that are compatible, and some can be had for CHEAP. The one I purchased is GM 84278527. I purchased it for a mere $79 on ebay. This comes from a wrecked 2018 silverado but any radio manufactured in late 2014 to 2018 should work without a problem after being updated. And when I say there are many, it's because there are a ton of different radio module part #'s for these trucks. You can use a silverado radio in a sierra and vise versa. I found this particular number by looking at a mistake that digital dash solutions made on ebay. The other guys blur out their part numbers to stop curious minded folk like us from doing this project ourselves, thus keeping cash in their pocket. What they failed to do was fully blur the part numbers on a photo that are included in one of their ebay listings. They also show both this newer radio module, and one manufactured in late 2014, which is why I believe that the audio issues can be resolved with just an update if you have a 2015 model vehicle. My vehicle is a 2014 so I unfortunately wasn't able to update my software to resolve the no siri audio problem. I updated the software myself after purchasing a subscription to TIS2WEB and getting a VCI to connect my laptop to the GM SPS software. The radio module from this seller was NOT programmed to my VIN. I will update when I get the new module in and will confirm, if 1.) the radio module even needs to be programmed to your VIN in the first place (which I suspect it will) and 2.) If I'm able to program it myself. I'm hoping I can program the module myself and show you all how as you'll spend the same amount of money on one of the tools required to do it that you would spend to get it programmed from a 3rd party seller or a dealership.
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    As you know im not fond of the new design but honestly it looks pretty good in this blue color, interested to see what you do with it
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    “Retro fitted” a Broadway mirror. Used one since I started driving. Can’t live without it.
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    Also... whoever at GM decided it was a good idea to mount the 2019 side mirrors to the body... should be shot Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Probably not, but I bet they have said, "man I wish I would have got a Suburban....".
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    +1 Financing a depreciating asset over 8 years is a really bad idea. If you can't pay it off within 3-5 years (the warranty period) then you can't afford it. It's that simple, and yet so many people get it wrong. People also turn a blind eye to the hidden cost of this "free money". By accepting the current zero percent offer you may lose ~$1200 in cash rebates.
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    Below is my 2 cents. Keep in mind this is based on the tire size you are looking for (275/60r20), the ply of the tire as I mention below can change based on the the size. Even if it's the same brand tire. KO's are a 10 ply tire, so they are heavier. I ran them on another vehicle I had and as everyone else is mentioning, my MPG went down and there was a little more noise on the road vs my previous tires (nothing crazy though like a Mud Terrain tire). The good - they are tough tires that can take a beating. I never had a flat or leak in driving 50k miles on them. Also, the traction in snow is incredible. BUT if you hardly ever tow or load up the bed, they are overkill for just highway driving. The other bad, if it matters to you, is that they are a stiffer tire so you'll feel bumps more than a lesser ply tire. I can't speak to Goodyear Dura's. Have only seen that they have good reviews. Falken Wildpeak AT/3' are a 4 ply tire, so lighter. Reviews are off the charts for this tire, people love them. Your MPG won't suffer, it's a softer ride because it's not a 10 ply, and you get an AT tread for the look you want - though you did comment they don't look as aggressive as you'd like. Traction is great all around. The only *potential* downside to these tires would be towing capacity. You can still tow what the truck is rated for, but being a 4 ply tire the sidewalls are not as robust as a 10 ply. All that means is you *could* get a flat or puncture easier. But there are plenty of people who'll tell you they've never had an issue towing with a 4 ply or 6 ply tire. There's just greater risk, that's all. Based on your circumstances - lots of miles per year and never seeing snow - I'd go with the Falken Wildpeak AT/3's. You'll save money upfront and in the long run. If you decide you want to tow a lot and/or do off-roading, may want to consider a 10 ply tire like the BF KO's. Regardless of your choice, those are all great rated tires. Just depends on how you plan to use them.
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    Bought a double wished it was a crew
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    Most of the LTZ chrome are simply caps that go over the black ones - check out GM parts for the chrome stuff. I agree that most people go the other way and get rid of the chrome on the LTZ.
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    As others have said, I had to enlarge holes on the front skid plate since only 2 holes would line up at once. If installing on a 4x4 non z71 you need a 10mm and 15mm socket for installing. You need to remove the 2 thin steel bars under front diff before installing bottom / middle skid plate. Apparently the only function for the thin steel bars were to hold the plastic aero / wind cover on.
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    After sitting in a garage for almost 20 years I got my high school car running again yesterday.... 1972 Duster 340
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    One response with a very short wear your seatbelt...albeit in caps. Yep, lots of guys posting speeches.
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    The picture on GM's site is of the plastic shield but you get the aluminum ones. I just got mine last week and had them sprayed in Line-X. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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