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    Just put a new set of wheels and tires on my 2019 LT Trail Boss yesterday. The look and stance came out just how I envisioned it! (Don’t mind the dirty truck) 295/60/20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers 20” Trail Boss Replica Wheels +15 offset NO Leveling Kit NO rub!
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    Very nice quality. They are beefier than stock and seems like the coating on them will last a long time. Overall I’m very happy with them. Install on the passenger side was 5 minutes. The driver side was an absolute nightmare, I have the 2.7 and in the front bumper there is a huge plastic shroud and what looks to be an electric air damn. The two bolts on the tow hook face towards this. One bolt comes out but it’s extremely tight. The second bolt is to long and is physically impossible to get out. It hits the shroud, I ended up cutting it off and then put a new bolt in through the opposite direction. To remove the shroud and air damn it looks like the whole front bumper has to come off. Seems like the V8 does not have that shroud and air damn so if you have a 4 cylinder, be prepared for hell. What should have been 30 Min total took 2 hours fighting with the bolts on the driver side.
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    19 LT TB - Washes, clayed, polished with Meguiar's Ultimate Polish, topped with Meguiar's Fast Finish and finally a coat of P&S Bead Maker. 200 miles on it and now ready for winter LOL.
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    5.3L, 255/70r17, bone stock
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    lol all those people who put a deposit on the hard top first day be like...
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    Mine was just delivered [emoji16] And I am sitting at work [emoji35] Ryan B.
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    I love all Chemical Guy products, that is all I use. I did buy the wheel / tire protection because Michigan roads are terrible. No matter how careful you are, they build a new pothole every day. Those wheels are expensive when you bend one.
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    I know several agricultural business that own 3/4 million $ equipment (Ponsse Scorpions with MB diesels) and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 is all they use + AMSOIL Off-road grease. As one of them told me, before the AMSOIL grease they were constantly replacing bearing and suffered a lot of down time. The min oil change interval per manf. is 600 hrs (min) on 8 gallons.
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    I'm a truck guy but that new Vette makes me want to go out and buy one!
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    Great idea going with 20" replication wheel. Like the look - great job!
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    It can last 2 years, or it can last 20. It can last 20,000 miles, or it can last 200,000. There really is no guarantee or set point, even if it is a crapota. Get a second opinion unless it is under warranty.
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    Using my truck for work for quite a while and occasionally dragging trailers through the mud on construction sites, I've to say that this is a no go for me. In those situations, I'm using my truck like a truck is meant to be used. And I need 4low for a) having all the wheels pulling, and b) to do it in a slow and controlled manner to not damage the trailer or the tools inside. Some may argue that 4low won't be necessary anymore because of the gearing of the transmission. In my eye, that would make a 4low option even more desirable for me! so long j-ten-ner
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    The 18’s are built very well and CHEAP priced right now and as far as gas, paying, I’m assuming $5 more at the pump for super and to be honest it’s something I’ve never ever even thought about. You’re right though, I didn’t buy this truck to race it, just want the truck to have highest available power which is what a truck should be like, powerful. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having the 5.3, it’ll do (almost) anything a 6.2 can do, cheaper to buy and run too. Sent from Above
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    There ya go. I agree 100%, that IF I were looking for high performance- well, honestly if I were looking for high performance I'd buy a Vette lol But, no seriously, if I were looking for a high performance pickup it would be the 6.2 Absolutely anyone wanting the highest performance should opt for the 6.2 But, the 5.3 is just plenty fine for what I needed. Plus, it costs or did cost a bloody fortune just to get into a 6.2
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    Their corporate philosophy is probably the same as any other company. Make as much $$$ as possible. No one gives a damn about consumers anymore. But in my situation, they at least listened and worked with me. More than I can say about all the dealers I took it to, including where I bought the truck. I dont know if I agree with you when it comes to quality of gm trucks. As I said earlier, I work on all makes, 90% of them brand new everyday (gm, ram, ford, toyota, audi, honda, etc)...When it comes to the big 3 trucks, hands down gm uses the highest quality of materials. Are their interiors eye popping? Absolutely not. But it's functional and reliable. You should see how cheap some of the most important parts of ford and ram trucks are. Paper thin carpet and headliner. Super thin leather trim (this is part of the reason a lot new ram owners are complaining about the color wearing off). If I can scratch leather by grazing my finger across it, its shitty leather or vinyl. Ram definitely doesn't spray enough coats of paint on their trucks. Clear coat is very thin also. Ford and gm are pretty good about that. I wont even get into how thin and flexible the metal is on ram. The ford is mostly aluminum, so there's that. I could go on and on about the quality of materials used in pretty much any vehicle after being in the industry for 19 years.
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    Do lots and lots of reading, many threads have recently come on these topics. They are solid trucks, they all have their quirks and for the most part are trouble free if you take care of them. The power and acceleration will be better than the 6.0 you had. The 6 speed transmissions are worlds better than the 4 speed auto's they used before in my opinion. I highly suggest you test drive that truck or another truck that is using the same 5.3/6L80e combo so you can get a feel for it first.
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    Well this is disappointing to hear, I was thinking of going up a size to 275/65r18 when my stock tires wear out...
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    I have a 95 custom Silverado, that I would like to put some 22" rims on. I am looking for suggestions on the best options for lifting the front end of the truck to level the stance of the vehicle. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Built at Fort Wayne Assembly 4/27/19. If you have a SU5 axle you should have no issues That is not your build sheet. Therefore it does not indicate what axle you have
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    They are smoked. And they are LED tail lights which shine brighter through the smoked lenses than a regular halogen bulb. The bike seat is not blocking the third brake light... lol So now its my fault that I didn't hit my brakes to slow down and that's why she ran into me? Was trying to be nice here, but your comments are slowly becoming ridiculous. Lol! I would be more impressed than mad. Were you the one who originally asked about the frame? Glad you asked. The adjuster said to replace it... so new frame on order. Well, on order once the GM union workers are off strike... No pictures from underneath, but I may could get some.
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    I would go option 1 since I love black interiors and prefer them as they age better. Also, I have the drivers alert package and absolutely love it. Admittedly, it wasn't a requirement of mine but since it came with my truck, I can't imagine not having it now. I think you can check option one as long as you're ok with a black interior. Good luck.
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    This is really a personal decision as you know. Personally, I'd be more flexible on the exterior colour than the other options. My current truck is pretty boring on the outside, but the interior makes me proud.
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    They removed your door panels to tint?
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    I have these wheels on my Silverado. I wash with chemical guys mr pink and use wheel guard wax. No issues with one year of driving. I will say that I took them off for winter and I am running a set of factory 18s. Not risking damage of the finish or with winter roads.
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    I'd bet 2020s are going to kill it now that they're FINALLY getting around to adding ACC
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    I added a 68 Ohm resistor on each of the clearance wires and it worked well. If you wanted it to be dimmer you could use a bigger resistor but I tried a few and liked the brightness with the 68 Ohm. The video makes it harder to see than it actually is but you can see the change in brightness. 78A00515-9EA6-4BBF-A0C1-BFEA3340BE93.mp4
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    Nice truck! You could do a 1.5 or 2 inch level and that would take care of your issue. No safety concern while rubbing in reverse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was thinking the very same thing. I'll have it fixed if and when it happens but I most certainly won't lose a minute of sleep over it. My lease is up September 16 every 36 months and I'll do my best to keep it a September end with each lease. September provides me a good selection of current model year vehicles and usually really good incentives. I always try to stay away from new model year release to avoid all the problems that can arise with a new body style. But in the event I fold, 36 months later bam a new truck. Leasing gives me a peace of mind and a new truck every 24-36 months and that works in my world. It's not for everyone but always something to look at when making a new vehicle decision.
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    Feel kinda sorry for the people that bought and have the jingle jingle front diff. GM is doing nothing for it and your value is going to be garbage. I leased, so no big deal for me.
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    You’ll survive as long as you don’t drive everywhere in reverse near full lock.
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    Seems Brian is either uninformed, or mistaken. I had a 1958 Corvette convertible that had a hard top also.
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    It's not winter gas. It's WINTER period. Here is 100K of fuel records. Tank by tank. Winter gas has 1.5% less BTU content than summer gas meaning winter gas has a maximum impact of 1.5% or 0.3 mpg on a 20 mpg truck. As you can see WINTER has a much more profound effect. Winter meaning COLD. You would have to be driving a vehicle capable of 66.667 mpg to effect a 1 mpg difference in mileage based on the fuels composition between summer and winter. So basically the majority of swing from summer to winter is 'viscous drag' of cold lubricants.
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    No, 61% older actually, just don't respond to poorly written posts. I hope you're right about Karma, seeing as how I DO leave a car length for every 10 mph, not touching the phone, etc, and have a perfect record in that time frame (not even a parking ticket), so karma means that I'll evade some dumbass slamming into me due to my constantly paying it forward. So, honestly, I appreciate your well wishes. Amazing how the gist of this thread is that "accidents" are 1) commonplace, and 2) acceptable. Neither are true.
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    3 inch rough country lift Toyo MT 285/60/20 (33.5) no rubbing no trimming
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    I don't know where you learned to drive but 2 - 3 car lengths is 40 -60 ft. I was taught to leave 1 car length (20ft) for every 10 mph. That's 160ft at 80 mph. I myself don't think that's enough space. At 80 mph you are traveling 117 ft. per second. You can stop in 40 - 60 ft going 80? Or even slow down to 50? I doubt it. Reality check please. That's just dumb. I wouldn't be any closer than 10 - 12 car lengths going 80. Why does everyone need to ride each other's ass? Where's the fire? Dumb. Anyone over 50 care to chime in?
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    I got my mats in yesterday. The hardest part was cutting off the extended pieces since I have the utility box under my seat lol. But it is made pretty good. It is pretty close to being a perfect fit. I'm sure over time, it will mold to the floor a lot better. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.
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    I change oil for several individuals of all types of different vehicles. One that surprises me is a 2011 Impala with the V6 and 225k miles on it. It holds 4qts of oil. They come in for an oil change when the OLM gets down to 10%. The past five oil changes that I have done on the vehicle I have drained exactly 1qt of oil out of it. Surprised the heck out of me that it ran with just a qt of oil in the sump and no warnings at all that it was low. I told them they need to be better at checking their oil but it seems they just forget to. Sooner or later it will go bad and they will be out a vehicle. I'm not pointing fingers, just stating that you can't rely on the vehicle to inform you of low oil level. If you do then it is usually to late. Again, I'm not saying you let it get low. Something happened and it probably caused the engine to consume a bunch of oil before it went bad. At least that is my thinking anyway. One other thing, if it was burning that much oil, one would think it would poisoned the CATS and they would have gone out as well.
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    Mine does that, cranky at start up then runs like a top. Nothing wrong with it at all and I have that Tech-2 to check on things too! Do you run 87 octane all the time? Try a few tanks of E85 or 93 from a top tier station. Those little bottles of walmart SuperTech fuel injector cleaner work too.
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    MAYBE it time for GM to give some good huge discount , Your not going to sell these Cars / Trucks at these high price's . Dealer lots & Rail road yard is FULL.
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    Coax is proprietary. I have tried to make my own with RG56 and the connectors, unfortunately I can’t test without the camera. UAW get back to work so I can get my parts!!
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    I’m keeping it stock for now. It has been rebuilt already some years ago. Super clean inside the motor though. It’s also a 4 door, but should make a great family cruiser. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The thing that gets me about these posts. Guys come on and say I paid $x0,000 for my truck and it doesn't have this or that. It does not take much to read a window sticker or search the internet for what options a truck has. Walk around it on the lot. Take it for a test drive. It's like some just walk in the door and say I want that truck, finance it, then drive off without ever noticing anything.
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    Maybe I'm old school, but my Custom has enough modern conveniences to survive. Crap, the steering wheel audio controls are the thing I seem to miss the most but then I just have to reach another 6 inches to adjust the stereo. Oh the horror! $34k is what I paid and I get to drive around a killer vehicle with plenty of room vs. some Hyundai with leather seats and steering wheel controls.
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    Never a mouse. But I have had frogs. Best way to get rid of them is to add a snake. For snake issues add mongoose. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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    It is disappointing when features are eliminated and/or changed but there is usually a well researched marketing strategy behind these moves. The decision may just be a cost saving move but it is deemed worthwhile when compared to a potential loss in customers. I would be bothered if my next truck only had a one speed transfer case but the reality is I've never used 4L and probably never will. If 4L was critical for my needs, I'd buy a model or brand of truck that offers this feature. When GM boasts about a 400 lb weight loss and subsequent fuel efficiency gains it is no surprise that something is missing from the previous generation of trucks!
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