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    2019 Sierra Elevation. Leveling kit and 275/65/R20 tires. This truck total dwarfs my old 2007 Silverado.
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    Added a DirtKit bed cage and King 3.0x16 triple bypass shocks.
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    new to this forum, but this is what I did to the front of my custom trail boss. wanted to light it up since I bought it. LED headlights are coming any day now.
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    He doesn't. He sees opportunities to help out both himself and the rest of this community so he doesn't waste them! Good seller to work with, will help you look for other items for your K2XX if interested. Just send him a PM. Speaking of which, sending you a PM Frankie. ?
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    The only thing that higher octane gas does is resist engine knock. It has no more energy than regular gas. It will not make your engine peppier. It will not increase your fuel economy. This has been proven time and time again, and yet these urban myths persist. If your engine is designed for 87 octane gas, using premium will do nothing other than put a bigger dent in your wallet. Premium gas is for engines that have a higher compression ratio. If you use top tier gas, your engine should do fine for the lifetime of the vehicle. If you use crap gas, you'll have more carbon buildup and you may experience engine knocking. Should that happen, try mid-grade gas. Bottom line...premium gas will do absolutely nothing for your engine if it was designed to run on regular gas.
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    Truck is ready to be picked up. I will look to see the numbers on my axle and take a picture. Shocked they called me late today and not late tomorrow. Gm also called me yesterday wanting to talk about extending my warranty. I’m still trying to figure out if I want to take compensation or fight for a new truck. I don’t think an extended warranty alone will make me happy enough to keep her. I’ll keep you posted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good idea, let’s all stick with truck parts and accessories! Sent from Above
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    To stand by the sword i might have just stabbed myself with, I was the one who brought up Mobil1, but i see we are already there in the 45 minutes I've been gone. I think a lot of it is that we are all quoting quotes of quotes... might need to end this before we have 10 more pages for the people who randomly hit this page 3 years from now... In any case I'm at my PC and ill get on all those links from and add them to my original post.
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    Ouuu this one adds visual appeal to the engine bay with a performance oriented style. You spent 700.00 for something that looks like a performance mod? Ouch! Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    Or any about your preferred brand of oil...
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    +1, and stay away from the thread about oil catch cans, turns into a dumpster fire quick.
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    Thanks for those pictures, cant even tell it has a screen protector by how well you put it down. I still have the factory plastic one it came with but it needs replacing. Don't be forum shy here, we have a great group here....we can be really helpful but be careful looking though everyone's mods will affect your bank account lol Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Thanks actually looks legit, does it have any glare with the sun and all? I gotta order it when I get home as my wife has the Amazon prime under her account and not mine ? even tho I’m the one that pays for it ?
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    Okay. Heres a few close ups and a larger shot for reference for all who are interested. Apologies for not having any reference photos in my O.P. I'll edit my O.P with links for everything. Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Maybe he was on to something after all,
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    Yeah, it shows the same amount of fingerprints that your phone would show, but the glass feel makes the whole experience nicer. I have an LTZ so having all the nice stitching and whatnot and then you feel that soft matte finish of the screen and it just feels like it doesnt belong, and this fixes that I think. Installation was easy as hell, I had no air bubbles first try, but just make sure to use all the wipes and alcohol pads and dust stickers to make it perfect first Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    X3 cool peeps! Hell even pointed me in the right direction a few times lol. Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
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    I would definitely have a an objective professional inspection prior to signing any paperwork. There is a chance you have stumbled across a really good opportunity to get into a lifted truck. It seems counterintuitive but I'd actually expect to pay less than stock price for a lifted used truck. You need to really love the looks because it will cost you more in fuel and create accessibility issues for passengers.
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    Remember that the Tech2 does not support the K2xx platform. You'll need GDS-2 to support the K2 and T1 platforms. The VXDIAG includes a GDS-2 clone (hacked copy) with it and that's what makes it so powerful. So in summary, the VXDIAG is a hardware interface between PC and Vehicle. It also comes with pirated GM software (Tech2win and GDS-2) that makes it very useful for diagnostics. If you want to reflash a GM module, you'll use the VXDIAG hardware, but subscribe to GM Vehicle Programming Software for $40 for 2 years per VIN. I do not have the VXDIAG tool, but I do know someone who purchased one and he used to work at a GM dealer. He's only used Tech2win on the VXDIAG for older platforms, but his impression is that the interface is nearly identical to the GM Tech 2.
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    I [email protected] as well. He is legit. I know several folks here in Dallas that buy trucks at auction and sell the parts off. In fact, I’m meeting a repeat customer this morning for tail light adapter harnesses for several conversions he’s working on. He owns an auto body and is always at auctions. I also have another auto shop customer that pulls seats off wrecked trucks, sells them, then refers them to me to install. Many times, the seat belt tension is removed since it was deployed in the wreck, so I have to transfer their factory tensioner over. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I leased my 19. I'm Not that stupid to purchase a first year . Plus i really wanted a 6.2 Trail boss which they didn't have at the time. I will get a 6.2 Trail boss in a few months when i came back to the states in a few months. ( i do contracting overseas) . Stirring the pot ? Im just stating facts bud. The interior on all GM vehicles are just lacking. Even the Cadillac get knocked for their interiors. You sound like a hardcore GM Homer ( which is ok, i consider myself a GM guy too) I'm just not blind and my GM sunglasses arent as dark as yours champ. No one is whining , but on a forum board for cars/trucks talking about them. If your feelings got hurt cause your dear GM is getting knocked then maybe you should block me or just hide under a rock ? My eye sight is also very good so no i was not legally blind either but thanks for your 2 cents. . I do love me some 6.2 so this is why i got 19 Denali. Lastly , you gonna be ok ?
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    WOW, just WOW. Thanks for sharing that with us. I'll now sleep well tonight.
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    Pain yes. I removed and went with duals. Titanium powder coated.
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    Search "replacing 2.0 hmi module with 2.5 hmi" [email protected] offers valuble info too Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Luv it, thinking about removing the "sierra" as well
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    But you have To pay for labor , I think they charge .5 hours. Only flash is included
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    Need figure out how to program the fobs with out dorman or dealership
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    During the Escalade handle retrofit, I got asked many times about making passive entry work. I’ve also had several discussion with WAMS on this and due to the nature of this upgrade and the security/safety protocols behind it, was advised it cannot be done. So I stopped digging into it. During the digging though, I found several interface modules and a wireless transmitter module. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My thoughts exactly. I am trying to justify if that is worth the extra money. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ive researched this to death. The best thing you can do is get a couple 5 gal real jerry cans and mount them in the bed in lockable racks. There are titan bed tanks you can use, but the reviews of the siphon pumps are terrible. That way you can fuel up when you take a quick break to use the restroom, eat, or stretch.
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    Maybe something White Auto Media [email protected] would be able to tackle? I'm new here but I've seen all of Gamboa's youtube videos. Possibly the Escalade handles he has installed plus WAMS programming? Not trying to delegate, but I'm guessing if its anybody on the planet that would get something like that to work, itd be them. P.S: sorry PGamboa for electing you [emoji28], it's was meant to be a compliment Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
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    Nice truck. I'm not going judge what someone does in another country. If I lived in Mexico I would setup something very similar. A car? Not much good if you need to go off road, and I would always like for that to be a possibility. But with the work you've done on your truck, a high performance drive shaft would seem like a good investment to keep it going, especially if you ever HAVE to run extended periods at high speed. People need to realize that other countries are different. Writing speeding tickets is a big money maker in the US, other countries may not care about speeding as much. I was in Spain a few years back and people haul ass there. We were going down one of the highways and came up fast on a cop. We thought we were done, a ticket for sure, maybe even jail in a foreign country. But then the cop pulls over and lets us by. I asked one of the guys I was working with if they ever gave out speeding tickets. He said no, not really, but they will give you a ticket for having your stereo too loud. Different priorities.
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    Co-part???[emoji38] Sent from my LG-G710 using Tapatalk
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    Another post to back up OP. Do you really think someone would be bold enough to post their first and last name, pics of truck, and city of residence if they were hawking stolen shit? Man, this game ain’t nothing new, ever heard of auctions and wrecking yards? Man works for his living, stfu.
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    pre-load adjustment, in terms of spacers or struts, compresses the spring and reduces total allowable travel distance as well. Doesn't help with ride combined w/ things you've mentioned
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    I agree. Most mods don't add any value to the vehicle. Unless this is the exact setup he's looking for and doesn't mind paying extra for it. Lifts are a horrible investment and mostly a cosmetic "improvement" that only leads to more maintenance costs long-term. I would never buy a used truck with modified suspension, but that's just me. If you want to go through with this, have the front end examined carefully to check for any worn components that you will need to replace soon.
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    To program you will still need a subscription to the software files mentioned above $40 for 2 years no matter which clone you get.
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    From May 28, 2019 to October 10, 2019 I drove a distance of 13,381 miles, 4-1/2 months. Used 439.55 gallons of fuel for an average of 30.4 mpg. Over the last full calendar year she has posted 29.0 mpg. The CC manufactures tell us that this is not possible and that damage is reflected in MPG will happen as soon as 30K. See our problem here? We haven't any failure to gauge any future improvement against. I have an impossible number to beat that is still on the rise given the 3% per 10,000 mile constant improvement over the full 100K. Until that stops anything we do will show an improvement. We shouldn't pay into a stacked deck. A marketer would do that. A scientist would not. Stopping now without a corresponding bench value tells us no more than 'sweeping the floor makes the floor cleaner". We already know that.
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    Nice to hear! I think GM pretty much nailed the platform too other than the ROCK HARD SEATS! I love the v-8's the diesel offering and trims. I am approaching 100k on my 2016....it runs better than the day I bought it.
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    Thanks for the update, it’s a nice pace of change to read from all the “shitty interior, missing glasses holder, IShouldGetMoreForATruckThatCostsThisMuch” crying posts.
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    Thanks for that info on the fog lights. Will definitely do that in the near future.
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    The engine size isn't part of the issue. I recommend you bounce your way to a local spring and axle shop and have them set you straight! Guessing at a solution will likely not solve the problem. They are experts in suspension issues and will impress you with their knowledge on such matters!
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    Got it..I’m sure things happen, they just aren’t wide spread at all. The good part for me is the 100k warranty and I have yet to take one past that. What is fact is the unbelievable difference in towing capability and confidence with a Dmax, really why I prefer them.
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    You really think the engineers who designed this gate didn’t foresee the thing hitting a trailer hitch? Seems more likely that they either didn’t think so many people leave their ball mounts in, or they didn’t think people would be dumb enough to drop that part of the gate down if they did. Next thing you know people will complain that the doors are still capable of opening all the way even if you’re in a tight parking spot. Really no different.
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    Installed a Garmin Dash Cam 55. I opted for the parking mode cable (sold separately) so I hard wired it into the fuse panel on the passenger side of the dash. With the parking cable the camera has power when the truck is off and will record if it detects motion. I used the write up posted on this site for supplies and procedure.
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