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    My son topped off my blinker fluid this morning. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    2019 Silverado LTZ with GM 22" Denali wheels.
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    IT IS PARAMOUNT THAT YOU DO NOT PLUG *ANY* CLUSTER INTO YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL WE HAVE PROPERLY RETROFIT PROGRAMMED IT. THIS IS FOR YOUR PROTECTION NOT OURS. Seriously; it's that important. Now that we've gotten that out of the way ;) The "Denali Cluster in SLT" thread while a fantastic asset to the community is unfortunately getting overrun and off topic making our recommendation that each of you read it before undertaking this adventure a bit difficult. That said I am going to try to compile ALL the info here (including other cluster PN's as time permits) for a one stop shop if you will for all of the data. FAQ: Q. How does this work? A. You figure out your application (E.G. Gas US Spec and model year) and using the chart below you source the appropriate cluster (new or used). You MUST use the same model year cluster as your truck; the ONLY exception to this is if you have had us do the proper car play retrofit programming using modules on our supported list. Then and only then may you use a 2016 Red or Blue gas part number; please note there is NO part number for a 2016 blue diesel. After you source your cluster you email us using the contact us button on our website for a final fitment check supplying your VIN and part number of the cluster just to triple check everything is good (if you used the list below and follow these instructions you should be golden). After fitment is approved you place an order on our site (please pay attention to the cluster condition option!) and ship the cluster to us appropriately packed via UPS or Fedex ONLY. Upon return simply plug the unit in and you'll be golden; yes its that simple. Q. Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)? A. Yes we can please email us for part number list for those units. Q. Can you program an Escalade cluster to work? A. Yes provided we match the model year just like the Denali HOWEVER the unit itself is more expensive, does not fit properly, coloring doesnt match and costs considerably more to program; if you really want it we'll do it but we generally advise against it. Q. Does it HAVE to be the same model year of cluster as my truck? A. YES! The ONLY exception to this is below; please do not ask if any other clusters will fit as below is the only exception we made this list to try to streamline responses so all the information would be here. Q. I want to do the 2016 cluster retrofit into a 2014-2015.5 so that I can get a Green Cluster in my Silverado and get my steering wheel controls back in Car Play/AA; what do I do? A. Please contact us from our website, we have a list of compatible hardware we can custom program to make everything work as if it were a factory 2016. Q. I did a car play retrofit and lost steering wheel controls inside of AA/Car Play; can you help me? A. Yes but there is a specific list of compatible components and we need to do the programming on the other modules to make sure everything is 100%. If you are thinking about doing an AA/CP upgrade save some money and have us do the programming the first time; email us for a compatible hardware list. If you plan on doing the CP/AA upgrade at any point DO IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE! Q. Will I lose any features? A. No you should not lose any features that you had before. Q. Will I gain any features? A. You may gain some features as the Denali clusters have slightly different menus. We can also enable things you have added such as indicators for front park assist or the Navigation menu if you have added factory navigation. If you have added FACTORY options that your truck didn't have please put what you have added in the notes section. Q. Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle? A. Yes we can, this would all be custom and the pricing would be higher. Q. What is the HUD Retrofit Option? A. This enables the unit to drive a heads up display. Yes it can be installed no we do not provide support for that end of it but there is a fantastic write up here as well as harness from Pgamboa I think this covers the basics, I'll try to add more questions as they come up but these seem to be the popular ones. We are going to simply reply with a link to this post if people inquire about this swap so please understand this should have all the info 99% of people need. Thanks! GAS ENGINES: 2014 and Early 2015 GAS US SPEC - DENALI RED 2015.5 (Trucks with RPO AVF and/or VV4) GAS US SPEC -DENALI RED 2016 GAS US SPEC - DENALI RED 2016 GAS US SPEC - DENALI STYLE LARGE DISPLAY BLUE/GREEN LIGHTING FOR CHEVY (SILVERADO/TAHOE/SUBURBAN ETC) 2017 GAS US SPEC - NEW CHEVY AND DENALI BLUE/GREEN (First year Denali has Chevy Colored Lighting) 2018 GAS US SPEC - BLUE/GREEN DIESEL ENGINES: 2014 and Early 2015 LML Diesel US Spec 2015.5 (Trucks with RPO AVF and/or VV4) DIESEL LML US SPEC -DENALI RED 2016 DIESEL LML US SPEC - DENALI RED 2017 DIESEL L5P US SPEC - DENALI BLUE/GREEN (First year Denali has Chevy Colored Lighting) 2018 DIESEL L5P US SPEC - DENALI BLUE
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    I tapped the puddle lamp wire. It is the gray with green stripe on the gray BCM plug under the dash. Picture credit goes to @pgamboa
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    I’ll stick with my $2.57/gal 93 octane from Costco vs the $4.15/gal 91 ethanol free from the Citgo near me. I only spring for that expensive stuff in my Echo and Stihl weed wackers, blower and chain saws.
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    Hey everyone, longtime member here and haven’t posted in awhile and I thought I’d share the trade I just made for a new ‘18 Denali Ultimate. This was a spur of the moment purchase that I wasn’t planning. I was bored on New Year’s Day and I was just surfing the net and was curious about the deals that my local Chevy/GMC dealer giving. They had 4 ‘18 Denali ultimates in stock all listed around 51K. I shot right over to the dealer with my ‘17 SLT. I bought my ‘17 SLT exactly 2 years ago during the Holidays when the were also running year end deals. It was the the SLT premium package that listed for around 55k and I got it for around 44k. I really wanted the Denali but they weren’t really discounting heavily at the time. They had a couple Denali 5.3’s in but couldn’t justify the premium. Even though I really liked the SLT I really didn’t LOVE IT (not Like the Chick in the GMC commercial). Anyway, always wanted the Denali with the 6.2. And I’m not a big fan of the new ‘19s. I think they are fugly So Here is the Deal I got: MSRP $64,395 OTD all in for Ultimate Denali $50,500, Price includes tax, tags, fees $1350 Bed Cover, $374 for mats and wheel locks, $770 for Enviroguard (BS paint protection) Trade in for the ‘17 SLT w/27xxx miles $35,000 No Brainer!!! It was 65 degrees this weekend so I did a wash, Clay, polished out all spots, and ceramic coating. Tomorrow going back to dealer for a level lift, Friday will be doing front window tint and Xpel film paint protection on front bumper/headlights, mirrors and front part of hood Future mods are Borla Exhaust, trying to decide between touring and S type Also looking to add CAI kit. Any feed back would be helpful. I checked out Black Bears website and the test results on CAIs. A couple of Pics to follow
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    It was a nice day out so after a lot of scrubbing I got it somewhat clean. I like a clean truck but I miss the dirt covering all the horrid rock chips Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm loving the reg cab trucks in the thread. Here's mine: 2016 4x4 in black. It was on a farm in Oklahoma before I bought it and brought it to Texas. I put the Bilstein ride-height adjustable struts on the tallest setting about a year ago, and finally pulled the trigger on the Toyo R/Ts this past weekend.
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    Purchased last week. Clay bar , polish, and ceramic coated.
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    Website link does not come up. The correct one is www.vitesse-motorsports.com The "S" must be at the end
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    you asked for more pictures... lol.. 2.25" ready lift keys up front and 2" blocks in the back... has a little rake unloaded but it doesn't run empty very often... lol..
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    Oh yeah, the armchair ASE mechanics will let you have it! New wheels inbound. I made it 2 months having installed a "new" one with a known defect, I think that's a record for me. One of the wheels the dealer ordered to replace one of the wheels the service department screwed up was not boxed properly. The lip got out and was roughed up at some point. I was able to make it look nice before install with polishing compound, but a week or two later I noticed the surface of the wheel appeared damaged at the spot where I had to polish it. Holds air fine, but I just can't live with it, evidently. New ones are coming from GMPartsNow.com, and I have had outstanding luck with them in the past, so I am looking forward to receiving them.
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    I have one on my 17 Sierra, definitely makes in more responsive and you can dial in how much response you want. They have great customer service also. My controller was all scratched so I emailed them a picture of it and they sent me a brand new one super quickly.
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    If you run an Amp for a sub, you've done the hard part (getting power, signal, and mounting). You might as well get a 4.1 or 6.1 Amp and power the speakers too. In my progression, I went from door speaker replacement, to dash speaker replacement with 3", to adding aftermarket Amp for doors and sub, then adding a second Amp for dash, then getting an aftermarket 8" Sub. Each step was an easily notable improvment. Personal recommendation: use a NavTV processor over a LOC; and don't skimp on the dash speakers or channel. The factory head unit sends tons of midrange to the dash and most of the environmental sounds (phone, chime, etc.). Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Just finished up with this and would appreciate any feedback...took about 3 days, alot of sanding and modifying. I ordered vision 55 and BF Goodrich tire, should be here by the 20th. Also a 3" level for the front. Hopefully purchasing a CAI this week. Thanks! Rob
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    They look good op! Is it me or are wheels starting to look the same? They look like my wheels and my wheels look like american forces Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ported MSD LT1 intake with bolts, valley foam, side covers, belt, and pulley to convert L83 and L86 trucks. I smoothed the ugly script off the top. Retextured and painted it as well as the side covers. $1350 shipped to lower 48. Buyer pays PayPal fees
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    I don’t read those. I’m too worried about not speeding on base. Now you want me to read too... have you met anyone in the fuel shop? Those fumes make us not so smart Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Agreed. I got caught on this on my 2006 Jeep. Filled to the cover hole like I assumed it was in that location for. Turns out that was way too much and had gear oil out my vent tube for a week before I figured it out. B&M's install directions cover this by stating to either use a axel housing fill hole if present, or on newer models, add the manufacturer's amount "plus .4 quarts". Or, more specifically:
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    32 is no change seen by map and 02,could the port be clogged?if you suck on the vacuum line,can you get it to stumble?
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    It’s $100 price difference. If you go to their site and chose cluster programming, it’ll have a drop down for used (+$100) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ami styling billet grille emblem installed. powder coated black. And matching the grille almost perfect. I think its a great product since all the abs material in black were well over 100 bucks. I paid 53 shipped with a 20% military discount.
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    Same. Both remotes take about 6-10 step out of my front door to start it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally had a break in weather long enough to wash and detail the truck. Hate the winter grime and crap that builds up, I know it'll be dirty again in no time but felt good to give her a bath.
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    My wife asked me why I bought the 18 when I could’ve waited for the 19 and my reply was “I’m not going to be the Guinea Pig like I was when I ran out and bought the newly redesigned 14” you’re better off waiting at least a couple more years but in all honesty, the interiors are literally identical. I’m wondering if the 2021 models are going to change at all like the 16’s did after the 14’s were introduced? Sent from above
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    no GCT Offroad a buddy of mine owns it. i will probably just go with the coil over or bilstien lift shocks (front) and a lift spring or rear block (rear). i probably wont keep this truck over 2 years since it has the 5.3. so i dont want to do any extreme mods. ill be going to a NBS AT4 with a 6.2L hopefully by then. your truck has the perfect stance but im not sure i want to get that involved if im going to sell it in a couple years thanks for all the info
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    Thank you! Borla claims 0 drone on website, I am assuming that is without the flaps? I had Corsa touring on my 17 and there was 0 drone $900 a month if you put $0 down for 72 months at their crazy 7.5% rate I was fortunate to be given an opportunity in the financial services industry 10 years ago and turned a sales territory from nothing to a significant business and I was rewarded for it. Capitalism at its best. 50k is a lot of $’s, However Each person is in a different financial condition. I hate debt and I don’t buy anything unless I know I can pay it off tomorrow. Thank you sir!
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    I also previously owned a 2014 Silverado but I had no problems with it. I now own a 2019 LTZ Z71 and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I love the HD rear view mirror, I love the 10 speed automatic with the 6.2L, love the extra room in the back with A/C vents in the rear and love the heads up display. If if I had to gripe about anything, it would be the gas tank. 2 gallons smaller than the previous gen. You see a lot of criticism on the interior but I believe the functionality compared to the Ram is superior... That 12 inch touch screen would be a huge distraction. Just about all of the settings are in the touch screen... imagine driving down the street and wanting to turn your heated seats on and you have to scroll through multiple settings to get to it.
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    Smaller? Hmm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    careful when pulling it off. should you separate the push pins from the cap itself, you run the risk of the push pin dropping permanently inside the tailgate lol...ask me how i know..
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    If it works, I'll buy you a beer. (Domestic bottles only, offer only good in southeast Michigan)
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    I'd think about a 19, but the prices were about 10k more for a similar options. I also prefer the K2 styling, so I'm very happy to have found one I like. I looked at a couple while looking for this one. They do look a little better in person though.
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    I installed my Amp Research HD Max bed extender.
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    I needed two 1/4 washers. They cost 21 cents each. I'm just going to start drilling holes in coins. I'll save 11 cents using a dime
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    This truck was still advertised with December incentives. They had forgotten to change the price online. They honored the price. I may have been able to do a little better eventually, but I still feel like I got a good deal. This truck stickers at 56.8k and it has a ton of options. I'm happy. Here's a pic:
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    Just so it’s clear, my “haha” was directed at the blinker fluid comment...a big 👍 to your son being involved!
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    Fresh pics from my 2019 trailboss on a beautiful January afternoon in Michigan!
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    Kids were napping so I had some time to wire up my bars. Nice to finally have my light bars back in action. Waterfowler 41’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/brittmork
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    Took it out 2 weeks ago to shake it down and worked out some weak spots. Ruined my steering rack on a rock I hit going about 80 mph. Hoping the new HD one gets delivered today so we can get it installed before out trip to the dez tomorrow. Shake down #2...Had too much fun out there on the 1st shake down and only took a couple pics. I'll try to take some vids and what not this weekend if we get it fixed in time.
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    Left diode is for puddle lamp (on DL3 Mirrors) to follow interior dome lamps. This is a requirement for 2014 trucks that upgrade from DL8 Mirrors to DL3 Mirrors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Banks in Concord NH...I also have a thread on my purchase where there's more detail ... Let me know of any questions. Thx
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    Yes, light comes on, compressor will run if it needs to "dry" out the air, otherwise no when it hits the set temp.
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    Jalopnik is the internet equivalent of 14 year olds who decide what car is best based on their top speed and how race-car-y it is. That is all.
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    here it is bone stock first day I got it to today.... lots of mods, first was tinted windows, then 32” RC light bar behind grille, then K&n Blackhawk CAI, then cat back exhaust flow master force II, 2 matte black fender stripes “kind of an SS look I guess” , and finally 4.5” CST suspension lift with Fox 2.5 factory coilovers and fox 2.0 adventure shocks. Maybe not a lot of mods but close to 10k in add ons 2015 Silverado LT Midnight Edition 4.5” CST suspension lift Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wasn't that hard to add a drain plug to the stock 4l80e pan. I bought a generic drain plug and a nut that fit it, then with the pan off looked at where the drain could go where it wouldn't interfere with internal components, drilled the hole, welded the nut to the inside of the pan and done. Can't wait for the actual test results of the Banks testing...
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    You should have read the thread. Recirc door closes 90% instead of 100% because of excess dust intrusion from a negative pressure inside the cabin. Has absolutely nothing to do with starving the driver of air. It used to close at 100% and then the BCM programming was changed in 2014 after people complained too much of excessive dust intruding into the cab. My 2018 2500HD LTZ does this behavior... It is nothing other than POOR ENGINEERING on GM's part. I'm not even going to bother continue trying to prove this point because I think it's been proven. No other cars being sold today have recirc. functions so poor that it does nothing to block odors like these K2 trucks. Otherwise loving the truck... But **** this is annoying with how many people smoke in my city while driving with their windows open... (Even now in the dead of winter) Don't know why any Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti, Lexus, Kia, or Hyundai don't have this problem, but these K2 trucks do... Poor software engineering? If there's ANY concern of suffocation, then why can't the door close 100% for the first like 10 minutes after the button is pressed, and then open up to 90% after a certain duration. Not often I'm behind the same smelly vehicle for more than 5 minutes anyway. No one is expecting a Tesla-like 'Biohazard Mode' here... Just don't want to smell the smelly diesel or the smoker in front...
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