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    So had to do the dad thing and go move some things for my son who is a sophomore in college. Drive was 90% at 67 to 72 mph. Last 15 miles or so was a 55 mph zone (when pic was taken) entering Raleigh. I always take it easy there as lots of blue potential blue lights are always near. Tough to beat these GM V8's on mpg in the real world; she's not even broken in with less than 400 miles.
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    I’m not anti union everything had- has its place. I remember an amusing but true story. In the seventies we were working a project next to a union one. I was site super parts runner. 8:00 in the morning I saw an operator standing next to his D-3 dozer on a pad. I walked over and ask if I could help. He says he thinks he needs fuel. I saw their fuel truck and ask if he needed a lift to it. He says he can’t he’s an operator he’s not allowed. I drive by later there’s the truck they’re both standing. I say what’s wrong. They need a laborer to handle a fire extinguisher. A little later there’s now three. Ok what’s wrong now. Well there’s 3 people we can’t do anything without a supervisor, union rules. I go back by at 10. It’s just him drinking coffee and a bunch of guys with shovels. Evidently they expected him to be done so they could set forms, but it coffee break. Union rules. Now it’s eleven he’s still standing, what’s wrong now? I don’t have an check list. For what!? It may be low on oil! The dip stick is right there. His answer, I’m not an oiler, I’m not allowed, I’m an operator. This is a true story. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was more referring to headlights that adjust to the rear squat of the truck when loaded. But you're right, the blinding headlights of a loaded truck are even worse on hills. so long j-ten-ner
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    Bad enough you don’t want to buy something made on a Monday or Friday but there’s going to be a whole lot of cursing and beer drinking going on this week, wonder how many lemons are going to made after [emoji848]
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    To be clear, the Isuzu was forced into retirement...not me
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    I understand the extend warranty due to all of the items that were disconnected and reconnected, a lot more room for later issues.
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    Here is a run I did on this set up over the weekend:
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    Progress update.! Finally had the time to do the pre-install work measuring and fitting HUD to our gen 5 dashboard frame and dashboard itself. ***Note*** After doing measurements i realize what I wanted to do wasn’t going to work then I went and go ahead a cut the dashboard which I didn’t want to do in the beginning and as I was cutting I found the solution in the mistake I made, making everything come together like I wanted. Cheers!!! I know you all want is pictures so here the are.. I know this dashboard was cut But it won’t be once is finish since that’s not my dashboard, it’s the experimental one. But it’s sort of the finish product without the cuts. Here’s the speaker cowl after I fitted and install the HUD trim. No glue used, HUD trim has pressure tabs that need to be cut in order remove and install. Here’s the speakers tray, top one is the oem and the bottom one after fitting hud. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hope this helps anyone that runs into this. My original battery died and I changed it out yesterday. After the change my AC was not operating correctly. I surfed the forums and found all sorts of fixes like pulling fuses and disconnecting/reconnecting the battery. None worked. I then notice that the outside temp on the intellilink screen is showing 36 degrees. Figuring it reset to Celsius (I’m in Texas so that is a logical centigrade reading for us) I checked settings and found it was set to F. Buried in a forum about calibrating the temp gauge I found a GM service bulletin that says after a battery dies you need to drive the car at least 5 minutes over 20 mph for the temp gauge to calibrate; or let the car sit off for 8 hours. I drove the car down the highway and this worked like a charm. When the outside temp is showing 36 degrees, it is basically telling the ac compressor not to come on and sending heat to the car. Not a lot of fun in 95+ heat in Texas. On a side note why why is there no documentation that this is the norm? I called the dealer to have a girl laugh at me and tell me the car “has” to have a lot of things reset after a battery swap...and they want $155. Which was basically corrected with 5 minutes of driving.
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    Anyone interested in a product to keep the splitgate(upper gate) from opening if there is anything in the reciever? Tailgate will operate normally except for the Splitgate. Product should be out in a month or so.
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    I had a hard time finding anything about how a 2014 chevy silverado with dual straight pipes after the cats would sound. It sounds awesome tho fyi! I have an X pipe to help equal out the sound coming from each bank on the engine. Highly recommend if you live in a state or county that doesn't require emissions!
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    I just picked my new LT Trail Boss last week! Had the off-road running boards and sports bar added as part of the deal.
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    At my dealer many like that come in. Supercharged lifted trucks. But there are better options. Like own tune device or there is a gm software device that you can by on amazon and then download the gm file. Upload it yourself in the garage. I take my device and laptop with me but my dealer knows well what I have and ask what I want then I still get service and warranty. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    At this point no matter what I buy non GM I couldn’t possibly buy more of any bran, than I already had GM. I will never buy another GM or Ford new. I want no tricks in the engine or car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    In that case replace the pump your self if it goes bad. I wouldn’t take a truck with those mods to the dealer anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    3yrs/36k is not nearly enough. These vehicles have gotten so complicated that when something simple breaks, you are looking at some serious money to fix it. I bought the 2 year GM extended bumper-to-bumper for $1000. It was a no-brainer. Now i'm completely protected for 5 years which is plenty for me. You can only get this option at time of purchase though, not after the fact.
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    No sorry about confusing message. What you say is right. Go to stock tune and when you leave switch back. No issues if and only if the flash wasn't pcm or tcm based. Then it is different then the settings the custom tune file had in it. For people with custom shop tunes where say a efi live or HPT is used they do not own a personal device to switch back and forth so if it is changed truck may not run. And it would need to be towed to the performance shop to reload the tune. This is why I say buy the device it is the KEYS to the trucks computer now or at least save your files stock and performance to a thumb drive so you have options. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    Nobody gives a damn about the drivers safety. They sell what sells. Nobody seems interested in auto-adjusting head lights. Therefore, you still can't get it in a truck, where it would actually make sense. so long j-ten-ner
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    I have v4 mode disabled. I bought a superchips flashpaq F5 2845 tuner to tune it out. I don't know what it sounds like in v4 mode, but i can only imagine it'll sound like crap. Also, I found that tuner above on ebay refurbished for $150 compared to it being brand new $300+.
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    Depending on how long your truck is out of service GM has a not very well advertised policy to cover your vehicle payment for a month. I think it's something like 23 or 24 days the gm customer service rep told me. Either way I would be asking them for some Goodwill because of the inconvenience and because you are concerned about long term reliability being the first engine didn'take it 3k miles Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    You were overdue for a new truck! Congrats on retirement (forced) I also was forced into early retirement.
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    I have a 92 TBI engine. I knew all the specs when I bought it 9 years ago on E- bay for 7500$. The engine is stroked with dart heads, MSD, headers, and a Whipple. The 700R4 is modified with a 373 rear. It’s lowered with beltec. There’s no way I would build this from stock today or modify a TBI or a TPI engine. If I found one as clean as mine stock today I would at least do a salvage yard LS conversion. I really like my truck but with the choices today that’s the route I would go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As listed on the Maroney sticker '19 RST came with a dealer installed option 22" low profiles separate from the factory steel wheels. First 1K, some rear wheel hop and 62-67 mph vibration, not a shaker but a noticeable vibration and wheel hop on rough roads. Dealer must have just done a static balance at time of install and said to wait about 500 - 1K miles and said if not corrected they'll do a road force balance. Road force balance corrected the vibration and the wheel hop situations.
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    EBCM is the recipient of the new software. General Motors has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain 2014-2018 model year Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra, and GMC Yukon vehicles. In some circumstances, these vehicles may have a condition in which the engine-mounted mechanical vacuum pump output may decrease over time, decreasing the amount of vacuum/power brake assist. Dealers will reprogram the electronic brake control module with a new calibration that will improve how the system utilizes the hydraulic brake boost assist function when vacuum assist is depleted
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    Natural gas isn't a liquid either. Even Esters are made from natural occurring elements. The chain of command stops with God. The test isn't what it is made of but are the end product molecules found naturally in nature. The label doesn't tell us that. Normally in the process we 'crack' longer molecules into shorter more valuable chains. (Remember, I didn't read this on line. My work was Refining and Chemical Synthesis. ). Some are naturally occurring some are not. In this process they are taking shorter 'gas' chains and making longer liquid chains. Adding instead of splitting. The end product could be either like a Group III, a natural molecule only in greater number or it could be a Group IV PAO, a hydrocarbon not found in nature. A synthetic variation. BOTH can be called Synthetic by both the SAE and the Law. Only the later is. Either way the resultant chain is of a much narrower carbon count and fully saturated. It may even have a boiling point instead of a boiling curve. Depending on how Pennzoil handles it, it has the potential of being a much cleaner lubricant.
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    Blown 6.2 / front and rear lockers , usable skid plates. 35 tires, more off road based bumpers. I saw a picture a while back of a supposed new T1 off-road truck and it looked amazing. Yes it would be expensive but raptors are selling for 10k over still.
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    Well...traded the '14 in, which was a GREAT truck. I never experienced the new model year issues that others had with that body style... But there are things the T1 body has that you cannot mod into those trucks (interior cab size, AC vents, etc) So, here you go: 2019 RST CC Std bed Z71 with convenience pkg II. Good mix of options.
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    I feel for people that suffer the collapsed lifter on both the Ram and Silverado/Sierra, it could happen to me some day, but for all of us with failures...I hate to break this to you/us, it's not all that common. They have sold nearly 3,000 million of these things since 2014. There literally is millions of these engines and these systems driving up and down the highway in GM vehicles every single day...most not having any issues...most not even knowing other people have had issues. I work in the trade, we see these trucks quite frequently...I have only seen one with a failed lifter and it was a 2010 older DOD engine. That truck now has over 200,000 miles on it and is driven to absolute death on a daily basis. I have seen oil consumption in the 2014-2018's, in fact I see it in every single one that comes in - some a little, some a lot - but I see it in every single one we service. Just this week five of them came in for oil changes, all five were at least a quart low (6,000 mile intervals) and one had nothing on that dipstick. What i tend to see in these trucks is the following... Leaking Condensers Leaking radiators Actuator stuck in 4wd Oil consumption Starter motor failure I can't stress it enough...the AC condenser failure is so frequent that I'm a bit shocked. It's become kind of a running joke...truck comes in for service...we joke...order a condenser. (And I own a 2018, so the joke is usually pointed at me). But if the AFM does fail?? We aren't talking the end of the world here. I cracked my tooth eating lunch six months ago...I guarantee that tooth cost me more than what people can fix these thing for at an independent service station. Break a tooth and get yourself a crown...walk out that door an hour later and you're $1,800 lighter in your pocket. And if that doesn't convince you that AFM failure will not be the end of your world or your truck's life, check this out. Two and a half years ago I bought a mountain bike, I spent $2,300 on this bike (on Black Friday clearance). Since I've owned this bike I have spent $2,800 in repairs and maintenance. Two months in the rear hub broke - they covered it under warranty - then it broke again...they wouldn't cover it. I was told it would just keep breaking because it was a low quality hub...a $2,300 dollar bike with Walmart quality hubs. So I had to buy a new hub...it was $150, but to install it would cost me another $200 because it needed to be laced into the rim. So I went out and spent $450 on a new rim and hub instead. Then I needed a new cassette (another $120). Then the front fork blew out - that was $750 installed. Then the rear derailleur grenades - that was $120. I needed a couple new tires - that was $220. Then the suspension pivots eventually wore out - that was $150. Then the bottom bracket wore out - that was $50 (good price actually). Three tuneups in 3 years was $300. Brake pads, wheel trues and pedals, another $300. I've had to replace the grips several times...another $50. Oh and my chain has been replaced three times and my front sprocket...add another $200. I bought snow tires ($240). Oh, and I needed a surprise tuneup because the cable stretched...cable and tuneup $130. I know there's more, I just can't even remember all of it. And this is for a bike^^^^. If i have to spend $1,000 in parts for a total AFM rebuild kit, I'm good. I can install it myself...I can't however work on my bike (which really sucks). And believe me I've tried - I don't have the tools and I don't have the patience. It's an art. But don't get me wrong, I don't want my AFM to break - when it does I'll probably come on here and complain about it - but then hopefully I'll settle down and fix it. I average almost 26 mpg in a full sized 4x4 truck. We can't get that mileage out of my wife's Honda CRV.
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    OK, the original motor went bad very quickly. There is literally ZERO reason to expect the next one to also die an early death. If thousands of these 6.2's were failing every couple of months, then it would be a reasonable request.
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    ok battery. also remove neg cable 1st and always install it last. there is a support bar that runs next to battery, it has 3 screws take it off/out. hold down below the battery towards that bar, 13 mm bolt. remove it. there is a 10 mm nut at the corner of the battery that holds the coolant tank in place , remove it. it allows you to move the coolant tank for clearance. then remove the covers on the positive side. undo the nut at the battery post, the plastic tray that has the fuseblock/wires in it can be moved it clips on to the battery. pull it up and towards the engine on the bar that is standing there that you remove the top cross bar to. remove battery. be careful not to damage the fuse block, if that breaks/shorts etc you will literally be dead in the water not able to power up the vehicle at all. typically takes me 5 mins to do a battery.
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    Also, can anyone confirm that these are fully functional in a double cab once retrofit? I’ve only seen crew cabs
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    It came yesterday but I didn’t use it until today, but my Range AFM Disabler came in. V4 mode with my Carven exhaust wasn’t unbearable, but the drone and “buh buh buh” noise was just enough to irritate me. Works perfectly. No more V4, truck drives great. Happy as a pig in crap.
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    I guess see how bad it is. Half the time the cleaner will just remove it all. It's not often that you find throttle bodies on newer cars caked with junk because almost none run EGR systems that plumb back into the intake behind the throttle body. We just have to deal with carbon build up on the intake valves instead because of the direct injection fuel systems.
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    How did that size turn out? I know the chevys have a bigger wheel well. I want to get bigger tires on my winter setup. I have the At4 with level and 285x60x20. I had to remove fenders and cut metal unfortunately they still rub. But I have 20s with a negative 25 off set. I plan in on putting the stock rims back on in November before Winter hits. Still unsure what size tire I will put on the stock rim. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Kind of missed my point, if it is made from Natural Gas it’s NOT Synthetic.
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    I hope they go all out. Like a blown 6.2. Why not. We already have the light off road models , give us a true raptor fighter
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    This should be interesting [emoji6]
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    Also if you lease you can get a well equipped truck for a cheaper lease payment. If you really like it roll it into a finance with a great interest rate before the lease is up. If you don’t like it turn it back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not mine, but I finally get a nice loaner while my ‘19 is being wrenched on again. Really like the Quicksilver Metallic. Super sharp on this SLT.
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    The wife took her Denali in to the dealer and came back wanting this, well more of a demand. Brought it home Friday. It's got the 6.2, technology package, premium package, painted wheel moldings, sunroof,...I don't know of any options it's missing beyond the performance package. Planning on window tint, ordered powered tablet holders, bought a potable Bluray player that's like a laptop, researching some type of bed cover. Sent via Morse code
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    By the way, my symptoms are exactly what is described in the TSB. Thanks again.
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    I don't feel the angles are a concern at all. It drives just like it did stock but with a more stable or planted feel.
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    My 1991 Standard Cab fully loaded Silverado new $18,850 taxes included. The new one TOO MUCH!!!!!!!
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