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    YouTube. Chris Fix...I use his method and it works like a champ: 100,000 miles in three years.
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    To wrap up this story, I bought a 2016 Silverado 1500 LTZ midnight edition. My old truck was an LT and pretty loaded, but the LTZ has some upgrades I'm pretty happy with like the memory seats/mirrors and A/C seats, navigation is nice but almost useless with android auto. I've had the new truck for a few days and I'm really happy with it. I tinted the windows and added my old tonneau cover. I'm going to either level it or lift it, still undecided, after a trip to Indianapolis this weekend I'm not sure if I could fit in a parking garage with a 3.5" lift.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys. Lot more than I anticipated... That said, I made the trip out to one of the dealerships and drove 3 trucks today. The 6.2L with Max Trailering Package (MTP from here on out) and 3.42 gearing. For ride comparison I did a 5.3L with X31 (no 6.2L's with that available) and then for the hell of it and curiosity, an AT4 with the off road performance package, which includes the 6.2L and the cat back exhaust and air intake. Did about a 30 minute test on each rig through the same loop. Side roads, business areas with lots of bumps, speed bumps, pot holes, storm drains, etc and then on the freeway and then off to an uphill and downhill twisty road on the way back to the dealership with some less than desirable roads. First up was the 6.2L with Max Trailer Package and the 3.42 gearing. First thing i noticed was the gearing. Noticeable acceleration difference between it and the x31 with 3.23's that I drove yesterday, especially on the freeway and getting around slower vehicles. The truck acted more like a sports car in all areas. Through the bumpy areas of the business complex, I was actually surprised at how well it did. I was expecting a much stiffer ride. On the freeway between all 3 trucks I noticed the same road feel, as in, I felt alot more of the road and it's anomalies than I'd hoped. Something I do not feel in my current 2018, which is sort of weird. The acceleration of the MTP was definitely noticeable between it and the X31 in all areas of the test drive. I know I read how some posters here were saying there wasn't that much of a difference, but if you drive the trucks back to back, I can attest it's quite apparent. On the way back to the dealership down the twisty road there is one part where you hit a bump or split in the road as you're doing about 40ish mph. That's where I saw the big difference in this truck compared to the other ones in that the back end hopped around over this bump. The X31 seems to have a more forgiving suspension when dealing with speed bumps or hitting things with speed. The same bump that the MTP bounced around on, the X31 wobbled over but didn't hop. If I could put the front end suspension of the MTP on the X31 with 3.42 gearing, I'd have something that I really liked. I think what GM calls a "Tuned" suspension on the front of the MTP trucks is better than the X31 in my opinion for a daily driver, but the stiffer rear end in the MTP is something that bothers me a bit. I'm not sure I want to carry a few hundred pounds of sand bags in the bed of the truck all the time to compensate. I did notice that the MTP truck's air pressure was set to 39 all the way around when we jumped in it, so lowering that to 34ish might ease it a bit The AT4 is an impressive truck. I was expecting a less than desirable ride compared to the X31 and the MTP, but that 2 inch lift combined with the 18 inch tires was actually really well and in my opinion, better than both of the other trucks. I didn't care for the sound of the Mud Terrains, but it is what it is I guess. If money were no object, I'd get that truck, hands down, especially with the performance package. The sound and feel of that 6.2L with those add ons was very cool and I found myself grinning more than I was with the other two trucks. One other thing of note is that in all 3 trucks, I never noticed the DFM, which was great. My 2018, I absolutely hated that and bought the Range AFM disabler to cure it. The turning radius of these 2019's is much tighter too. At least I now know the ride difference between the MTP and the X31 now in addition to the AT4. I have to now decide which direction to go which seems to be a conundrum in of itself. Not that many trucks in either configuration in my area or for the 100 miles around, so pickings are slim.
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    You sir are a savage lol
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    Thanks, it's good to hear I've heard the last from you.
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    Hard to beat.....
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    For anybody following this topic, I can attest to the inner tube rubber solution. Mine was making all kinds of noises and banging for a while now, and today did the rubber in between the springs and is absolutely amazing how quite it is now compared to before. Only took about an hour and was pretty easy, just pry the leafs apart slide in the piece of rubber and done. This should be a permeant too vs the greasing fix . Yes the dealer could have likely fixed or replaced under warranty but for something this easy and cheap I see no reason not to DIY and save the time and hassle of going to the dealer possibly multiple times. I see no reason it will ever reoccur either.
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    Can you get the 2020 GMC 2500 without the marker lights? The Chevy doesn't show them, but the GMC's I have only seen with the lights... I like the look of the GMC better, but I do not like the lights... Especially the ones on the fender flares...
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    Lots of keyboard engineers on tonight. I guess I better go let GM know that they are building two different rear axle ratios for no reason whatsoever. They were frugal enough to calculate the cost savings of removing the sunglasses holder but I guess this potential cost savings escaped them? Lots of people speculating and telling everyone what would or wouldn’t be felt, still the only person here to post any times...
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    lmao. His Facebook is norcal_ss. Figured his website would be that too, but I’m wrong. My bad. Just checked and it’s www.tbssowners.com. Go to the store tab. He has 20”-26” replica wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My dealer does the BG valve cleaning service, so I will have them do that the next oil change. I will check the catch can every week or so and so long as it’s removing most of the oil, I won’t worry too much about it once the valves have been cleaned.
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    I subscribe to deboss garage and he pretty much says you are crazy to go diesel when you tow occasionally....unless you are a mountain of money. the duramax/allison combo is like a $10,000 premium
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    Here’s the everything you need to know mirror thread. As stated Red16 you should get your harness from Phil aka the Harness DR.
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    These are also power fold so you'll need a new switch that has the power fold option. Our resident [email protected] could get you all this, shoot him a message. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I have always used K&N filters in my cars over the years. Never had a problem. I usually clean them around 40k miles and re-oil. No issues with with sensors in all my years. The key is not to put too much oil. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had the supposed fix done Friday and the noise was back in less than a 100 miles. Not very happy right now.
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    Engineered failure at it's finest. Fortunately for me, I had an extended warranty till 100k miles. My condenser failed and later my radiator failed. Both replaced under extended warranty and after the factory warranty had been long gone.
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    Thanks! Did really good on the beach for being stock too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, I totally had this wrong. What is scary is that nobody reading all this, caught it either! LOL Anyway, put the valve vent hoses back on the intake tube where they belong. They are drawing air OUT of the intake tube, not depositing hot oily air into it. The PCV hose is a single, short hose that comes from the top of the case, below the intake tube, and routes to the driver side of the motor, into the side of the intake manifold. I have pics of the catch can mounted with the hoses, and I marked the hoses with green and red arrows, so you can see the direction the air flows...
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    I tow a 7k lb GVWR trailer confidently with the 4.3 and 3.42. You won't have any problems with your truck.
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    I run my 35’s at 35psi. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not a issue. 23 foot trailers with race cars are the same spec. Zero issues do it all the time. I would make super you set it up right. Do you have a trailer brake controller and swaybars? Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’ve got the 30” curved combo spot/flood “behind the grille” bar from Rough Country. Almost four years in and it’s still great.
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    "Your password is displayed on your vehicle touch screen. Tap "Wi-Fi Settings" under the main menu." found this online. If you can't find it let me know and I can go look in the truck. Lol
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    Gears are never a waste. The idea is to match the gearing and tire size correctly. Not doing gears even with you not towing is still leaving a lot on the table for performance and miles per gallon. If you kept the truck for a long time and put on a decent amount of miles it would be worthwhile to do the swap. A tune is a must too. Not only for your speedo but for everything else. The transmission calibration would greatly appreciate knowing what size tires are on it.
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    Is there a part number for these new insulators alone without the whole spring assembly? If so, I'll just replace my insulators. It won't take more than 30 minutes.
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    I have to admit those look pretty cool
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    Here are a few pics I took. All the pics are made with just the light bar. I also have the light angled slightly downward so I'm not blinding other drivers.
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    You don’t see it as much on this forum as you do on some of the Facebook groups. Many guys buy the stuff outright and good on them, but I swear some days it’s a battle of who can over-extend themselves the most. Put $0 down on a truck, drive away upside down and sink a bunch more into it. Then when the new model comes out, get killed on your trade and roll the old debt into new. Worst thing you can do is look at any of it with envy, because a lot of people get into deep financial doo-doo for the illusion. I’m lucky because even though I could probably afford some sweet mods, I don’t really care for a heavily altered truck anyway. I like the warranty, reliability, and factory look. I have other toys that I don’t rely on for work to tinker with if I feel the need.
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    IMO No tail gating will help reduce stone chips.
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    Bought this gem in March ... it's my second 'rado. (first is a 98 Z71 ext cab) looking for the right wheels... will upgrade to leather seats. MAY level it out. need to upgrade the stereo... (sounds too mono... possibly add maps)
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    Belt--yes WP--not unless it is leaking
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    Just a little update on the truck because i have had a few guys message me and ask . Truck has been very smooth still since changing the driveshaft to a new aluminium one piece and swapping in the Yukon axles . Had my tires road force balanced last week because i lost some wheel weight off-roading and what a difference that has made truck feels smoother now then the day i bought it . Hope this helps others .
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    I'm on here looking at the answers... I have 152,000 on my original plugs... Going to change them for the first time.. No misses, no misfire codes EVER. I think I'll stay with OEM.
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    When I upgraded my 442 to dual piston front calipers and larger rotors 5 years ago, I put on hawk pads. That car now stops better than my old E46! I can’t speak anything about longevity because I’ve only put 5-7k miles on it in that time, but the performance is awesome. Not bad on dust either.
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    Go to rockauto.com and you can look them up as well as buy from them. Or just get the part #'s and then compare to others around the web, Amazon, eBay, 1A Auto, etc. for the best price.
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    Just picked this up on Monday. 2019 AT4 with factory installed cold air intake and cat-back exhaust (this combo adds to the 420/460 and makes them 435/469). It's the most beautiful sound I've heard on a truck in recent years! It's the reason I bought this particular truck and not others that were closer to me. Finally pulled the trigger, even though I always said it was too much to pay for a truck.
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    Do we know if the 2020's with the 5.3L + A10 option are going to cost more than the same engine with the A8? I would imagine it will. But I think HondaHawkGT is correct... this is GM moving towards getting rid of the 8speed so they can have one transmission for the 2021's, I bet.
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    If we could hand out trophies on the internet, we would most certainly give you one.
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    New to me 2016 Z71 CC SB. Added Bullet Liner today. Very satisfied with it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Added 2.25" Southern Truck Leveling Kit, HD LUXX 20x9" wheels, AMP Terrain Attack tires @ 285/55 -12 offset Loving the look and ride so far...
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    Exhaust Mod:Frio Edition. dB levels were captured before and after mod in same place. Flapper open.
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    Is there an answer to the questions that I posed somewhere in this response that I’m just missing?
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    I've had nightmares that scare me less than that image does. You are a brave, brave man and this forum is made better by your presence.
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    I wouldn’t take offense, takes all kinds of people in this world to make you who you are. Cutting down others in order to make an assumption clearly shows someone with a very low IQ. Takes money to own a truck yet alone a lifted one, some people would rather cut down those that have more. God Bless America and all those who defend The Constitution of The United States of America [emoji631] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well if you took the battery out of the fob and it stopped I would think the fob is jacked up. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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