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    .. revisited vinyl wrapping my door pillars today.. much happier with the result this time.. I used satin black vs the gloss black I tried the first time back in the fall which I then removed. The satin black is a winner.. this was the look I was going for.
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    Yeah, but to play Devil's Advocate here, they can't even fix leaking rear windows here as of late. Engine replacement? I would have to get out of it and get another one to ever be happy I think. This just sucks.
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    It’s about 1/2 inch narrower, I think If I was parked beside another one, you probably couldn’t even tell.
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    So I found nothing wrong with the instructions for the install when installing it. It even says the 6.2 is shown and that the 5.3 is farther back on the drivers side. I found the tightness of the hoses to be perfectly normal and had no problem putting them on. I have installed 3 of these already 2 on 5.3 and 1 on a 6.2. There is even a video showing how to install the can.
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    Thats nice. Your Ford is butt ugly in my opinion.
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    I would but for 2 reasons I can’t, 1,, truck is at the dealer, 2, it was a little hole that goes through the mud flap in to the nut clip, couldn’t see it, had to put my finger up behind the fender to find it, then saw the hole on the mud flap so I took the other bolt out, matched it up with a new bolt, put them both in, problem solved now for 5,000 miles.
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    I am an HVACR tech by trade. I can tell you you will be chasing ghost trying to confirm a leak on any auto ac by pulling a vacuum. This is mainly because the compressor front seal is not meant to handle a vacuum. The best practice is to use nitrogen and a leak detector of some sort be it soap bubbles or an electronic leak detector. I use both. You can heat up the refridgerant cans in hot water. In the field we use our torches, but we watch our bottle pressure on our gauges so the cans or jugs wont blow. Automotove standard epa 608 is only zero psi for vacuum while everything else hvac related is 500 microns well beyond -29. Pull your best vacuum 30 to 1hr. Connect your leak detecktor can and let the vacuum pull it in. Once done charge the rest of the way. Max ac full blast windows down. Heat your cans as needed.
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    Mine 19 is not a Z71, but my 05 was. There is one place particular that it's bad about jumping sideways on my way home from work, it's in a slight curve that has about 7 or 8 degrees of banking, the speed limit is 45. At that speed it kicks out enough you can feel it, but if you run through there with traffic (55-60) it feels like it kicks out about 2 feet. The 05 would do it at 45 and never move, if fact you would have to get over 60mph to get it loose even a little bit. Like I said in my earlier post, I believe it's just the stiffer suspension, the 19 doesn't ride quite as well as the 05 did either, IMO Even though it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm really not, this small issue really does not bother me and I like everything else about the truck, at least so far, oh, except for the payment, I haven't had one of those in 9 years...
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    This may sound unbelievable especially since I spent my working life off road. Living in the south, not many pot holes may be a good reason . I’ve never needed an alignment. I would regularly get 70-90K miles out of factory tires. The only exception was when I did a job in Austin Texas. Mesquite trees, thorny little &$&&&. KOs took care of them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do the muffler first. Then make the second decision. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know someone who bought a new Toyota Tacoma. First oil change is 10 K miles per dealer. I believe they are all extending services to let you think it's OK. I disagree.
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    There is a lot of good points being made in this post. I personally wouldn't purchase any popular late model 1/2 ton with 157K miles unless it was priced ridiculously low. Unless the truck is an older collectable, this kind of mileage doesn't warrant a price tag in the $20K range. You will find everyone thinks this way if you ever try to resell!
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    just replaced hmi and radio module in 2015 silverado lt, had them programmed by @th3magpi3 he is a forum member/supporting vendor does an excellent job, fast turn around time, great communication...would not hesitate to do business with him again!
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    My mats also go under the storage area. They are not cut
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    Don’t get me wrong, the whole situation is awful, but I’d almost say that’s a good thing. I feel like I’d never trust my engine again after running without oil. You never know how long it would take for problems to appear.
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    Except that guy almost certainly didn't actually pay anything close to $55k for it. A quick look on cars.com shows a bunch of Suburbans going for 17%+ off sticker price. That drops that 2010 Suburban for $55k down to around $45k, and I'm sure even better deals than that were possible if his timing was just right. For whatever reason the SUVs seem to really get nailed in early depreciation compared to the trucks too. Was definitely part of the reason I went for a truck. The trucks seem to be pretty amazing really in terms of holding value, as far as vehicles go.
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    Trying to find where it says the exit side is up by the throttle body on 5.3.
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    I have Bilsteins on the rear. Waiting for better weather to put them on the front, which appears to have arrived in Michigan...FINALLY
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    I've been reading GA lemon law. There is a 30 day clause, as well as 3 repair attempts, and a 4th final inspection, I'm guessing to prove the problem still exists. They haven't called me, and I'm not calling them. Clock is ticking. And I'll have the manager inspect it with me when I go to pick it up. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    This quote baffles me. You say expected better for what you paid, but your first complaint was about them saying where exit side is. They clearly stated correctly online where it is at for a 5.3 and not there fault you paid attention to 6.2. Then you complain about the hoses not being the right size, which is weird because I dont know a single other person that thinks they are to snug and most people want a snug fit. Last I have called them before about a can that was damaged during shipping and they sent me a new one free of charge. I think there products are great and will continue using them.
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    Skippydog's review confirms to me why online reviews don't hold a lot of water to me.
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    I am at just about the exact same 50 all around and with Bilstein 5100s. MUCH better !
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    I don't know? I had no issues really installing it? The connections can be and are tight? Which is good right? My buddy ordered one from the other outfit and they sent him completely wrong hoses and adapters for his vehicle? They did correct the situation but he installed it and the effectiveness of it working properly was.....nothing close to mine? I don't know...mine has caused me absolutely no problems and does what it supposed to?
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    Early in the thread someone said the 13 6.2 didn’t have cylinder deactivation. One less worry if that’s a concern and not too long ago. I know people who experience electrical issues and that was mentioned in this thread. I don’t know if I would be as concerned about that. Electrical problems usually shows up early and would be on the car-fax. Where cylinder deactivation problems would usually show up in the 100-150K range. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No, I'm the same way, and I think it's a great plan! My 2012 F-150 was MSRP'd at 39k, bought for 29k, traded in four lears later for 24k. I had a Benz, bought for $40k, traded in for $13k four years later, never again! I only buy if I can get $10k off and it holds value well.
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    Any chance our March orders will be shipped out today? Way overly excited!
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    I have used BG 44 K but stopped due to price. It's a good product. I think $250 for 3 services is a lot considering what I can do it for with off the shelf fluids. I think I can do my 3 drive line services with off the shelf fluids for $50 in fluid cost. This for differentials. Transmission fluid I use. I also believe a lot of the BG services are not necessary if proper maintenance has been done to your vehicle. Example: Engine oil plus service. Copied from the web site Symptoms: Poor fuel efficiency Loss of power Features: Cleans micro passageways in gasoline direct injection engines Cleans stubborn oil deposits Restores engine balance and power Improves spark plug life Benefits: Reliable engine performance Money saved at the pump Longer oil change interval Its an engine flush I believe. Not needed if proper oil changes have been done. I have used off the shelf fluids for over 50 years in my vehicles. Never had a problem with motors or transmissions and I keep my bought used vehicles a long time and put a lot of miles on them. All service shops would use fluids that meet OEM specs I would think so it comes down to price for the service if you can't do them yourself. Amsoil and the other brand fluids in this category are above average quality and cost more. Personal choice if that cost is worth it to you. The important thing is doing the fluid changes so use what you like.
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    OK, just did about a 400 mile short road trip this weekend and it did change my view on the DFM. It’s hard to do a direct comparison with/without because on the highway the L9 seems to modify shift points in a way that matters and is most likely hurting things. But once I noticed that I just stayed in D and let it do its thing and got an average of 19.5MPG on a trip involving a combo of hilly interstates going mostly 75+, 2 lane (hilly) roads, and a little in town stuff here and there. On the way home I pushed it pretty hard too, climbing some long grades at 80-85mph and generally just not thinking about economy at all, and even in those 25 mile windows on the DIC the average stayed over 18mpg. I’m definitely impressed. I’d love to go do the same trip with DFM disabled and see how it does. And maybe I will buy a Range to do some testing with when they’re all sorted, but for now I’m not worried about it.
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    I had zero issues with install on my 17. weird
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    Deleted this post because the information provided was incorrect
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    If gas was pushing $7.00 a gallon I would be more sensitive to MPG's too. I didn't realize it had gotten that expensive in Canada... I still say there is no replacement for the smoothness and power of a big V8.. Sure the smaller V6's can get the job done but, I am not looking for get the job done, I'm looking for an excess of power... When I had the 2014 with a 4.3 it struggled to merge on uphill on ramps empty, sure it got the job done but, It was not confidence inspiring.. That's just my personal preference I like big V8's and I always try to get the upgrade motor, I've always been let down when I haven't... When I had my Sierra I was disappointed but, satisfied with the 5.3 when I got the Silverado, with the 2016 Malibu I leased for my wife I wasn't really happy with the 1.5T, I'm much happier with the 2.0T in the Equinox I just bought... With gas around $2.50 - $3.00 a gal here if I get 22 vs 24 on the highway it's not going to make a difference to me at the end of the year but, it irritates me when I punch it and I feel like the truck isn't moving quick enough everyday... That's just me though, I've toyed around with a 6.2 on my next truck so you can see where my priorities are at.... To each their own and good on GM for offering options to suit a variety of preferences...
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    I think it definitely helps and is just as good as a cold air intake.
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    Lol. You colored over your license plate in one picture only to leave it visible at the end! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J727A using Tapatalk
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    6” Fabtech w/ Dirt Logic’s all around. Love the setup! Ride, Install and Part quality are great. Now I need bigger tires! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Loving the warm sunny weather up here in Michigan today. Got the truck all shined up for spring
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    Wrapped the bow tie in carbon fiber inside and gloss black outside and got it all wiped down for pics on this warm sunny day here in Michigan. Pushing 70
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    My HC doesn't have noise canceling, you can check your headliner to be sure.
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    Old 2015 1500 in first pic, bone stock at the time New (to me) 2016 HC 2500 HD Duramax in second and third. Cognito leveling kit with UCAs and Bilstein 5100s all around. Toyo AT II 295/60/20 I will always be a summit white fan and all my trucks will be summit white. Super clean and sophisticated looking when detailed, turns head with how bright white it is, I love it Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I just heard back from the dealer on the fix for my LTZ. I feel this is the best possible scenario based on what I've seen here. To recap: -This is the 15th day it's been there. -They've done the remove/reseal of the rear spoiler in the TSB. Solved some of the leak but not all. -Headliner doesn't appear to be water damaged(caught it early I guess). -Had a glass company out(Safelite...meh) to inspect the glass. Said they would remove/clean/reseal/reinstall. Safelite advised them that there was a 100% chance the rear window assembly would break if they tried to remove it. My Service Advisor told them not to even try. They are ordering a new rear window assembly and Safelite will install it early next week. He said parts availability don't appear to be a problem. They will remove the old, install the new and then do a thorough leak test. He said keep my loaner til then and don't worry about it. BTW, I did NOT buy the vehicle at this dealer. I know there have been a lot of bad experiences with dealer repairs in this thread. Believe me, it scared the hell out of me. However, this dealer has so far taken good care of me...and even kept my truck inside full time(which I have visually verified). So, I'll advise on how it comes out, but if you're in central TX, you might want to consider a trip to this dealer and Service Advisor. I'll post the details if anyone is interested. Quite possible that on future repairs they will take this route but who knows.
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    Here’s my 2014 LTZ. I recently wrapped the grill black and changed the headlights. Here’s how it looks after. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've installed that CXARC knob with mounting tape under my seat. This thingy really helps - no need to mess with switches, so I restored them to factory defaults. GM should've included it in the kit!
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    Yes.....there was a wire pulled out of one of the abs sensors. Nothing serious and by the time I got home from the dealer they called me and told me to come pick it up----done
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    I wasn't a fan of the button that came with my light bar so I finally found one I liked and installed it in the dash. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    No gap, be nice about Binki. He served with me on my last deployment to AFG. A child sent me a care package, Binki was inside. He was my Scout, FireWatch, ammo runner. I've had him for five years, still has AFG moon dust, and some sand left in him...
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    Dad has this pump he worked up to draw it from the dipstick tube. A metered 6 quarts. He's 89 and likely in better shape than I am. What most I know I learned from him. The milk trick is just fun to do. Try it.
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    I'd agree with that statement ... I think I'd also opt for 4x4 even though 98% of the time I'd have to go looking for a place to use it I just like being prepared Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello Brian S, and regular visitors to GM-trucks.com/forums You make a valid point. Your math is correct. I am working hard to achieve an end. I should say your math is correct about the dollars per mile and the difference in dollars between driving styles. There is a bigger picture though, more at stake than my personal dollars. I operate my the mower that I mow my lawn with, the saws that I heat my house with, the motor vehicles that I transport with: in the most efficient way that I can. I know that lots of folks have not seen any connection between our personal transport choices and the world climate. I have done the math. I’m just saying that there is more at stake than a few dollars out of my or your wallet. If I can drive this truck more efficiently, I will. It is worth it. General Motors built in a bunch of features that make it easy to not waste fuel. I choose to take advantage of these features and to go beyond. I’m a truck guy. I like driving a pickup. This 2014 Sierra is my fifth pickup truck. I like to drive off-road. I like put the hammer down and rip. I like to do some big drifting, precision power-slides in the Michigan winter… Still, I make the choice to get that extra 1040 miles out of each 10 tankfulls. It is not easy to do, but it is easy for me to choose to do it. It has nothing to do with “a dollar a day” but you are correct about the fact that it is up to each of us to decide what matters. Please, Please, Please don’t interpret this post as my invitation to everyone to pile-on about your displeasure with the liberal mindset. We are truck folks, and the trucks are better than ever! I’m just a guy with a V6 GMC who speaks his mind and goes his own way.
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    Human nature, If someone told me id be driving an unmodified truck with close to 400HP 20 years ago, Id be looking at their arms for needle marks. Same with living in a 3000 square ft house with two people. Everyone wants more, its what we live for.
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