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    Finally got hood swap done, really glad I did it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I disagree. All brands do have their issues, but to say that is kind of false equivalency. I think the term "whataboutism" is in vogue right now, and it would apply here. GM (as a company; ignoring individual dealers) has been notoriously dismissive (and even if a couple cases, legally negligent) towards their customers in support of their products. People have literally died because of GM's dismissive attitude and tendency to band-aid serious issues. I don't know that I can say that of any other vehicle company in the last three decades. Go to the most heavily trafficked Ford, Toyota, or even Chrysler forums and try to find a single issue on current vehicle design with a 800 page thread and 4 years of history....and yet still no concrete solution. There are a number of issues with this design of truck that GM has just sat on and offered no permanent solution. GM has completely crapped the bed with this model of truck, and customers deserve the right to call them out on it. It also may be the GM truck enthusiast forum, but its the troubleshooting section. And since the shake is an issue that GM can't (or won't) seem to be able to troubleshoot, I feel people have a right to complain and consider other brands.
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    I owned a regular cab and absolutely love and constantly getting thumbs up and verbal compliments ... I also own a crew cab for those occasions when more space is needed... regular cabs are the way trucks were made ! When my kids were young ofcourse a single cab would have never been feasible ...
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    I’ll be adding the factory TBS to mine. Once I have the time. Lol. I’ve got the modules ready to go (to get programming done) along with my cluster. There are 2-3 modules, programming, and wiring. The cost Factor along with the amount of work needed makes it the least desirable method. But I’m gonna give the good ol college try. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1% ?? Oh, it's FAAAR more than that. Anyone who gave you that number must work in GM's PR department ...
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    You must be new to the internet. I chalk it up to insecurities. Some people make the brands they buy as a part of their core identity, so an attack on that brand is an attack on them personally. Some of it is sunken cost fallacy too. People spend a lot of money on these trucks, so it takes a lot of humility to acknowledge you may have made a mistake on how you spent that money. Its almost like admitting you got conned. Not an easy thing to do publicly. Whatever causes it, brand loyalty is rampant here. All you can do is ignore it. That being said, its logical to expect some disapproval coming into a GM forum and announcing you just bought a Toyota. Sometimes the best solution is just to jump ship and not look back.
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    Drove it to work today. All city driving to work. On the way home I took the highway. Ran it up to 81. No vibration. Just feels like I'm running E-load tires now. The in my but rear-end shake is gone so far. I want to drive it around in different conditions before I open my bottle of champagne. Between the brakes and axle work I went from a paint shaker to a smooth riding vehicle for sure. The real test will be on the highway in broad daylight in the heat of the day. That seemed to of been the worst. Running 77-80 on the hot FL highways at 3pm. So far so good though. Today's drive home was promising if it holds. Something tells me there will be a "Like new OEM axle shafts" for sale in the classifieds of this forum in the very near future. Hey, I'm not lying... it vibrated the day I bought it, that's like new. Maybe for grins I'll ship the crap OEM axle shafts to GM with a note. "Dear GM. I've spent hundreds of hours in the FL heat trying to fix your product fault. Please accept these axle shafts from my truck as a gift, from me, to you." And just think. If I went to the dealer I'd still be arguing with them about how a axle leak is not a leak and the truck doesn't shake. I truly hope this is the end of this saga for me.
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    Everything new is the next best thing since sliced bread....until it isn't. How long does that take? Yea...like minutes.
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    No adaptive cruise, no magnetorheliological suspension, and a face that looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper in white. I had the first two in a GMC Denali and grew to like those features. No reason Chevy can't do the same. I'll bet it's some kind of corporate decision. I'd like to hear Bob Lutz expound on this. Other than that, the 10-speed and less weight would be nice but not enough to tempt me away from my current ride.
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    Congrats Shawn. I find it stunning that someone who gets screwed by a corporation after being a loyal customer, then rightfully decides to move on and do what's right for himself and buy a different brand, would then have his new higher quality vehicle insulted. I drop in to the Forum occasionally and I find it amazing that so many people after five years of swapping tires, driveshafts, shocks, and a myriad of other parts, repeatedly, over and over and over and spending countless hours and unknown sums and still ending up with a Shakerado, would not have also moved along. I guess it's like the battered wife syndrome. It took me about three trips to the dealer and getting nowhere on the problems I had on my 2014 Silverado for me to move on and I've been extremely happy with my Ram. I intend to get the new style Ram in a year. So, again, congrats on your Tundra and smooth trails to you.
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    Decided to give my exhaust tip a makeover. I bought an MBRP Installer series exhaust for my 17 Silverado about a month ago. After a month of use and a weekend driving on the beach in salty water, the tip started rusting and looking like crap. I know its a cheap exhaust but I expected a little more life out of the components. Anyways powder coating is one of my many hobbies so I figured why not. Turned out pretty good and should continue to look good for the life of the exhaust. Prior to prep Sandblasted down to bare metal Sprayed and into the oven Final product
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    New to the forum, new to lifted trucks and new to the Silverado life. Yeah its true when i say I'm a ford guy have always had them from cars to old trucks. When it came to lifting a truck the ford wheel wells turned me off something crazy. After searching and searching nothing looked better then a Silverado to me. So i did what I needed to do and bought my first Chevy and I couldn't be happier. I'm just getting started but have thrown a few mods on it like a BDS lift, moto metal 20's on 33's, debadged it and some vinyl wrap in the interior.
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    Thanks Phil once again. Is there any change that would significantly deviate from Tinkering Fox’s video being that the 1500 have an extra plug?
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    @pgamboa I want to upgrade my standard mirrors to the tow mirrors. I have an LTZ 1500. It has all the options for the mirrors, puddle lamps, power fold , memory, Dimming etc. I have only read through some of your stuff, so I'm not sure what all your kit will control. Will your kit control everything that the LTZ 1500 has?
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    Next is taking the steering wheel apart to paint that logo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There’s one in the parts catalog takes like 30 minutes to install https://www.gmpartsnow.com/oem-parts/gm-trailering-brake-controller-pkg-19330154/?c=Zz10cmFpbGVyaW5nJnM9aGl0Y2gmYT1jaGV2cm9sZXQmbz1zaWx2ZXJhZG8tMTUwMCZ5PTIwMTUmdD1sdCZlPTUtM2wtdjgtZmxleA%3D%3D You can’t add the integrated controller because it’s integrated unless your pgamboa of course. GM is of the opinion of if you wanted it you should have ordered/bought it that way and they have been for years this isn’t anything new... If you want a aftermarket on the dash like the integrated here is a thread with some different ones thread with some ideas for you on location and controller options. Also trucks that come without the integrated are supposed to come with the pigtail to wire an aftermarket up so no need to spend 20 bucks on one.
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    Welcome, I hope you are enjoying your ride.
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    Welcome to the elite club bud!
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    Yup, i have tires in this size and no issues. Might even be able to go bigger.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to post a positive experience on here! I bought a Silverado 1500 Crew Ecotec3 4.3 V6 about a year and wanted to write how impressed I am with it. I looked down yesterday and I was cruising at 94 with no problems at all. I was just keeping up with traffic when I looked down at the speedometer. I had to slow down because I didn't realize how fast I was going. The thing still had plenty of power cruising at 94! I'm the type of person that won't be hauling a trailer or anything super heavy behind it, so I don't have any information on how it handles those things. I came from an 04 Avalanche with a V8 and honestly, I can't notice a difference in power at all. I do think they're rated about the same horsepower though. All around, I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I have never gotten in my Silverado and regretted my decision to get it over a Camaro. Just wanted to post a happy post today!
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    Which ones are you looking at? GM actually makes 4 different sets of mats that all come in Cocoa: -- the "standard" ones (they have diamond-tread near the top and ribs near the bottom) -- the "Z71" or "All-Terrain" ones (they have that logo in them) -- the carpeted ones -- the "Floor Liners" (the first ones that Avolution03 linked to above) Take note that these are all original GM accessories but they call the first 3 "mats" and the last one "liners". Do a search on these forums. There are a lot of threads about them including some good ones that show pictures of the Liners. They don't have coverage directly under the gas pedal but some people have cut out the section near the sill (it's designed to be able to this) then siliconed the cut pieces to the mat under the gas pedal.
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    I’m more concerned about stopping than running out of power. I’m all about slow and steady, but if you can’t get stopped, your sunk 😊
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    I’ll sent some photos under the hood later. Too early to tell any improvements other then looks [emoji38]. I only drove it 8 miles since lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think the test folks are looking for are on the catch cans catching stuff. Its on the motor after x amount a miles with and without one. Everyone knows they catch stuff. The question I'm seeing is does it matter after 500k miles.
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    I bought the weather techs for that color combo and they are brown, not tan. But I will never buy weathertechs again. Second vehicle second disappointment in quality. Will be getting huskys next. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    None whatsoever I read multiple reviews on them and watched multiple youtube vids and out of hundreds of reviews I only found 2-3 bad reviews saying they made noise I was considering bags but I have a 7" lift so the install was going to require more parts and be harder. Seemed like a lot of extra effort and cost to achieve what I was going for. The springs provide 1500# of load leveling capacity which is more than I need. Bags would be sweet for sure but I think these are a nice economical alternative
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    With my 2017 5.3. I can't tell when it goes into V4 mode. It's very smooth.
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    It’s 100% functional, used all the duct over to the intake with insulator and all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    "During an industry-standard test schedule, the 2019 Silverado 2WD with the 5.3L and DFM operated with fewer than eight active cylinders more than 60 perfect of the time, a 9 perfect improvement over the comparably equipped 2019 model with AFM"
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    Have a link to which one you are looking at? I bought some cocoa GM floor mats that are decent but not near the same level as Weather Tech. They where a lot cheaper than Weather Tech though.
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    Yes sir, 08 30 outlaw. Last Baja off the line before everything got shipped out to fountain. Have a pair of 525 efi’s with xr/ITS/SSM[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tried a 19 Ram and it's a nice truck for sure. It's all new except the engine/trans which is identical #'s to my 2016. After sampling a 18 Denali with the 8 speed I doubt I could ever be happy with the current hemi. Also the Ram doesn't do anything for me style wise, its even hard to tell its an all new truck from the rear/sides. My 2016 outdoorsman with color matched bumpers/grill has a more aggressive look. The new ones are just so bland to me, the front styling just lost that certain pizazz that Rams have. I tried a new F150 last week too. That was one impressive truck (much moreso than the 19 Ram) the turbo V6 is a rocket. Too bad my past experience with Ford still has a bad taste in my mouth (had a self destructing 5.4 in my 2007 F150) and the body panes are noticeably wavy witch would bug my OCD till no end. I keep my trucks 8-10 years and typically put on 20k per year so reliability is a big deal for me. New Chevy checks most of my boxes (will know more after sampling one) and its the first GM truck to interest me in a long time. In the end It's safe to say they ALL build great trucks these days! Competition is great for consumers.
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    I ordered a 2019 GMC Denali on June 8. It is scheduled to be built the week of August 27. The dealership called me last week to tell me they received 2 already. I stopped in to take a look. OH MY GOODNESS!! They are super. So many new features. I can't hardly wait until mine comes in. I seriously thought about purchasing that one right there and then. They are NICE!
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    Yup, that IS your auxiliary cooler. It's actually quite big for a 1500. You have the best transmission cooling available on these trucks. You'll be fine. If you find you want even cooler temps, bypassing/replacing the thermostat with an aftermarket unit makes a big difference and tuning the fans to come on earlier helps as well, especially at low speeds but I doubt you'll find any of that necessary with a trailer that size. Is most of your towing on the highway or is a lot of it on slow gravel roads, etc? Thanks for posting that parts diagram. I did not know they did that. It's likely the main reason some users of newer trucks have reported better performance (cooler transmission temps) than the older ones. If I had posted my rants on how dumb it was for GM to put an in-tank heat exchanger in the hot side of the radiator a couple of years ago, I might accuse GM of listening to me. Again, so there's no confusion, it's no loss. I have mine bypassed and the trans runs cooler for it. In all but very rare conditions, that radiator tank exchanger acts as a heater, not a cooler. And since we have a thermostat, the heating function is worthless at warmup anyway making it pretty much worthless all the time.
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    had some time over the last few evenings to throw some vinyl over the silver trim pieces in the truck i still have to do the steering wheel (uugghhh.... those two pieces are such a pain to get off!) but that's it. i think the vinyl ties in really nice with the dash gauges and the interior lights if anyone is considering doing this, an absolute MUST is rapid tac - it works sooooo well allowing you to move the vinyl around: rapid tac
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    I have the gm performance exhaust , Corsa version, which is the touring. I have been wanting to try the spot muffler. I may be interested in trading. I have a 6.2
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    That's for a 2018. 2019 reports to be 24 gallons. 24 is probably ok if you don't tow. Towing you have a 300 or less mile range.
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    Finally took the time to get my cargo light to come on with my Reverse lights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    so i have flipped through many pages Does and one have a 4x4 thats leveled by just lowering the back. id like to see pictures
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    Not a surprise that it's a crossover. The rumors were pretty clear from the beginning that the Blazer was coming back as a crossover. It's pretty obvious GM is playing it smart and learning from the past. Some manufacturers are moving back to their old ways, relying on trucks and SUV's while killing off most of their cars. That was the same business plan that nearly bankrupted GM, Ford, and Chrysler a decade ago. We don't even know what the 2020 Bronco is going to be. It's doubtful it will have a solid front axle, so it'll never be on the same level as the Jeep Wrangler. If it comes with IWE's, the system will suck just like it has the last few years on the F-150. It'll probably have the same 2.3 Ecoboost I4 that Ford is using on the 2019 Ranger. The stripped down base model Bronco will start in the high $30k to low $40k range, and it'll be missing just enough of the features that come standard on many vehicles, that you're forced to spend mid-$40k for a Bronco worth buying. Just like the Raptor starts at around $55k but you only get a single zone AC and tiny 5" touchscreen. Ford will want $4k-5k to get the better screen and dual zone AC. CEO Jim Hackett has made it clear that he wants to cut down the number of options and possible configurations to save money, as well as "cut costs out of their vehicles". Personally I think the new Blazer looks good for what it is. My girlfriend regrets buying a 2018 Equinox now that she's seen the new Blazer, even though she loves the 'nox so far. I think the interior looks great and the outside looks a lot more interesting. It will definitely stand out from the crowd and the crossover market needs that these days. I just wonder what the pricing will be...
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    I put my custom built Austin Healey /COBRA in my enclosed trailer for the winter, all chevy powered factory built classic from classic raodsters of Fargo North Dakoda, , what a fast ride , ,at only two thousand lbs, ,and my other hotrod is a 1940 Plymouth Coupe also chevy powered , take them to many shows and cruise nights in our area,
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    Go out and buy the JET PUFFED large marshmallows and place one under each shock. Make sure it's the JET PUFFED brand and not the store brand crap.
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    What year truck? Looks perfect. Now I'm out $200...thanks a lot!
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    I really wanted red but it was crazy expensive. Here they are installed... Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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