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    From my roadtrip home after buying it out of state. Took the dealer mudflaps off as soon as I got home.
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    Just wanted to say that I, for one love my new 2019 LT Z71 Silverado. She just keeps getting better and better it seems. Just got back from a trip today and, the ride quality was silky smooth. The handling and response from the throttle is like a sports car. To me anyways! When I went to get a new Silverado, I really had no idea what I was in store for. For all I knew they were the same as the year before. Alls I knew, is that I was coming from an 07 Classic, with 270k miles. And, I love the truck. I also had a 2003 Silverado. Well, when I got there, I couldn't believe just how nice and better the new 2019 Silverado is! Sits up an inch and a half taller I think, has the biggest cab it's ever had, the styling, especially the front end is just so dam cool. The interior- I love it. The cluster gauge to me, is nice and clean. Nothing too fancy, and I love that. The back up camera is great. And, I already mentioned just how good the ride and performance is to me. So, in a nutshell, I am extremely happy I wound up with a 2019. So, just gonna end by saying Good Job GM!!
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    Ram nearly out sold GM/Chevy combined and I can almost guarantee there are plenty of satisfied customers. At the end of the day there are defective Rams, Chevys, and GMCs. As for me, I do not believe GMC/Chevy are worth a 2k mark-up. I am getting a Sierra minus the 2k mark-up. Lol.
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    Like @mafd2 said, many of us (myself included) are running the KEYO1E 4.8'' AM/FM Radio Stubby Antenna Short for GMC Sierra 2007-2019 (M7 Thread) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KVTYYLF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_K8nnDbJD6XWJW
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    Installed the cst 3.5” spindle, k&n intakr, carven progressive cat back, 17x8.5 methods wrapped in 295/70r17 ridge grapplers.
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    GM needs to make this an option. For the old schoolers who don’t want it, they don’t have to order it then. For the rest of us, make it available and have it available and ready on the first release of the new models, not 6 months later on the 1/2 model year. They did this to me on my 15 3500 with the nicer mirrors. Those should have been ready when the truck was debuted. This discussion actually makes me want to hold off And wait until they update the new trucks in 6 months.
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    Got mine in today. Tried to install them on the higher set of holes and found that I still had about 3/4" of rake so I went ahead and went with the lower set. Also flipped around the shims just to be safe. no vibrations. Just need to adjust the headlights not and all should be good. Before: After:
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    I gave up on the two bucket years ago, if the truck is really dirty I pressure wash any big stuff off, still use a grit guard on the bottom and scrub my wash mitt every time I dip it... I do use a separate bucket & wheel brush for wheels and tires tho... Always dry via sheet rinse & leaf blower but, been considering going back to drying with a towel as it seems like it might have been quicker?? and less physically demanding.. Takes me about an hour for the truck and about 1/2 hour to wash the wifes equinox... add 15 mins if I apply detail spray..
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    Right on,all to help a fellow motorist
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    There are a lot more 5.3L engines than just the L83. To avoid argument, the OP should just go to Wikipedia online and read about the newer generations of the Chevrolet smallblock V8 engines and the many variations. To read about the ones in current production, go to GM Powertrain online or download a new Chevrolet Performance Parts catalog for the crate engine details and specs.
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    Jeff is pretty tame. Bubba, Walter and friends can be a little outspoken!
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    I recently moved from Northern CA to Southern ID (best thing I've done in a long time). That lake is not too far from me, will need to check it out. Thanks
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    I had those symptoms with a dirty throttle body. Remove the huge hose clamp and clean the whole area well with Throttle body cleaner, NOT carb cleaner. Clean the throttle plate as well, both sides. This will sometimes throw a code, but not always. A bottle of Throttle body cleaner and 15 min with a clean lint free RAG JUST MIGHT HELP. Good luck ! Ps I run 160 T-stats in my LS engines in the summer and they all work in closed loop and run about 15 degrees cooler.
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    It's Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir in southern Idaho.
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    Some people actually keep their vehicles. Pass them down within my family - I could care less about resale value. Regardless of the vehicle - we all take a loss at resale - it’s a bit overrated. My opinion - it only matters to me.
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    My 2019 4WD Z71 LT was bouncy at first. I lowered the PSI in the tires and now it drives good. Very smooth, not steering wheel jerk or anything crazy like that. I even asked my fiancee and she said it seemed really smooth. Maybe this is all relative but I have no issues with the way the truck rides.
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    I mean, if we’re going by anecdotes, don’t buy a Chevy. They still haven’t fixed my stabilitrak sensor issue on my Silverado. Malibu has been in 14 times in 2 years. Still has an issue with the back door seal, but don’t really care enough at this point and turn the music up louder.
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    Sorry, I absolutely cannot stand the dotted toolbox. Option 2 and pocket the 900 bucks.
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    If it was my money? I would be looking at GMC/Chevy whichever one had the most cash on the hood etc..Forget the Adaptive cruise nonsense etc.coming in 2020 see what a pain in the ARSE that becomes if you live in a an area where you replace 2qty windshields every year at a minimum. Gotta have the 10sp/6.2 fine get it....Need just 87 Octane and 8speed you will have no issues either. As for the interior you want something that actually works will little to no thought process? Get the GM. Note: My neighbor took his 2019 RAM back to dealership after couple days with a litany of issues electrical etc. Dude even works for FCA....obviously we don't see eye to eye either...LOL Note #2 My barber told me the other day his RAM is getting 14-15 city and 17HWY....Brand new didn't complain about anything else and I didn't ask. I will take a GM and willingly pay 2K more each and every time to avoid DODGE,RAM, Chrysler, Fiat almost Renault..1/4 Daimler whatever they are............................................
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    Have you checked on warranty coverage? No harm in asking!
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    I had my seats out this weekend, so was just looking for this info as well. Rear Seat Mounting Bolts - Torque: 33 ft-lb. These are the 18 mm nuts (8 per vehicle on a split rear seat). While you are down there, the Seat belt bolts and nuts are 37 lb-ft. Useful if you need to remove the left rear seat, as the center seat belt passes through it. Source: Well-known online service manual.
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    Shitty pic but We are definitely multiplying. 3 new trucks in this picture, i am in the back left under the only shade. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
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    Installed 35x12.50x18 supposedly 34.6" on my stock TB just now. No rubbing at all on pavement and speed bumps on my way home. Installing a leveling kit next week because my TB has a 3' rake Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Debadged my typical heat gun/fish line technique was not working... ran a hose from my garage (which is hot/cold) on pure 100% hot. Blasted part of the badge for 4-5 minutes with that hot water and the badges and glue cane off in 1 piece. I highly recommend this.. also let the area cook in the sun as long as you can.. you need the metal panel to get as hot as possible for the glue to come off real nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sometimes it will engage on flat ground to keep the mechanism lubricated and moving freely Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Looks good . Spinning the shim does clear the vib. I like the looks of dropping the rear to level than raising the front.
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    Put the shackles on mine on the 2" setting. I also experienced some vibration and spun the shims around.
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    2.5" front/1" rear Rough Country kit.275/70/18 Nitto G2's
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    Truck did some light lifting, taking the new surfboard to catch a few from the hurricane Barry swell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I put these on today. I'm impressed so far. Seem nice & sturdy (doesn't flex under my 250lb's), easy to install with just a 13mm socket, no drilling. Fit perfect. (Sorry for the poor pics...I think we're getting the remnants of Barry & raining pretty hard.)
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    It was finally time to get a new setup Fuel Blitz 0 offset Ridge Grapplers 285/55/20 Bilstein 5100 Top Setting No Rubbing
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    I've had three F-150s and five GM trucks. I've only had major issues with one, my '14 Silverado, which had the dreaded driveline vibration. I've never owned a Ram, however, I have had family members who've owned Chrysler products, including Ram trucks, both from before the Fiat merger and after. They're junk, you couldn't give me one and nobody will change my mind. Nobody I've ever talked to in person has had anything good to say about their experience with Chrysler. My .02
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    Dark sky metallic standard bed 6.6ft 6.2L
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    Pulled the trigger on doing the T-stat delete. Got a 1/4" NPT tap and brass plug coming my way. Once complete, then I can un-spin the external filter I have and flush the transmission that way.
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    Here is our new 2019 Silverado RST. For details on all the modifications, here is a link to my build thread:
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    Looking to put on side steps Ricky's
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    Just finished the leveling kit on mine. 1 1/2 Motofab from eBay for $21. Went on in an hour and sits about perfectly level now
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    You seem like someone who should be driving a Prius!
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    I previously worked at 4 wheel parts and they swore I wouldn't fit 37s with just a leveling kit on my 04 f150. I did it by keeping the stock wheels that were only 7.5" wide. They won't steer you wrong, they just want to convert their asses. So they know for sure a 34 will fit so they'll stick to that. I did manage to squeeze these 35s on here and I have no rub, but I also ordered the moto fab leveling kit (that should be here today) just for the look. Also these 35s are accelera MT01 and don't measure out to a true 35 and they are way skinnier than nitto and toyo (they're also half the price, but that's just until I have the $ for the bumper, lift wheels and tires I actually want). I'll get some pics up when it stops raining here in FL Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    My AT4 with Trail Boss wheels and Wild Peak A/T3W's!
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    Fresh pics from my 2019 trailboss on a beautiful January afternoon in Michigan!
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    Agreed. I hate working blind and finding out the hard way that an engineer decided to over-secure a plastic panel (Like the 10 metal clips that hold on the thin plastic bezel around the radio in the 2014-2018 models). I am also interested in this as I will be placing a special order for the 2019 Silverado 1500 High Country (as soon as I find out if they are actually going to have a tow mirror option at all without stepping up to an HD). The first thing I'm doing is installing a PAC AmpPro (AP4-GM61) to bypass the Bose amp and replace all the speakers with Morel Tempo, powered by Morel Class AB amps, building a front-fire under seat box for 4 DC Audio M38 subwoofers running on an Incriminator Audio IA20.1 amp, and adding enough Road Kill sound dampener to cover all the metal behind the plastic. Needless to say, an exploded schematic would be VERY helpful to me and anyone in the car audio business.
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    My bad also, Back in the day, working on the oil pipe line rigs, there was a big difference between the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks, just looked up some part numbers, and you're right, they are the same numbers. I didn't mean to give out bad info, sorry.
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    The point was, it seems the first approach that seems to be focused on is raising the front. I merely stated that lowering the back is a viable option as well. Depends on what one is trying to accomplish. When someone mentions leveling a pickup, they are not always interested in bigger tires and other stuff, they just want to take the rake out. True, not everyone likes a completely stock truck, but lowering the back makes it non-stock also.
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