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    Mechanics say a lot of things that may or may not be true. Sounds like a bitter guy.
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    Don't leave it in all the way, push it in all the way, then pull it back out about a half an inch or so.
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    I have to disagree with your statement. I'm using VLED's Micro Evolution LED bulbs in my factory projector headlights and they output more light than a halogen bulb. I recommend sourcing some factory headlights Dino.
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    The OEM chrome chipped and I wanted a cheaper replacement. I had my doubts, but I liked the end result!
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    I am including some photos of the Whipple Supercharger Kit Entire kit before install Supercharger views from side and from rear including the blow off valve See next message for additional pics
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    Peppers Decembers numbers are in. By year: 2016 24.6 mpg 2017 24.6 mpg 2018 26.2 mpg This is a 7% increase over the previous two Decembers. Continuing to see relief from lower viscosity lubricants on the up front number. 0W instead of 5W or 10W. In addition to quicker heat up of transmission. Drove more miles this December over previous by just a little. Still a low traffic month. There is allot of winter left. What! No graph? This one is easy to visualize, right?
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    Fresh 2 weeks ago. Your dealer can run the VIN of your truck to verify this applies to you:
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    This morning I repaired a problem with a cluster somebody brought me after they had attempted a fix. After their attempt 5 gauges didn't work in the truck. Only Tach and Speed. It would work on the bench but not in the truck. I had this sumbitch apart 6 times then it struck me like a ton of bricks, the 5 gauges that didn't work were all fed by serial GMLan. I located the pin (PIN A6 ) and traced it. I can't believe why somebody would do this to a circuit board, they actually cut a trace on the board with an exacto knife. I jumpered the cut with a soldered piece of wire and now everything works.
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    NICE I often see similar numbers when mother nature wants to cooperate. During the summer with good weather and a majority of my route being state highway (Which in WY is 70 MPH speed limit), I see those numbers frequently. Speed goes up, mileage drops. I will crack 20 once in a blue moon on the interstate, but generally that's 18-19 territory. Now if you have lots of time, NEED to squeeze that last drop of gas for all it's worth, or are the fuel mileage king like Grumpy Bear, slow to 55. You'll be amazed at how much your mileage improves. The only problem with that is it's no fun. ESPECIALLY with a 6.2
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    Happy New Year! This is about as close as I can get to mud around my area. Every road is gated off. Anyone in the Redmond Washington area know of some good back roads to take?
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    Lets see a picture of your guys' 2014 Sierras and Silverados and what you've done. Heres my SLT crew. Iridium metallic, loaded. Tinted, GM 6' oval side steps, GM mud guards.
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    True dat. Truck looks great. 20" or 22's" on the ridge grapplers?
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    I love this meme lol Glad you are staying just upgraded [emoji1360] Ryan B.
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    Gotcha that must be it lol now it works. I proly didnt wait long enough for the sensor either. Thanks!
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    Thanks Phil i have tried covering the sensor already. Weird thing is when I put the truck in reverse, everything lights up and the led on the cargo switch lights up as normal.
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    Supercharger separated from intake manifold showing the intercooler Intake manifold tracts
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    I have the CST 4.5" lift sitting in my shop, going on next week. I ran there 4" lift that was for the NNBS trucks on my 2013 Sierra. I ran that lift for two years with no problems. Even though the old kit was a knuckle lift it did not increase track width. I went with the new bracket lift for the same reason, no track width increase. Allows me to run stockers in Winter and a 10" wheel in the Summer.
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    Hey guys I tried to search this with no luck. I got into a bit of a battle with a tree a few weeks back in my 18 sierra. The tail light ended up getting torn out of the box and it pulled the harness pretty badly. A couple of the wires had the sides stripped a bit. I'm going to get a new harness and have taped it up for now but my LED bulbs I put in are staying on all the time. I checked voltage at the reverse socket. With the damaged side disconnected I get a reading of 127 mv. With it connected and no bulbs in I get a reading of 2.5v. With one bulb in 72mv. Has anyone ever tested the voltage of the reverse socket on their truck ? Is this a normal reading for this. The whole reason. I'm asking is that 2.5V is triggering my LED bulb to be on enough to keep my backup camera to be on all the time. With factory bulbs in there isn't enough power to trigger the camera. Any help would be awesome !! Thanks
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    Its cool. I knew what ya meant.
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    Right, so he should ask for a $100 refund for the extra cost to reprogram. Depending on how much he paid for the cluster
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    some similar posts under the troubleshooting forum. There does seem to be a pattern as most these screen bugs are only related to only the highest trim trucks .. Denali and High Country.
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    The dealer will know what's wrong. If you search for this exact problem you'll find the SB and # for it. Depending on build date it either needs a new Dash, or just programming. Mine took about 30min to be done.
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    Sounds like your buddy needs to take it back and strongly request/demand a full refund. These dealerships need to be held accountable for mis-diagnosis of problems. Too often they throw parts at a problem and the customer foots the bill of high labor rates and retail parts prices for items for what results in unnecessary work.
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    I hate the cap-less set-up. I don't have any problems filling but I do have a problem with water...after really hard rains, there is a little bit of water just waiting to be introduced into the filler neck. I am now in the habit of grabbing a paper towel before I even start so I can soak up anything sitting there waiting for it's opportunity to dribble on in. If there is anything good about it, I now use the same paper towel to wipe off my tail pipes as they tend to get the black soot on them...I do this every time I check the oil too.
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    Agreed. I hate working blind and finding out the hard way that an engineer decided to over-secure a plastic panel (Like the 10 metal clips that hold on the thin plastic bezel around the radio in the 2014-2018 models). I am also interested in this as I will be placing a special order for the 2019 Silverado 1500 High Country (as soon as I find out if they are actually going to have a tow mirror option at all without stepping up to an HD). The first thing I'm doing is installing a PAC AmpPro (AP4-GM61) to bypass the Bose amp and replace all the speakers with Morel Tempo, powered by Morel Class AB amps, building a front-fire under seat box for 4 DC Audio M38 subwoofers running on an Incriminator Audio IA20.1 amp, and adding enough Road Kill sound dampener to cover all the metal behind the plastic. Needless to say, an exploded schematic would be VERY helpful to me and anyone in the car audio business.
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    You can. I've been running my 5100's on the lowest setting with a Zone 2" for about 3 years. Although I've got an Eibach Pro Truck Lift System on order that includes the springs and starts at 2.5". I was planning on removing the Zone kit and raising the 5100 up to the max setting to see how much difference the ride would be but decided I only want to do it one time and pay for an alignment once. Keep in mind that with a spacer you are limiting the suspension down travel which does affect ride quality. https://www.shocksurplus.com/pages/lifted-and-leveling-struts-vs-strut-spacers Either way, the 5100's ride much better than the Ranchos GM put on these trucks. I was considering the Rancho Quicklift System with the RS9000 shocks but I had read that there have been some quality issues. There was a thread on the same site above that basically said the RS9000XL were decent shocks but when compared to Bilstein the quality did not match. I chose the Eibach even though there's not a lot of coverage for them on this forum yet because they've been around forever and they produce suspension parts for many of the other manufactures out there. Waterfowler41 did an outstanding write up and video of his installation of the Eibach system. Might be a $150 - $200 more than what you were wanting to spend, but the ride would probably be a lot better.
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    has anyone changed the blue orl factory switch from blue to red?
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    I remember my freshman year Mom and Dad said if I wanted a car (or anything else for that matter) I was to get a job. A week after school ended I had one. Two years later I had saved $9k (Gillette WY is a great job market for teenagers when the boom is in) and got a 1996 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Dad made it VERY clear that if I was to live at home, I was to be pursuing a meaningful career (i.e. college). After I graduated high school rent was $350. I thought that was bad until I got my first place
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    ‘16 Midnight LTZ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You may be right. I guess we could ask @sean006 to measure the distance from ground to top of the wheel wells front and back? That should settle it.
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    I am VERY happy with it... the stock Rancho's were a "smoother" ride, but the "bouncy" feeling when going over speed bumps, or bumpy roads drove me crazy! Where before it would "bounce" 3 or 4 times when going over a speed bump, it settles very fast, with no 'bounces" at all.... it is a slightly rougher ride (more like a truck and less like a caddy) but not bad by any means.... just stiffer. I was like you and tried to find as much info as I could with minimal success. I have had it installed for ~10K miles, no issues, and angles look good. The shop I had install it (and align) said all the ball joint angles looked great. There was a user on here "waterfowler" I believe, that had a good thread on it. I did find his youtube video (below) that covers the install. If you have any questions or need any pics let me know =) No regrets here at all, and I would do it again.
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    Double adjustable coilovers have more and easier adjustability. I have had drop spindles and struts on my truck since a month after i bought (purchased september 1st 2016) and its good, but i want more adjustability and easier adjustability
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    I didn’t do anything but Mother Nature decided to add some snow. I know it’s not a big deal for most of y’all but snow down here in southern Arizona isn’t something that happens often.
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    I grew up in New Jersey in the farm belt. From 12-16 I worked on a farm mostly hay, I didn’t get messed with in school. The desire to make money and save for my first car was my motivation. I’m the oldest so I watched my father build his business to become well off. He provided the basics anything else I worked for. My first car was new I bought it same with my second a year later. I was hell on wheels till I saw my future wife in high school. I ended up working as a fueler and greaser at my fathers job sites. Silver spoon, hardly. My fathers idea of character building was hard work low pay. A few years later in Texas after going on my own building and selling my own business I ended up joining in a new family business as a partner. Twenty years of building, twenty years of reaping the benefits of hard work and good reputation I sit retired. Hard work and the desire to succeed is what it takes. Most important a happy home life makes the nonsense of the work world bearable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Leave it stock. If you wanted a good sounding g motor you bought the wrong truck.
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    Recycling. Been doing it for a lot of years. Where we used to live before moving to the mountains it was free. 30% of the neighborhood recycled even though it was free and there was no sorting like years ago. Here in the mountains at first we were paying $3 -$4 a bag to recycle and would drop it off on our way into the bigger town near us. 60 miles round trip. Now we have free recycle as long as the idiots don't ruin it. This is 24 miles round trip. The problem is people dump trash into the recycle dumpsters and if it doesn't stop they say they will stop the free recycle. They put up cameras to stop the trash dumpers. Money value. My first job was a paper route. Then at a fruit market, .75 cents an hour. Moved out of the parents house at 16 also. I was provided the basics at home. Anything I wanted ( bicycle, mini- bike, car) I bought it. No regrets.
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    Deadening, closed cell foam and .elamine foaming the truck prepping it for the audio system
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    I get around 10-13 mpg around town, and on a trip to upstate NY without a proper tune and driving 65 mph on the interstate with the cruise control on, my "best" was 18.3 mpg. I am not seeing that now a days because I can't keep my foot under control, this truck is so much fun to drive now.
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    Also took apart the headunit to run the RCA's and remote wire for the amp as well as hook up the bass level controller. I probably should have done it when I originally installed the headunit but it wasn't as bad as it looks.
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    looked at an SLE w a bench and a SLE with a console and the dash seams are identical so i'm banking on the swap working. AT4 is ordered now, fingers crossed.
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    I believe these are meant to be used when the headlights are off anyway. I've used mine while tailgating (combined with the rear lights) and when everything is lit up they are quite nice if your looking for something or just need some light while picking up before you leave.
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    Lot of that going on here. Smartasses. Everyone is an expert He's asking around $1100 . You don't have to buy them if you think it's too much.
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    Colossus and CadillacLuke24 you guys are spot on. In the mid 70's I had a Chevy half ton pickup- cast iron motor,distributor with a set of points, and a Rochester 4 barrel carb and it would give me 15-16 MPG all day long! Here we are 45 plus years later and we are now up to a whopping 18 maybe 19 MPG!!! What a joke!!! I wish I had a new pickup with that 350 combination in it sitting in my driveway. At least a man could actually fix it himself when it wasn't running up to snuff. A new set of points and plugs and reset the timing with a timing light and away you went! Now you need a computer degree from Harvard to figure out what's wrong with the damn things! Aluminum motors, direct injection, variable valve timing, cylinder deactivation now down to two cylinders,all the aerodynamic junk and whatever else the wondrous engineers at GM can throw at us and they just don't seem to understand---------- A GALLON OF GASOLINE IS ONLY GOING TO PRODUCE SO MUCH ENERGY IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW YOU BURN IT!!!!!!! In conclusion the only thing I gather from all this nonsense is that it costs US the poor old consumer MORE MONEY. Nuff said.
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    It just goes to show us all, and the manufactures, that smaller engines and more gears isn't the way to good fuel milage. A big engine using less of it's total capabilities, is more effective then a small engine working hard in all situations.
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    (Sorry to Op for getting off topic) Diyer2, your story reminds me of a second home we bought many years ago. I was revamping the laundry room and discovered that a previous owner had wired the entire basement with dollar store type extension cords prior to finishing the walls. I had to strip all the walls to the studs. I was in the plumbing and heating business and held an electrical ticket for the first years of my working career. I have seen a lot of handy work but this impacted me due to the fact I was living at this house at the time!
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    Call the electrician at a trip charge of $75 and $80 an hour? After we bought our new to us mountain home 17 months ago I found some outlets/plugs that had a problem when using the vacuum. A voltage check revealed the voltage fluctuated from 80 - 105 volts. Pulled all the plugs that had issues and checked how they were wired. 2 were wired wrong but still had the fluctuating voltage. The problem was a loose neutral/white wire in the service/fuse panel. Tightened it down, fixed. Saved over $200 easily.
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    I take it back, here's another link for the ones with the square main tube. It looks like you could set these up to be bolted on but welded is a lot stronger and can handle both the weight of the truck and repeated bashings a lot better. http://www.chassisunlimited.com/product/armor-bumpers/chevy-gmc-armor/rock-slider-kit-sqaure.html
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    Your truck is awesome! I just had the 4” Fabtech installed on my Sierra Denali yesterday. I am running 285/55r22 Terra’s on stock oem 22s with a 1.25” spacer. I have rubbing inside the fender well closest to the cab. I was told by the shop that the wheel spacers were not needed for clearance so I’m going to have one removed to see if that alleviates the rubbing issue. Did you do any trimming or alterations to the back of the fender well?
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