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    It’s quite entertaining. Don’t like the Sierra front? Don’t buy it. Don’t like the Silverado? Don’t buy it. Simple.
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    Next upgrade coming soon 2014 Silverado LT
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    I don't know if any other current 2019 Ram 1500 owners have responded yet, but here goes. I have had Silverados since 1992. 4 of them to be exact. My last one being a 2014 LTZ. When the lease was up on my 2014 in September of 2018, I first wanted to get a new 2019 Silverado or Sierra. Dealers were wanting top dollar. Would not come off their prices by even $1000. So, I drove my 2014 silverado over to the Dodge dealer to look at a 2019 (redesign) Ram 1500 Laramie. It is the Delmonico red with sport package, e-Torque Hemi, 4x4 black interior. No 12 inch screen, no panoramic sunroof. I had read about sunroof leaks and big screen issues. We were able to get this truck for $48k out the door and they gave me another 5k off for the silverado even though it was a lease buyout. No way I was going to pay nearly $10k more just to stay with GM. I have to tell you, after 13,000 miles and 10 months, this truck has been trouble free. Yes, I know there was a seat belt recall. Big deal. No problems with the U-connect system or the e-Torque system. I see where some are warning you about the AC system. I have not had any problems with mine. My wife drives it 90% of the time as I prefer to drive my ZL1. But she loves this truck. It is comfortable, roomy makes good power and can tow my Camaro to the track. So, let the haters hate, this has been a fine truck. If I had one thing to nit-pick about, it is the "promise" of e-Torque. It was supposed to save about 2mpg. That is bull. I see really no difference between the gas mileage of the e-Torque and non-e-Torque engines. I think it was a sales gimmick to make more money. So, get whichever truck is the best deal. That is really the best advice anyone can give you.
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    Most people are capable. But many people make enough money to pay someone to do it for them, or work too many hours to want to spend their free time wrenching. Opportunity cost it is called. Is it worth you spending 4 hours doing a job that takes a mechanic 1 hour, or is it wiser to work 4 hours and earn $150 to pay the mechanic $100? Personally, I work 70+hrs a week, so the little free time I have I try to use for relaxation with the family and chores. Vehicles happen to be a passion of mine, and a income stream, so I enjoy working on them but the same cant be said for everyone. I have a friend that is an accountant that doesn't do his own taxes, I know cleaners that barely clean their own homes, I know mechanics driving rust buckets, I know landscapers with long grass etc. Time is life's most valuable resource, not money.
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    What do you expect? This is a forum for GM trucks. Buying a truck every 1-3 years is pretty common across the board but it's still a legitimate concern. Some of the regular guys here are previous Ram owners than left the brand for quality reasons. Guys left Ford because of all the problems with the 2018+ F-150's. Should we just pretend that all of FCA's brands aren't at the bottom of every quality survey, so as to not offend anyone here? There are quite a few recently registered members that seem to have an agenda from the start to try to sell us on Ram trucks. Ram makes ok trucks, but the guys that are making ridiculous claims about Ram trucks are going to be corrected when the facts say otherwise.
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    Lol, I have 389 miles and I love mine too! Seriously though, the more I look at the difference between the 19 and 18, I'm really glad I waited. When ya really look at the 2, the 19 makes the 18 look like it was made ages ago imo. This new Silverado is flat out awesome imo. Just hands down a nicer truck. I do wish however, Chevy would offer an optional 38 gallon gas tank like Toyota does. It would cost a mint to fill it up lol, but man, would you have the range.....
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    Mark , Terrible news. I wish You and Cindy the best along with your boys. You need to be strong for you and them. Guys, I got to be buddies with Mark through this site He was interested in in my Antique Store my Wife runs , and was looking for a few things and was wondering if I had what he was looking for. Of course I did and a few emails later we made a deal and off to Florida it went in the big brown truck . A week later another email looking for something else . Boom off to Florida another package . His gal loved the items and it made me happy that she was happy.. We continued to email back and forth after that and bs''d about other stuff besides trucks and Antiques. I will miss that I'm here to say Mark is a stand up guy and I can only hope the Man upstairs buys him as much time as possible and he don't have to lose the battle. It happens all the time why not? Thanks Mark.
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    When the check engine light flashes it means the engine is misfiring
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    Alabama here. Factory tint and has been 100 in the shade recently.AC in my Custom double cab is amazing. May be the coldest system I have ever had in a vehicle.
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    Well, if it was me, I would start loading the truck, when it starts to squat, take a look at the space between the rear springs and the bump stop. When you're about 2 inches away from the bump stop with the spring, stop loading.
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    Aint God's fault, no need to cuss Him out.
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    Fuel Nitro 20x9 + 1 Nitto RG 275/60/20 Stock AT4 Suspension
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    It's called a "bump downshift" and it's a common issue on all modern half-ton trucks. They're keeping the torque converter clutch locked up as you slow to a stop, using your forward movement to turn the engine so that the engine doesn't have to burn fuel to keep it spinning while you're essentially coasting to a stop. It's not always a smooth. It affects GM transmissions, the Ford 10-speed, and event the Ram's ZF 8-speed. You can teach the transmission to downshift better by getting the truck up to 30 mph and just let it coast to a stop without pressing the brake. Every time it downshifts, it's trying to do it as smooth as possible and the computer "learns" or makes adapts so it performs the shifts better. That's where consistent driving is important. Some guys will drive the truck really hard and the transmission will adapt to make aggressive shifts by increasing pressure and adjust timing, then they start to granny the truck real slow around town and complain that it's shifting hard. The upshift hesitation you're describing is pretty common with the 6sp+5.3 with AFM. It will improve with mileage (about 1500 miles with my 2014). Your best bet is a custom tune but you could wait to see if it starts shifting better on its own. You could also try driving it in "M5 mode", where you shift to M instead of D and use the gear selector toggle switch to choose 5th gear. Leave it like that and it'll stay in V8 all the time. In M6, it'll allow AFM in 6th gear. Try that and see if it hesitates. A dealer won't be able to do anything for you unless it's something clearly wrong. What you described is normal for the 6-speed, especially with 3.42's.
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    Hi All, Other than the console lid, the only other item missing on the custom trim level is the radio control on the steering wheel. What I did was find a 19 RST trim level with the vinyl steering wheel and the radio controls on the dealer lot and ordered that complete steering wheel borrowing the VIN ($165.00) What I'm not sure of: Is the correct wiring in the column? is the clockspring the same as the RST? and will I need to have the dealer update the BCM with the sales code for the radio controls. This is a trial and error on my part and I will let everyone know how it turns out. I did not order a leather wrapped wheel due to all other trim levels had the heated option and I didn't think the wiring would be in the column for that. Additionally, I do know the clusters are different on the RST and the Custom and the steering wheel does have the ability to scroll through the DIC menu on the RST and above trim levels so we will see what happens. If anyone has tried this let us know here. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I have the duel control in my 2004 1500 silverado. On the driver side it will occasionally blow hot air when the AC is on. I get squeaking from the system and has been acting up for awhile. What is the best way to attack this? Do i have to pull the whole dash out? I would like to replace the blower motor anyway. Thanks Any tutorials would be great
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    I ask God the same question. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    One of my 2 favorite colors for '19. If you like it that's all that matters. That's what makes the world go around. It's all good, Enjoy
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    Enough with suggesting poisoning animals
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    If its not and you got a free hour or two I'd do it myself. The directions above are spot on.
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    Push the button and get your hands away. I've noticed if I try to have my hand on it, as it releases it'll get stuck.
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    Thanks everybody. Doesn't sound too difficult if it's not covered by any kind of warranty. With 75k on it, I know I still have a little power-train warranty left, so I'll at least call the dealer. Thanks kickass audio, I'll check and see if it's covered. WTH, can't hurt to try.
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    I like the write up and install video, thanks for taking the time for that. Also I like the alumni shirt at the end, I have one in blue. Thanks for your service.
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    Optional $2995 GM rims and Bridgestone 275/R50 22s. After 3 years with my Z71, no more knobby off road tires for me -tied of the rough ride and prying rocks and pebble from the sipes. Speed bumps and railroad crossings? Now, I don't feel no stinking speed bumps or railroad crossings.
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    I agree. My '19 is colder than my '16. Those who are wondering about vent temp, invest in an A/C thermometer. That tells the story of how well your system is working.
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    I got them from here. I got the raised dome style and not the flat one. I was not concerned about price when I ordered. Not sure about quality, I am thinking they may all be the same but then again I've always believed you get what you pay for. I live in Texas so when the package arrived the adhesive backing was already melting somewhat and caused the letters to stick to the cardboard packaging. It was kind of a pain to make sure they lined up correctly. I am a bit OCD though. https://www.bdtrims.com/Tailgate-Plastic-Letters-Inserts-for-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-Models
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    Wow. That Chrome lettering goes so good with the NorthSky Blue.
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    Raceline Addict 942B in Gloss Black 20x9 +18 Stock General Grabber HTs 60 275/60/20 ZHTEAP hub centric ring adapters 106mm to 78.1mm Flush, no spacers and no rubbing.
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    I had my rear axle seals done recently. I paid $250. I got estimates up to $450.
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    pretty easy to do. remove wheel and brake hardware, remove diff cover and then remove the bolt that hold the pin in the center, slide the pin out. then push in on the axle and take out the C clip and pull the axle out. replace seal and bearing and do the reverse to put it back together
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    Anxiously waiting on you to get a '19 in Custom Trim and add center console, side mirrors w cameras , etc, etc!!!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Ford doesn't offer them in anything less than a Lariat, Ram doesn't offer them on anything lower than a Laramie. GM isn't doing anything different from anyone else in this aspect.
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    Ugh you guys with your "back in the day" comments and how everything was better blah blah blah. My favorite is the guy above who "tells anybody looking for a new truck" to go out and search for a 2010 LOL!!!!!~
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    I'll take the erector set over the frowning clown face not to mention the sim card fenders
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    I had a 2014 Ram 1500 with the Hemi and 8-speed. I brought it to the track a lot and raced it, I drove it like an idiot, I towed with it, I lifted it and lowered it. It was a damn good truck for me. At about 30K miles the 3rd brake light leaked a little so I brought it in. At about 50k miles two exhaust manifold bolts snapped and the manifold warped causing it to tick at idle. I fixed that myself. That was my only two issues.
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    My '19 RST came with them....part of the $685. bed protection package including the factory spray in bed liner. My '16 Z71 also came with them which I attribute to the main reason why mine never rusted to the extent of most. These liners are the best option you can buy for your truck.......keep salt and rocks out of the rear area where it rusts out the area behind the bumper, screws up the spare holding hardware, rusts out the rear brake lines and fittings on top of the gas tank etc. And unless you have black painted body or undercoat the area, the painted area showing in the rear wheel well looks like cheap crap.
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    it's crazy I know. They should all come with them, maybe the WT model could do without. I purchased mine from the dealer, they were high $200 CAD. so about $0.75 USD
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    That is just a little outside. Think about it. Oxygen is denser than nitrogen (check on a Periodic Table) and if "plain air" contains both, then logic would dictate that plain air would be denser than just plain nitrogen since it contains both. Sound about right?
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    Yes, lower trims don't include them. I bought gm accessory liners for my GMT 900s. Important accessory. BTW, they are flocked of felt lined.
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    Depending on your trim level, they do not come from the factory with the rear liners. I installed them on my Silverado RST for ~$100 or so. Ordered them from the dealer and installed myself in like 30 minutes in total. Bunch of tabs, few screws, looks much better now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    16 comes with the felt liner . Get you a liner Sir. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Hey dctackett10 Yes. These are the ones. Follow my link and order the 9005/H11 4piece set and you will be all set.. Amazon hasn't updated their website to reflect the 2019 Silverados yet. They're a direct plug and play set of 4 bulbs.
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    Cleaned up with new shoes (275/70R18)
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    The factory fill is a Group III fluid but it is still a mineral oil. Any of the major transmission builders would tell you 180 F is that fluids practical sustained heat limit. I found it curious that GM installed the 192 F thermostat and removed mine after observations that ever while I don't tow my transmission fluid temperatures would reach over 225 F on a hot day at Interstate speeds. Maybe I had a faulty stat but chances like that I will not take. With mineral oil varnish forms at 220F and by 240 F it is no longer about the fluid...it's about the seals. They will start to harden. Neither of these things happens with one punch but it is the repeated trip to that zone the kills both the fluid and the seals. By 260 F the clutches will start to slip. Yes even first time. Maybe the Group III fluid will take a few more degrees, like 10 - 12 F or so, but no fluid will protect the seals and clutches beyond that 240 F point so taking action before that seems prudent, don't you think? As mentioned by dyier2 more frequent changes are in order and that will limit damage to the box from 'cooked' fluid but it will not do squat for the seals. I can't say that enough. His advise for an external cooler in addition to is sound as is the remainder of reply. He tows allot in a pretty tough place for it. He's done well with his. I changed mine at 50K with very light service and it had already begun to turn dark. It does have a 'limp' mode and that trigger is pretty high and I don't recall but maybe 1SLOW1500 will visit this thread and weight in. He has eyes inside the TCM (tuner). It's like the old idiot lights. Comes to the party after it's game over. There are some other things a guy can do to provide some insurance and to ease maintenance like a transmission pan with a bit more capacity (slows heat build up and aids in temperature recovery) and a drain plug (PML pans can do both) and using a better fluid like AMSOIL or Red Line D6. Neither is a mineral oil. They are PAO/Ester blends that have a practical sustained heat point just about the same as seal failure if the fluid fill is completely this group. Whatever you decide enjoy you truck, your trailer and the experience.
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    Just picked up this Diablo Trinity T2 EX from eBay. Going to give it a shot. Hopefully I dont have any trouble installing tunes or anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Installed a Garmin Dash Cam 55. I opted for the parking mode cable (sold separately) so I hard wired it into the fuse panel on the passenger side of the dash. With the parking cable the camera has power when the truck is off and will record if it detects motion. I used the write up posted on this site for supplies and procedure.
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    I guess I'll add a new pic with the lowering kit. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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