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    Not trying to be a smart ass or anything, but who is honestly buying a truck for fuel economy???? We aren't talking about a sedan here.... Sent from my SM-N960W using Tapatalk
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    Nice! I had a 1965 Impala SS as well. I purchased it back in 1985. It had a 396, 4sp, AC, factory tach, 3:31 rear that I installed a posi in. It took me 25yrs to get it restored but not to factory because a tree fell on it in our yard during a storm. I had to replace the roof and rear quarter panel. It was a really cool car.
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    A vehicle is a tool. It provides transportation. It is the worst investment. Your choice. But from your info you like vehicles being you have a new Jag. So are looking for us to convince you not to spend money? I say again, if you like to work, have to have the newest, keep up with the Joneses buy it. If you save the money and invest it you're better off IMO. Nuff said.
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    Added the AMP power steps, and rear Bilstein 5100’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congrats man! I have to add a +1 for the Corsa Sport. I just picked up my 2015 and the previous owner had the Corsa installed with an Airaid MIT, and it’s one of my favorite things about the truck. I had Flowmaster Super 44s on my 2008 5.3 and I liked it well enough but the Corsa sounds so nasty on startup and when you mash the gas on the move. I’ve had people turn around, laugh, and tell me they thought my truck was a Vette or a Camaro when it started up. That said, on the highway or at a steady cruise, it’s almost silent compared to the Super 44s. Obviously it’s a pretty system comparatively, but I have to say it’s a pretty awesome setup for what you pay. Let us know what you end up getting!
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    Sometimes what people say they would do, when they are ribbing you, is different from what they would do if they were in your shoes....
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    8 quarts of 0W-20. Doesn’t matter if it’s synthetic or blended, the only requirement from GM is it must be a Dexos rated oil. Dexos is a set of standards an oil must meet to be licensed as Dexos. Not all 0W-20 is Dexos. The Mopar oil I had in my truck was the correct weight but not Dexos and the truck didn’t like it at all. A lot of guys like Mobil 1. It’s kind of the go to oil since it can be had for very cheap with rebates and is Dexos rated. Middle of the road oil as far as quality. Not bad, not great and certainly will do the job oil is supposed to do if you regularly change it. Some premium oils like Amsoil Signature Series are not licensed as Dexos but Amsoil states it exceeds the requirements to obtain Dexos licensure. Lots of guys swear by it. I’m impressed with how low it’s volatility is for such a thin oil. Valvoline Advanced is a full synthetic Dexos oil with very good wear properties and relatively inexpensive at $50 for 10 quarts. It’s higher in volatility so you will likely need to add a quart or two between oil changes. Oil consumption is pretty common in these trucks. Redline has been used successfully by a lot of guys with Hemi engines to quiet down engine ticking. Only down side is it’s expensive. So many other great options out there.
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    I've run into the same issue before with Chevy AND Volvo. Generally, loaners are a dealer courtesy. Sometimes it's necessary to schedule non urgent repairs around loaner availability.
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    All that weight savings doesn't matter on the freeway when the front end is larger. A brick can only be so aerodynamic. It sounds like everything is bigger on the 19s. From the front profile to the bed and tailgate.
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    Here's a pic of a pic of mine
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    It just goes to show us all, and the manufactures, that smaller engines and more gears isn't the way to good fuel milage. A big engine using less of it's total capabilities, is more effective then a small engine working hard in all situations.
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    Please dont do that. My head hurts just seeing it. So many things wrong with that.
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    Any chance of getting a video with sound of cold start, revving, etc? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    My first car was a 1965 Impala SS, my Dad bought it for my in 1976 for my 16th Bday. It had 160k on it and I put another 75K on it with only a timing chain going bad. Wish I still had it, I did end up putting a 327/300hp in it a few years later as the old 283 was weak. Not all were junk. And yes I did tear out the powerglide by backing up and throwing it in gear to spin the tires, Good Times!!!!
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    6” on 35s. Fuel couplers -12 offset with the tinted spokes. Looks great with the brown matches well!
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    Just picked up my SLT Crew Cab Standard Bed on Saturday. Took about 10 weeks to arrive.
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    ok i couldnt pass on the discounts they were offering on the 2018 Seirra 1500's so i replaced my 2008 Seirra Denali 6.2 (248,000miles) with a new 5.3 Loaded SLT White Frost Tricoat, im not sure if there is any option this one doesnt have other than the big motor, i have heated/cooled seats, power sunroof, power rear window, bed is sprayed, under seat storage, lane departure etc. I really wanted the 6.2L because i loved my old one but i decided to be smart and save that extra 5k for mods...lol ok so list of mods immediatly before christmas window tint remove rectangle running boards (for 3 inch ovals) Im taking the kids to Disney next week so the street tires can stay till we get back....maybe 2 inch level and 295/55 Ridge grapplers to go on the 20inch OEM snowflakes (eventually i want 22 CK190 wheels and 4.5 BDS) my question to you guys is since im gonna miss my 6.2 what intake and exhaust sounds the best....i had Volant intake on my denali and the factory exhaust sounded great, but this 5.3 sounds like 2 gerbals running around in a cage. I want good sound not piss my neighbors off sound
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    I have a diablew & am in the tuning process right now. So far (WOT tuning is not done yet) truck is immensely improved over stock. I choose it for ease and Lew's superior customer service(he has hundreds of positive reviews and like 1 or 2 negs throughout the net- I looked). Pretty good so far , he's definitely earned that reputation. He makes great improvements with very little input from you once you send the log. I've had Blackbear tunes and they are quality. But!!! everything 1slow said is the real deal. All depends what your goal is. The Diablo tuner is OK, but the quality is that of cheap electronics, will get you where you need to go and is simple though. I'm sure the scan cable of blackbear is not a whole lot better. HP tuners is a program off your laptop with whatever gear you want to run. The available parameters and tuning of HP is amazing, plus they have been around since the beginning of the LS craze. Only thing you have to so is figure what you want to spend money and time wise. I'm sure HP can be a time sucker to really learn it, plus if you are stupid you can kill your truck quick as it will let you do whatever you want. The other handhelds are wannabees in my book, yeah there better than stock but don't really tap that far into your trucks potential. But the truth was mentioned, everything else is a distant second to HP tuners capability. For me I don't want to spend the time and would rather pay someone for their experience aka Lew or Justin. All depends on what you want out of it.
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    i will go back to the 6.2L as it is a beast it just wasnt in the cards for this go round. just picked up the truck from the tint shop 20% all the way around and 70% in the windshield ill take pics tommrow. also anyone running a Volant CAI on a 5.3 i liked mine on my 6.2L
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    Phil. Did I hear you say that the bottom caps are interchangeable between the oem and 1A auto mirrors? Would that mean that the Intelllihaul cameras/bottom caps would work on the 1Aauto mirrors? Dave
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    The mounts in the pictures you quoted are the Zroadz LED. Not my truck, I can't see forking over 180$us+shipping for mounts. https://www.zroadz.com/product/zroadz_z361221_hood_hinges_bracket_mounts_2015_2018_chevy_silverado_25003500_gmc_sierra The ones I bought are just universal mounts SKTYANTS part# X001SF0L33 although now im seeing them all over the place amazon/ebay/aliexpress ranging from 10-30$ for a pair. I did'nt know if they would work on the silverado's but at under 20$ it was worth ordering and checking out. Wanted to see if they would even work and just ordered some lights now that I know they will. https://www.amazon.com/lightronic-Universal-Bracket-Stainless-Offroad/dp/B073VK4FNG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544579620&sr=8-3&keywords=hood+mount
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    One of my employees just had a set of the Cooper STT pros installed on his Ford F-250. Good looking tire, looks to be as aggressive as an MT. I'm running the Toyo RT on my 2018 and as far as noise, I can't tell much difference from the Toyo MT's I had on my 2013. So now I kind of wished I would have just went with the MT's on my new truck. The Toyo MT is probably the best looking, quietest, and longest lasting MT out there, but the price reflects that to.
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    Here is a picture of my 18 GMC Serria ! Last picture is the 14 I traded in.
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    OMG...11.2 mpg 😐 my 2018 6.2 average is 17.4 (manual calculations not the truck computer) and the truck shows a best of 22.3 mpg. I will say that I’m not driving it really hard but I’m certainly not babyin it either. I have the Borla ATAK CATBACK so I like to hear my investment 😁 I had a 5.3 in my 2008 and it towed my 24 foot Bowrider just fine on our Florida flat roadways. Congratulations on the new ride 👍👍👍 Oh and I have the SLT 4x4 so similar vehicle as far as mpg goes
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    Better start liking Ford and Ram as quick as you can. After the recent 2019 Camaro refresh, 2019 Silverado/Sierra, 2020HD, assembly plants closing, cancelling 4+ models, and "shifting focus to electric/autonomous cars" after the US President exited the Paris climate accord and knocked the EPA back a few pegs, I think GM's days are numbered again. After pulling the plug on the US/Canadian workers, it is unlikely our governments will bail them out again and rightfully so. They need to get rid of the Elitist SJW Barra and hire a knowledgeable CEO from within the company, such as Jim Mero. Someone who isn't hell bent on selling us out the Global Warming Banksters and that knows it is not realistic to put all your focus and investment on autonomous cars just yet.
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    When the the clearance lights are on, the blinker power is still supplied so when the blinker turned on, it does have power from both sources. Is that okay?
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    Yeah I figured everyone would roughly have the same opinion haha. But I have to be honest, I'd probably be giving the same advice if I were you. I think I'm just ready for a change? I dunno. I do need to put about $5k into the truck as it sits now and I think that's what got the conversation going in my head. It also needs a front bumper, had to take the stock bumper off to fit the 37's and never bought a steel one to replace it haha. As most of you've mentioned, the truck is paid off and that is a pretty big benefit in itself. Also, this year range Tundra is known for steering rack issues with larger lifted applications and I kinda just don't want to deal with it anymore. I could put 35's back on it and lower the front coilovers a little which would help, but I don't want to do that I was planning on new rear suspension and a few other things so now is the time to decide if I do it to this truck or a new one. Unfortunately I really like the '19 Silverado re-design much more than previous years because there are some steals out there for 2018 models! Between selling the Tundra and a little extra cash I could have ~$30k to put towards a new vehicle which would keep payments low, yet it's still a payment. Right now I think my impulsive mind is doing the talking and I just feel like a new truck so talking through it outloud haha. I'd be happier with a newer but used Tundra although I wasn't impressed with the differences from what I have now. and I'm really liking the redesign on the Silverado. UGH haha, well I have time, at the very soonest I wouldn't be doing anything for 2-3 months. Lastly, for fun, here is the Tundra as it sits now that I'm considering selling. Yeah yeah I know it needs a front bumper haha
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    A Level 3 cam sounds like the typical grind that move the power band higher, losing 30-60 foot pounds of torque from idle and getting it back where most people don't drive daily, above 3500 rpms. Keep lift at or below .502 and duration below 210 and you'll keep bottom end torque.
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    X2 Gearhead. Love my Silverado, but yours makes me miss the silver Sierra 1500 I had. I loved the silver and the look of the double cab.
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    Im in PA but a neighboring dealer in Ohio has 1 2018 Denali left priced at $46,700 Its so tempting to purchase but it has the 5.3 id rather have the 6.2 and id be sold. I hate to give up my 14 slt allterrain though after all the work put into it and only 37k miles on it. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk
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    He's saying that because the strike point is at the end of the helper spring which is an inch off the main pack and only half way up the springs length. Preload is set about a mile off. That's a traction 'unloader' Right idea, wrong method. IF you want' to run a slapper bar remove the helper spring and lengthen the bar to strike at or just behind the front mount.
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    Yes, there’s a setting that turns on the heating & cooling function for remote start. I have a 2014 Sierra Denali & the settings are located in my main settings on the Intellilink screen. One thing to note, the indicators on the seat heater push button will not be illuminated when being activated via remote start.
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    I owned a Tundra and it wasn't a bad truck. 2007 model which was the first year of the "current" bodystyle. A Toyota with 55K miles is nothing. The 5.7 is a strong runner. There were some things I disliked about the Toyota, specifically the 4x4 system and not having a locking rear, but if you've been happy with yours I'd stay put. It seems that all the manufacturers are pushing so much technology for government CAFE requirements that I'm not sold on the reliability. Dual turbos, etorque, dynamic fuel management, stop/start. You name it it seems to be on the new 1/2 tons. I'd give them a year or so to work out all the kinks.
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    FirstAscent, As a 2019 Silverado owner I will tell you that I absolutely love it. I previously had a 2008 and all the items us Chevy truck owners bitched about for years such as the infamous “Chevy Shake”, a bigger back seat, and cup holders in the back have all been addressed plus a new sweet body re-design. I rate it an A- for some very very minor things. As far as your Tundr goes dude keep it. Use the extra money that you don’t have a car payment to truck it out more. Bigger wheels and different tires for example can make it feel like a different truck. The reason son that I say keep it..... 1. It only has 55K miles, man that’s nothing 2. Interest rates are in the rise, that sucks 3. Save your money up so you can get an LTZ and pay cash for a lift instead of feeling like your stuck with the trail boss. 4. Like you said, the Tundra has had very minor changes recently, your body style is not outdated yet.
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    WOW are we getting lazy, Really,,,, push start, then press auto start off. I remember manually unlock door with key, put key in ignition, push in clutch, shift into neutral, pull out choke, pump gas pedal, then step on starter pedal and nobody was on the forum whining. Of course this was my 1951 chevy truck.
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    I've seen guys use "earth magnets" in the same spot as the felt, but they were only holding their remote up out of the way. My house/work keys are separate from my truck/car keys, so I don't have the key jiggling problem. Fixing to do the same thing, with a "fire/ice" light bar, to my '18 over my "holiday break," later this month. Picked up a Curt 7-pin to 5-pin harness, that I'm going to modify to include a 4-pin for my tow hitch brake light. Debating on taking off the 4" step rail, like the ones in Gunslinger's picture above, and replace them with a pair of these.
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    I worked for myself once and it was the best time I ever had, I really enjoyed myself. Unfortunately I was not able to maintain that career and perform my Navy reserve commitment. I started and hourly career to keep the Reserves strong and have hated work since. Currently attending collage in hopes of growing.
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    Been in public safety / law enforcement since i was 18 and have 7.5 years left. I love my job but hate the trends that are going on so 7.5 years can’t go fast enough. I have one more rank to achieve then I’ll be on cruise control until retirement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yup. If they fit they fit, if they dont they dont
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    Wrong. The majority of us HD owners care a heck of a lot more about the looks. We prefer to drive something that LOOKS as good as it performs. Which up until now hasn't been an issue.
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    Opinions vary. For my money it needs to excel in all 4 of those areas.
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    If it starts with the key and runs normal, I don't think it would be fuel related.. If it was a fuel problem it should be consistent. Check for codes.. The security system would be my first guess. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Is the shake shack where GM installs the infamous Chevy shake in certain trucks???
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    Heres my door sill overlays,sorry they were clean but wife and daughter wanted to take the sinister silverado to town, but you can see the mod
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    i was in the same position the denali i wanted sold the day i went to look at it shortly after a fully loaded SLT came up for sale and i got that and I'm glad i did get it over the denali with seeing the issues people have with the magnaride shocks and the cost of replacement. personally i think the SLT is the better buy.
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    Check all the ground wires to the frame, body. ;)
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    Just picked up my 2019 Silverado High Country in Havana Brown Metallic. It is interesting how the color changes under different light conditions! Only have 23 miles on it and still have a lot to set up. The truck definitely sit higher than the 2016. The seats are firmer and the HUD is awesome! Will update more as I get used to truck.
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    Damnit. Just take my money eBay seller - I can’t settle for the bose sub Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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