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    Detailed truck and replaced factory splash shield with a CST aluminum skid plate. Picked up the skid plate locally for $100, can’t beat that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Why would you want to do the upgrade? Mine has it because I was forced to have it to get the options I want. Waze, Google Maps, etc are far superior and cost nothing. $500 for an inferior maps setup when you already have free options seems like a huge waste of money.
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    Not worth it to me, I have a 2015 that had the navigation in it, and it was so outdated it was ridiculous. My 2018 with Android Auto, that can mirror my phone and use Google Maps or Waze is so much better. Not to mention it's always up today and I don't have to pay $150 for an update.
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    Here ya go Toyo/Nitto Here’s the site for all the sizes (psi capacity) https://www.toyotires.com/media/2125/application_of_load_inflation_tables_20170203.pdf
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    Did a full detail washed, waxed, windows cleaned, vacuumed be for my Xmas trip
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    Putco 60” LED light bar. Love it so far, wicked bright.
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    You’re told there is a new Corvette with your name on it sitting in your driveway. You ask for proof. Does proof decide reality? Reality is independent of proof but faith in that statement is not independent of reality. It demands proof! “Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld.”—Hebrews 11:1. What is your great, great, great, grandfather on your father’s mothers side’s name? Most will not know yet no one can deny he existed. The fact that you are is an evident demonstration, proof, assurance he existed. Reality doesn’t not require proof. Faith does and yet reality doesn’t care about your faith one way nor the other. God does. You got out of bed and placed your feet on the floor this morning; stood up and things you gave no conscience consideration, considered you carefully and faithfully. Gravity held you and the air you breath to earth. You are the perfect distance from the sun to allow life. Every day we are considered by countless demonstrations of a thoughtful purpose and intelligent design. God never intended that we place our faith in him or his purposes blindly nor ignorantly. He is more than willing to supply the proofs… Fact is he does every day; your willingness isn’t required. Your attention is. That’s one paradigm, and the another would be…….
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    If he was referring to a 2002+ Bravada or Rainier with the NP126 tranfer case, then I'd be with you as they did operate in a virtually identical manor as the K2XX trucks in "auto mode" and were also called "AWD" by GM. However, the older Denalis, Escalades, etc, were a bit different. In older ones using the NV149, the center differential was a planetary gear system (much like an open rear differential) that sent a constant 38% of torque to the front wheels--even when there was no slip occurring. When slip did occur, the viscous coupling could transfer up to 100% of the torque to either end. The big difference is the K2XX trucks are only sending a small amount of torque to the front when no slip is occurring, and need quite a bit of slip before they'll send 38% to the front while the NV149 starts out sending 38% all the time making slipping in the rear much less likely in the first place. So it's not unreasonable that one could feel the difference between the two and even feel the AWD Denali has a better system for slick roads, etc. In later years (I think around 2008 or so) they changed to the Borg Warner 4485 which starts out working pretty much exactly like the NV149--a planetary gear system sending 40% of the torque to the front by default. The difference with this one is it had no viscous coupling and simply acted like a truly open diff. It relies on the truck to apply the brakes to the end that's spinning in order to transfer torque to the other end. By all counts this doesn't work nearly as well, especially in deep snow, sand, etc. But on icy/packed snow roads, etc, it's going to work very well, much the same as the NV149. While I've argued many times the Auto Mode in the K2XX trucks is way better than locked 4WD on icy or packed snowy roads, etc, and dramatically better than 2WD (even on just wet roads), and yes, even as good as some AWD systems, I do think there are some AWD systems that are better for those conditions. Of course they usually lacked the locked 4WD mode that is always much better offroad.
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    Installed some rock lights Long ago too Now waiting for shakey to come ask me what the serve me for lol Installed a 2 in one rgb fog light demon eye bulb They serve as a demon eye and regular 6k bulb! Also has the best lumens ive ever had Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I drove the truck with the first key again to test my theory. The tranny will hesitate or flare when shifting between 1-2 and 2-3 gears. Wasn't as noticeable but still did it. Used the second key to come home with. No flare. Truck would actually accelerate from stopped. I could actually keep up with traffic. I don't think I'm crazy. I do have an engineering degree. Been told I am crazy once or twice though. Who knows.
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    Michelin Defender LTX M/S is the gold standard for on road tires. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    .. added e-track bracket to tailgate so I have somewhere to strap/tie down to when carrying loads longer than the bed (eg. lumber).. installed a couple threaded inserts and bolted it on.. now I can just pop the straps in when I need a tie down point
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    You need a io6 2.5 hmi and an antenna. Thise can be bought from ebay. Then you send it to white auto and media or MVI for programing
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    Changing the speakers will be a very mild upgrade. You'll gain some clarity but you still have to deal with the door speakers playing such a large frequency range. Without a subwoofer to handle the lower frequencies, you may struggle to find suitable speakers that can operate efficiently with the low rms output of the headunit. If you want to throw in just an amp and subwoofer, you can yluse something like the AudioControl LC7i to switch to an active system and relieve the door speakers of the lower frequency range so they can play better. That is the cheapest route I would recommend.
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    Max psi is for towing/hauling purposes. Ridge Grapplers are definitely awesome tires just as I’m sure KO2’s are to others but my tires at 80 psi are rated at 3415 per tire which faaaaar exceeds oem tires which you average your weight all together and go from there. 50 psi is still way overkill for a half ton when running e rated tires
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    Yes, you Sir are exactly correct. If I had I’d have those Grapplers 🙃 on mine. I have the K02 and have been running at 36 psi since installed. The door placard says 35 on stock tires and this is a colder time of the year so 34 is the lowest I’ve seen. I do run with nitrogen, so they stay pretty consistent. They look properly inflated, I have low miles so I can’t speak about wear. I do know they have very good wet weather traction. No vibration at any speed. I don’t tow much (but plan to) so I’m wondering if 36 is too low after reading this thread. I do not pretend to be a tire expert so I take all inputs under considerations. Thanks guys!
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    Btw, my Nitto Ridge Grapplers are rated at max 80 psi and I’m running them at 38-40 with excellent wear and comfortable ride.
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    You’re fine where you’re at, you’ve got high miles on them which I believe some didn’t realize it. I’ve had KO’s in over 15 SUV’s and trucks, great tires but something about getting 20K miles into them and they’ll loose a lot of wet on road grip. Needless to say, every 1 1/2 years I get new tires but the KO2’s have had a lot of balancing issues as well as vibration issues too and the two pairs I’ve had DID NOT IMPRESS me in the slightest. Best to really really research in addition to forums.
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    I’ve heard great things about the DuraTracs. One thing to be aware of is the weight difference from switching size or make
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    I believe the batteries in today's modern vehicles are way more important than years ago. Today's computer controlled vehicles are more sensitive to voltage fluctuations, especially low voltage IMO. A good battery is essential to keep voltages within the designed voltage range so the electronics perform as engineered. All solid state electronics have a designed operating voltage range. A good battery is cheap insurance to have a properly running, reliable starting vehicle. Those of you that know me have seen my posts about replacing my batteries every 4 years to avoid dead batteries. Not only does this avoid a vehicle failing to start but it also ensures proper voltages for the electronics. This web site has a lot of info if you want to learn about batteries. https://www.autobatteries.com/en-us/battery-testing-and-maintenance/car-battery-voltage-and-testing I have had a solar powered second home for 20 years and the batteries are the heart of the system. To properly check the charge of a wet cell lead acid battery(you add water to these type) you should check the specific gravity using a temperature compensated hydrometer like this. This instrument is the best way to test the charge status of a wet cell battery IMO. This instrument can find bad cells in a battery. Available here https://www.bradyinstruments.com/wall-mount-system.html
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    Reasons I chose the AT4: - 6.2L with the 10 speed transmission - New tailgate - Camera-based rearview - 360 degree camera views - Wireless charging - Heads up display - I liked the look of the trail boss but I think the AT4 is a little more refined.
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    Thanks Donstar..... I want to keep her as comfortable as possible, the silly dog has sure crawled into my heart that's for sure, as I type with a few tears here.... thanks for you kind thoughts... it helps for sure.....
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    How much is a dependable vehicle worth to you? A new battery is one of the least expensive maintenance parts and one of the most important parts in these new trucks IMO.
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    Hey Josh, that would be COOL !! I'l do that, actually going over to the dealer today to drop $1000.00 in good faith and get the process going.....he says 8 to 12 weeks, so that will work perfectly for end of winter and hopefully clear roads for a few months...... so today is the start of another awesome NEW Chevrolet experience
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    You need to decide if you are buying tires for looks or for performance.. If want performance (dry - wet - ice - snow) Check out the reviews on tire rack and consumer reports.. If you just want looks, then get pretty ones. I went with the Continental Terrain Contacts.. Very high reviews. We have 4 seasons here.. Performance is paramount for me. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    I’m running 295/55-20 Toyo Open Country AT 2’s. I love the look and the tread wear is amazing! I’ve got just under 46,000 on them and it appears i have about 50-60% left on the tread life. I will say my mileage dropped a TON when i put these on from the OE tires but these have outlasted those by almost 10K already with LOTS to go. I drive mostly highway and some country chip sealed roads. I did have an issue with getting them to balance when I first put the tires and wheels on but since having them road forced, the balance issue is gone. Here’s a few pics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ultra 107SB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got some too nice!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Go ahead and but them and when it's time to rotate the tires, have them installed...and might as well go ahead and get all 4 sensors replaced; if not, one, if not both, of the others will start failing right after you get the 1st two replaced
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    Welcome aboard! SHoot me a PM and I'll get some GM-Trucks.com decals headed your way
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    Hello GM forums! Recently traded an ultra high mileage tacoma for a medium mileage Silverado LT1500 Z71 and i couldn't be happier! Got it just in time for the 15 million tons of white bullcrap to be let loose. Got a good test of the 4x4. Plan to keep it mostly stock and keep it low-key. pics or it didn't happen
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    Welcome aboard Jeff! Send me a PM if you'd like some GM-Trucks.com decals for your when you get your new tahoe!
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    Since the 70's,, been running BFG All Terrains on my trucks, blazer and Tahoe due to their strong sidewalls and construction. I do basic hunting and fishing so these type (LT) tires offer on and off road safety and traction with extra insurance from nails, beer bottles and sheet-metal. This is from my personnel experience with nails,, etc... On my 2016 RCSB,, I had 3K on 275/55/20 Goodyear SRA's when a 3/8 X 2in lag bolt found my right rear tire. After getting it repaired at buddy's shop ordered 285/55/20 BFG Ko2's. Yes,, BFG's are more heavy than P rated, but all around driving has proved to me that they are worth the extra cost for traction and confidence. I have lost about 1 mpg around town and 1-2 mpg on interstate,, but it's a Truck... Cheers----Keith
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    I replaced the stock Goodyear highway tires with Continental Terrain Contact AT's. Great tire so far. My mileage was not effected at all.
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    If you run stock rims you will clear just fine. The guys that put on negative offset rims are the ones with fitment issues.
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    I got my silicone fob covers yesterday and problem solved, the fob was the only thing hitting the column 👍
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    Hey all! My name is Stephan, and I’m a Chevyholic! I am on my 2nd Silverado, and l’m loving every minute of it. Ijust got an 04 Z71 that’s super clean with 240k on the odometer. I’m working on fixing a few things, but that’s half the fun of owning a vehicle over 10 years old, am I right? I’ve ordered new headlights (the current ones are cloudy and one has a hole in it!). Need to get the plastic part that hold the window and door lock controls on the drivers side. Also need to replace the buttons installed in the steering wheel. Oh, and have a 20” Cree LED Light bar coming as well. Thanks all!
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    If you want quiet then it's Michelin the tire for you.
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    I guess if you’re weird and you have some sort of emotional investment into the heart and soul of the engine inside a pickup truck. Anybody that has a family and a job probably doesn’t give two shits and likely doesn’t have an entire week to pull their motor and build it. This is not to mention that it is indeed a pickup truck, that weighs 5500lbs unloaded. Cam’s and NA builds make hp but they also reduce torque, especially at the very low end like off idle. So we have option A -spend a lot of time and money building a motor that makes 150whp more and suffers performance on the low end for daily driving and towing or option B -spend much less time and about the same amount of money and slap a supercharger kit on the weekend and make 200whp more and have increased daily driving and towing performance
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    Had KO2 on my last several vehicles (GM full size trucks and SUVs) and drove my current 2017 Silverado in freezing rain for 35 miles today on a set of 265/65R18 E load range All Terrain KO2s. I wouldn't be so quick to blame these tires but I will say Michelin is a great alternative if you don't like the added weight and noise but I doubt you'll notice much of any improvement in wet traction... anything is better than the stock SRAs... they made it a scary 111 miles on my truck last winter before I had an appointment to swap them out. What air pressure are you running? What were the temps? How long had it been raining? I think there must be more to the story than the KO2s just not being good in the rain, I have well over 100k miles on them combined and I deal with some of mother natures most intense offerings.
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    Something isn't right. I've had no problems at all with the AT KO2 in the rain. What tires were on your truck before, and how long did you have them on there? When it first rains after a long time without rain, it tends to be very slippery regardless of what tire you have. So perhaps you experienced that phenomenon and thought it was a tire issue?
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    On a 2018 Suburban... I started working on wrapping the wood trim in a silver to match more of the dash trim pieces. Removed the center console and cup holder area to get pieces off. The doors will be trickier as I will need to do the same thing on those and the screws retaining the trim pieces are harder to access. Also threw on a carbon fiber bow tie on the steering wheel but I will be changing that to silver but paint it or maybe black to match the rest of the badges on the exterior.
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    Got the rear passenger doors done tonight and finished the front passenger door too. Driver door hopefully tomorrow night. Couple of photos of the work in progress to show that on the doors I decided to not take the panels off and just did it on the door with panels on. Was a lot harder but I found that pre-cutting the vinyl to the general shape allowed for the heat molding process to go a little smoother.
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    Hi I was wondering if the photos are available anywhere. I saw them all a while back but now that i'm finally getting around to installing the bumper, no more pictures. Thanks
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    I found a 2014 bumper to install on my 2011. As you pointed out : When I had started the disassemble I noticed the heavy metal piece which attached to the hitch isn't on the newer model bumper. You think the bumper has enough strength without this piece and the hitch strength isn't affected? Thanks
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    Well, we have made great progress with the truck. Almost all the exterior mods are done now, save for the LTZ chrome trimmed rear bumper cover (FedEx broke the last one delivered and I am waiting on a replacement), extended front lower valance trim and the front fog light chrome eyebrows. Exterior mods have been limited to chrome trim LTZ running boards, alloy 17" wheels and SS grill badge - a little hint at the coming power upgrade - either supercharger or 6.2 transplant. The rear total blacked out debadged look will stay. Interior mods are also well on their way - the remaining major hurdles are the correct component choices for managing the upgrade to IO6 popup nav & integrating the center consol controls and accessories that as yet are not wire up. Leather wheel upgrade with radio/phone controls removed. Katskins front and rear seat leather treatment, retail LTZ center console with transplanted matching wood trim. Max towing package trailer brake controls with appropriate trim panel - just need to get the option activated now. The plug is present and appears to be fully wired up. Prep for power folding mirrors with turn signal integration - the power fold works but the signals do not, so until I get that detail sorted I still have the base mirrors installed. Rear cargo cover and rear cargo net. As for the SS badge, the PPV already provides SS badge worthy handling, the idea is to back the handling up with either a supercharger on the 5.3 or a 6.2 transplant taken care of by Englandgreen here in Houston. GM really needs to sell the handling and HD upgrades of the PPV to the civilian market - there was no way I was going to buy a regular wallowy roll-over inclined SUV, but something that has the ability to safely stop and turn (and haul ass like a big super sedan ) is a different story. GM really needs to sell a proper SS handling package enhanced Tahoe - so until they do, I am happy to build my own. The badge itself is the 2010 through 2014 Camaro front SS badge and mount bracket. With a little cutting of the mount and a dab of epoxy it fits like an RPO option badge. Remote start video of the stock truck: . Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Sport installed: Remote start video of the truck with the Corsa Touring muffler installed on existing Corsa system:
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