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    Well first, I would like to thank everyone that took some of their time to give me their input...some interesting to say the least....lol! But for all it's worth I ordered a 6.2 today.....mayby for the wrong reason, but this way I should'a….could'a, would'a won't be in the cards. And at an age that it could be awhile to the next one....Anyway folks again thanks for your time....and will be back with the " Verdict" lol ! AG
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    So, this will be the high level version but it's super easy. I've followed this recipe in all my cars for the last several years. I put this together because a dash cam just saved my ass with respect to an accident. Many of you offered valuable input on that and I appreciate it. Get a dash cam! Disclaimer: This procedure works for me. If you don't feel comfortable poking around in your fuse box, this procedure isn't for you. If you don't have some of the fuses/options that I reference in this, you'll have to locate an alternative fuse which should be pretty easy. Just be really careful poking around with a test light. If you mess your truck up..it's on you. Just keep in mind the concept of retained accessory power. Something may appear to have +12v when you turn the ignition button off...but it may only be hot for a few min. The way I checked this was to hit lock on my alarm remote. From what I can tell, this should kill RAP. If you still have +12V, then it should be a good source. Also, if you have suggestions or see problems with my procedure, by all means shout it out. I'm all for making a safer/better procedure. What you need: A dash cam. I like the Garmin 45 but you have about a million to choose from. https://smile.amazon.com/Garmin-Extremely-GPS-enabled-Recording-G-Sensor/dp/B06XFQTDQL The hardwire kit for that dash cam. https://smile.amazon.com/Garmin-Parking-Mode-Cable-010-12530-03/dp/B06XTBPYS2 2 ATR/Micro2 Add-a-circuit Adapters https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LFXA5YQ or Autozone 2 5amp Micro2/ATR fuses Autozone! 10mm socket Summary: You need key on power for the camera. If the camera you choose has a parking mode(the Garmin does), you need a +12v source when the ignition is off(not a RAP only source). 1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. 2. Pull the fuse box cover on the passenger side of the dash board. Grip the bottom and pull it directly away from the dash. It will unsnap. It is MUCH easier to remove on this truck vs. the previous generation. 3. If you have a pull handle on the passenger side, remove the covers and the 2 10mm screws. BE CAREFUL NOT TO HIT THE WINDSHIELD. IF YOU DO, YOU'RE SCREWED. You don't really need to pull the handle, you just need to loosen it. 4. Mount your camera in center/right side of the windshield. Make sure to mount it far enough away from the review mirror assembly as to not have that in the field of vision. You can also mount it on the right side of your windshield. This particular camera has placement configuration in the software. Technically you can mount it wherever you want! 5. Plug in the cord to the camera and start CAREFULLY tucking in the wire along the headliner. Be very careful about prying it down as to not damage the liner or crack the windshield. Run the wire all the way over to the pillar/handle that you loosened. Run it down the handle trim and tuck it in under the plastic and behind the weather stripping. Run this all the way down. The cord will pop out nicely right above the fuse box you just exposed in step 2. 6. Gently pull the lower kick panel trim. You may have to pull the scuff panel trip to remove it. It just pops out and pops in. Very easy. 7. Behind that kick panel trim, there is a very nice ground. Run your ground wire to that. 8. For the +12v key on power, I used the heated steering wheel fuse. It's a 7.5 amp fuse. Pull that fuse out. Add it to your add-a-circuit. Put one of your 5A fuses in the other fuse slot. Make sure you have the right fuse in the right place. I didn't the first time and when I turned on the heated steering wheel it blew the fuse. Strange that a 7.5A is enough but a 5A isn't. Seems to be cutting it pretty close but what do I know. Anyway, I reversed the fuses and put in a new 5A fuse and everything is good. Plug your new circuit into that slot in the fuse box. 9. For the +12V key off/battery power, I used the garage door opener. It's a 10A fuse. Seems to have power when the key is off. Odd because it would seem that if someone breaks your window, the garage door opener would work. Maybe it doesn't transmit or something but that circuit definitely has key off power. Assemble your add-a-circuit w/ your fuses in the correct orientation and plug it in to the fuse box. 10. Tuck in all your wires. Use zip ties to bundle up the excess. Make sure all your connections are good and secure. 11. Reconnect your battery and make sure your camera works in run mode as well as parking mode. For this camera when you turn the truck off, it should say "Starting parking mode" on the LCD...or something like that. When you turn on the ignition/engine, you should see the camera power up. 12. Assuming everything is good, put all your trim back in place and carefully reattach your pillar handle. Don't hit the windshield! 13. Got for a drive and then check the video when you get home. Make sure it's clear and free of obstructions. Fusebox image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0hd6gptnsrupdc/2019-01-11 14.53.58.jpg
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    Yikes, looks like a Camaro and a Traverse had sex and this is their baby.....
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    Got it finished! 16-18 led headlights and led fog lights
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    Winter tires perform better: -On dry pavement, in very cold temperatures -On wet pavement in cold temperatures -On snow -On ice It's not only on snow covered roads you see a benefit. Yes, smart driving strategies can prevent many accidents. Traveling at a safe speed, and following at a safe distance are always a good idea. However, sometimes when driving, you have to react to the poor decisions of other drivers. Having more traction when responding to emergency events could literally save your life. Like when some idiot on bald tires flies by you on the highway, changes lanes, loses control, and bounces off the median in front of you. But, you have a strong opinion, and I'm not going to change your mind. That's fine. Really though, I'm not spending a lot of coin on winter tires. The tires cost me about $400. I bought them used, after the previous owner used them for one winter. Like the tires, the wheels they are mounted on were from my old truck. I bought the wheels over 5 years ago. Winter tires wear a little bit faster than all season highway tires, sure, but not so much so that I have to replace them every couple of years. So, the money I spend on "faster tire wear" is nearly insignificant. I change them myself, so there is no cost to the seasonal swap. Next, you claim winter tires are wasting my time. I can mount my winter setup as fast, or faster than I could rotate 4 tires. If you think rotating your tires is a waste of time, I really should just stop typing now I suppose. Anyway, if my winter tires help me avoid one crash on the highway, on a dark winter night, far from home, I'd say they were worth a lifetime of seasonal tire changes. Have a safe winter, rkj__
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    In case anybody is interested in a bed extender for your 2019, I was able to mount the same bed extender I have used on my 2010, 2014 and 2016 into the 2019. Getting the nuts on back of the mounting bolts is a little tricky due to the tight spaces but it works! In addition you can still access the 110v plug in the back.
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    So, things finally came together. Amica appraiser came out. Initial damage estimate is 8500. No structure damage. No electrical damage. Amica talked w/ their customer. They have formally accepted liability. They have sent a tow truck to pick up my truck and take it to my shop of choice. They have authorized a truck as a rental. I'm a bit relieved! Thanks to everyone for all the input. Get a dash cam!
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    No I believe you are mostly correct. The 10 speed is new for 2019, but (and I'm not 100% certain) I think you are right on it available as an option on the upper optioned trucks. As for pricing, well I bought a loaded out SLT with 6.2 for well under $60K but I get what you're saying, it would be nice if available in a single cab or whatever you wanted. It may be possible but I haven't seen one here locally.
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    70mph is the speed limit, and I don’t much fancy being passed by semis and creating a rolling roadblock by going 65 or less on the interstate. As for a panic stop...eyes down the road, situational awareness and increased following distance mitigates the odds one will be necessary. In the event I do have to panic stop anyway, well, the trailer has brakes too...
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    The time finally came to take the leap to the Duramax 💪🏽 Loved my ‘17 2500 gasser. Great piece of equipment. I hope the next owner appreciates it as much as I did. Definitely love power and capabilities of my new ‘19 3500. Enjoy 😊
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    Seems we are trying to solve a problem WE created ...I don't care what anyone buys, drives, worships, modifies or blows up. Grumpy has the 4.3 and gets the most out of it and it seems to suit him and Pepper just fine, another member has a Supercharger on his 6.2 and seems happy too so it's all subjective to your wants/needs. I enjoy my 6.2 but I am sure if I had the 5.3 I would enjoy that too because I would have test drove it and found it satisfactory for my wants/need and if I had chosen the 4.3 I'd be happy with that too because again...I bought what I wanted/needed and don't really care what anyone else thinks, they didn't write the check!
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    Thought I'd share where I placed my legends badge. When I signed up, I came to realize that I have only bought 2 brand new Chevrolet trucks, 1 SUV and 1 GMC truck but I have owned countless GM trucks and SUV's. I'm glad they recognize us fans. Here are a few of my favorites, but this one is my favorite so far!
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    Well, besides all the crap this thread turned into, physics and theories and why no one needs a 6.2 since a 4.3 accelerates just as fast...yada yada yada....It just comes down to what you are comfortable spending and if YOU think its worth the extra money...Like stated before, before you order one, go test drive a 5.3 and a 6.2 back to back to see if you think it worth the money.... I got a 6.2 because its what I wanted... and the 23mpg on the highway is a bonus
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    I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 LT, Crew Cab Short Bed, 4x4 with 5.3L and 3.42 gears. The truck's placarded payload is 1702, GVWR is 7200, GAWRF and GAWRR are both 3950, rated tow capacity is 9100, GCWR is 15,000. I have a 2018 Wildwood X-Lite 282QBXL, which is 32.5' long from tongue to spare tire. The 282QBXL has a placarded 6052 dry weight with a 626 spec tongue weight, and a GVWR of 7636. The truck pulls the trailer with absolutely ZERO issues running 70mph on the interstate, and IIRC I'm turning about 2700rpm at that speed. Like most wind sails, the trailer can get blown around a bit when its gusty but I haven't really experienced the "sucked in by semis" that some folks talk about. Pulling a long, decent grade hill I do get RPMs up around 4k to maintain 70mph, but its a naturally aspirated V8 and that's where the torque is so no big deal. Running 70mph I average about 10.5mpg while towing. Weigh slip is truck, full tank of gas, me, weight distributing hitch, trailer, battery, two full propane tanks and 2/3 fresh water tank. PLENTY of margin for my wife, two kids, and stuff.
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    Not any more aerodynamic than a Class A motorhome, which the comparison being made. Actually, the reverse of your assertion. Go down to a commercial trailer location and take a close look at a 53 foot long / 8.5 foot wide / 13.5 foot tall dry van trailer and see if it looks any more aerodynamic than a Class A motorhome. Especially the back end. Please post pictures. Maybe the over 5 million miles I have been pulling them around, I lost perspective. A Class A motorhome does not have 3-4 foot gap midway like there is between semi tractor and trailer to generate turbulence. The Motorhome is a one piece deal with uniform air flow. And then there is the gap between bottom of that 53 foot trailer and the ground in comparison to that motorhome. Do you know of any motorhomes that have an over 3 foot distance between the bottom and sides of the motorhome and the ground? If so, again, please post pictures so we can all see this oddity. And let's see... how many tires have to be turned on the motorhome, each one offering resistance? Still waiting to see a Class A motorhome with 18 wheels and tires.... all of them 11" wide on 22.5" rims. Please post pictures. And lest I forget... not many motorhomes have a heavy duty 5 foot tall / 8.5 foot wide AliArc cattle guard on the front of them like I have on the front of my semi truck that also tends to mess with the frontal streamline air flow just a wee little bit.
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    No regrets. Always want a bigger boat. Always want bigger tires. Always want more horsepower. Always want to see bigger boobs. With a 6.2, you can pull a bigger boat easily, have bigger tires, have more horsepower and bigger boobs come with the above 6.2. Warning, you may have to pay for the bigger boobs. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pacific Blue with the CTX ceramic tint. So far no issues and love the truck.
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    Tyler, that would have been a great post if you weren't a 5.3 owner doing the same hand waving and rationalizing as everybody else.
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    Lot's of incorrect info in here. You will hear people spew stuff to try and justify their purchase or sell you on it. Words such as fun, lethargic, better mpg or saying the 5.3 can't merge on to an on ramp... What? Truth is the 6.2 doesn't get better mpg than the 5.3, simple tests have shown it and it is plain physics. The 6.2 truck isn't fast, it will get walked on by a V6 Camry, ohh muscle truck! Not... It isn't more fun, still the same sloppy handling boating riding high truck that stops the same and turns the same. The 6.2 comes down to two things, either you genuinely need the extra power for towing (it doesn't get significantly better mpg, TFL truck shower one tenth) or you have to further justify your purchase to everyone by saying you have a 6.2 4wd lifted truck on BFG KO's and think you are fast (remember the Hemi truck guys or Tundra guys when they thought they were fast?). The 6.2 might depreciate a little slower, not enough to notice a big difference in 5/10/15 years when you go to sell it. That is easily offset by the added up front costs, gas costs (including mpg), financing, insurance and so on. Completely up to you if you think it is worth it. Is the bigger motor a little more enjoyable to put the loud pedal down? Sure, but it isn't some massive difference than a 5.3 truck. On top of that the 5.3 can take E85 which gives it another 30 hp or so which the 6.2 can't. Your decision, my 5.3 runs just fine, if I want to go fast that is what the GTO is for. Enjoy the decision, it will be a great truck either way! Tyler
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    Agree with the 6.2 camp. Just got my first 6.2 a few months ago and, IMO, it's much more fun to drive. I'm getting the same mileage as my 07' that had a 5.3. Funny story, my truck is at the dealer for a rear window leak and they gave me a 2018 5.3L as a loaner. As I'm driving it home I'm getting into it a little and I've just gotten so accustomed to the power the 6.2 delivers I swear I popped the hood the second I got home to check if it was the 5.3 or the 4.3 V6. Not saying the 5.3 is bad or weak. It did me fine for nearly a dozen years and towed my 25ft boat just fine. I originally went to the dealer to buy a truck set on getting another 5.3 but they didn't have a truck in the color or options I wanted with the 5.3 so I went with the 6.2 and don't regret it at all. Test drive both. You really can't go wrong with either.
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    Just want to say, wow. So driving within the speed ratings of most trailer tires is now being an a-hole?
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    The usual reaction unless 1000 percent agreement. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cant say I blame him or wouldnt have blown up either. If its salvaged they should have bought it from him.
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    No it is the same. Just a few people on here I think either work for Bilstein, have a vendetta against Rancho or just have to have the latest "it" item such as bilstein's or BFG tires. The Rancho's are legit Rancho's and aren't bad by any means (took me around the white rim trail, over the alpine loop and various other places and did well). For 95% of the people on here the Rancho's do well and are more than they need, ditto with the factory tires. It is the same reason people call Ram's Fiat's or GM government motors, just trying to be cute and sway others to their personal view on something regardless if it is right or wrong. Don't read more in to it than it is. Good question though! Tyler
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    Sorry Al. Because of the G forces generated by the 6.2 , the cloth seats were not strong enough.
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    most times the insurance co will just do whatever they want. if a new frame is $5000 and bending the damaged one back is $500 goodluck getting them to shell out for a new frame
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    2.25” level w/ Fuel Nutz 18x9 +1 offset wrapped in 285/65r18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Westin protraxx 4 oval side steps. Ride is smooth, no rubbing. Loving it!
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    Yeah, he doesn't have them on his 2015...we do and I have not yet found a light bar that will fit in the grill area without modifying the shutters...if you find one PLEASE share!! Well, I haven't found any that will fit BEHIND the grill between the grill and shutters...
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    the ecm's have flash counters in them so every time it's flashed it's noted. if the dealer has flashed the truck 4 times and they see 6 flashes then they can assume it's been tuned and un-tuned. if your electrical wasn't in any relation to a tune that may be why they never said anything. they may not have even realized it had they not checked how many times they have (if ever) flashed your vehicle.
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    What's the pin weight? Barely squats??! C'mon
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    Appreciate the input. Definitely will take a look!
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    Sirius and XM while the same company are two separate radio systems still. The XM side doesn't offer stations that are only available on the internet side (channels higher than 200 except the sports channels) while Sirius radios do allow the higher channels. GM vehicles are XM radios where Dodge and Acura, Hyundai, only ones I know of are Sirius radios.
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    BULL and I quote, "It's all about ease of acceleration Grumpy Bear" What this statement says is that 250 hp. delivered by a 6.2 is somehow able to accelerate the same mass with some SENSORY perception or FEEL of greater ease or quantitatively to a GREATER RATE of acceleration than 250 hp. delivered by a 4.3. That sir is ignorance. That was my statement which you called, what was that again? Absurd? I placed nothing in your mouth. Your error is your own. I most assuredly noted that when I addressed the fact the a quarter G of acceleration is quite brisk and that additional rates where inappropriate for the streets. In that; it doesn't matter if you 6.2 makes 1,000 hp and a half ton of torque. A quarter G is a quarter G no matter how much excess you have on tap. IN fact I flat out call you a liar if you summit that your normal mode of operation is quicker than a 4.3 held to the matt continuously. That is what you are trying to make us believe. You have to exceed that limit to make your statement true. There is nothing arrogant about understanding something you are ignorant of and the ability to explain it. That sir is education. One any bright eight grade has. As for the rest I see you failed debate as well as physics. I would have addressed the 'substance' of your comment had there been any. There is a strawman
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    Thanks guys I appreciate it! I had previously looked into the bilsteins but had almost decided to go with rancho quicklift just for the easy installation. But from what I’ve found the ride quality just isn’t going to compare to the bilsteins and for the money I believe I’ve made my decision. Thanks again
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    I ordered an LTZ and wanted the 6.2, there was never a question in my mind. It is nice to know there is power on tap if needed. I have driven a lot of different vehicles and the worst feeling is to step on the gas and feeling nothing happening.
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    Boston, JBL, highest line of Kicker
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    This is MITCHELY03’s TRUCK!!
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    I had the exact same issue on my 2014. Granted i did not check vacuum but with a little extra rpm's the problem quickly went away. Knowing what I know now I would suggest getting that POS original design off of your truck before it begins to leak oil into the vacuum line and you need to replace $700 of parts instead of the $120 part. If you have concern over which part you have, the parts shop at a GM dealer can verify which part number is on your vehicle the old(12659655) or new(12669488) with your VIN number. The part is definitely different than my original indicating some substantial changes, and will hopefully not have the same problems as the original. I did notice even with the new pump at 700 rpm the truck can lock the brakes from 5 mph as it should, however still at 450-500 rpm I cannot lock up the brakes due to lack of sufficient vacuum, however it does stop significantly better than it did with the old pump. With the old pump the problem was most pronounced for me with my boat on the back barely moving in the driveway (medium grade) and the most recent trip to the boat ramp. On several occasions i noticed it took 2-3 times as far to stop as usual, but only at idle engine speeds. Hopefully GM will see this should be a recalled part so save your receipts and be especially careful backing in boats and stopping on grades with trailers especially if they do not have trailer brakes. Best of luck!
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    I have to say his rides and handles a 100 times better then my 15 Sierra Z71 does. They had to have changed the Ranchos from 15 to 2019. Night and day differences.
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    It took me a loooong time to figure out, you spend a lot more time at speed than getting up to speed. The money I spent over the years chasing HP to get there faster was rarely used and for the most part wasted. Probably still would have done it, maybe a little less. I do find it amusing that the HP guys will for the most part say the other guys are stupid for not spending the extra money. That’s pretty rich, as my son would say. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Joe98 Even though I can't afford a Silverado (currently a Colorado WT owner), this body has grown on me too. They look fantastic.
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    I have been playing in Photoshop with GMC's marketing image. To my taste, I really think the current truck has too much chrome. Trying to dial it back. I wanted to create more of a "midnight" version of my Denali without going full-black out (Murdered). Midnight Denali - Black Skid Plate, Blacken the chrome surround on the grill, black mirror caps, black door handles, back out the chrome step and black 20" wheels but may go with 18". I want to leave a little chrome - the center of the grill, the trim on the windows and maybe the door strip. Also, I want to pick up the red in the GMC logo with red tow hooks. This is what I am thinking, will probably put it together over the next couple of months. Here is the standard stock image, for comparison.
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    Those of you with Opt7 Redline—is your signal off sync? I heard that it’s off by about 1-2 seconds from your regular turn signals. Also get the harness that goes between the plug on your bumper and the harness behind hitch. It gives you a 4pin cable for tailgates and leaves the rear looking stock. Best $30 I ever spent! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Am I the only one who likes that the steering wheel adjustments are not powered? When I get in and out of my truck I always raise the steering all the way up so I am not smoking my legs against it. I am not even tall and figured this would be a larger pain if I was..
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    It all comes down to price per mile. Where i am e85 is 1.89, reg is 2.79 93 is around 3.00. I have a 6.0, 87 gets me 16mog on the highway, e85 gets me 13 mpg. E85 burns faster but price per mile is cheaper. Thats why i run it. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk
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    My truck is a 2018, Z71, DC stock and I have about 300lbs of stuff in the bed and 880 miles on the meter. This past Saturday I put a set of Bilstein 4600 on the rear and while the difference is not earth shattering, it is noticeable. The new shocks absorb most of the small road "blemishes" for lack of a better term, while I can still feel them in the front. What I'm most pleased with is the lack of bouncing when going over larger bumps, such as road to bridge transitions and pulling into my driveway. Can't wait to get the fronts done. The real test will come when we take the TT trailer to the coast.
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